this is one of those stories right here that gets the imagination running and it's a perfect example that you could find stuff like this out there on planet earth maybe in your own backyard under certain conditions and in this instance they're saying that the ruins of an ancient empire have been found in Iraq amid a drought and they're saying that clay cuneiform tablets have been discovered and now they're attempting to translate them on to try to uncover secrets from this ancient empire so what happened here is they're saying that at the Mosul dam the water levels went down so low that in this one area right here they noticed whoa there's something there so they swooped in they started to excavate it they got the tablets they got some other artifacts but then the water level started to rise again and it covered everything back over so at this moment the water has covered everything back up they were able to get this stuff out but it's there and it just sits as proof showing that sure enough there are sites like this all over the place ancient places you know like mohenjo-daro things like that they're saying that this is at least 3400 years old so it will be interesting to see what these tablets say and of course until a bunch of people can get their hands on them and be able to try to decipher them you can't just take what they say you know for being what's really going on so to speak is they could say anything you're gonna have to have all kinds of eyes look at this go over it and make sure that indeed whatever story it's trying to tell us is being told the correct way you see him but a fascinating find in my opinion this is what gets the wheels turning here Indiana Jones and me that sees stuff like this and wonders how much more is out there is there some in your own backyard I'm guaranteeing you something out there close by the ancient history awaits us all it's just waiting to be discovered you've just got to be wise because you know how the Smithsonian does when they find things they come and they whisper it away and you'll never see it again I'm gonna leave a link make sure to join us over on D live for exclusive live streams and content that you're only gonna find there much love y'all

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  1. Bob Lazaar said the UFO's he studied were from an archeological dig. So maybe thats why we occupied Iraq for so long? Maybe thats where the 9 saucers came from to begin with and were searching for more? Can't let Saddam have antigravity tech!!

  2. Ok so this is older than the last ice age. The time period of Atlantis, Giza and Sphinx. Maybe related to The Emerald tablets by Thoth or the Summerrain by the Anunnaki?

  3. are any more understanding yet why america lies and says we have an enemy we must pay to help destroy…yet???!!! if we found what our real history and real powers have been….why they calcified pineals starting at birth….u r not awake until your actions show compassion for ALL….not a bunch of mt love words that kill them at a heart level after funding whats crated te sufferings and deaths to even our own massively for a fews lives of luxury w not one bit of regard for ecology tis so called trickle up pyramid thing they named economy! we feed them, We created them…but we r 2 foolish and dead hearted to stop feeding them in america sadly!! a he disease of possessions cant be let go of so we can all move forward ad wonder this will take 2 more gens at this rate…smh

  4. The question is what happened to the language and writing of such a great empire. Yes tablets were found in America as well.

  5. If they swooped in they probably knew it was there? How many tablets are out there that show where lost cities are?

  6. Sites were found of antient civilizations here in the us, archiologists from all over wanted to dig, but the good ole boys told the to take their stuff and leave. The us does not allow archiological digs they don't want anyone to know that the Natives were no savages and they had civilizations here and were already trading with African people. They are constantly hiding their horrible murders of hundreds of millions of innocent people. THE MOST HIGH is on HIS way to right the wrongs. APTTMHY!

  7. Oud city is more then 2000 years old the houses ore more then 100 years old when you dig in the backyard you Will vind things 100 s of years old ,but every person Will vind these things so isn t worth anything

  8. I bet this country covered up a whole lot of knowledge and history! Get the book, Dead Men's Secrets. See the 4+ hour review of Dead Men's Secrets.

  9. put it this way
    as sea levels drop more will be revealed
    because past civilization was wiped out in the great flood.

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