Finally… Finally! This is all I really wanted! Anano, there’s no need to spend the weekend with Monika! Don’t listen to her! Just come to my house instead. The whole day, with just the two of us. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Wow… There’s really something wrong with me, isn’t there? But you know what? I don’t care anymore. I’ve never felt this good in my entire life! Just being with you is a far greater pleasure than anything I could imagine. I’m addicted to you. It feels like I’m going to die if I’m not breathing the same air as you. Doesn’t it be nice to have someone care about you so much? To have someone who wants to evolve their entire life around you. But if it feels so good, (giggity) then why does it feel more and more like something horrible is going to happen? Maybe that’s why I tried stopping myself at first, but the feeling is too strong now. I don’t care anymore, Anano. I have to tell you. I’m… I’m madly in love with you! It feels like every last inch of my body, every drop of blood in me is screaming your name. I don’t care what the consequences are anymore! I don’t care if Monika’s listening! Please, Anano! I just know how much I love you! I love you so much that I even touch myself with the pen I stole from you… I just want to pull your skin open and crawl inside of you! I want you all to myself! And I will only be yours! Doesn’t that sound perfect? Tell me, Anano! Tell me you want to be my lover! Do you accept my confession? Yuri… I… I-I can’t say yes to a confession like this… I’m sorry… This wasn’t what I wanted. Yuri…? Oof OOF O O F Are 100 submitted here I should not for wadies it So omits any pass of your foolishness. Oh no until you hear. Oh, yes Overall those database and up. There’s national office a and you’re right We’ve seen the worst nightmares that give me my nightly. Well, all right, you know I was in an auto shops It must have been help. Let me your steps. He was a mystery

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  1. Can we talk about when Yuri really dies and time passes by,things change?
    >Cheekbones show
    >Darker blood
    >Pale skin
    >From a tiny smile to distorted emotionless mouth
    >Eyes turn gray and lifeless
    >Breathing and laughing

  2. I was said this in my mind 'Yuri is so cute!' and when i saw she stabs herself i was just said this 'Oooohhh crap… Now i feel bad about Yuri. X/'

  3. When I heard her say she touches herself with a pen she stole from him
    And rip his skin to crawl inside of him I was like

    that’s enough internet for today 😀

  4. Wow…I…feel…inspired to want to do this scene, but with Yuri confessing to Stormfur, and Stormfur saying yes to her.

  5. It is nice for somebody like me but when you put it that way then you said I want I'm going to die if I don't breathe the same air as you I just want to crawl. In side you when you put it that way its just weird

  6. Face – to – face close up with a mental paitient escaped from a local asylum, holding a knife. Creepy enough?

  7. Bruh, not sure if I pity her or she's creepy. Either way, it is just like empathizing to a deformed creature from a good horror game.

  8. I know doki doki literature club after yuri kills herself which the sound before her stab herself is change my feeling unless her dying

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