my name is journi Geller I'm 35 years old I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I'm the owner of the shoes iam I'm out here in Las Vegas and I'm gonna be resurrecting the shoes e'en for the world to enjoy holding the Guinness World Record for most shoes is a dream come true and it's so flattering and to be able to make the book is something for something that I'm so passionate about is incredible I had built an eBay business where I would buy and sell discount Nikes to buyers all over the world and I did this for many years and then I decided that I really wanted to showcase my passion and love for Nikes with the world so little by little I built this comprehensive collection and put it on display with toys and props to bring the shoes to life so that I could really tell the story of Nike as well as my own personal story through these shoes the two shoes sitting right in front of me are some of the rarest in my collection the one to my left came from goodwill and the one to my right was found in an abandoned storage locker so a lot of people ask me how much are your shoes or how much does your shoe collects more and to be honest I don't even really know I could tell you what I paid for each and every pair of shoes because I found them and bought them myself but I've never actually sat down and tallied it all up this shoe right here the Back to the Future shoe was $4,100 it's the Air Mag inspired by the shoe that Marty McFly wore and back to the Future to the shoes in front of there again you just can't find brand-new shoes that are 40 years old in this condition because shoes are even meant to deteriorate so the fact that they're that old and in perfect shape I really couldn't even say what they're all worth to me sneakers are everything they remind me of my childhood they remind me of my dad fortunately my dad's still around but my love of sneakers came from my dad's love of running and when I was a kid my dad used to run marathons and I would go with him to the sneaker stores and he would teach me about the latest and greatest shoes and tell me about all of the innovations and how stylish they were being named Jordan Michael was also a big part of it my name is Jordan Michael Geller and obviously Michael Jordan is the biggest athlete to ever play any game let alone wear any type of shoe you can say you've got the most or the best or the biggest or the baddest but there's nothing like that Guinness Book stamp and I grew up reading those books when I was a kid they were big thick books that looked like encyclopedias and just to be able to be a part of it or something that I'm so passionate about it's an honor and it's incredible [Applause] you [Applause]

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  1. My small sneaker collection:
    Adidas pro bounce 2 2018
    Nike kyrie 3
    Air Jordan 1 retro high
    Nike air max 270 black and green
    Air Jordan KO 23 red

  2. I went to Las Vegas two times in one month trying to visit the shoezeum the first time it was closed I was like a little kid with my nose pressed against the glass trying to look inside his place the second time most of the shoes were gone and still was closed I was so hurt & bummed my sister was trying to cheer me up so she took me to the pawn stars location after….

  3. I only got my Black vans and my checkered 1s. Plus my red,white huarache's and my Nike air max 270 grey red and blue and black then my Kyrie 5 flytrap, Kyrie 5 and then my triple black Japanese NMD and then my other basic shoes

  4. Hold up hold up did he say Unfortunately my dad is still around. Ummmmm

  5. How dare they show the jumpman Air on the 3's…this guy has ever shoe can I get a Nike Air please hot diggity dog

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