well greetings and citations every web the best and move relationship coming from right here on my youtube channel I'm of course your host John campy it's an awesome honor and privilege to have you here today as it is every day as we a bunch of international friends talk about our favorite things in the world movies and movie news and all that sorts of good stuff and of course today being joined by the one of the only mr. Robert Meyer Burnett Robert how you doing sir John it is it's so good to be here I'm glad I don't have a movie out in the box office this week there's some not so good things going on there and hey listen guys you hear about him all the time you see him sometimes but he's actually in studio de fat checker Jonathan himself Jonathan voico is here ladies Jones Jonathan how you doing everybody from the chat room to the main room how you doing tonight everybody happy Monday moving up in the world apparently is Jonathan voico hey listen guys we do have a whole bunch of stuff that we need to talk about today we're going to talk about this some improvised lines that Robert Downey jr. did an end game and how does it change your opinion of his role in that thing where we talk about this new Star Wars Jedi game a little bit some box-office drama as Robert which is sort of talking about Godzilla is probably going to be getting pushed all that sorts of good stuff but before we get to any of that let's start off with this you know there's a little movie coming you might be forgiven if you forget that there's a little film coming called spider-man far from home no because a lot of people actually have still being in the giant end game hangover that we're living in right now and everybody's counting down by the way it may not catch avatar I've been saying I'll still put 10 bucks on this gonna catch avatar but didn't made about 11 million dollars worldwide this week and it still got over 50 to go it might not get anyway that's another topic for another time but in the aftermath and in the hangover of endgame in all of its glory we knew theoretically there's this Spider Man far from home movie coming but I haven't been actually honestly sensing a lot of buzz from people at this point I'm psyched for this movie but at any rate yesterday on social media the director of Spider Man homecoming and far from home John watts got on social media and proclaimed it's finally done he's wrapped they have picture spider-man far from home is now complete and by the way it's coming out in about a month it's coming out in about a month Robert a couple things here have you since like I have that there hasn't been an awful lot of buzz and chattering about far from home if so what do you attribute that to is it the fact that we're still kind of in the after wash of endgame do you think people just don't care about spider-man and now that it's done do you think Disney might put a little bit more oomph and put their you know the pedal to the metal a little bit more on getting marketing getting the word out about this film how do you think this whole thing's given rap here well I think you know it's the summer movie season and and we just came off of endgame Aladdin is doing hey past half a billion dollars right and and I think the they're just they're sort of weathering the let's not call it a storm because that has a negative connotation they're weathering the adventure say of all the summer movies that are coming out before spider-man far from home comes out and that is of course including Toy Story 4 I think we're gonna see the spider-man merchandise and not merchandise so the the marketing ramped up along with the release of Toy Story 4 they're gonna really start pushing it in the next coming weeks I don't know if you saw this one of the things that I had spider-man on the brain all weekend because Jon Favreau has a new cooking show oh sure Netflix chef well in it he had Gwyneth Paltrow and they're talking and and Favreau says yeah you know it's like when you were inspired man and Gwyneth Paltrow's like I wasn't in spider-man and he's like yeah you were and she's literally perplexed she's like I wasn't in spider-man he goes yeah when we were gonna you know when Tony was gonna present spider-man and make him an Avenger you come out of the boardroom and you say what's the deal she had no idea that she was in the last spider-man movie and it was kind of I don't think it was a setup it seemed endearing look it's movies it could have been made up but it looked like she literal is like I was inspired man it just led me to understand like when these actors go and they're making endgame and they're making infinity war and they don't even know what they're shooting for what is this a post-credits scene is this a and I thought it was just delightful and it just made me want to see spider-man far from home that much more it was my favourite bit of viral marketing for spike meant far from home Gweneth Paltrow not knowing she was in spider-man homecoming now Jonathan if I remember correctly you've got a daughter that is like crazy for Marvel films oh yeah they're my good so I'm just I'm just curious let's let's get to the grassroots here okay are you hearing her talking about the new spider-man movie are you here is that is there any talk about spider-man in your house right now you know she's okay yes but she's still like going on just binges of theories on YouTube for endgame coming in okay so this is what happened this is what I think happened like okay okay she is 14 okay yeah so she's right there in the in the you know but she's very excited about anything Marvel MCU she's like she just wants you know because here's the thing you got this launching pad it couldn't be it couldn't been a better launching pad than the second biggest so far movie of all time yeah leading into spider-man home far from home people want to see what happens next and that's what she's that's that's her well you know what and one of things we were talking about is that the fact that in the latest marketing they were including the Tony Stark stuff they are now directly in their marketing they're starting to directly tie endgame to it look we saw ant-man the wasp get a bigger opening than the first day man did coming out of infinity war I think we're gonna see the same thing I know I'm excited about it what about you guys are you guys stoked for the new spider-man yay or nay jump down to the comments section below and let me know your thoughts as a matter of fact guys that's gonna be the topic of today's question of the day our question of the day today is and you can answer it by just going over to Twitter right now there's my Twitter handle right there and answering today's question of the day with the spider-man director now saying far from home is officially done where is your anticipation level for the film high low you forgot about it due to endgame hangover whatever now I put this up about 15 minutes ago and here's what you guys are saying right now as of right now we've got about 1,500 responses 55% of you are saying you're really excited about it 33% are seeing your sort of the about it 6% are saying you completely forgot about it and that leaves us with 6% saying not excited so if you guys want to jump over there register your votes on that as well we'll come back and visit that again in just a little bit all right let's now move on to our main topics of the day how do we select our main topics well really you guys come up with our main topics by going anytime 24/7 to WWE John Campea show.com / contact once you get there fill out the form with your topic ur question hit submit and then maybe just maybe you might see your topic or question featured here on the John Campea show with that down Jonathan what's our first main topic today alright well first off we've got Kristoff s he writes hey Jon I know you don't talk about video games all that much but you have have you had a chance to watch that game footage from the upcoming Star Wars Jedi fallen order dude I watched it and I forgot I wasn't watching a movie it totally looked otally took me into Star Wars in a way that I haven't felt in a while if you saw it what did you think about it well remember the the trailer first Star Wars fallen Jedi came out like I was a month ago two months ago something like that and I remember looking and going okay it's a Star Wars game but it was not it wasn't game footage so like I had I had no concept what's this game about what's going on in it all this kind of stuff well now we're getting more details about this particular game as a matter of fact one of the magazine Entertainment Weekly wrote this about Jedi fallen order if you don't know much about the game here's what Entertainment Weekly wrote fallen order which follows a young Jedi in training named Cal kes Estes Estes I'm gonna go with him by the way it takes place in between Episode three and rogue one there's a number of years between there but that's the time frame that this movie takes place played by Gotham's Cameron Monaghan remember he was the Joker for a couple of years there on Gotham attempting to survive in the wake of the infamous Jedi killing order 66 his motivation is to stay alive early in the game he basically outs himself he puts he's put into a circumstance where he has to show that he's a Jedi and at that moment he becomes an enemy of the state sir he's got this Hail Mary plan of restarting the Jedi Order so basically there's this character he comes across name I guess Surrey is that I'm gonna pronounce its CER e I guess I'm gonna go with Surrey for now till I'm corrected he's meets his female character who used to be a Jedi and her plan for kind of fixing things is to restart the Jedi Order this kid never finished his Jedi training so he needs to finish his training that's the whole setup anyway this weekend they actually released a bunch of actual game footage I think was like 12 minutes and game footage in this footage we see Forest Whitaker which we'd heard before he was gonna make an appearance in the game as sauger era a much younger less physically deformed sagar era at this point I gotta tell you I loved the game footage I did I just wanted to pick up a controller and even I'm not even a console gamer I wanted to pick up a control and start they had some really cool force powers slowing down time I they did this one thing which I thought was awesome every time he'd do it there would be a stormtrooper standing like 20 yards over there he just reached out his arm and the stormtrooper come flying at him into his hand like this needs to snap the guy reminds me a little bit of one of the moves in spider-man but whatever it just I got to tell you Rob I'm watching this thing and not only did it look like really good gameplay and all that kind of stuff it felt like Star Wars and there's a lot of Star Wars games that I play or see or watch whatever and I never feel like I'm being teleported into the Star Wars universe I don't know if it was the visuals or the cinematography of the gameplay or the way they integrated the music so well into the gameplay but I really did feel like I was being immersed into Star Wars in that did you have a chance to see this what do you think III love Star Wars games I mean I haven't played them a lot but but when they're good like I remember when the Force Unleashed came out mm-hmm and I was totally excited I got it like release day and I played again I play the game and finished it I mean to the point where you're pulling a Star Destroyer guy I mean I I I love when games are like that and it's interesting because this this kind of game seems like a great premise for another trilogy of movies you the fallen Jedi Order and after our order 66 what do you do you know how do you keep it alive and and and it's in lieu of having a movie it's the closest thing you get to really immersive Star Wars and if the gameplay the gameplay looks good but is the story gonna be great right yeah and I thought the force awakens or force on awakens Force Unleashed story was pretty damn good and this looks pretty good too I mean I'm excited for it I like when you go on look battlefront is awesome I love playing battlefront but when you have a story that's sort of immersive and you see where it goes and it adds to the Star Wars lore and you can use look using Jedi powers to do what you just said grabbing storm troopers and skewering them on your lightsaber come on I could do that all day so I I'm into it yeah I think I thought it looked really quite good I mean who knows maybe the game sucks it was only 12 minutes it is gonna be mostly about the story and all that kind of stuff we'll see how that turns out question is did you guys have a chance to see this Star Wars footage what did you think about it jump down in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts all right with that down Jonathan what is our next main topic today all right the next main topic is comes in from tanaga and Sanaa police he reads he writes read an article that talks about Robert Downey jr. improved his scene an end game when he's back on earth and calls Captain America a liar hearing something like that and knowing how powerful that scene was does it increase your appreciation for our DJ in the movie and do you think he may deserve an Oscar nomination for it thank you you know what one of the things coming out of endgame a lot of the things that people were talking about was Robert Downey jr. performance in the movie and Robert Downey jr. is fantastic in it now what we'll get onto where do we place this overall what he's talking about was the fact that it came out in an interview recently that that scene you know when they're back in the Avengers base he's still really skinny and he's trying to recover and he and Captain America get into the argument it was really a one-sided argument cuz he's the one doing all the yappin and then he yells at him liar right that's the scene where apparently that word liar wasn't in the script and he was just playing the scene out and that that just kind of came to him in the midst of the scene and he belted it out this is from an interview with Anthony Russo the liar was all Robert Jr I think that was one of Downey's most inspired performance moments in the movie he very much reverts to this is the guy who felt forsaken by his father you can see his intimacy and Trust issues at that moment when he turns on cap down he performed the scene with a lot of energy we didn't do it many times because he was expending himself so so much he understood it very very well it's always neat Rob when we can hear these stories about actors who kind of came up with something like a special moment in the film that actually wasn't in the script themselves because it's one thing to write a script right and you're trying to picture the scene in your head as you're writing the script but sometimes when you're actually physically there on set and you're in the moment an actor can come up with something that's really cool that adds to it and I'll never forget that moment in theaters even the first time second time third time fourth time the almost stunned silence that falls over the theater when he yells Liar at Captain America which is something you shouldn't call Captain America but he's just heightened that moment so much it was a beautiful part of the scene and I think kind of indicates just how in tune Robert Downey jr. is with his character Tony Stark and doing that as far as the question though about does him coming up with the word liar put him in contention for an Academy Award I still got to say this and this makes me very unpopular and that's fine I don't mind saying the unpopular thing but I in as much that when Black Panther got nominated for Best Picture and I love Black Panther but I did not think it deserved an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture at all like I thought it's great I loved the movie but I did not think it should qualify for that I think Robert Downey jr. in terms of comic book movie performances I thought he was great in this movie I thought Robert Downey jr. was great but do I think Robert Downey jr. –zz performance an end game should be spoken in the same breath as Daniel day-lewis performance in Lincoln do I think the performance of Robert Downey jr. in end games should be spoken the same breath as marshal Ali's performance in moon do I think Daniel days lewis's or you know on and on I just don't think well I thought it was great and it was perfect for the movie I don't think Robert Downey jr. should be nominated for an Academy Award now maybe if the Academy Awards were held tomorrow I think we can make a legit argument for our DJ's performance to be considered for nomination if it the nomina if the awards were tomorrow but I just have a hard time seeing that come at the end of the year anyway Rob you hear about this stuff that the way he brought that into the scene how do you think that altered the feeling of the scene and the thing of the movie as a whole how do you think that talks to his attunement to the character itself and what do you think about these conversations some people are having that maybe Robert Downey jr. should be considered for an Oscar for a friend game well first of all you know when you're making movies unlike safe theatre when an actor is immersed in a character for two hours on stage you're stopping and starting and stopping and starting when you make movies and it's very difficult to work up that kind of emotion from from take to take to take it's a hard thing to do and that's why I have the utmost respect for movie acting now what a guy like Robert Downey jr. has been playing a character for so long when he inhabits the character as actors like to say when they're in the moment and they can come up with lines they know their lines so well and they're they're so immersed in their character that when they throw out they come up with lines like the liar line or other lines it's very organic right and if it works it doesn't always work I do not I am NOT an advocate of actors improvising in the middle of scenes but in this case it worked and it was an organic place and look I've been delighted by actors coming up with random lines and he could only do it because he knows his characters so well and it shows how committed he was to that performance I mean that's it's a truly great performance but it's one scene in a movie and Robert Downey jr. is not carrying the film whereas you look at Daniel day-lewis I mean he when he's in a movie whether it's phantom thread or whether it's Lincoln or whether it's bill the butcher and gangster New York I mean this guy is inhabiting the screen the whole time you know and I think just because an actor comes up with a really strong scene doesn't necessarily mean deserve an Academy Award now somebody could say well you know Beatrice Strait was only a network for five minutes and she won the Best Supporting Actress well if you make that much of an impression in five minutes it's it's all about the moment but I think an end game no doubt I think Robert Downey jr. would delivered a terrific performance but best of the year like you pointed out I don't know about that what if we altered the discussion a little bit and like say shifted it to say Supporting Actor because I think you're right he wasn't the the the front line I don't know if there was a definitive lead actor in this movie what about is something like a supporting actor do you think the the argument becomes a little bit more compelling than or the same principles apply no I could see I mean he had a great death scene you know he's got a lot of great scenes but you know I think when it comes to acting the acting is in the quiet moments and it's the subtlety and it look showboat acting and I think that's what I would call it big scenes whether it's a death scene whether it's an emotional scene those are showcase moments but it's it's conveying the quiet moments to where we're we're not much is going on except in the face of an actor and they're not saying something that's just as important as some big scene with histrionics and lots of emotional fireworks it's all of it together and I think Robert Downey jr. had great scenes but I don't know if there was enough of the subtlety in the performance because it still was any game you're fighting Thanos I mean are you only asked him for so much subtlety in a giant bombastic compliment right yes a little bit differently and that's what Robert energy I mean you know you look at Robert you remember he was nominated for Academy Awards before for his work like in Chaplin right and the guy is a phenomenal talent no doubt well I don't know if he's deserving an Academy Award for his performance an end game as good as it was yeah I guess we'll have to wait and see like nothing but crap comes up for the end of the year maybe we have to revisit this discussion because like I'll say if the Academy Awards were being held tomorrow I would see there being a legit argument for a Robert Downey jr. maybe getting a Best Supporting Actor nomination if the awards were tomorrow but again we'll see what happens come near the end of the year what do you guys think about it is it really is it exciting to hear the kind of came over that line this birth moment do you think that added to the scene if so how does that kind of influence your overall view of Robert Downey jr. performance in endgame jump down in the comment section below and let us know your thoughts all right with that down Jonathan what is our third main topic today alright I will say this if you need your appreciation up for our DJ Robert said it best after the show go watch Chaplin yeah and that's where he got his first Academy Award nomination for if I'm not mistaken okay so next Nicolas Laura writes hi John and crew so Dark Phoenix opened up domestically with around thirty three million dollars here we go this is bad considering estimates were in the 40 to 50 range do you think the reviews had anything to do with this low number or where people just done with the x-men Fox universe thanks and greetings from Columbia well thank you for writing from Columbia Nicholas um look the reviews will always have an impact an influence you know it's it's the cool thing to say nobody cares about review yes they do and the studio's know it and the PR people know it and it absolutely does does this movie open 233 million dollars if it had glowing positive reviews it wouldn't have opened at a hundred million dollars but you bet your ass it would have opened higher than thirty three million dollars the the unfortunate thing with x-men Dark Phoenix which by the way I don't think was a terrible movie I'm not necessarily saying it was a good movie but it actually wasn't terrible it actually had a pretty strong third act I'll give it that and that one train scene that we were all worried about the trailers actually it was the highlight of the film but whatever is this a movie that would have made 7080 million dollars opening weekend with the strong reviews no but it probably would have gotten to that 45 or 50 million dollar mark the problem is it wasn't just the reviews we have been hearing for a long time that this was a troubled production we've been hearing for a long time Rob that things were not going so well with x-men Dark Phoenix we were hearing a lot of this stuff for a long time now just to put this into perspective at 33 million dollars which we all know right away for a big comic book movie is not very good it does actually make x-men Dark Phoenix Rob the lowest opening the final film in the franchise ends up being the lowest opening by a mile in the history of the franchise let's take a look at the x-men films obviously the biggest x-men a related universe film that's ever opened up was Deadpool at 132 million Deadpool to 125 the last stand at 102 which is kind of funny for people to think about that's last stand at 102 is really more of a testimony to how good x-men 2 was than anything else x-men Days of Future past opens in 90.8 million Logan opened to 88.4 remember that was an r-rated film x-men 2 opened up at 85 point five million x-men origins CEO there's four origins x-men origins Wolverine opened 85 x-men apocalypse at 65 first class at 55 x-men the original film opened to 54 million dollars then we've got the Wolverine opened at 53 and then a massive drop all the way down to Dark Phoenix at 33 million dollars now to be fair this film actually did pretty well in China it actually opened to as much if not more in China than it did in North America it's still gonna end up losing them money and it's not the oh how shall we say it's not the legacy that you want to go out with and Rob that to me has been the big thing about this is you know I I actually finally did go see x-men Dark Phoenix and it's got upside it's good it's got upside it's got okay first act dreadful second act and a pretty solid third act with with some problems overall my whole impresses was not terrible but Rob you're talking about one of the most important franchises in the history of come the comic book genre that has had some of the greatest comic book movies ever made in it to go out like this we've talked last week about the reviews this week it's clear with the with the box office numbers the audiences were like we're just not hearing good things and I don't anticipate it's gonna have good legs moving forward Rob let me ask you this when the reviews came out I said you know what the x-men franchise is strong enough that I don't think this is going to impact it's legacy the legacy the franchise too much but now you're compounding that with the worst opening ever do you think stuff like this what do you think about these numbers do you think stuff like this could impact the overall legacy of the franchise's people look back on it in years to come that's a that's a tough one man I mean I think everyone knows that the x-men franchise had been sort of fractured over the last 19 years we've gotten MoDOT strong with the original x-men and then X 2 and then x-men The Last Stand sort of it was done haphazardly and and it was done very quickly and then the Wolverine movies were very up and down and then of course we ended up strong with Deadpool and Logan and now we're back here people forget like the two highest grossing x-men movies not including Deadpool but the actual x-men team films was Days of Future past was number one and Apocalypse was number two worldwide in terms of their in terms of their what they grossed and it's sad to see like I love the x-men and I've worked on the special features for both x-men in x-men to made documentaries for the movies and I really love this franchise and I think the problem that this movie had the problem that this movie was facing was that they just ultimately weren't true to the stakes or the scope of the original story that they were adapting and and I think that that Dark Phoenix was a bigger story it was supposed to be a bigger story than was depicted on on screen and anybody who knows anything about the comics with the Hellfire Club and you've got the Shiar Empire and the laundry and all that but even when they went like magneto is working on some commune now it's supposed to be Genosha but it's not an island nation it's like in upstate New York or the hell it is like we're we're on a hippie commune where mutants are safe and hey the government gave us this land well I give too much away well no I'm just from that I haven't seen the movie okay for the trailer and and for me to not run out and see an x-men movie was was crazy but III think that it's it's unfortunate cuz like you I've heard other people say well you know it's not that bad I mean it's I like the characters I like the actors I haven't seen the movie yet but it's sad to see this franchise it didn't just open under it didn't just under perform it's a massive failure and that's never good to see ever I don't like to see any science fiction fantasy horror comic book movie to open and to be a failure because so much time and effort was expended by everybody involved to make a great film it's it's never good I never feel good about seeing something like this but I do think it does taint the franchise moving forward for the legacy of Fox but on the other hand it tees it up for a triumphant return for the x-men in the MCU under under the auspices of Kevin Feige and his regime there Louis Esposito and everyone else at Marvel to bring these characters back triumphantly so sometimes you need to fall off a cliff before you can rise back up and take over the world yeah it's funny I was doing open mic yesterday and it was either an open mic or on my last stand open spoiler discussion that somebody said you know who's probably smiling a little bit right now about the results of x-men Dark Phoenix is probably Kevin Feige because if your truck is really think about this if the first x-men movie that you're gonna make is coming after I don't know Logan good luck because Logan is better than maybe all of the MCU movies maybe save one or two if you're trying to make your first x-men movie coming off of x-men Days of Future past good luck because x-men Days of Future past is better than probably most of the MCU movie there's a good number of them there that are better than I think than that but that's a tall order but you make the first x-men movie after x-men apocalypse and x-men Dark Phoenix you're gonna look like a hero you're gonna look like a hero no matter what coming off of that and one of the viewers wrote in to me and said yeah Kevin Feige probably didn't want them to fail but he might be smiling a little bit because it makes his job a lot easier now now it's just a matter of sitting down and waiting to see how long is it gonna be five years like Kevin Feige hinted Willy shorten that up maybe three or four years from now how long is it gonna be till we see the x-men in there we'll have to wait and see now question goes over to you guys what do you think these results both critically and now financially for x-men Dark Phoenix how do you think that plays into the legacy like as we look back maybe three or four years from now as we look back on the legacy of the Fox x-men franchise are we going to be thinking about all great comic movies like Logan Days of Future past Deadpool first class x-men – or are we unfortunately gonna be stuck with that stain and that a little bit of a bad taste in our mouth about x-men apocalypse or you know Dark Phoenix and who knows what new mutants is gonna be if it even ever actually hits theaters what do you guys think the legacy is gonna be at this point jump down in the comments section below and let us know your no mutants – I think you know if it comes out if it comes out I mean Disney said it's come out man we'll have to wait and see alright with that down Jonathan what is our fourth main topic today alright well up next we got Jonathan spear off he writes hey Jon WB Chairman Tobey Emmerich recently spoke at the produced by conference saying Godzilla versus Kong might miss its march 2020 release to deliver an a-plus movie and that it will deliver for fans in the way they were looking for in king of the monsters I'm glad WB are willing to push the movie back to make it better but considering their history of improving movies in post with love with Justice League and Suicide Squad I can't help but be a bit worried how do you see this panning out all right so what Jonathan spear off is talking about here is that yeah Roland Hamrick was just I believe was the produced by conference and he talked a little bit about now look let's just call what it is Godzilla is coming off of a critically and unfortunately box-office little underwhelming stuff right now it was the lowest opening for any granted it's only the third film in the franchise but it's coming off as being the lowest opening by quite a bit in the franchise so far critics didn't love it a lot of people enjoyed it but it's put them in a position that they're not really comfortable with and Roland Emmerich's he said the following he says Warner Brothers Studio Chairman Toby Emmerich recently commented on Godzilla vs. Kong via deadline according to Mark the film will deliver for fans in the way they were looking for with Godzilla king of the monsters right there it's like so wait a minute there's a studio chairman just say our Godzilla king of the monsters did not deliver in the way fans we're looking for I don't know anyway it might come out later in the year so we can deliver an a-plus movie so wait a minute did the studio chairman just say right now we did not create an a-plus movie and we may need to push it back to deliver an a-plus movie okay it sounds like there's a good chance Godzilla versus Kong won't be released until late 2020 now this report is coming from Screen Rant it's important are saying so Godzilla vs. Kong I believe it's supposed to come out in either March or May so facts record something you might want to look that I hear you're supposed to come out in March or May of 2020 and now they're saying it might be later in the year what really caught my my attention here wasn't so much the maybe pushing it back a few months but rather for what it sounds like a merc is saying is the motivation behind it we want to deliver a movie that will deliver the fans in the way they were looking for in Godzilla vs. Godzilla king of the monsters so are you saying you knew this film wasn't going to deliver what they needed to deliver before you released it and then he says it's gonna come out later in the year so we can deliver an A plus movies like well you just recently announced awhile ago you're wrapped are you acknowledging that the movie you just shot is not an a-plus movie is not an a-plus effort and Rob that's the case I sitting here and I'm not quite sure how to feel about it on the one hand I'm like wow kind of refreshing a studio executive coming out and kind of saying stuff like this but at the same time are you not just kind of throwing the director of the movie you've got in theaters right now and the director of the movie you've got coming up next year did he not just in one fell swoop throw both of them under the bus and basically say while his film is in theaters right now our movie didn't deliver what the audience was looking for while it's still in theaters and just coming out of the second week now I get it when you look at the box office results here Godzilla king of the monsters took a sixty seven point five percent drop from week one to week two which means people weren't rushing out to see it a second time nor were they coming out and getting their friends to come with them so I get it I understand it's hit some bumps it didn't have the box office results you wanted I get it it has some bumps but and I appreciate Rob the idea of a studio exec being open honest and all that kind of stuff I like that that's that's good but is the time to do that why your film is still in theaters in just week – I don't know Rob you hear all this kind of stuff how do you respond to this uh it wasn't a classy move from my perspective it's look if you've spent and filmmakers and not only that the actors the hundreds if not thousands of people across the world who works on the visual effects that worked on this movie you should honor them yeah you might have box office you know under performing but they oversaw every this movie every step of the way and I I think you you own what you have released it wasn't like this movie was mired in reshoots you know they knew what they were making they were proud of it they thought they had a big hit on their hand sometimes they're wrong and I really like Godzilla king of the monsters it's it's certainly as somebody who's watched kaiju movies my whole life I loved it I know number of our viewers actually really liked it as well number number of our viewers yeah and I think that that this idea like this idea that they're not always trying to make an a-plus movie that you know we we understand we were just going for a C+ with Godzilla king of the monsters but Oh Godzilla versus King Kong we'll make it a plus it's like you know own it own your own what you're making don't don't try and fob off the the responsibility on someone else I mean this is the studio chose to make this movie this is a movie that they chose to make they got the people they wanted to work on the film to make it it was made with all kinds of love and care certainly by Mike Dougherty it was done on an a-list level every step of the way and to sit there and claim anything else is I think wrong and look what you're doing to your production staff of Godzilla vs. Kong yeah what does that say the people that are making your movie right now yeah that's the thing to me just not good leadership he just threw them under the bus like almost a year before that movie even ever comes out now look I get hey you know what a year and a half from now come out and say hey we realized in hindsight maybe we didn't deliver in king of the monsters maybe we didn't deliver exactly what it was the audience was looking for we real say that a year and a half from now like right now your message should be if you think you're to push off Godzilla versus Kong I think right now I mean look and Warner Brothers knows about spinning false information for PR they know about they've done it all the time so right now I kind of feel like the message should be you know what guys were so inspired by the feedback we're getting from our giant movie Godzilla king of the monsters that it just inspired some creative ideas in our team and we're gonna give them a few extra months to implement some of these fresh ideas they've got they've really been inspired by it so we're probably gonna push it off is it a lie sure but it's the message you send right now because it supports your team it doesn't throw them under the bus right now and it doesn't make us look more net even more negatively than a lot of people are at the current film you got in theaters that's trying to perform that a whole thousands groups of thousands of people made and it doesn't throw the people under the bus were working on the next movie I just don't get how they didn't think about the messaging here because while I appreciate the honesty it's just not the right message to send right now and and I just I thought it was a mistake I don't think he's a bad person or anything like that I just thought strategically it's a mistake at this point because Rob I'm thinking somebody who may be Godzilla's only in its second week as long as we've been talking about it's only now starting its third week there may still be a lot of people out there who were thinking about going to see Godzilla king the mantras maybe they see something like isn't going oh well sue doesn't even like they're moving I don't think I'm gonna go like they kind of shot themselves in the foot here a little bit didn't they uh you know I agree when they're talking about we're gonna make King Kong vs. Godzilla an a-plus movie I'm like an a-plus experience like you're not trying to do that now what are you gonna add a dance number I mean what I'm gonna do you know guardians of the galaxy how to dance off at the end what if Godzilla and King Kong steppin up and do a little electric Boogaloo at the end of the film I mean come on man now you just gave them an idea now you just gave them my idea I don't know what do you guys think about the comments that we're hearing do you think that these were appropriate comments what do you think about the idea of them pushing off the Godzilla thing give us your thoughts in general jump down in the comments section below and let us know what you think alright with that down Jonathan was the final main topic for us here today all right a final main topic comes from Ryan Lewis and he writes looks like something is happening behind the scenes for Black Adam finally according to Variety Jean Collette Sarah I'd is I to direct DC's Black Adam I know it's early days and I've never heard of this director other than Jungle Cruise what are your thoughts thank you and keep up the filthy yeah so I believe it's Jamaica l'homme yeah Jamaica Colette Sarah I don't know I've never heard his name said I've read his name many many times but I've never actually heard his name said now he his name was on the short list discussion actually they announced at one point that he was brought on to direct Suicide Squad too and then shortly at not long after that that name got pulled now you may recognize his name a little bit from the news recently because he's directing the upcoming Dwayne the rock Johnson movie Jungle Cruise so that's why his name's been in there a bunch other than that you know how a lot of bars have a house band well colette sarah is basically the house band director for liam neeson b-grade action films so here's some of the films that jamaica let sarah has done over the years some of them not bad actually some of them pretty solid some of them really really bad of course we've got the Paris Hilton Classic House of Wax he directed he did the shallows with a lakeland Blake Lively I always freeze on on Reynolds his wife's name Blake Lively which is actually quite good I think it might be the best film on this list orphan wasn't bad actually orphan was pretty good it wasn't great but it was pretty good then he did this slew of like again Liam Neeson where I'm pretty sure they just took the same photo and put it in two different posters non-stop not so good run all night wasn't bad I actually I'll say run all night wasn't all that bad unknown was not all that good the commuter was not all that good so I feel pretty safe and saying what we've got here is a serviceable middle-of-the-road director that looking at his body of work if he's really on his game he can deliver something pretty damn solid they in the case like a shallows orphan when he's on his game he can deliver something pretty damn solid if he's not on his game he's capable of drawing out some pretty awful direct there along the way clearly he probably got a pretty shining recommendation from Liam Neeson who probably wrote a letter of recommendation in this whole thing here so Rob let me ask you this Dwayne the rock Johnson who's clearly already worked with him and has been working with him on Jungle Cruise clearly he likes something that he saw and he thought you know what this is a guy for black out him but I don't want to get too caught up in just the fact that they brought on a director oh my god there's signs of life and black Adam I mean they announced Dwayne the rock Johnson as playing black Adam at CinemaCon in Las Vegas in 1974 all right I mean but basically it was forever ago there are people out there with children celebrating their third birthdays who weren't even pregnant yet when they announced doing the rock Johnson is black Adam this is the first real legitimate sign of life that this project is even still has a pulse and even still has a heartbeat and on that level it's pretty exciting so I don't even know where to start your rub your thoughts on two things number one are you surprised at all that given forget the the critical and the fan response to Shazam given the fact that Shazam didn't make a ton of money are you surprised at all that they're still moving forward with Black Adam but number two what do you think about the addition of Collette Sarah as the director of the film well I think both you know it I met him I actually when I was working on the hills run red orphan in the hills run red both had premieres in Spain at the Sitges Film Festival and I think he's actually quite a good filmmaker to be honest and I think it's a good choice I think he's known at Warner Brothers as well I think doing you know if you're working with Dwayne Johnson he obviously has relationships liam neeson he's made four movies with Liam Neeson having a director who has a great relationship with their leading man is our leading woman is always a good thing that kind of a fact of team up always helps and I think that for him to hook up with with Dwayne John's in there to make black Adam it's a good choice fact that the studio is moving forward because you know she Sam as much as everybody liked it it was not a huge hit I mean it did good it did alright yeah but I think it it it broke even it became a little bit profit right I love the movie but listed by comic book movies standards that didn't do great financially at least it didn't lose money but it didn't do all that well no and I think a blackout a movie with with the added attraction of having Dwayne Johnson could bolster the Shazam franchise I think it's a really good idea and I think you know you get Zachary Levi to because you can't make a black out of movie now and not have Shazam that he's been introduced because everywhere the one thing that came out of that movie was everyone loves a curry Levi as Shazam oh he was terrific and I think now you've got a really great opportunity to keep that franchise going with one of the biggest stars one of the most bankable men in the world which is Dwayne Johnson who's perfect to play that role so I say bring it on you know I would be a lot more pessimistic honestly because like I said he's got a couple of solid films a Colette's era he's got a couple of solid films some not so good a lot of them very mediocre middle-of-the-road to lower and lower common denominator they are movies most of them no doubt but the thing that gives me a little bit of well is the fact that hey Dwayne the rock Johnson has been working with him for a year this director on Jungle Cruise clearly Dwayne liked working with them clearly Dwayne like something that he brought to the table and if that's the case then I'm willing to go you know what then I'll give it the benefit of the doubt you know for this and I'm ok with it I do not think you're going to see Zachary Levi in a black out a movie what I think they're going to do and I can't back to some basic asan no insider information but what I think they're probably gonna do is you're gonna do a black out a movie that will probably be set years ago probably around the time of his fall as they described it in Shazam and then probably do a Shazam to with Shazam and black Adam or they'll call it Shazam and black adam whatever but i think what we're gonna do is we got Shazam i think we're gonna get a standalone black out a movie and then they're gonna put the two together take advantage of the box-office draw with rock take advantage of the positive word-of-mouth coming out of Shazam and maybe they'll have something there I think it speaks a lot to just the fact that you know oh wow we have signs of life for Black Adam I think Black Adam have having signs of life speaks to the fact that I think this means Warner Brothers is pretty resolute that they are gonna do another Shazam because I was wondering a little bit if they might back off it because the box office was not the best in the world but I'm glad to see that they're moving forward and I kind of think that's the way they're going to kind of duel this thing out what do you guys think about this news on two different fronts number one what do you guys think about the director choice on this thing little iffy but there's some upside to this as well do you think optimistically about or do you think pessimistically about it also what do you think about there finally being some actual signs of life to Black Adam jump down into the comments section below and let us know your thoughts all right guys that'll do it for our main topics today we're gonna get into some of our live questions that you guys have been firing in but before we do you know there's a bunch of other stuff going on in the world of movie news and fact-checker Jonathan is gonna run us through a whole bunch of those stuff what's going on Jonathan what is else is going on the World Entertainment right now all right well we got a little John Cena news upfront you guys know John Cena right you know him WB yeah yeah well maybe Pro Wrestling Fame he was just a bumblebee he was in blockers welcome comingsoon.net is reporting that John Cena is now confirmed for fast and furious 9 back in April Vin Diesel or as I call him Groot hinted he would recruit Cena well so now that's come true his character is being described as two words quote unquote a badass doesn't really surprise me okay now a little bit more on Cena's career coming up he's been rumored to be playing the peacemaker on the upcoming the Suicide Squad from WB fast of your son was originally set for April 19th however we know that that was for the franchise first is going to be getting a May 22nd 2020 release date with Justin Lin back in the driver's seat I I just I don't draw he right now he can't carry a film I think that much has been print pretty much established and he cannot carry a film we saw but in supporting role he can be pretty strong we saw him really strong in a supporting role in trainwreck we saw him really strong in a supporting role in a couple of projects it's just like when you look at blockers you can't really put a movie on his shoulders and let him carry it but maybe something like this in Fast and Furious that could work out okay if you've been seeing much response from people on this one Jonathan at all I could people are responding at all hmm I think the hypest did with Hobbes and Shaw honestly I think the rock just has everyone in his grip interesting little fact I just I'm noticing this may 22nd 2020 and you had asked me to fact-checked about Congress as Godzilla originally that was set for May 22nd 22nd of 2020 then it was moved to that March date now obviously I don't know where it's going but I just noticed that date standing out to me all right okay so cinema blend is reporting before lin-manuel Miranda his Broadway from Amon Hamilton had become a hit he started composing the music and lyrics or in the heights at just the age of 22 Wow now the musical is about his Hispanic American neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City it's been a huge hit around the world 13 Tony nominations now it's being developed to become a film right now originally it was developed by the weinstein company WB now the big screen adaptation is going in the hands of crazy rich agents Jon M Chu he recently just posted on Instagram a picture of him behind the scenes getting ready to shoot it was the night before the the main shoot and he posted on Instagram with this caption it's the night before a day of first day of shooting hashtag a movie so many things in my head the other day I had lin-manuel Miranda signed the cover of my script all he wrote was some blunt words of encouragement there lin-manuel is producing the film and it's expected to be hitting theaters June 26 2020 talking about how you know if you're the boss of a studio don't do anything it's gonna do dissuade or bring down here what do you what do you do Rob if you like you're getting ready to director big milk and you get a note from your bosses the only thing you're about to start says don't f it up ah you know what that would despise me you know because you're already there you are the boss and they're giving you big encouragement but also with a little humor to go along with it so I would say that's a vote of confidence I may have heard something similar to this in my career III I'm pretty sure hopefully not from no no okay well up next we've got you know III is coming to Los Angeles this week from 11 to 13 however things often do kick off early with III for instance yesterday Xbox held their briefing and CD Projekt RED it was a part of that briefing and they released their official cinematic trailer for cyberpunk 2077 now at the end of this trailer we had a reveal of Keanu Reeves was in the game so this is like the year of Keanu Reeves apparently with John wick three music crazy when he took the stage at this junket and he announced the release date of prod cyberpunk 2077 to be April 16 2020 now variety is reporting that Keanu Reeves will portray Johnny silver hand as in the trailer you can see his hand is like robotic legendary rocker boy that's in addition to his likeness and voiceover the actor will also perform full-body motion capture for the character and the press release describes the game as such cyberpunk 2077 it is a narrative driven open-world RPG set in the most vibrant and dangerous metropolis of the future in the night city that really says the game follows the story of V a hired gun on the rise in world of cyber enhanced the street warriors tech-savvy net runners in corporate life hackers featuring CD Projekt RED hallmark concept of choices and consequences players will face the difficult decisions that ripple through the entire game now this was a winner of over a hundred awards at last year's e3 and cyberpunk 2077 is set in the same universe as the classic pen and paper RPG cyberpunk 2020 do you guys have an expiry with that that RPG I have none with it which is why like when they first I like announced and I was like honestly I was like wait a minute what title I mean I've heard the cyberpunk name but I've certainly I don't know anybody that's played it and I've never played myself so this is why this kind of came out of nowhere for me I just thought it was being made for the last hundred years it feels like I've been hearing about as a game in whatever incarnation that's probably because it was a pen and paper game I you know I've just been hearing about cyberpunk forever so I watched this trailer and I'm like well that's cool you know this this warrior goes in owes money and it was a chip to some guy and then they battle and they kill he kills a bunch of people and then leaves and then he wakes up and Keanu Reeves confronts and I'm like oh I'll play that he's funny cuz we were talking a bunch of us were over here last night playing Dungeons & Dragons and we watched some of the footage stuff I'm just like you notice that the a III they never pull like an apple or something that they never drop a trailer for a game and go and this game will be released tomorrow a purchase always available in 17 months yeah those are kind of one of those things anyway alright what sometimes if I'm ever knocked out and Keanu Reeves wakes me up and said hey kid let's go burn the city I be pretty excited okay all right up next Avengers end game it's currently the second highest-grossing movie of all time we can all agree right moving up possibly to the number one well movie Webb calm is reporting that one fan has been pushing that along he's seen the film a record-breaking 103 times in theaters God now last year Anthony Mitchell saw infinity war 103 times so you're seeing a trend here Agustin aloneness is doing the same here with endgame he's trying to beat that and he he obviously will now that he's matched it he's posting pictures of himself with theater staff and his ticket stub to prove that he's been going and it's estimated that he's spent nearly a thousand dollars if not more on these movie tickets and what's more impressive is that it's equated to about 300 hours which is basically two weeks straight of sitting in a movie theater that's crazy for the same movie yes Agustin Ilana's plans to be seeing he said he's saying that he's seeing Avengers endgame even more times he's just not sure when he'll stop I you know what I I don't get it I don't get it look I I love I love the movie to know a lot of movies I love I can't like cuz does somebody ever decide to stop and tell us guy hey in a couple of months you could watch it at home for free and you don't have to leave the house to spend money to see I don't know because we did didn't we cover recently Jonathan robbed him we recently cover story about some dude who just broke a world record for going to see Captain Marvel yes I can record a number of times yes like I need more power to you if that's what you love but Jonathan when you put it like that like weeks straight you're spending in the movie theater a lot of ice lost life there there's a lot of us life but some people might say it's life well-lived yeah I mean some people may say that I suppose yeah not for me I can't go to see a movie that many times in theaters just can't do it alright and finally deadlines reporting that Anthony Mackie is going to star in a action sci-fi film called up outside for the wire this is for Netflix I know you have your opinions on Netflix films John but the Avengers in Captain America star will also produce the film it's set in the future Mackie will play a drone pilot sent into a deadly militarized zone where he finds himself working for an Android officer task to locate a doomsday device before it falls into the hands of insurgents and shoot the shooting begins in August now upcoming for Mackie he's very busy he's got the Fox thriller the woman in the window george nolfi is the banker a sci-fi film called synchro synchronic altered carbon season 2 for Netflix and also for Netflix Point Blank so The Hurt Locker actor is in pre-production on obviously the Disney Plus miniseries I think we're all looking forward to the Falcon and went and the Avengers soldier and he'll be reprising his character from Captain America in Avengers yeah there's there are a few guys everyone's why you come across actors in the business that they're so nice and they're so charming and so charismatic that you cannot help but really root for them and this is one of those guys I've been so impressed with Anthony Mackie number one as a performer he's incredible and that's the most important thing but he is a genuinely enthusiastic hyped-up energetic and nice sky that you just want to see succeed and hearing how busy this guy's getting it's actually really really good and I still don't know what we're gonna get with this Disney Plus here's obviously that's the one that most of us are talking about rob is the whole Disney Plus thing let me ask you do you think it's still when it comes out is it will will it be Falcon or Winter Soldier or will it be Captain America and Winter Soldier what do you think they're I think they're gonna stick with him with Falcon I do too you say you don't think they're gonna make that Captain America man switch on them no I don't think they are you know I really liked I thought I don't know if you've watched striking vipers the the episode of Black Mirror Anthony Mackie is in but I I thought that was a pretty gutsy episode of television for him to be in and so I'm really liking how Anthony Mackey's career is is moving forward so kudos to him now Rob we were just talking about how you know I don't think Netflix has that great of a track record for reginal movies although I'd really do like always me maybe you were just telling me about another one you just saw what was that I am mother is a science fiction film that just dropped with Hilary Swank Academy Award winner Hilary Swank in and Rose Byrne playing the voice of a robot you know I I really enjoyed it and speaking of Anthony Mackie there was a science fiction film and I forget the name of it that Anthony Mackie is in that also is on Netflix another science fiction movie kind of a low-key film that was shot in France and I enjoyed that too but I am mother I thought was pretty good all right well you like if you like robot I mean look it's an amalgamation of a lot of other elements that we've seen before but it was pretty good alright guys if you're looking for something to watch on Netflix there's a new recommendation from Robert Myer Burnett okay guys with all that down and out of the way let's go over and take your live questions a bunch of you guys been firing in a whole ton of them so let's get over to it so I mean right up the top there we see Blake feely just send in a couple of super shots off the top there what's his first question they're done right so he says just sending you my my free monthly super chats apparently what happens I guess I guess some YouTube premium members or whatever they get a number of like free super chats they're allowed to send out every month and a bunch of people have been using them to support the show which i think is awesome thank you so much for that like all right what's next nice well with your premium you can do that and watch a little Cobra Kai you're set all right Austin Church writes what's your worst movie theater going experience oh that like I've explained this one before it was the Jim Carrey movie the number 23 not only is the movie absolutely awful and dreadful but it was the full living stereotype embodiment of I had a group of teenage girls behind us in the theater who would not shut the eff up the entire time I very rarely ever have that happen I've gone to the movie theater tens of thousands of times very rarely does that really happen to me but that was the absolute worst because I am totally 100% against abusing minors but my god I thought about it at that moment it was just brutal that was the worst one ever all right what's nice all right nerd guy writes Dark Phoenix core really enhanced the movie to me he looks funny doing the doing the spoiler review I see a lot of people mentioning they really like the score I don't often notice the score in a movie so I got to go back and watch it against opponent but you're not the first person to point that out man all right what's next all right JB Bonifacio wrote Keanu Keano showing up at e3 was breathtaking you know what I didn't see it I didn't even really watch that footage guys like did you like what was that like when he came out in stage like was the audience hype for one main rise was it a good presentation it was an uproar did you see it Rob I didn't but I was hoping they would play the same music from always be my maybe stage there's a grape if you haven't seen it there's a great song at the end of always be mine maybe that might involve Keanu Reeves you should check that out when you get a shot okay what what's next all right sue theists writes morning gents mr. C you should start the show from now on with greetings and continuity Chaumont annuity everyone I mean that's pretty that's that's pretty much the whole thing I mean x-men look at some number of people point out some very big problems look one of the biggest problems a lot of people pointed out which this isn't really giving anything away because it's in the trailers just like in the trailers for x-men Dark Phoenix gene gets the Phoenix force know what the f was that she had at the end of x-men apocalypse so I but again guys listen I've been telling you guys forever the x-men films have always approached with a philosophy of continuity Chaumont annuity it doesn't matter and you know what sometimes it really works for them sometimes it doesn't but you just got as an audience member when you go into an x-men film though yeah it's not gonna play real close attention to continuity just appreciate the movie for what it is but yep continuity shmatte annuity all right what's next all right next is from Jersey kid all right saw a nice double feature of John wick three and green book Saturday night can't figure out which one I love more they're both great dude that's talking about some diversity in your viewing green book and John wick three these are two completely obviously two completely different films but oh my god there's both so great on their individual levels I got to admit I've never even thought about doing a double feature like that one Rob what would you say might be one of the strangest double features I'm just hitting you you're totally unprepared for this what we see might be one of the strangest double features you ever watched well John I'm still thinking about John wick driving around my shop Michelle Holly the strangest double bill that's really that's really interesting probably something like I Spit on Your Grave and Driving Miss Daisy okay you maybe you win that would that would be you're asking me I mean I'm like I would never watch that double bill but if we are having a bad double bill day that's a bad rank up there yeah that's by the way that's incredibly poor taste but that's the first thing that jumped in my mind so I don't know what that says about me all right what's next all right Starkiller writes love the ideas behind the Jedi Order if they make a KO tea or our movie love to see how that's nice of the Old Republic love to see how the Dark Council operates opposite of the Jedi Order here's the thing you've got to understand this right now get your expectations reeled in number one we do not know if they're making you Knights of the Old Republic there have been rumors have been some reports things could be happening all that guy self but if they do understand this there will probably be heavy heavy adaptation just because they might make a movie called Knights of the Old Republic don't expect them to do everything that's done the Knights of the Old Republic nor should you expect me to bring everything over when they did cherry-pick and bring out great Admiral Thrawn into cannon they only brought elements of him they didn't bring over everything that had to this story they didn't bring over everything that was in the Grand Admiral Thrawn Trilogy that the last command and all that kind of stuff they didn't bring all that stuff over so just understand that even if they do a Knights of the Old Republic movie don't expect that all the elements you know unlike from that will still be there they'll probably do some heavy adaptation how what would you say to that robb I think absolutely but you know the Knights The Old Republic material is so rich and it's it's there's so much interesting stuff out there that you know I think it could be great stuff I'd love to explore that realm in in in on the mood the movie screen I think it'd be great all right what's next all right saiyr writes Disney she's campaign rtj for supporting after I'm sure they will but I don't think he should be I mean if they were held tomorrow that's a different thing but by the end of the year I really have a hard time imagining that we're not gonna see better performances in some better movies and stuff like that in there but who knows what we'll have to wait and see all right what's next all right sky amazing guy rights just got my tickets for Toy Story 4 super excited early buzz calms its claims it's one of the best of the franchise there has been some early reactions coming out that I a few of you guys wrote in to me on open mic yesterday saying oh my god you've been seeing the early reactions now look Rob and I saw with the first 10 minutes yeah 12 minute I can't remember was they showed us the first full scene of Toy Story 4 at CinemaCon and it was wonderful it was great but I I have not read all those reactions but apparently a bunch of people are saying they're seeing early reactions an hour coming out on Twitter on Twitter and they're saying it is spectacular which look never be in the doubting Toy Story business never be in that business they made this Toy Story 2 and they were like yeah do we really need a sequel as a matter of fact Disney originally conceptualized that things are straight to home video movie and then they realized you know what this is really good we should probably put this out theatrically and it's a hundred percent of Rotten Tomatoes then they made Toy Story 3 and everybody's like Toy Story 3 this is totally unnecessary it's a total crash bag they're going to ruin the other two movies the second one ended perfectly both and it is arguably the best film in the franchise now we're at Toy Story 4 and sure enough we hear the boo birds out again why they're doing a 4th one third one and perfectly blah blah blah well might be because they've got a great idea for a great movie now I haven't seen myself so I can't speak to the quality of it but it's sounding all the stuff we're hearing coming out sounds like it could be the best of the franchise which I don't even know how you get better than the three that they've got but anyway Rob you hear this what do you think I you know why does anybody it's kind of like James Cameron when people talk well how could a Pixar movie be that good I'm like well this is a track record I mean it's it's it's just I don't understand why people ever bet against Pixar they made a Toy Story for because they had a slam-dunk that's what Pixar does you know they dunk and they're dunking on everyone like they always do they're gonna dunk on the box-office whoever's opening opposite then are not gonna have a good weekend Toy Story 4 is gonna rule and it's gonna be great and I'm very excited to see it that delightful opening scene it was awesome so good and it's opening against child's play so it's gonna be interesting again child's play counter-programming it might you might even benefit from it so who knows well to wait and see all right what's next alright stubble mix shave rights did you see the presentation of Star Wars game and Baldur's Gate 3 I did I well we talked about the Star Wars 1 but I did not see it for Baldur's Gate 3 although that one intrigues me so off to probably look into that a little bit later alright what's next unbeatable rights is there an online petition starting for the Snider cut of Dark Phoenix yet no you know it's funny I'm gonna bring this up here quick so first of all that's hilarious I somebody wrote on um one of my social medias and I took it I use it myself they said right now because Toronto Raptors are up three games to one against Golden State Warriors and so just in good funds fellow sports fans jabbing you know I put out there Golden State Warriors fans are asking for the Snider cut of the NBA Finals and it started this a bunch of release the Snider cut people jumped into my thread and hijacked the discussion and made the whole discussion about the Snider cut all this kind of stuff and I had people writing me and like just all this kind of stuff so I finally got online yesterday I say look let's just because people are like trying to point to this some kid with a with a cell phone recording Zack Snyder at a sign saying there's a sniper cut I've got a cut I've got lots of cuts Paula and I keep trying to tell people that is totally different from a completed and finished film yeah people want Warner Brothers to release the Snyder cut there's nothing to release right so I finally got on yesterday and I said look let's just cut the crap let's just ask that Zack Snyder let's just a section area so I put out this thing and I said Zack Snyder can you confirm because maybe there is I don't know I'm guessing that there's not but I don't know I don't know 100% for sure I would love if there is a completed fully color corrected fully sound edited and mixed fully visual effects all done and completed fully all post-production done and packaged as a movie if such a thing actually exists I would like to know I think they'll be very cool to know even though I don't think it exists I would love to know if it did so I finally I got online and I said let's just a sec Snyder dear Zack Snyder do you confirm and can you confirm that a fully completed and ready to be released with sound editing visual effects color correction everything done a fully ready to be released version that we would refer to as the Snyder Cut version can you confirm that such a thing exists let's just have them say yes or no let's just say I'm saying yes or no because if the answer is yes awesome I didn't think it did but it'd be great to know if it did and if the answer is no then good let's all shut up about it and but anyway that's what I got on to it I don't know why I got sidetracked wait is there an answer I have not an answer I mean like who the F am i I mean why why would why should sack Snyder respond to anything I put on Twitter let's me dude I'm tweeted to Ellen Barkin once and she wrote me back well I know and I've had a lot of great people tweet back to me but let's just be honest Zack Snyder is under no obligation to even consider responding to me on Twitter because he's Zack Snyder for heaven's sakes so I I haven't seen any response yet but again I would just love to know I would love to know anyway what's next all right well at ray gaming simply Donuts oh thank you a tray and then Zack Bart Ron writes I've yet to see a single x-men film but I've just bought them all on 4k that's commitment I have heard about the convoluted timelines in the disregard for cock nudee but is there any specific order I should watch them in oh good question Zack first of all that is commitment you haven't seem so you know I'm just gonna buy them and watch them good on you I would say start with the original – like x-men x-men – and it'll give you an appreciation like these things were made like almost 20 years ago and look how good they still hold up well you got to put in x-men 3 as well because there's a kicker and Days of Future past it only really works if you watch x-men 3 but yeah that's true – I mean watch them all I would say watch him in the order of release yeah I agree I think that's the simplest thing to do watch it look you're not in for gold with every movie thing you watch in there just know that up front but I think overall you're gonna be pretty impressed with what it is over all right so good Anya's actually yeah both Robert and I suggest order of release so check it out that way all right what's next alright sue theists rights I was doing some research on Pixar and why their movies are so good their directors started from the bottom and work their way up whether an animator storyboard artist editor etc experienced well that's one of the big things and look I know it's a very dangerous thing ever to bring up the name of John Lasseter right these days I get it but if we're going to talk about this topic John Lasseter also created an environment a creative environment at Pixar that really was a very collaborative creative environment that had a set of stages that everything would go through and just brainstorming and creativity and all this kind of stuff and having the directors board and you're right part of that process was about developing future storytellers it was about bringing up guys who started as animators and started as this and started as that and all that kind of stuff Pixar to this day even post Lasseter continues to have a very unique and a very healthy creative process now because of the new stories you can talk about things over a Pixar that aren't so healthy but that's a discussion for a different time absolutely talking about the creative process their creative process is one that has been tried and trued and works it's very intimate it's all collaborative and you're right they one of the big things they've done is brought up their guys what do you always seen it's one of their big secrets Rob well absolutely you know in my early days making DVD special features we covered Pixar quite extensively and I even cut a few is about the creative environment there there's a paper airplane competition that you can actually see I I don't know if it's on the Monsters Inc disc I don't remember but I mean it's crazy it's that it was crazy fun to go up there and it was it's an amazing environment and like you just said you spilled it you spilled it you spelled it out very correct when you say that it was a collaborative environment I ideas were exchanged and they really developed the stories they make their story reels for a long time before they start animating and they really really work their stories and we don't see them taken to the next level until they're there they're pretty solid so you're never gonna see a Pixar movie that's only kind of good they know what's good cars three okay the cars franchise I think the cars franchise though is an anomalous thing yeah they made the Cars movie because they last year had a hard-on for route 66 and also object of hills yeah those toys are enormous ly successful yeah so those truly were I believe they're their franchise toy commercial movies and by the way cars land at Disneyland is actually pretty fun all right what's next all right Anthony all right so I rewatched all Batman movies this weekend in 4k and I was thinking forever had some redeeming qualities what worked for you and what didn't well first of all if we're think about the one with Val Kilmer right that's Batman Forever yeah I like Val Kilmer in the role and you know in general speaking I like Jim Carrey in the role I mean the part unfortunate thing about that movie the firt and has been grand it's been a long time since I've seen it but is they try to make the Tommy Lee Jones to face an amalgamation of Joker and Riddler like and he never felt like two-faced he was too much like Riddler and at the same time trying to be Jack's Joker at the same time I looked there was a lot of problems with the movie but I I actually look we don't think of Val Kilmer anymore when we think of Batman I thought it was pretty solid in that so that's an upside to me what about you Rob you know after coming off of Batman Returns which I really liked Batman Forever was it was just too much it's the tone of it is it's just too a key for me and I know that's weird coming off of seeing Danny DeVito as the penguin and Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman but it's just the tone of it is all over the place and the garish lighting I do like Nicole Kidman but um and it was that was the movie that you saw the direction that Batman was going to go on over the next few years after that which was the unfortunate beginning of Lila but again some redeeming quality I think there's some things in it that I like I did like Val Kilmer in the role I thought he was a pretty good Batman I liked Clooney as Batman – I just think that the tone of these movies just spun off into wackiness wackyland yeah all right for the next alright Ishmael II do rights better performance Jack Black in school of rocker Robin Williams and mrs. Doubtfire I think I know this answer oh yes miss Robin Williams and mrs. Doubtfire sir Robin Williams and mrs. Doubtfire oh don't get me wrong Jack Black in School of Rock is a career-defining performance for Jack Black it's great but Robin Williams and mrs. Doubtfire you think – any differently Rob no I but I I completely agree but I do love School of Rock I will say this I like School of Rock a lot so Anna and I have seasons passes to the Pantages Theatre in town so they did the live Broadway musical of school Iraq it was awful awful is the first one I watched I was at Penn tatius that I really really hated but anyway there's a cruel Rock is so fun it's a fun movie alright what's next alright Kevin Lewis writes movies I had to rewatch to get a 2001 inception Eyes Wide Shut slaughterhouse-five and no country you I don't I can't think of any movie I've had to rewatch a couple of times to get I mean obviously when you get into the architects scenes in Matrix Reloaded there was a little bit of rewatching that way but what is this guy saying and you had to probably but other than that I can't really think of any movies and I had to watch several times to understand or to get the message I think they've done a good job for the most part most film working filmmakers do a good job of communicating whatever their message is what about you Rob yeah I would say so I've had to go back and watch a movie and I didn't get but kudos to that list that our viewer sent in yeah those great lists slaughterhouse-five is one of my favorite science fiction movies and it's a movie that doesn't get talked about a lot the story of Billy Pilgrim unstuck in time you know I'm to say this too I think Eyes Wide Shut is a little bit underrated a lot of people just instantly discard it because it's a sex movie right it's actually really good Islam so if you haven't get a chance to check that out you should alright what's next all right Chris Feldman writes do you think rise of Skywalker will really and the Skywalker saga that was what we heard after the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy – yes because George Lucas isn't there anymore George Lucas also said he was never gonna do another Indiana Jones movie and then Along Came Kingdom of the Crystal Skull I really do think they are wrapping this up at this point at some point look you've got to move on I always talk about this Rob the illustration of the Kennedys is not the story of America but the Kennedys were definitely a chapter in the story of America and at some point America moved on from just the story of the Kennedys to other things I think the Skywalker saga can only go so long now you got to move on to other things in the universe as well so yeah I really I I buy into it I believe this really is the end of the Skywalker saga what do you think Rob I do too I I mean I think they're gonna move on and tell many many more stories in the Star Wars universe it's such a rich universe and enough of the Skywalker's and really even this this third trilogy is not that I mean are they really about the Skywalker's anymore I mean it is very little all right what's next all right Damian Dorn furred rights enjoy Game five tonight go wraps the North is strong I've got look I'm still predicting Raptors in seven I think the Golden State Warriors will win tonight I think that will win the next game in Golden State and then I think Toronto closes it out game seven in Toronto but here's hope and they actually do closes out tonight all right what's next all right sue theists rights so apparently Loki's Disney Plus show is going to involve him time hopping according to a leak from the Disney investors day you guys still excited I I heard somebody said something to me on Instagram about this I haven't looked into it myself so I don't know obviously look my first reaction is stupid time hopping time travel stupid dumb bottom-of-the-barrel laziest of the lazy's man's plot devices cuz I can't do anything else creative but there have been things that amuse time travel that are done really well and I love the Loki stuff and I'm looking forward to it I will say this is bad news to me but I'm still gonna go into it with an open mind and see if they deliver something great with time travel like Star Trek voyage home did or like Back to the Future date or whatever so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now but it does temper my enthusiasm let's just say that tempers my enthusiasm abit Rob what about you why it doesn't bother me I mean the picture that that that came out from that investor meeting had Loki on the streets of a city I would presume New York in front of a marquee for the movie Jaws so if you haven't seen that photo I have not but but you know for me Loki of course is thousands of years old yes so I think what we're seeing if we see flashbacks to necessarily when he's come to earth before it doesn't necessarily mean he's been time travelling a good point we're just seeing perhaps Loki's past remember Loki's dead in our timeline and then we saw him in 2012 an endgame so is he time-traveling are we just gonna go back and look at Loki's relationship with Midgard who knows well wait and see all right that's a good point you brought up all right what's next all right Anthony all rights Microsoft Microsoft revealed next-gen console 8k game is gaming is coming can't wait for Sony's reveal next year I still don't know why anybody cares about 8k I mean for the most part unless you're sitting a certain distance from your TV you can't even tell the human I can't even perceive the difference between 2k and 4k depending at the distance you sit it and now we're gonna get into 8k because that's bigger number means better right I don't understand the push towards this but they did make some pretty impressive stuff like these new processors are putting in there with AMD the SSD technology that they're utilizing load times are gonna become a thing of the past well a lot so you're right it just I thought they did a really good presentation I'm looking seeing I'm looking forward to seing what they when put Playstations gonna come out with because so it's good to see what the two guys are doing a little bit differently I've got a PlayStation 4 so it's my next one gonna be an Xbox so is it gonna be a Playstation we'll find out pretty soon all right what's next all right Isaac BB writes mm-hmm scuse me another mrs. Doubtfire com I rewatched mrs. Doubtfire this weekend favorite Robin Williams film and the part where he gets his own kids show and talks about heavy things like divorce two kids kind of reminded me of mr. Rogers I relate to it I remember hearing them talk about that stuff before it was very heavily influenced by mr. Rogers they've actually talked about that in the past of Robin Williams in the director of the film and I can't remember who directed mrs. Doubtfire I got on the tip my time came remember I remember hearing them talk about that it was very much a mr. Rogers esque kind of scene now I will admit mrs. Doubtfire while a great film is not amongst my top favorite Robin Williams films whether you're talking about things like good morning Vietnam or you're talking about insomnia or you're talking about one-hour photo which I think he's just stupid ridiculously good world according to GARP we're all god world according to GARP anyway bunch of other ones all the one he won his Academy Award for with Matt Damon good real hunk Goodwill Hunting of course as well but I mean mrs. Doubtfire is a staple iconic comedy especially out of the era and you're right that was one of the best best parts of the movie Isaac was when again in that stuff and you're absolutely right they were in fact very heavily influenced by the mr. Roger stuffs a good observation on that that was Chris Columbus directed that thank you Jonathan thank you all right what's next my guy in Wright's thoughts on controversial films like irreversible and a Serbian film do you consider them art or they just gratuitous for shock and awe sake I'll be honest with you I haven't seen either of them ooh I have irreversible is one of the only movies I had to stop and actually turn off oh wow yeah there's there's a there's a Monica Bellucci suffers a 10-minute yes yes yes sorry yes yes yes okay anyway but I didn't see a serbian film at well sir you know it's funny Serbian film is really difficult to watch but the director III own that movie and I think that it's the director said he tried to make a metaphoric movie that dealt with the issues that the Balkan conflict brought about to basically former Yugoslavia right you know in a way of dealing it in a more more most horrific fashion I think that movie goes way too far I really does but you know there is Gaspar noe I love and to the boy I even liked his latest film climax the dance film that goes a little ride but III irreversible man it's just rough like I don't why am i watching this I remember having a conversation I don't like totally frozen the title I remember having a conversation about that scene a number of years ago and there's there's a party like is it nearly impossible to watch yes but I thought at the time there is something to be said about look what was happening to Monica Bellucci in that scene in that movie is something that a lot of women have gone through and experienced and I think there is something to be said about we're not gonna sugarcoat this and we're not gonna dance around it as an audience we should feel how horrible what this really is it's not just some little thing and and words as well there I think artistically even there's something to be said about this is unacceptable and horrible and terrible and we're gonna experience it we're gonna watch it and we're gonna communicate as an artist to my audience I'm gonna communicate this now look I'm not necessarily that necessarily means it's the right thing to do and everybody should do that I'm not but I just think there's an there's a discussion there to be had oh no I think you're absolutely right and look irreversible is a beautifully made movie I mean there's a scene of violence early on where a guy gets his head bashed in with a fire extinguisher that is also very very difficult to watch but and the movie is told backwards it's its start it shows the end of this experience and then goes backwards to the beginning so you go from all of this horror backwards to this bucolic couple enjoying their day and then it's theirs look there's a lot in irreversible I wouldn't say it's an irredeemable movie there's a lot in irreversible that's really respectable as far as artistic endeavor is concerned but it's still it's just a rough time at the movies alright what's next right JB Bonifacio writes that stare scene in Dark Phoenix was super cringe just I can't go into it because we're not gonna spoil any things but I disagree actually ideally parts in this movie that are cringe but actually I think there's something quite powerful about that scene myself all right what's next all right Tunis to brights if they call the next Halloween movie Halloween – we have them three movies called Halloween and three movies called Halloween – I guess I didn't even think about that I don't know it seems to be the big trend these days Rob – not put the numbers after the minute to give it so it'll be called Halloween should be should be blah or something like that it'll be something up but I'm all for it being called Halloween – I don't care call Halloween – 2020 whatever I what do you think they're gonna do at the titling man that's a good point I don't think they're gonna call it Halloween – for that reason alone they gotta call it Halloween I don't know Laurie Strode Strikes Back who knows what's next all right Chris Feldman writes I'm relatively new to the channel and was wondering how you and Robert met and started working to get together you two put together a great show each day oh well thank you very much well Rob and I met I had created this show called heroes for AMC when I worked there used to be called AMC heroes and I pick Jon Schnepp for obvious reasons to be the host of it and he was great obviously anyway Jon knew Robert and started inviting Robert on as a guest of the show and I was on the show as well and that's Rob that's how you night episode 6 April of 2015 I didn't even remember the date really yep so four years ago four years ago wow that was the first time we did that April I'm gonna have to go back and watch that yeah I mean I haven't watched it either I I gotta go you don't you know we do these shows I don't watch us like I don't watch those week because we just did him so I'd be weird to go back and watch that show what was it like I don't you know I watch every show I do I go downstairs afterwards and I watch it because that's the only way I learn right so you learn how to get cetera yeah I watch it every single day so I get to see I get double doses of Robert Myer Burnett every single day my god alright what's next alright I watch Roberts show every day and I give him critiques on he'll he can get better yeah you guys both do a great show much better than I could do Brian Clark writes galaxy's Edge Pro tips use the Disneyland app to mobile order all of your food and blue milk and save the Falcon for your third hour of your reservation we walked right on two times and got better each time here's the money for a lightsaber well thank you so much Brian and that's a really generous super chest so thank for that yep so Wednesday morning guys so just in case you guys didn't hear over the weekend there is not going to be a John Campea show on Wednesday and the reason that's not going to be a John cam show on Wednesdays cuz Anna and I are gonna be at Disneyland for 8 a.m. scheduled time to go in it's a Star Wars Galaxies edge super stoked about it so excited and I were actually awake in bed last night going through trying to figure out our schedule downloading the apps that we need and all that kind of stuff and yep I'm super excited about it sure enough keep your eyes open I think probably Wednesday evening early Wednesday evening I'll probably do a live stream just to talk about my experience show you my photos show you some video I just talk live about the experience that I had there I'm looking forward to it I and I'm sure a lot of you guys looking forward to going so Brian those are some damn good tips my friend are you gonna get a lightsaber I said to myself no I don't believe myself though okay just go I want you to do something oh there's a special secret thing so you know all the lights sailors have Kyber crystals and then you can buy extra Kyber crystals well there's a secrets chase Kyber crystal there's a black Kyber crystal and the only way you can get the black Kyber crystals it there's it's packed inside the red Kyber crystal containers so like they put out like 10 a day where we're only 10 there's only ten black Kyber crystals and they're in the red container and the way you can see is if you use a your eye at your phone and you do a flashlight from behind and you flash it into the the Kyber crystal container you can see if there's a black or red one in the Kyber crystal well i will try to see if I can find myself a damn black Kyber crystal now okay I'm gonna keep that alright and alright let's take one more here from Chris Feldman all right Chris Feldman writes favorite movie with an awful sequel I love Prince's Purple Rain but graffiti bridge is pretty much a mess speed – was also a big drop-off for me if we're talking about a sequel – well the one I have to go to because the original is in my top 10 favorite films of all time and the sequel is one of the three worst wide release Hollywood movies of all time I know that's Kyle under yeah the first Highlander is still to this day in my top 10 all-time it's the one film on my top 10 list that people look at and go okay I understand why that's on your list I get that little wait a minute what this is on you yeah it is I don't care Highlander the first one with Christopher lamb bear Clancy Brown Sean Connery that movie to me is still in my top 10 and then the sequel which I got so excited for because Michael Ironside was in it and I like Michael Ironside and it is one of the most dreadful atrocities committed against the human race of all time it's so lawful now beyond that one we're talking about an original movie that I really really liked and then the secret was a huge step down I'm gonna go to one you probably not thinking of Billy Crystal Robert De Niro did this little comedy called analyze this and I thought it was wonderful it's a wonderful movie and then they did a sequel called analyze that which was dreadful and awful so that's that's one that comes to my mind do you got any off the top your head Rob Conan the Destroyer Jones I know it had Wilt Chamberlain yeah ma Co came back I loved Conan the Barbarian I loved it I thought it was great John Milius did a great job great Basile Paula to her score I love Santo Bergman I love Arnold Schwarzenegger I love James Earl Jones Conan the Destroyer was like Saturday morning cartoons it was such a step down from Conan the Destroyer it has no bite to it well there you go all right hey so what I'm gonna do now here guys we have hit the hour-and-a-half mark this is kind of where I let Robert and Jonathan take off we're gonna continue though getting through all the questions that you guys have sent in but for now I just want to thank Robert Meyer brunette for being here today Robert where can people find you online you can find me on Twitter at Burnett RM find on instagram @ RM Burnett or find me on my own YouTube channel the burn network driving like also of course fact-checker Jonathan himself Jonathan voico being here doing this thing wrong a Jonathan working people find you yeah you can find me on Twitter Instagram at Sonic if you want it and we'll see you in here again tomorrow yes you will alright guys thank you too so much for being here these guys are gonna check out at this point and I am going to continue on with the live questions right now you know what hey Rob because since you're going down can I bother you to refill my thing for me thank you so much since you know that's what we're doing around here alright so let me get this all set up so all right it looks like we are almost set up here do I love my little dude did you deuce okay we are all set up and we are ready to go and we're gonna keep things moving here guys with your questions alright next one up comes to us from let's see Edie Matthews who writes saw Dark Phoenix this weekend not sure if I'd consider it to be a good movie with a lot of bad moments or a bad movie with some pretty good moments that is the conundrum isn't it Matt it is one of those here's where I fall on that end I fall on the end that it's a bad movie with some really solid redeemable moments enough so that it makes it not terrible enough so that it makes it not terrible I think there are things worth watching and worth seeing in this movie I think the third act is very very solid I thought the third act was quite good oh thanks so much for that Rob so I think the third act is very good Robert Meyer Burnett making it possible for me to keep doing the show hmm yeah I thought the third act is quite good I thought sophie Turner who I did not like in x-men apocalypse I thought she was actually pretty solid in the movie there are good redeeming things about but yeah that's where I've fallen it personally ed bad movie that's not horrible that has some good redeeming things in it so that's kind of how I approach it alright Draco Eris writes one of two and by the way it's a super generous super Chad raggle thank you so much for supporting the channel in that level two of my favorite animated franchises has ended or slash will end this year How to Train Your Dragon and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic DreamWorks dragons included four short films and TV show with eight seasons a hundred and eighteen episodes in total I know I never saw any of them My Little Pony Friendship is Magic we'll end with nine seasons 221 episodes in total it's bittersweet to see them end but they had a positive impact on people of all ages now I can't speak My Little Ponies clearly a hasbro mine and my wife is one of the senior people over at Hasbro so but even then I can't speak to it cuz I've never seen them ina Little Pony stuff and I've never watched the television stuff for How to Train Your Dragon which is surprising because it is such a phenomenal film franchise it is such a phenomenal film franchise I cannot get over how good each one of those movies are and I saw the most recent one and I don't think it was the best of the bunch but it's great and had a perfect ending just an absolutely perfect ending that I wanted to go back to theater just so I could watch that damn ending again it is such a special franchise so well done it's not as good as say the Toy Story franchise but you know what it belongs in the conversation with the Toy Story franchise I think the Toy Story movies are clearly better but it's so good the How to Train Your Dragon movies are so good it belongs at least in that conversation they're so well done so well conceived so well executed they're just really really special films and you know I can relate with you and talk about like the My Little Pony stuff 221 episodes all that kind of stuff I've got supernatural after 15 seasons coming to an end so I can kind of I can relate on that level about these great franchises that they've been a part of our lives that we've really personally really appreciated now coming to an end so I get that I get that a lot all right man thanks a lot for sharing that Drako all right let's move on now jb beneficio writes just because any comic arc can be done in one movie doesn't mean they should be done in one movie that is what fox doesn't get with x-men in my opinion I I disagree I disagree completely I think there are like for instance you could make a there were a lot of people yelling and screaming that you can't do Days of Future past in one movie there are people screaming that you cannot do x-men Days of Future past in one movie there were people screaming you cannot do Civil War in one movie when you understand how many issues that that whole thing took to tell the story of x-men Civil War and all the deep issues and all the the conflicts and all that kind of stuff you cannot do Captain America Civil War in one movie you cannot do x-men Days of Future Passed in one movie well they proved you can and they prove they can make them awesome x-men Days of Future past a civil war or two of the top ten greatest comic book movies of all time and I do not buy for one second now this is just my opinion your opinion can be different than mine and that's cool but I'm just giving you my point of view on this x-men Days of Future past the problem was not that they did it in one movie that's not the problem you can execute there's a way to execute it and to do it perfectly and to knock it out of the park like a civil war did like an x-men Days of Future past it all that kind of stuff there's a way you can do it they just didn't do it they just didn't execute and look we've seen lots of movies not turn out well we don't go oh because it should have been a three parter know if they were gonna execute on that level which was a very mediocre told to bad level then all you would have ended up was three bad movies instead of one that's all you just make me a longer wouldn't have made a difference making it longer would not have made a difference so I get that you feel that way JB and you're not alone there are other solid movie fans who feel the exact same way I however have to completely disagree cuz I just don't believe that's the case from my point of view at any rate anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts though JB all right I'm upset rights is it me or is there no hype for the new men in black very little very little when I'm in the theaters and the trailer plays people are responding well to the trailers they put out some pretty decent trailers I find people are responding well to the trailers but yeah I don't sense a overwhelmingly a big huge amount of buzz but I don't think they're expecting this movie to be like a six hundred million dollar movie or anything like that but I'm not I'm not sensing a lot of a lot of buzz here J boogie rights is the age of the movie star / no no the age that the movie star automatically guarantees huge box office that's over that ended a long time ago that ended a long time ago but is the age in general of the movie star itself over no I don't think so not by a long shot all hail Thanos rights if you haven't seen the limited series when they see us you have to check it out immediately watch every day bring on the filthy I did watch it finally a couple days ago I sat down went through each of the episodes I liked it very much now this bad thing was I just watched another miniseries called Chernobyl that was better I think Chernobyl is better but when they see us is powerful it's fantastic I don't know how historically accurate it is but it is an incredible piece of storytelling Ava Duvernay did a fantastic job on that and I absolutely I would say see Chernobyl before this but these are two great miniseries put out very close to each other and I really quite enjoyed it was strong it was thought-provoking it was disturbing all the things a story like that should have been alright Cameron Ross writes favorite horror movie mine's the thing from 1982 it's got amazing practical effects also Ashley with two eyes is very beautiful she is she's not with us anymore unfortunately because she's doing so well with her acting and her schedule schedule didn't permit it anymore but she very much is anyway yeah I my favorite horror film of all time is American Werewolf in London and talking about practical effects american world london not to be confused with American Werewolf in Paris totally different movie but that original American world from London still freaks me out to this day I think my second all-time favorite horror movie is Neil Marshalls The Descent that movie is all kinds of awesome I love The Descent so much the descent to is okay but the descent is so freakin good those are my two all-time favorite horror movies all right Pablo Diablo writes what happened to ghosts from ant-man two before hope and her parents dusted Scott was in the quantum realm with a canister collecting material to help to save their new ghost friend hashtag can't be a fan I don't thank you so much for that Pablo that is a great question by the way guys it's gonna get a little loud in here turn on the AC Southern California's going for like 95 degrees today so I'm gonna crank that on that is a great question what did happen to her because I remember somebody asked me that once you know how come ghost wasn't in avengers endgame well let me don't have to have every character pop up but I mean part of the reason they were doing all that stuff was to get stuff to help save her life now it's been a bit since I've watched ant-man the wasp I'd have to go back and watch that final scene again so I'm not quite sure does that mean she died because they couldn't save her I don't know that's actually a really good question pal I gotta go back and watch probably after I'm done here I'm gonna go downstairs pop on ant-man the wasp and just watch that last scene again and I don't know I'll see if I can pick up on something but that's a fabulous question what was the fate of ghosts given the events of infinity world for all we know maybe ghosts dusted right that would actually be the best-case scenario for ghosts wouldn't it cuz if she dusts and then comes back then she's fine if she didn't dust and couldn't get the material she needed to save her life then she dies and she doesn't come back so maybe she got lucky and she dusted I don't know again I might be forgetting some very key things here granted but I think that's a fabulous question all right Chris Feldman writes have you seen the oral nots Star Wars video on YouTube oh yeah where Darth Vader literally explains Star Wars is pretty funny always scan for droids Mexico and know what I am very familiar with is their kylo Ren doing a trailer reaction to the Star Wars movies – force awakens and stuff like that that's some of the funniest crap I've seen on YouTube in a long time I did not see this but I didn't even know this particular video existed but now you've turned me on to it and now I'm gonna have to go and check it out because that sounds pretty damn funny I will thank you for putting on my radar Chris Edgar Navarro writes a book smartest fantastic film go watch it y'all dudes I finally saw it I didn't go to see it immediately cuz I didn't think the trailers were all that good bunch of you guys kept telling me to see it I went to go see it right as of right now I'm sure it'll change but as of this moment to me book-smart is the best film of the year that that's my opinion on it it was so ridiculously better than I thought it would be it's just crazy I'm glad you enjoyed it agar Alex Alexander writes a lot of people are getting really angry that one of the AT&T people waited Lee tries again a lot of people are getting really angry that one of the AT&T people wanting the DCU shows to be more like CW shows and I'm like well as a business standpoint the CW shows are a success he continues on so what makes them so successful some people think they are trash I don't think so but what are your thoughts I mean is there's something keep in mind here first of all I haven't watched Swamp Thing I've only seen two of the DC shows on the DC streaming service I've seen Titans and I've seen Doom Patrol so to me they're one for one burr or one and one I should say they're one in one one win one loss now I don't think Titans is total trash I just didn't think it was very good I it was I found watching Titans to be a bit of a labor to get through all the episodes I found it to be a bit of a labor to get through Doom Patrol was a totally different totally different thing I couldn't I could all I could do as soon as I finished watching one episode it's like how long till the next episode comes out I'm gonna go into withdrawal like it was a totally different experience with Titans it was like the whole series the whole season was already done so it's like do I want to watch another episode I'm only for four episodes away from finishing and okay I'll watch the next one you know I was it was LeBeau it was a labor to watch it for me now other people liked it and that's great with AT&T saying something they want a little bit more along the lines of what they did on CW CW clearly has more of a light-hearted approach a little bit more you know teen scream of the week sort of feel to it but they've also done them very well and not all of them but they've done a lot of it very well very fun lighter more enjoyable not r-rated stuff like that so I don't know I mean look if the DC stuff was two for two and it was Titans was awesome and Doom Patrol is awesome and I haven't seen Swamp Thing so I'm gonna leave Swamp Thing out of it for now then maybe there's a bigger argument to be made but I don't know if a lot of people are watching Doom Patrol and I don't know if a lot of people watch Titans and I didn't think Titans was all good that good Doom Patrol is but there might be an argument to be made there so what makes the CW shows I don't know I couldn't tell you what the formula is but I do know that going light-hearted that sort of stuff has worked for them and it's it's attracted an audience and it's kind of worked should a TMT have their DC you do the same thing I don't know I don't know but you could understand why somebody would say hey these stylist shows are working over here our stylist shows are not attracting an audience over there but then again CW is a paid streaming service the DC Universe is a paid streaming service whereas CW is a free on television service right so there's that – taking consideration as well so I I don't know what the final answer that is to be honest it's it's a conundrum it's a conundrum all right Roman Brian writes ant-man cap how do we prevent Thanos to snap cap go back in time and make sure Ironman one that's that's actually good go back in time to make sure Ironman one flops but that would solve the problem Rome and that would absolutely solve the problem that's good that's clever I like that all right Andrew Kristy sends in a very generous super Chad thank you Andrew for supporting the channel on that level man we appreciate it very much all right Andrew writes I'm no gamer but Keanu Reeves in the new cyberpunk 2077 game is pretty awesome I don't think he's really intending it but this but this quite a second coming oh this is quite a second coming for him with everything he's doing at the moment he loves the fans too not unlike Mark Hamill I'm telling you what fact-checker Jonathan and I were talking about Keanu Reeves just before the show started and he says is this a key honest anse you know we have the makan asan's we might be we might be going into a Shyamalan asan's with em night we're kind of in a ki honest honest now Keanu Canterbury has already had a Renaissance once with with matrix so that was kind of a resurgence for him then it was another resurgence with John wick but this has certainly been a Keanu Reeves year with John wick three always be my maybe the cyberpunk thing all these stories going around about what a great human being Keanu Reeves is I don't think you know somebody asked me about a month ago they said John do you think it's fair to say that Keanu Reeves has never been more popular than he is today and I said no I don't know if I'd say that he's certainly very popular right now but I never said that but you know what if you asked me that same question today it's Keanu Reeves more popular today than ever before today I'd have to say you know what maybe he may be more popular right now than he's ever been in his life and you know what he seems to be having a lot of fun with it so all the power in the world to him it is certainly a good stretch he's on a good streak right now Keanu Reeves is on a great streak and when he came on stage everybody's telling me when he came on stage to talk about cyberpunk the crowds went wild knock on stuff I got to go and watch that footage today because I'm very intrigued to see that but you're right man it's it's an age for Keanu Reeves right now it is this is his time at the moment all right Kevin Lewis writes see Project Blue Book on Amazon series with live action of actual US Air Force program to investigate UFOs in the 1950s also men in black Russian spies good stories and actors you know I've heard good things about Project Blue Book and doesn't even have the guy I might be thinking of something else but isn't that the one that has the guy who played Littlefinger in Game of Thrones I might be thinking of the wrong show I might be thinking of the wrong show but I've heard good things about it it's an amazon series sounds like another one eye shadow right let's thanks for the recommendation Kevin all right K major writes I just watched apocalypse for the first time what the hell was that Phoenix next I guess cringe yeah I huh x-men apocalypse you know for me it's a double whammy because number one x-men apocalypse was coming off of one of the best x-men movies ever in x-men Days of Future past actually it's it is the best x-men movie proper Logan is the best overall x-men movie or x-men affiliated movie but x-men Days of Future past is probably the best x-men in the title movie they've ever made and it's so good and so great and then you go into apocalypse what a letdown the second whammy for me is not only was x-men Days of Future past so great and then led into apocalypse but Age of Apocalypse is my all-time favorite story comic book story it is my all-time BarNone favorite comic book story more than the Dark Knight Returns more than Secret Wars more than anything else x-men apocalypse by far my number one favorite story of all time so we're coming off of one of the best x-men movies ever made based on a character who's the focal point of my all-time favorite comic book story and they crouched down and dumped out x-men apocalypse in it really was a shame it was a total shame man alright Akash Teli writes what are some of your favorite lonely island songs I mean there's a whole bunch of them I love the Michael Michael why am I forgetting the singers last name anyway so there's that one they do with Michael the the this is the two of Captain Jack Sparrow you know that that song they do amazing the the the movie file song that thing's amazing I just had sex is a great one dick in a box is probably their all-time classic if that with what's that lonely on the camera I think that was technically lonely on it on a boat is a great one but the one with Michael and I'm freezing a Bolton yeah maybe it's Michael Bolton I think Michael the one they do with Michael Bolton though is probably my all-time favorite one I can still turn that on and watch it and laugh and enjoy it I mean it's gray okay k major rights you took me back my childhood my dad yelling at the black box on the TV screen we're talking about that the other day somebody's asking why don't they put out annual IMAX thing and I said you know they're gonna be people that complain about borrowers and it's like they don't understand no and I told the story about how my dad this is back in the day when 4×3 was still the standard aspect ratio for home televisions four by three so when they put out movies and sixteen by nine to fit on the screen meant there would be up a black bar at the top and bottom obviously they didn't insert black bars it's just that that's what was left over if you're gonna show everything that's on the left and the right of the screen right there you go but my dad liked a lot of people's dads were like I don't like it when they put on those black bars on the top and bottom and cut off the movie and I try to explain dad its they didn't put in black bars you're actually they're not cutting anything out you're seeing the whole picture it's just that if they filled up the top and the bottom it would stretch out the picture and you would lose stuff on the left on the right well I don't like it when they cut out stuff with the black bars on the top of the way it didn't matter so apparently K major I was not alone and having those discussions with my parents alright Kevin Lewis writes magneto updated Origin Bosnian Serbs ethnically cleanse territory of Boston accosts in 1992 magneto now 50 years old I mean that's a possibility we've been talking for a while about once they relaunched x-men hey hey for all we know they won't have a magneto I mean that sounds ridiculous and feels ridiculous but maybe that's the case when they relaunched x-men you got to redo Magneto's origins because at this point he'd be too old to have been in you know survived Auschwitz or anything like that so I thought we've talked about maybe since the civil rights movements maybe saw the worst of humanity during the civil rights movement 'add the Bosnian stuff before some African stuff before there's a lot of different atrocities where a young mutant could see humanity at their worst and there's a lot of different time periods but that is definitely one that could work Kevin absolutely cam arm rights will Godzilla versus Kong flop far too early to tell far too early to tell I mean Godzilla king of the monsters had a fabulous marketing campaign the trailers look great it's just that the reviews were bad and what I don't know but also remember Godzilla king of the monsters was fighting an uphill fight because people were not happy with the first Godzilla movie in 2014 hopefully people like this one so when Godzilla vs. Kong comes out there'll be a little bit more positive momentum instead of a negative momentum but right now it's way too early to call it's way too early to call they're not even picture lock the movies not even done it's not gonna be at least for a year that we see it they've certainly not started with any of the marketing case campaigns or stuff so let's let's give it a breath let's give it a breath before we start trying to predict something that's well over a year way we have no idea David Lillian writes finally got a list and I absolutely love it I've been saying for a long time a list is the best thing to ever happen to movie fans I use up my three slots every single week every single week it is the best thing to ever happen to movie fans thank you AMC for giving us a list and Cinemark now has their movie club alamos coming out with a similar service regal will come out with one soon enough I'm sure but a list is the best thing ever I absolutely love you guys don't have a list and you're a movie fan you see more than one movie a month get a list so you're me totally glad that you did all right Ian buck writes giving props years ago John was on a Collider panel and was the only one of the panel that said Simon Kinberg was a bad call for Phoenix yeah I mean but that's to be fair that's just consistent with and I'm a big let's be clear here I'm a big Simon Kinberg fan I like Simon Kinberg he has produced and written some fabulous comic book movies in his career some that aren't so good yes but he's also produced and written some fabulous material over the years and I would have loved to have heard back then at the time that hey they're gonna give Simon Kinberg this little indie film to direct because in a couple of years they want him to direct an x-men film that would have been better I've just always thought that was against Simon Kinberg it's just I do not think is a smart idea to have somebody who's never directed squat never directed anything to make their first directorial effort a giant hundred plus million dollar high expectations high pressure blockbuster tentpole franchise like an x-men movie that's a bad idea and I've been saying that since day one and I had a lot of people not just people on panels but I've had a lot of people like viewers of mine going John you don't get it he knows x-men better than anybody who cares knowing x-men doesn't mean you can direct the guy who directed that the Dungeons & Dragons movie knows everything about Dungeons & Dragons doesn't mean he knew how to direct and I just think that hey we'll John you guys start somewhere yes start on something smaller do what Disney is doing with Dave Filoni they're not letting Dave Filoni direct a live-action Star Wars movie Dave alone he's never directed anything live-action so you know what they're doing they're letting him start with some episodes of Mandalorian give him some smaller scale to cut his teeth on that's brilliant now Dave flown he's gonna have some experience he's worked with live-action movies before now or of live-action environments before now you can start thinking about letting him direct a Star Wars movie that was the right approach that's what they should have done with Simon Kinberg and again I continue to this day to be Simon Kinberg fan I can't wait to see what and you know what now that he's directed a movie now that he's got that experience now that he's made some mistakes now that he's been able to learn for a few things I'll tell you what I'll be curious to see what he directs next right now looks like he's gonna direct that movie 355 with Jessica Chastain Lupita Nyong'o that sounds great I'm gonna be curious and I'm still a fan but I will always say that I thought letting him direct x-men first class was a mistake I thought was a mistake all right urban Ria's sends in a super chat thank you so much Irvin the jinx writes does Rob know Bob Iger I can't tell if it's a joke it's it's a joke it's a just joke about that it is a joke Orlando or Rago writes I think there is a Snider cut of Justice League but Warner Brothers won't want to release it since the actual movies fail at the box office in my opinion well I mean it all depends on what you mean is where it comes down I think a lot of the debate is over semantics because I think even people in the hashtag released the Schneider Cup released the Snyder cut camp I think there's even a lot of people within that camp that disagree with each other on this over the semantics does a cut of the movie exist if bi cut you mean hey the shot the footage Snyder has edited edited together that footage but it doesn't have the post-production done on it it doesn't have all the visual effects it doesn't have all the musical score it doesn't have all the color correction it doesn't have all the sound mixing and editing it doesn't have all it doesn't have all the post-production done as a finished releasable product but there is a cut of that he edited together it's just not ready for release see I believe that exists i 100% believe that exists I have actually zero doubt that that exists I believe that Zack Snyder has a cut of the movie but not a completed Snyder cut version of Justice League that wouldn't require tens of millions of dollars of visual effects works editing work all that can I believe a cut as far as he pieced it together and it's there I believe that exists I do not believe a completed version of the movie exists at all now maybe I'm wrong about that I'd be totally open to finding out I'm wrong about that but I think I'm finding when I started this discussion this weekend there were a lot of release the Snyder cut people who totally disagree with each other over that I had released the Snyder cut people saying to me John we don't actually think there's a finished version of the movie we just think Warner Brothers should finish the cut that Zack Snyder put together and should release it but then I had other people from the release of Snyder camp released the Snyder cut camp saying to me yes John an absolutely fully completed version of the movie exists and Warner Brothers is just sitting on it it's ready to be released and they could release it any time they want so I find even the release the Snyder cut people are divided amongst themselves over that they even they don't know if they agree on that so that's why I think there's a bunch of semantics going on so I do not here's what I believe I believe that there is an edit that zack snyder's put together of all the footage that he shot and edited together thing without any of the post-production work and is not ready for release I believe that exists what I believe does not exist is a fully truly completed version of the film with all sound color visual effects all post-production everything done and all Warner Brothers has to do is release it there's nothing left to do on it all Warner Brothers has to do is release it I do not believe that exists I don't believe that exists at all but I could be wrong could be wrong and it's if I am wrong I'd love to find out this is not this isn't one of the things where I hope one doesn't exist not at all I would be fascinated to find out if it does that would be cool to find out but I just don't think it does hopefully someday we'll get an actual official answer to that question all right Noah Rodgers writes do you think the x-men should start with standalone x-men films or a team x-men film well Noah that was actually one of the big topics on one of the shows last week that we did was should they start x-men with standalone films or team films absolutely x-men right out of the gate you don't need to do standalone individual films you should come out with x-men right out of the gate you didn't need individual films for guardians of the galaxy before doing guardians of the galaxy right so I believe come around the gate with x-men that's my thought there could be ways of doing it interestingly the other way there could be cool ways of doing it the other way but my first thought would be just do it as x-men right out of the gate let's see oh we had a bit of a jump sorry do do how far up do we gotta go where are we at okay here we go next up David Lin uh Lillian writes far from home looks too similar to other MCU films thoughts I have no idea what you mean by mean by that if you mean there's a hero and there's danger then sure other MC there's 22 other MCU films so I agree I don't know what you mean specifically by disagree david lillian rights could snyder cut have fixed reddish color tone well i mean i mean i don't know if that's something that needs to be fixed you know every movie has a certain color grade there there's a process in are called color grading right and there's and that's why every film goes through a process of color correction because every film wants its own unique kind of every film has its own color grade i I don't know that there's something to be fixed I think they just made a choice a creative choice about that now you may like or not like the choice and that's fine but I don't know if it's something to be fixed but they could do whatever they wanted to it again they can take it back in completely recolor correct it give it a totally different color grade if they wanted to our squared games that sends a super chat thank u R squared Ryan loner rights no one in the theater today was there for Captain Marvel the boycott the boycott worked yep that that damn boycott really gonna undermine Captain Marvel oh god that was some funny crap that was some funny crap and by the way you know these these just say people these individuals we're claiming oh we're gonna what we're gonna organize book yet we're gonna people I'm gonna go see this Captain Marvel movie how dare brie Larson suggests that not only white men should be allowed to review their movies how dare she suggests that we're a white man world you should just know your place lady as a woman know your places stick to it we're gonna boycott this movie we're gonna boycott it look at what we're gonna do made over a billion dollars made over a billion dollars more money than any Thor movie ever made made more money than Doctor Strange with Benedict cumbers made more money than ant-man with Paul Rudd made more money like the film made over a billion dollars some I didn't even think was possible I didn't even think was possible what that tells me too is that what what these these same individuals try to do is claim credit for the fact that solo didn't like only made about 400 million they tried to take credit for that never mind the fact that one of the biggest Star Wars fans in the world me have been saying ever since they announced Star Wars nobody wanted this is long before they ever made the movies so when they announced I said nobody has asked for a han Solo movie without Harrison Ford this is not going to be all that popular because nobody has asked for this nobody wants it we just had Harrison Ford on the big screen as on solo you can't now suddenly do a movie about Han Solo without Harrison Ford you can't do it nobody's asked for it so sure enough the movie comes out and it doesn't do all that well it actually lost money wrap your head around that that damn movie lost money but these individuals try to claim no no it was us and our hate movement that started that made solo not work really okay so these same people then mobilized and organized ourselves were to do the same thing to Captain Marvel oh it made a billion dollars yeah well I guess you had nothing to do with the solo thing either do I think the solo numbers had something it's something to do with the backlash of back and the divisiveness of Star Wars the last shot I absolutely did absolutely you can't get by that of course there is of course there's an element of that in there you can't deny that of course but this whole thing about our organized hate movement is what brought down so low well clearly we saw your organized hate movement is completely impotent because Captain Marvel which you all rallied against made over a billion dollars but yeah that's the funny thing Ryan no wasn't Captain Marvel today the boycott worked there we go anyway dracco heiress writes the DC EU is six years old in a few days Man of Steel is awesome really as Man of Steel six years ago Man of Steel is awesome you know in the midst of all the Snyder cut discussion one of things I always have to make clear understand they some people say I hate Zack Snyder are you effing kidding me do you know how much I will always be in his debt for giving us the most underrated comic book movie of all time Man of Steel I think it is the absolute by far most underrated comic book movie ever I think it's a top 10 greatest comic book movie of all time I think Man of Steel is freaking awesome if you guys watch me for any period of time you probably get sick of hearing me talk about Steele Zack Snyder gave us Man of Steel I will always be in his debt for that as a fan as a fan I will always be in his debt and whatever I like Justice League sue me I like junk I like Batman vs Superman sue me I know they're not great but whatever 300 saw 'some I love Zack Snyder I've met the dude on a couple of occasions totally nice guy really friendly railing really friendly guy I am so Prozac Snyder it's crazy I just don't think a completed version of a truly completed version ready to be released version of the film exists but that's neither good nor bad that doesn't say anything negative about Zack Snyder anyway that's kind of my thoughts on that can't believe Man of Steel's turning six anyway suja threats oh my god III gameplay footage of doom eternal was mental you know it's funny a buddy of mine is working on doom and a buddy of mine works on doom and he is in my Dungeons & Dragons group and so we were over last night playing getting ready play dungeons dragons but he at the same time had to keep his laptop open monitoring the presentation and monitoring the website and all this kind of stuff like he's always had to work while we were trying to play Dungeons & Dragons at the same time it does look great I am very curious to try this new doom game I think comes later this year Joe Leon writes teacher vacations more super chats pre movie blogs pre movie blogs my go-to source where Starlog and comic scene mags deep cut how do you guys feel about aw folding wait a minute what Entertainment Weekly lol second is Entertainment Weekly closing oh my gosh so I first of all I didn't even know this I really like entertainment Wigley but okay so I'm looking at a story right now for those of you who are like me and have not heard about this what Joe is pointing out is that Entertainment Weekly to go monthly this summer so instead of a week I believe it's supposed to be a weekly magazine I confess I'm not a subscriber to Entertainment Weekly I used to be a long time ago they are going to go monthly to coincide with comic-con the last weekly edition will be the July 5th issue which is on sale on June 25th the company said the brand will retain its name despite no longer publishing weekly wow man if that doesn't say any something about the demise of print and all that kind of I wonder you know maybe it's in the story when I have more time to read into it I wonder if it will have anything to do this is what I'm looking at just so you guys know I'm looking at story on the rap right now about this I that's fascinating that's fascinating ah I wonder how this is going to affect their ongoing like web stuff if this will affect their web presence if the web presence will still update regularly or not that's a very intriguing thing anyway thanks for sharing that info Joe I really really appreciate can't believe I haven't heard of that thank you for bringing that up all right outer heaven Armory just sends the superjet Thank You outer heaven amanda is a Polsky sensitive superjet Thank You Amanda the hero writes Keano the goat Bill and Ted three is a dream come true I'll be honest with you I'm one of the only guys I know that's not all that excited about Bill and Ted three because I like Bill and Ted don't get me wrong I thought Bill and Ted too is okay I don't know we'll see but I don't know I'm not gonna count I'm not gonna bet against Keanu Reeves at this point I'm just not gonna bet against Keanu Reeves Jay Meister 25 writes very excited for mysterio love that soup man I didn't think the fishbowl head could work and somehow they figured out a way to make it look alright so I'm very excited for the movie myself and I am very excited about Mysterio specifically all right Ryan Lona writes how does the saber-tooth actor change get all the attention and not Bulevar Trask going from Bill Duke to Peter Dinklage Oh believe me we've talked about that too believe me we have talked about that too but it's not just that look at the oh why am i freezing on his character Hall second why am i freezing on the characters name off the top my head it's a one-word name why am i freezing on the one-word name Caliban right Caliban Caliban was portrayed one way by one actor in one movie and then portrayed by totally different by Stephen Merchant in Logan right so that there's been lots of continuity SHM on movie but believe me believe me we have we've talked about that before two men okay who was that that was okay now we're on to Daniel Kinney who writes longtime followers since AMC you thank you so much Daniel first time super chat love you guys shout out to my pregnant wife love you thanks John well that's really sweet of you that's great I you should have mentioned your wife's name so we could say her name but first of all congratulations you guys on for your upcoming family that's awesome Thank You Daniel for being somebody who's been watching us since the AMC days and thank you so much for sending in super Chad supporting the channel man I appreciate it's always nice when somebody just wants to send in something to say something nice so thank you for that Daniel and best of luck in the upcoming big event all right our squared games writes so we know we're not seeing any full-blown x-men movies for a good while but how soon before we start seeing Easter eggs or X characters popping up huh that's a good question Easter eggs can be put in at any time and now that they're making movies posts because we're Mike kept having this argument with people Oh John they're gonna put in some Easter eggs in x-men endgame for an x-men endgame in Avengers endgame they're gonna put in some Easter eggs for endgame for x-men stuff for spider-man stuff and I kept telling you no they're not they shot this damn thing before the deal closed they shot this damn movie before the deal closed all right before the deal closed they shot this thing that means they weren't allowed they were not allowed to put in Easter eggs or anything like that but now it's a different story now it's all done now they're making new movies post the deal closing and all that kind of stuff they could put in Easter eggs whenever they want but if they do they're gonna be very very vague because they haven't cast actors they don't know what their stories are gonna be they don't know what they're gonna be doing so if they do they'll be very very vague and probably not continuity Easter eggs probably not continuity Easter eggs it might be an Easter eggs that gets completely then contradicted later on in the in the movies as they really start to formulate what their stuff is I'm gonna say minimum is two years from now minimum is two years my guess but any time between two and five and we'll see them pop up so it's still gonna be a little bit but it may not be that far to get something little like that I don't know about characters popping up because that means they already have to decide who they're casting for certain roles and usually they don't do that all that early so I'm gonna say still a little bit but maybe within two years maybe on about two years we'll see monkey all of all DJ's rights Bieber versus Cruz who you got yeah I somebody during our D&D game last night somebody said Justin Bieber has asked to have a UFC fight against Tom Cruise are like what like Biebs you're a good shape and everything but have you seen Tom Cruise that dude is jacked he will beat you senseless boy I mean I think Bieber is a good Canadian kid that moved to the United States became corrupted but I mean he's a good Canadian kid no but dude Tom Cruise will destroy you it just you don't got it kid you don't got it don't do that yeah I would take Cruz in that fight all day mm ik shave rights is Liam Neeson the modern-day Charles Bronson um I mean it's feared I could see why you'd ask that question especially when we go over like the that film list of Sarah like when you bring up and we start looking at all these decent types of films Commuter unknown and all that kind of stuff that call it Sarah did and others I could see why you'd ask but I think the similarities there stops I'm gonna say no but I could totally see why you'd look at that comparison it's a good one all right speed fire rights Jamaica let's era in 2007 directed goal to a very underrated to an under a very underrated to an underrated film called goal the rocky for football I'm British so real football so you talk about soccer okay I've never heard of it I've never heard of it but that's interesting maybe I mean cuz I'm not a big soccer guy maybe it wasn't really well I know it wasn't released on theaters in theaters in North America but hey look maybe he's done some stuff that nobody's seen that is fabulous and maybe that's one of them that's it that's a fair thing to bring up speed fire there's a totally fair thing to bring up all right sue theists rights so I just pre-ordered following iron Studios 1/10 statues cap with broken shield and my own ear Iron Man mark 85 Ronin without masks and peppers rescue armor you know what I got to go and look at this iron studio stuff because I think I remember I showed you the bumblebee that we just got I think that's a 1/10 scale thing now I've I've normally shied away from 1/10 scale I've been really wanting one sixth but one sixth is really expensive and maybe the metal ground for me is going to be one tenth I'm gonna have to go over and check out some more iron studio stuff hall second iron studios I'm just gonna open up the website now website now so I can go in there and get some because some of these look really good some of these look really good they got DC stuff they get Marvel stuff I don't have to check this stuff out a way thanks for bringing that up soo theists alright lamb-lamb zcx writes i that reminded me of a free super chat oh yeah there's the free super chad's again Thank You Lambie CX I appreciate that man Sean Sullivan writes have you seen outlaw King on Netflix I did I didn't think it was great but I didn't think it was bad Christopher Pyne as long as I'm thinking of the right movies to month Chris Pine yeah I actually thought was pretty good I didn't think it was great some people thought I was terrible I I didn't think it was terrible but yeah I liked it I thought was all right Shane norm and writes Dark Phoenix got some claps last night I liked it you know what I think there is stuff to like in it not enough that I would call it a good movie myself but there is redeemable good stuff in it and I could see an audience having a good time with it for sure Sean Armwood writes just saw a bright burn I loved the tie-in to super I didn't recognize any tie into super now great it's been a long time since I've seen super which is a James Gunn film of course James Gunn produced this movie and his brothers wrote and directed it I believe I know I wasn't all that big on bright burn I was excited for it I didn't like it all that much but I have to go back now and see if I can catch what that tie-in is Jay Meister 25 writes strangest double bill green inferno and Grandpa oza that is a very strange one green and fertile at movies brutal grandma Oh ain't it which movies grandma cuz I was thinking Grandma's Boy which i think is a tremendously underrated comedy Grandma's Boy is great I'm just gonna assume you're talking about Grandma's Boy all right let's see tall dude 30 to 31 rights saw Dark Phoenix with my sis team out feeling man but still love the dynamic of Fassbender and McAvoy I completely agree that is one of the things that works in the movie there is always a speech Charles and nobody cares you're always so easy Charles and then there's always a speech and nobody cares how dis laughing have fun at galaxy's edge and some blue milk I'm gonna have some green milk I'm gonna have some blue milk I'm probably gonna get myself a lightsaber gonna ride the Millennium Falcon ride all that kind of stuff again I will let you guys know how that goes up like I said I'll probably do a livestream Wednesday afternoon when I get home probably early evening I'll do livestream to talk about galaxy's edge and give you all my thoughts and impressions and hopefully you guys can join me for that all right Marley j hovah just sends in a super chat thank you so much kenny omega d writes or that's just a mega sign kenny omega writes hey Johnny have you any news about james bond 25 none other than all the disasters I mean we the the whole director dropping thing changing the script they start shooting Daniel Craig has to go away cuz he broke an ankle and then they just had an explosion on set where when the crew members got injured other than that no new news but that's that's all we've been hearing going on so far alright tall dude 32 or 32 31 writes what will you be buying at galaxy's edge light saber probably that I understand there's a build a droid area as well I probably won't get that but who knows maybe I'll see and get overwhelmed by and I'll get it but I we'll probably end up getting a lightsaber I don't want to spend a hundred bucks or 150 bucks on a lightsaber but I might not be able to help myself and I may be getting a lightsaber Alex Summers writes favorite cereal of all time it's a tie it's a tie there's a number of cereals I like but my all-time favorite are frosted flakes and Captain Crunch all-time all-time might lean towards Captain Crunch I like the sugar I like the shirt great it's probably been about two years since I've had a bowl of cereal I'm not gonna lie probably been a good two years since I've had a bowl of cereal let's see here I'm upset Wright's thoughts on dragon wars with Robert Forrester I don't remember them off the top of my head film we're we out here film fan rant and we're almost done here guys film fan ran writes the third How to Train Your Dragon connected the first two and the series in one movie which they didn't have to the movie is still a good standalone movie oh I agree I completely agree it is a tie-in movie of the other films it works as a standalone film you can go and watch How to Train Your Dragon 3 without having seen the other two your perfectly good because they really do construct it that way but you'll get more of the emotional hook I would suggest and I think you'd probably agree film fan I think you'll get more the emotional hook of the movie if you did see the first two you can go in cold and watch How to Train Your Dragon 3 all by itself no doubt but I think you get more the emotional look if you watch the other two amy burg writes I need a magneto origin movie he's my favorite well they were sort of that's kind of what x-men first class started out being because they were gonna do these movies these origin movies they did x-men origins Wolverine and then they were planning on doing an x-men origins magneto and for whatever reason maybe is the failure of Wolverine or whatever they gravitated away from that and they took the concepts of x-men origins magneto that they had been working on and that kind of morphed into what became with a lot of changes but it morphed into what became x-men first class so they did think about that at some point but in a way like the first half of x-men first class kind of is your Magneto origin story mainway do you need to play it out again maybe now that we're gonna get a new magneto that has to have a new background story who knows maybe that's your first x-men movie it's just Magneto maybe that's your first x-men movie telling the brand-new origin story of the magneto character and then that leads us into the x-men films maybe that's what they should do all right Frankie gouge writes concur with Rob on I am mother more than just science fiction yeah Rob came in here this morning said John have you seen this new movie on Netflix called I am mother which I said I didn't even hear about it which just kind of goes to our point lately about Netflix is terrible about marketing their material anyway but Rob was just raving about it and you saw to Frankie so I might have to put that one on my list all right final question of the day comes us from Suja through writes the doom Slayer from doom went to hell and came back without PTSD because he was the trauma intriguing again I got to watch more of that footage I'm excited about the game can't wait to see it alright guys that will do it for today's installment of the John Campea show thank you so much for being here today guys and thank you for talking with us of course us and the John campus show returns again tomorrow me Robert fact-checker Jonathan will be here as well makes you guys come back and join us as well again just a reminder that on Wednesday not tomorrow but Wednesday there won't be a John Campea show cuz I'll be at Star Wars Galaxies edge but we will do a livestream later for me to tell all the stories show all the pictures and all the video that I take at galaxies edge and we'll do that on Wednesday afternoon alright guys again thank you all so much for being here being a part of the film fan community being supporters of our channel thank you so much for that that'll do it for us for now guys my name's John Campea and until next time bye-bye

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  1. Agree with rob, kong vs zilla should have a breadance off and john should be the choreograper, since he was in a break dance and I quote john " break dance crew" .

  2. Dwayne Johnson Jungle Cruse Director Jaume Gollet Serra , is doing BLACK ADAM? Have they talk about how much money is going into this "New Line" movie, with "Jungle Cruse" it made with DISNEY money, Shazam cost $100-million , didn't break even at the Box office, so when you think about Shazam sharing the same universe as Black Adam , It's going be a Comedy, it's going be CW-Cheap, it's going be full of Batman & superman side-products, That don't Sell, still trying to connect with the SNYDER CUT? Shazam-2 is going have a lot of problems, is Dwayne Johnson getting paid more than Zachary Levi? sounds like they may have to start from scratch again, cause WB-New line is pretty cheap when it come to making movies.

  3. A Serbian movie—— I haven’t seen it myself but I have heard the movie theme song. Don’t know how to explain this but the song makes me feel weird.

  4. the WB has to fix Godzilla vs King Kong, by making two different ENDING, the western "Domestic-Box office" King Kong can WIN, and in the Foreign Box office "Godzilla WINS, then release the KING GHIDORAH CUT, where NO-Monster WINS , and Mothra & Rodan get a spin-off movie

  5. Why is everybody in a RUSH to have the X-Men in the MCU, You think the X-D-phoenix is over ,when we still have the New Mutants to deal with, Wait till 2030 to bring in F4, X-Men & new Mutants , Time is a factor that will make you forget, Nobody remembers the Roger Corman's 1994 Fantastic four, or Generation-X 1996 Marvel's new world FOX movie, Give it time ,

  6. Still no reason to change Magneto's origins. He's a mutant. He doesn't have to age normally like us normal non-muties. They could change it in a cool way, but they don't have to.

  7. i Am Mother was pretty solid. Netflix is a dumping ground for an endless stream of bland or worse original sci-fi movies, so I Am Mother was certainly better than average for the service.

  8. Always seemed risky and pretty stupid to have both Godzilla: King Of The Monsters and Godzilla Vs Kong in production at the same time. Did it never occur to them that just MAYBE King Of The Monsters wasn't going to be a blockbuster? How about waiting till it opens and see audiences actually want to see Godzilla duke it out with King Kong? Bad planning and dumb business tactics.

  9. I can't imagine Downey Jr getting an Oscar nomination for Endgame. Yeah, he's great, but there's nothing really Oscar-level about what he does in the film. I love the movie, I love Downey, but the Oscar talk is actually a bit absurd, especially for this early in the year.

  10. the only fox x-men movies that were good are Deadpool and Logan, All the x-men were bad, some were okay but I just could not watch again. I love the X-men comics but watching the movies are like watching a neutered version of the characters.

  11. I think the X-Men legacy has been taking hits since Last Stand. Since 2006 they have released 8 films and only 3 are ones that I think can safely be considered a positive addition to the franchise. Those are terrible odds. For what it's worth, I don't consider either Deadpool films to be part of the X-Men franchise since the connection to the X-Men universe has been minimal at best.

    That's a real bummer too, because I LOVED the X-Men growing up. Thank god Jackman carried Wolverine on his shoulders to give us an absolutely fantastic ending to his character (as well as the Stewart Xavier).

  12. Part of Dark Phoenix failure is due to people not caring to go see it cuz it's the last FOX Xmen film b4 marvel takes over. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not.

  13. Is John's feeling that there is not a lot of buzz about Spiderman like the feeling that he had that there was not a lot of buzz about Captain Marvel???

  14. End game will catch avatar if they re- release it when they next avengers movie is out or if it's still in theatres by the time far from home is out

  15. With regard to a Dark Phoenix being told in one sitting, yes, I agree it can be, but like all good to great movies the challenge is in nailing the essence of the core story.

    1. Make us care about Jean as a hero and friend to her teammates.
    2. Make us care about how it's not entirely her fault that darkness is overtaking her
    3. Make us care about friends and foes divided on how to deal with her, try, fail, switch alliances, exploit her power, etc.
    4. Make us care about her sacrificing herself for her perception of the greater good.

    This can be all done in one movie, and can be done well, but there is still disappointment that comes from boiling this down to those elements. Fans want to live in the sheer vastness of what that story can be, and that is something casual audiences may enjoy watching unfold, so why condense it to one if you have enough meat for a sweeping trilogy or 6 parter? Especially considering the rich team surrounding her that people also want to see have ample screen time.

    We want to see a Cyclops/Jean romance last for a while. We want to see X-Men adventures that have nothing to do with Phoenix with Jean in it. Watching her descent into a fiery threat as a slow boil would be dramatic: we'd like to see Mastermind whispering in her mind trying to exploit that power. We want the scope of its danger to be galactic/universal, so we want aliens to show up to try to contain or kill whatever is bringing this threat back. It doesn't need a trial on the Moon, but multiple clashes with: 1. her and them (aliens), 2. X-Men and the aliens, 3. X-Men and her, 4. her and herself and 5. Foes/friends turned allies/adversaries, all against the backdrop of a fearful world(s) is much more rewarding than good girl gone bad then dealt with (which can be good, but isn't as sweeping in 2 hours as it can be in 6 or more).

    Some of the pressure would have been off if Jean was a brighter focus in Apocalypse, but she was drowned out by Mystique, the always great debate of X vs Mag's points of view, and the distracting rendition of Apocalypse's plot.

    Since the MCU is already cosmic in scale, playing this out across an entire phase allows it that breathing room that fans would want to see. It does not have to be what the comics were (Mastermind and the Hellfire Club's role can easily be swapped out for a rogue alien messing with her head hoping to exploit her behind the Imperial Guard's back for itself or unseen allies; or the alien Imperial Guard can be swapped out for an Earth based ancient order prepared to stop a foretold Phoenix rebirth and ascension (simplifying the story in the process)) but all of that richness of a Hellfire Club and Shi'ar empire gives room for other stories to live in and grow out of.

    This is why I believe the MCU intro to X-Men/mutants should very small. Even an alternate timeline Earth that has its hatred and fear of mutants going for decades and bring The Original 5, Xavier & Magneto and one other mutant over from that world and strand them in the MCU. Tell the story of Jean & Scott at the core of whatever X-Men adventure we start with to build into later Phoenix then Dark Phoenix epic greatness. Give Hank the nerdy background existence and do minor things with Bobby and Warren for now making those 3 more important later. Have the Shi'ar be native to the MCU timeline though, have them detect mutants and come running to Earth fearful of the Phoenix (which they've managed for centuries by suppressing mutant genes on Earth).

    These non-native mutants can be feared by humans as an analogue for illegal immigrants come to infect the Earth with mutation. A real fear stemming from the 8th mutant that comes over with the X-Men, Magneto and Xavier: a being whose presence awakens the suppressed X-gene.

    The few activated, unknown mutants in the MCU prior to their coming would be 1. Scarlet Witch (activated by Hydra experiments otherwise suppressed by the same thing the Shi'ar did to Earth years ago), 2. Quicksilver (ditto, but deceased), 3. Wolverine (activated naturally in the 1910s but kept off everyone's radar since the '40s by Weapon X which had affiliations with the Winter Soldier program and a secret alien faction) and Apocalypse (asleep and protected by Celestial tech since before the Shi'ar came and suppressed mutation).

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