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Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome back to cuphead okay, so this is the end of it I think I’m not 100% sure, “one hell of a time” indeedy-do it is indeedy-do it is. “Well well well look how far you’ve come Not only did you bust up my good-for-nothing Lackey king dice, But I see you’ve got my soul contracts as agreed, hand ’em over and join my team!” …NO! No I won’t – whoa “Welching on me just like all the others, eh? I’ll teach you for backing out of a deal. Have at you!” Alright, fine then whatever, have at YOU, sir, Mister devil if that is your name. Uh oh This is probably gonna be tough… as hell… ha get it. (Yes Mark we get it) Uh Oh that’s whoa I didn’t know that hurt too okay Whoa oh boy, this is gonna be a doozy oh boy Oh boy the animation team really went to town on this one. Oh, Nellie Wellie Okay, wellie Nellie Oh boi Bellie bellie alright That’s not good Whoaaaahhhh Yep, not even close not even close Alright here we go Miss me oh, wee oh whoa spaghetti spaghetti junction. Oh, that’s a new one I’ve got the slappa you can’t defeat my ow you can totally defeat my slappa I’m sorry It’s absolutely absolutely you can you can 100% defeat slappa, hup boink! Oh? You can’t even touch the arms. Well. That’s gonna be that’s gonna be a tit sprinkle *Intense preparation of the slappa* oh shit what was I doing I wasn’t e- I was just spacing out there like taking in the scenery like I was just I was literally just looking at everything else being Like man, this is really pretty all this is really well animated It’s just gotta admit the detail in the background and hell is like well that’s new okay. I don’t like this Oh, nope like that not oh boy. Yep like that a whole lot of not. Holy shit. I don’t like that All right Let’s see what this will do. Probably nothingm whole lot of nothing. At least it gives me an opportunity to hit them with it That’s awfully nice of him oh shit shit SHIT Ohh shit Oh boy, oh boy That’s not good – AYY! W- I hate that. Go? Well alrighty then I’ll go I guess Well hi! Hello Devil! Oh, that’s not good. Oh, that’s Yeesh oh – pff Okay, ah Really really really really really really really really. Oh really Wow Oh boy, okay. I got this. Really? (Yes really Mark.) uh frick, I feel like that’s my only commentary to say this particular encounter is really really really Really, oh really that hit me. Oh yeah sure okay, I believe you Well that that definitely got me that really got me that that one really that one really with me This is gonna be a dooooozy Okay, sorry. I’m not saying anything because I’m just concentrating so hard on this Okay, well you know I’m gonna go – Oh what that hurt me? Really? Standing there when he did that hurt me really oh boy. Well you know what you are a sack of- You are a piece of work young man You are a real piece of work. Whoa hey. I don’t like that That’s a bomb? Oh slappa! Slappa bomb! Slappa batta bomb! Slappa bomb bat – oh boy. Uhhh, well, I Panicked and died totally of my own volition totally. That was, just me just me nothing happened. I was just scared ah banca Wonka Danka oh Awww I had the – shit okay alright okay phase 2 phase 2 don’t get in the way of the skeleton when he goes down Stay here in hell. Oh boy. That’s scawy Whoa okay kill that bomb bat right away. That’s the answer to that question. Oh that conundrum *various whoas and uhhs* Alright WHOA what did I do? He’s angry he’s angry HE’S MAD He’s very mad There – Oh he’s a grumpy Gus I don’t know what that’s all about that’s that’s peculiar well I’m dead, so it doesn’t really matter what it is. Hey, but I’m getting close. I guess but still feels very far very far. Very close, but very far. Whoa whoa I’ve forgotten how to parry slap whoa I completely forgot how to parry slap oh Okay, all right. Well here with phase 2 at 3l so that’s a good thing that I enjoy Oh shit, I wasn’t even paying attention that was completely stupid ah fuck again. Oh no oh no oh no. Oh boy I really boned my whole lead there. That was just ridiculously stupid of me Oh boy. Oh well alright then Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. What is that all about? What is that all about? I don’t like that. I don’t like that. I don’t like that I don’t like that. I don’t like that. I don’t like that. I know I’m not saving my super I should save my super in the second phase in this phase. It’s good because it helps me the The little assholes if they walk in the corners it can help alleviate that but, for the other one I should definitely save my super for when it’s – okay well I should save my super for when it’s really necessary because When he’s a big head he I’m definitely gonna be able to hit him I should definitely save it for that phase if anything. Here definitely just shield up because it’s like an extra buffer Like there. He was in the corner, and if I hadn’t had that it would have been bad for me Okay, here we go, here we go, here we go phase two phase two phase two. I’m goin. I’m goin. I’m goin Okay, so this is where I got to save up my super I can’t I can’t spend it on the stupidity of the other one. I’m watching you, baby There we go there we go there we go there we go there we go there we go there we go there we go there we go there we go. Oh, no where you going ooh That’s a big boy super ready oh Shit wasn’t paying attention, but I got it anyway. I’m getting it Oh full damage full damage I didn’t get the other parry slap, but that’s okay yah yah yah yah yah, yah I said I should have saved it for this phase, but I guess I didn’t do that might have forgotten all about it Whoa How did I avoid that damage? I will never know I will never ever There we go that’s my end is my end. This is end – ahh shit ticks oh Man that one is hard if I need to save The super for that phase because I can’t be in there long I I if I had the super then I would have cut that phase down And I wouldn’t have been subjected to the horrors that I experienced Oh No oh no oh no, that’s you know I can’t if I don’t go into the next phase with full health, I’m dead I mean, I’ll try if I get close, but, whatever. Oh wow okay This is oh boy going into phase 2 with one health that’s kind of the opposite of what I was hoping for oh well Here we go I got this super waiting for me. Which is awfully nice Whoa shit, that’s scary There we go alright. It’s gonna get here gonna use this I’ve only got one health oh shit almost lost it oh Oh, oh Oh jeez, did that guy die? Wow okay I didn’t even know they could die like that. Oh, wow okay? Oh, No how close was I? Not as close as I could be to get angry if I hadn’t lost the health in the first round Two health in the first round which was stupid. This is like Easy Street. This shouldn’t cause any trouble Oh, you know what I realized what what gun might be better is the spread shot. I’m gonna try to change weapons good god. Oof. I’ve almost got this. I’m very close to getting it I just need to I I don’t think the charged shot is the right ability I think the spread shot either that or, Either that or the lobber would be good. Let me try the lobber. Oh, I got this alright come on no no Ah shit well I can’t parry for craps, so it doesn’t change anything. I don’t know if the lobber is gonna be the best one that seems like a An unfortunately weird one Ah shit All right, that’s definitely not not good. Hang on I’m gonna go back. I’m gonna get the spread Ahh there you go. How do you like that spread in your face? Huh hey you like it devil, baby? You like it you like it you like it. Oh I bet you like it. Oh you love it Oh you love it. Oh shit. Oh, how did I dodge that? I don’t know Something tells me the spreads on my – whelp sh-goddammit I just had to open my big flip flappin flapjacker Didn’t I? I just had to yap on about how oh this is the one this is the good stuff This is really givin him, the one fer Hey, how’s it going there? All right well there he is okay there I go all right Whoo all right two health not bad If I can get through this next part okay cuz this is this really where it makes a difference cuz it’s just me whaling on him like non-stop, right? Well what whoa whoa what the hell whoa? I forgot hit down right bumper to make me me stick. Holy shit. That was so stupid of me. Oh god That was stupid okay. I got my super. I know I’m just waiting for the next next one Here we go Okay, whoa oh Oh, oh, oh he’s crying whoa whoa miss that one. Why are you crying, buddy? Oh? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Spread was the key spread was the key spread was the key holy shit. Whoooooo oh Nellie One health left Wow wowie Zowie wowie Zowie Wow A minus not bad! Not bad not bad! Not bad at all just about 30 minutes on that fight. “The brothers had triumphed over the demon forcing him to finally give up/ We shall accept your surrender devil, Cuphead laughed, but we’re not done just yet. And with that Cuphead and Mugman destroyed all the soul contracts releasing inkwell Isles residents from eternal servitude to the devil Gosh, I can’t wait to tell everybody, Cuphead said. The boys set off for home and at top speed. Come on, last One there’s a leaky cup! Mugman teased as they ran. Once on the brothers gathered everyone together. You’re all free of the devil’s debt! Cuphead announced. And that fiend won’t bother us ever again Mugman added. The elder kettle was literally brimming with pride as everyone began to cheer Let’d hear it for Cuphead and Mugman! Hip-hip-hurrah! Hip-hip-hurrah! Even though they beat the shit out of all of us. “As an all-day celebration began the brothers promise to never wander into trouble again And they didn’t until the next time of course, but that is another story.” Oh that was beautiful. Oh that was beautiful. I love that so much God the passion that went into that game oh I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said about this game, but that was Absolutely wonderful. “Our sincere appreciation to the members of our team who loyalty and creative endeavor made this possible production Chad and Jared Moldenhauer You guys are awesome, and you guys are awesome for watching. Thank you everybody for sticking with me through this I know I’m not the best Cuphead player, but hey I told you I was good at shmups. I ain’t the Boris in the world so that was a lot of fun I loved that it was really really cool. I had a great time playing it from beginning to end oh, man That was so much fun I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into each and every frame of that because all that was hand hand drawn hand Animated turning a game into an experience that was beyond anything that I’ve ever seen before totally unique completely original and a challenge and just an all-around blast So thank you everybody somebody for watching. I’m gonna stick around to the end of the credits Just to see if there’s anything at the end of that I hope for a sequel to this game support the release if you like this game And you haven’t bought it yet buy it because it’s such a delightful thing and you just want to see more stuff like this Forget all the triple-a like yearly release Bullshit get more things like this because like games are developed by what people buy And if everyone’s buying the triple-a stuff, that’s great But it’s just all this money put into a sink that has no passion into it whereas things like this have so much passion Dripping through every single second of the game love it love it Love it to death, love it a million times, so I’m gonna get to the end and then I’m gonna say goodbye Oh, they have their own fans. Ah they don’t answer alright What was that? Oh, what did I miss? Did I just miss something all right? Well anyway that is cuphead. Thank you again everybody for watching There was something at the end there (it says this is the end there is no more or is there hahahah) But there will be another video probably on YouTube that outlines whatever that was so thank you everybody so much for watching Let’s all get a sequel made and as always I will see you in the next video. Ba-Bye!

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  1. Hey gang! I hear you loud and clear so I changed the title to something that reflects the ACTUAL content of the video.

    I just want to be as honest and open as possible with you guys with my content so I hope you accept this change with my sincerest of apologies.

  2. hey mark i have a suggestion, i know its been a while since uve made the cuphead videos and u probably wont see this comment since its such an old video but if you think you are so good at bullet hells then get a legit japanese bullet hell game and put ur skills to the test


  4. The devil from cuphead is Bendy from BATIM, who is the Neighbor from Hello neighbor, who is Golden Freddy from FNAF, who is Monika from Doki Doki Literature club, who is Yandere Chan from Yandere Simulator, who is Arts and Crafts, (the sock puppet) from Baldi's basics, who is Mettaton from undertale, who is… DUN DUN DUN! DARKIPLIER

  5. Hey Mark! A Game I think you would like a lot for its artstyle and dificulty would be Hollow Knight! Its very beautiful and also reminds of ori and the blind forest for its mechanisms! If you could do a playthrough I would be very happy!

  6. I wonder how many people have taken a shot on how many times mark's sworn (or said really) and have gotten drunk in not even the first 5-10 minutes? 😂

  7. "Really, really, really. That hit me? I BELIIIEEEVE YOOOU!"
    Literally me on expert hahaha
    I need to finish this game. I think I'm at Isle 3 now on expert. I love/hate this game. The spread gun is definitely the way to go, just like the first Contra haha

  8. the thing in the credits said "that's all there is, there isn't any more…. or is there??" and then laughs


    I have a few theories
    1. He makes the videos in the morning and wears the same clothes when he wakes up
    2. He played most of the game all in one day and separated the video into multiple episodes

    Theory 2 is more likely since he’s in the exact same place in the game in between videos plus his hair was the exact same at the end of the king dice video and the start of this video

  10. The badge you got for killing the devil was from (I think deleted) episode I forgot the name of the show… 😛

  11. Its funny how our religion portrays the devil differently than other religions. Our religions devil's eye is on his chest and the head is empty with two horns and has "Cursed" written on its chest

  12. I am not the bast Cphead player even if I got golden flags for Goopy and the Root Pack in Inkwell Ise One because I did simple and then everyone on regular and that route was better just a tip

  13. This is a better Disney than Disney lately. This really is all hand drawn? If so that's damn impressive and fine work, getting transported to the early 1900s world of animation. I never liked mickey mouse but Cuphead seems kind of cool

  14. When I saw “‘no damage “ I couldn’t believe it, I thought “wait, mark can’t poor milk with out getting hurt” lol

  15. I listened to this whole playlist and it helped me out with my homework to concentrate! Thank you so much, you are the best!!

  16. You, agreed to my game and you LOST!
    You, accepted the odds now you'll cough, Up the costs!
    Don't, screw with me kid or I swear,
    I'll take my tea from your skull like cheap chinaware!

  17. I found the secret to beating The Devil is using the Whetstone power up because that slappa does s huge amount of damage to him. I mean, a random thing I decide to post about a year after this game is relevant but there you go.

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