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  1. Cool name.. A MAN DEEP. Maybe it was too gay for her or too big too scary. ASHDEEP would have won her over.

  2. She said “middle eastern” but i think she meant “middle east” in Asia where terrorism is active. She didn’t want to date him because she imagined him as such. Anyways, it’s her loss. He is a good person and he deserve the same.

  3. it's all about cultural gap and different way of life. Even I would prefer Muslim over Christian if I have to marry in other culture.

  4. Wow! Nice Survey vlog featuring ( Would You Date Someone From A Different Religion? Tell My Story ). Hit me back my dear and please stay connected.

  5. both was vey good conversation their behaviour to each other was very positive and kind i feel like they should keep moving their relationship to the next level ………

  6. All the girls who felt the Sikh guy was cooler, hit me up I am Sikh too. We are all raised the same 😄😉 Instagram: @arshdeepmann 😆
    On a serious note just to spread awareness, the turban on our head is to remind us always that we have the duties to protect and serve humanity at all times. In case someone needs help, it is easy to differentiate us from the crowd so that the person in need can easily come to us and seek for any kind of help, we will help selflessly to get you out of the problem. We believe in one God and would never judge you from a religious point of view because to us all are humans and equal. We love you all.

  7. He don't even look like most middle Eastern I've seen some people you wouldn't even know was middle Eastern

  8. When she was interviewed before the date she was like "nah, religion is not important" and when she tried to get out of it all, she just kept saying its because of the religion. An uptight-brainwashed-christian is what she is. Go home Becky.

  9. I believe love is love no matter what color or religion no one has a right to judge anyone …..I would definitely be with someone of a different religion for love and if I had to convert to their believes I would.So plz no one judge me that's how I feel.

  10. How the hell is she a doing University recurring when she has no knowledge of ethnicity or cultures .. I'm done 🤣🤣

  11. You guys are not representing Indians well. You need to bring me on and see if there is anyone that can resist me.

  12. Love paaji's bangra. Cali #2 <3 He's an amazing personality.. Who would not want to go on first date with my paaji!!

  13. I want to be best friends with Amandeep, he puts out the same kind of vibes that I like to think I do, very genuine and down to earth! He'll find his special someone sooner rather than later, someone this nice will always have good things coming their way.

  14. Right off the bat, I knew she would say 'no' due to the currycel phenomenon. But he was very wrong in saying 'yes' to someone so utterly ignorant of basic geography and anthropology. Sometimes it's hard to believe such ignoramus even exist. But, in any case, there's a clear racial hierarchy when it comes to dating.

  15. People dont care which he have religion he look like this anyway !!! I too dont care that because he true look on terrorist

  16. Oh common from siikh people tooo many people bad have , it not mean if he sikh then he is good nooo no I know very well this is why I said !! And he for Europe people of couse look like terrorist and Muslim even if they not Muslim full but their religion I know very well that religion Sikh is new religion and it become from hindu and from Muslim mixed and become Sikh religion if somebody not belive can read on wikipedia !! So it true that people afraid and thinking about like this and it normal !!! dangerous people with him religion and people with their turban !!!!

  17. Sikhs are one of the best People we have here in India .

    Almost every North Indian friend circle has a Sikh friend .

    Cool to have one in ours too 🙂

  18. 6:42 darling nothing you said goes against the bible. So you still are a traditional Christian woman. Woman are equal to us men and they are our right hand, and they do have the right to be part of all decisions in marriage. The only thing you may not agree on is the husband has the final say in decisions, because he’s supposed to be the leader. But a wise man will always heed wise Council from his beloved wife. Only a fool wouldn’t.

  19. He is dumb, people judge by appearance, sorry it's true. If he wants to get a date he needs to lose the turban, cut his hair and have a shave. You got to look the part!

  20. I'm surprised at the amount of people who know what Sikhism is then again my standards were very low. But I think schools should teach more on each religion so people are more educated on matters like this. In my 9th grade global studies class we learned about each religion not just the well known ones
    Edit:also he seemed like such a good person he could do so much better

  21. For Christians it is forbidden to marry a person that does not have Jesus Christ as their savior and have been saved. The bible is crystal clear that we are not to be Unequally Yoked to an unbeliever.

  22. Not really fair, but being this different in terms of faith can be a dealbreaker out of the gate. Being friends is a good place to start … you never know!

  23. Middle Eastern Sikh? Americans need to have a massive lesson on Sikhs. And most Americans don't even know what a Sikh is… That's why Americans need to learn about Sikhs. Head wrap??? Another reason why Americans need to learn about Sikhs. Stupidity.

  24. If I'd be a girl, I'd date him, no doubt He's a great person, a real human being.
    Since I'm a guy, I'd date her but only because she have a great body. And with the hope she'll be able to open her mind (because she's very smart too and she understood her limits).

  25. lol loved the end thooo. Too many people judge off religion…guess that’s a huge deal breaker for more ppl than I thought. also there’s so many women who guessed their names were mark?! Haha

  26. I liked him the moment I saw him. Her…. 😶😶🙄🙄🤔🤔😕😕😏…. Slumdog Millionaire? Fuq outta here. Amandeep, you can do sooo much better honey.

  27. Ppl are appreciating the guy and he deserves it but the lady was very warm too maybe a bit uninformed and stereotyped him a bit. Please dont be rude towards her, i am a sikh and we pride on being supportive and respectfull.

  28. She NEVER actually showed her board saying she wouldn't date him. I think she knows she's being a little too "judgy" based off looks and was embarrassed/ashamed of herself in the end.

  29. Honestly! I found she is dumb! she actually most of the Americans don't have basic knowledge about the world!..dude please would not date her ..unacknowledged shits they are!

  30. I would agree that he was a seemingly dope person however, alot of the women commenting negatively toward the woman also wouldnt date the guy… just my honest opinion… he probably came with his own biases and after seeing her for the first time, probably knew that he was more into her than her into him… its sad

  31. American Education is so bad, I’m tired of explaining the differences between my culture (Arab) and countries that speak different languages like India and Pakistan.

  32. I smell racism from this girl. She stereotyped him from the beginning. She seems like she’s one of those basic Starbucks girls who would only date a skinny white guy

  33. "I decided I would not date you, well not because you're not good looking". Wow that pissed me off. I hope not everyone in America is like this girl…if everybody is..then god bless🙏🙏🙏

  34. 10:25 because you have that weird Arab thing on your head, like from that movie Aladdin, and it makes me think you’re like a terrorist. And you’re not like a basic white guy who has inheritance from his parents and that’s a turn off.

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