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  1. She looks like a better version of Mariah Carey. She's really beautiful and mature. He's muscular and always smiling. I hoped they hooked up.

  2. I’m a single mother and have been single for about 3 years and even though I’m a hopeless romantic and would love to be married and in love with a house full of our kids but as a 30 yr old mother of 3 going to school I’m content just raising my babies and getting my BA, and hopefully starting my own practice one day soon💯🙏🏽

  3. ‘I’m a Doctor’. FOH my dude. Your 6 months physical therapy course don’t make you a doctor.

  4. I really dig her vibe! Very down-to-earth and mature and her main focus is her daughter! I really hope she finds someone to saddle along with nicely who has the same vibe

  5. Her: “I basically like to Netflix and chill”

    Him: “We should kick it sometime”

    Me: Ill see you two on the Hub later

  6. Where yall keep findin these ppl with perfect teeth. Like I'm serious 🙂

    On the real, she has a lot of healing to do

  7. They're both gorgeous as hell. Homeboy's Boston accent is APPARENT (to me anyway who's from Mass). I ship them HARD, hope it's going well <3

  8. He seems so good for her, like he will get her out of the rut she seems to be in! This is like a perfect match! I would love to see an update on them.

  9. It's always interesting when women claim that the reason they desired to divorce was to finally have the ability to make their own choices, and it was the husband who hindered it, while at the same time they totally don't mind when their best female friends make choices for them. Sounds to me that the divorce really happened because they were far more into their female friends than their husband.

  10. We don't talk like that!!! Please don't ever say your favorite accent to impersonate is Jamaican ever again….smh.

  11. yOuR fAvOrItE aCcEnT tO iMpErSoNaTe Is BrItIsH

    lol you americans really dont understand that if you go 20 miles down the road people have wildly different accents here.

  12. The pretty lady has not completely healed but its time for her to put herself out there and mingle to help her process her divorce.

  13. the shape and the way he moves his mouf is just like one of my ex-boyfriends who was sooooo good at (whispers) –oral sex!
    I wonder if all guys that have mouth shapes like that are good at it?

  14. She went wrong at the end 🤦🏾‍♀️ volunteering to cook. A first date no one should be serving the other. She’s already setting the situation up for failure

  15. she is more Filipino than black. very nice but quiet .He is a bit immature but nice .The little girl will be happy with a new happy dad .happy for them .

  16. Would anyone really admit on national TV that they won’t date someone? They might just say yes not to embarrass the other person on national TV & then break it off later.

  17. I would say they would have a good time together.This guy seems cool and fun.She just has to go through her process of being a single women.As far as relationship for these two…Well come on guys it's just a date.Too many of us want fairy tale endings.Just let them enjoy their first date,and the rest is up to them.

  18. this guy is so full of himself..calling himself a dr..hes a physical therapist..saying hes never without company..this will not work out


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