okay we are back to solo UHC and of course i spawned with that it's a good thing that there are chickens right next to my spawn down look there are even more chickens here but since I have so many feathers already I don't really want to waste my time on them I could always do my cane with the Seekers just kidding that's why they're sweaty I can get the string later I'm just gonna go down here there's the redstone for a different the spell I think I will go up get this thing and just snow bolt holding I don't think it's worth to waste my time down here oh nevermind I will try to make feel lost I'm gonna go check if there is any gold here wait is there another of you oh there is I don't see any gold though I guess I will just mine if normally don't be one diamond please okay it's more okay we can make a chest plate now there was gold down here there's also a guy down here I think I hear a spider as well and there's an invisible creeper oh they have an anvil I don't like we're not getting out of here there is another guy here maybe this guy doesn't have anything he has a normal diamond sword but he's not that great at the game where did he have sharpness groups on him no those were protection I could go down and make a dragon so like I don't think it's worth that I have a golden head so I think I will take this fight oh I got him that was so lucky because he was under that for it's for a bit there so he couldn't hit me I can use the protection because I could from the knew those skills were really good I'm like full protection – you know I just have to go get some apples before somebody jumps me and we still have to get that bow I want to eat one right now oh this guy right there I don't think he saw me yeah he didn't see me there's no way he saw me oh he's so newbie there are so many new players so he called me a hacker yeah well I am full diamond depth they're all wait that guy's a fire regognize cleaned I'm not hitting any shots today is in nineteen is this even apprentice no this is a normal dog why would anyone have a normal dog before we continue I just want to warn you if you ever saw this video and got triggered of how much child is run this is even worse this might as well be the longest chase in USC history come here dude we have been running for like five minutes now it's not funny anymore I can't believe you've done this man you have been running for the entire game and you say L why why didn't it just mine down he almost got away after all that dude this is how you die you run away for the whole game and that's how you die I don't know why he wasn't wielding down drill I guess see before it does he had it I have to get him right through I got the string I'm gonna kill this guy so I can make a fusion oh wait he was that long oh there's one more guy somewhere oh I found him how did no one find this guy he has been just sneaking back just getting framed no yes more healing yeah my gear is just way too good he's dead even though he did to steal my lire I had nine kills bro yeah well I only had 10 kills because of this dude right here you

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  1. if you want to experience this chasing as him, make the video at 0.25 speed, hold W, spam SPACE and watch the chasing 2 times 🙂

  2. Anyone else who has no idea why this video got recommended to him, but still enjoyed it because there was no 5 minute intro, no free giveaways, no advertisements, just the gameplay with some commentary and thats it?

  3. id rather watch my parents get beheaded in front of me, than watch another minute of this texture pack

  4. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of Minecraft skills. Creative skills I have acquired over a very long career. Pvp skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let me have this win now, that'll be the end of it.

    – Palikka when he comes back to minecraft in his 50's

  5. B E I N G
    D I A G N O S E D
    W I T H
    H Y P E R A C T I V E
    D I S O R D E R
    I S
    H A RD
    not kidding i was diagnosed a day ago but still xdd

  6. jesus christ your pvp skills are gonna haunt my dreams
    luckily i know better evasive methods than that guy lmao