Hello guys! Welcome back to Vlad & Daniel! Today we gonna attempt the worlds biggest bottle flip! Today, we have Jonathan with us. Hi! I’m gonna be the camera man and I brought some Christmas root beer from LIDL. Too little bottle to make the biggest bottle flip in the world. Yes, it’s only 1,5 liter, but to make the biggest bottle flip we need the biggest bottle we can imagine. And LIDL made it for us, so they told us to come to Märsta to look at it. Are you ready? Let’s do it! Okay, so we are at LIDL store now, we gonna meet up with Cecilia. She is the one who will show us the bottle. Hi Cecilia, it’s Vlad & Daniel. We are here now. I’m at the storage space, lets meet up in the middle. Perfect, lets meet up there! I have a bottle for you guys. Is it big for real? Yes it is. Like this? A little larger Reach for the stars Lets take this path Are you kidding with me? Dang, thats a big bottle over there! 130 liter Christmas root beer, representing! This is without a doubt the biggest bottle i’ve ever seen in my life! How tall is it? I think it’s 3 meters. You can get 1crown for recycling it. What fits with christmas root beer? Ginger Bisquits. Next day We are back from LIDL and we have the bottle with us. It’s at least 15 meters here. So the only thing we need to do is to fill this bottle with christmas root beer. And i think we are ready We are not sure this will work out but we are hoping for the best! Good luck! Lets go! Okay, the bottle is filled now with some root beet and it’s like 15 liter it doesn’t sound much, but it is much Now we just need to try and see if we can make it. If it fails, then at least we tried. Yeah, and that’s the important. Are you ready? I really am, and i’m psyched! Are you ready? I think they are. Alright, leave a like if you think… f*ck it, just leave a like, spam likes, this need to work! dab… Almost, almost! Lets try it one more time! Attempt 2 3 2 1 okay.. third time now.. it’s now or never! attempt 3 such a pity! LAST ATTEMPT! Are you ready? CASH FLOW BABY!!! WORLD RECORD! This is going to history! So happy Leave a like if you enjoyed this video! Share with your friends! Wanna see more videos with us? JUST SMAHS THE LIKE BUTTON! Subscribe! Thanks to LIDL, without them this wouldn’t be possible! Thank you so much! We will see you in the next video! We will! Good Times!

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  2. Everyone Everyone This Is Not Clickbait This Is The Biggest World Record Ever. Share This Video To Guinness World Records Right Now Because This Is Really Awesome.

  3. Gilla om ni innan ni klickade in på videon trodde att det inte var på riktigt utan bara en vanlig flaska som var nära kameran😂😂

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