[HOST] The late XXXTENTACION’ pleads for
love in his latest posthumous release, “Bad Vibes Forever,” with a video starring Trippie
Redd and PNB Rock. [HOST] “Bad Vibes Forever” comes from
X’s second posthumous album of the same name. X was killed in June 2018 and remains a controversial
figure due to the serious and unresolved domestic violence allegations he faced at the time
of his death. [HOST] The track features PnB Rock and Trippie
Redd with production by frequent collaborator John Cunnigham. X’s manager Solomon Sobande said that although
X had some music done, it took a group effort from other artists to complete the project. [HOST] “A lot of things he had worked on,
almost complete ideas, weren’t finished maybe [they] only had one verse and a hook
or only a beat. To fill out those songs, a who’s who of
the music industry came out to help us.” [HOST] And both PnB and Trippie shared a special
relationship with X. TRIPPIE: “It’s hard having somebody that’s
on the same shit as you, but also someone you can actually talk to, and actually feel
like they not just saying shit to you. We just had a bond that I’ve never had with
anyone else” PNB: “His energy is always around bro. I just left his grave site with his mom. Cause you already know he gone give me the
spirit to turn up.” [HOST] On the chorus, X sings about sleeping
with a woman while interpolating his track “love yourself (interlude)” off of his
2018 album “?” [HOST] Next,Trippie opens up his verse by
asking his lady to put her pride aside – a line he used on tracks like “Till The End of
Time”, off his November 2019 album “A Love Letter to You 4.” [HOST] Later on the track PnB echoes
the chorus, and sings about falling in love as well. [HOST] The music video, directed by Eif Rivera, follows the ups and downs of a romantic couple,
and the opening scene takes place in the same diner from the Oscar winning film Moonlight. [HOST] X fans have been all over “Bad Vibes
Forever,” and the video has racked over 3 million views in just one day. If you wanna learn more about “Bad Vibes
Forever,” check out the song page on Genius.com. [HOST] I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News
bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

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  1. Finally the last album I’ve been waiting for it also it’s kinda sad because I just still can’t get over him being gone almost two years later

  2. Fuck this Song meaning shit….. there’s a deeper meaning we are all looking for… I’m sure we can see the commons sense just like you

  3. They don’t want to say he was on the verge of being the number one artist in the world, instead they blanket it with the domestic violence charge smh

  4. why the fuck are they still using this mans music when he is dead and gone? I fucking hate the music industry. I get it people don't want to forget him , but making new music from snippets and old things he recorded when he was alive is really scummy and shouldn't be happening

  5. why tf do u guys need to add in the fact that he was killed and he had domestic abuse charges, like how is that relevant to the song. that shits not necessary

  6. I love that diner. Moonlights my favorite movie, and X is my favorite artist. Its amazing to see the two paths cross

  7. Wassup guys! I dropped 3 songs (one musicvideo) so it would mean the world 2 me if you would give sol honest feedback. Having so much fun with music lately! Love ❤️

  8. Genius stop shitting my man's name. In your every video you bring it up. He was proven not guilty stop defaming him. Get your facts right.

  9. He was a piece of shit idk why y’all love defending him so much. Did you know him personally? No? Then fuck off.

  10. I thought the lyrics were:
    “Ooh-ooh-ooh, got you grinding on a nut
    Grinding on a macadamia,
    Make a young n** eyes roll in my brain”

    Am I stupid or is it possible that genius got the lyrics wrong?

  11. oml, he rlly brung up the charges that have NOTHING to do with the song, and were literally dropped by geneva? ight, i see u.

  12. I can’t ,
    whatever u do ,fr don’t like this comment but rip x ☠️😔 he was fire 🔥 he had different styles to with a lot drip 🥶

  13. 1:30–1:35 bruh when i listened too it i told my friend BVF sound just like love yourself, and at the end of BVF ill sing love yourself now i can show my friend that i wasnt the only one

  14. I listened to the song and then when I read the lyrics to the chorus I was like wut? I didn’t believe what he was saying was actual words

  15. When its Tupac they don't mention the rape (proved guilty btw, even if she probably lied) but for x they mention allegations. CLOWNS

  16. Oh my god! X said multiple times that y’all put out the wrong lyrics.. And you guys did it again! When I first saw the lyrics they were « Put your pride in all or nothing » now the lyrics are « got you grindin’ all on that »… What you gone change em to next? Edit: « The lyrics in this video are also different than the one on the website: Ridin’ on that thang.. »…

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