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  1. good job Josh!! should of had a big bowl to catch all of that ice cream so
    everyone could enjoy that creamy goodness. maybe next time, you should
    go with a thicker waffle cone.

  2. i have a few video sugegstions
    Will it Dissolve?
    Will it Melt?
    Will it Freeze?
    Will it CakePop?
    Will it Pie Crust?
    Will it Frosting?

  3. Next on Food Feats: Josh creates the largest edible ice cream cone in the world then fills it with lavender ice cream.

  4. First Ryan quotes whispering sweet nothings on a let’s play video, now Davin is wearing an Achievement Hunter “I do words good”.

    When can we see a Good Mythical Morning and Achievement Hunter collab?

    We already saw Rhett and Link on Slo Mo Guys

  5. Haven't watched whole vid yet but I'm betting you fail just based on the choice to use a scoop with a spring contraption.

  6. Probably should've lined the whole inside and the top part of the outside of the cone with chocolate to prevent it from absorbing moisture and breaking apart before the world record-breaking scoop

  7. Josh:"The most amazing food show that ever existed on the internet"
    Epic Meal Time: You DARE challenge me mortal weakling?…

  8. I think the advantage the other guy had was that he didn't use bucket ice cream or ice cream that hadn't been frozen for days. Therefore possibly, maybe making it so the ice cream wasn't all melty at some points and solid at others (unless on the cone) just my opinion though! Good try!!

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