nice rolling what's going on guys Bradley Margaret this is this is probably one of the most special moments in the gym to date one of the most special moments to date we're here with the one and only the one and only what's going on he's like sees in the background like stop playing stop playing so what are we gonna do they're exactly what you just said we supposed to do leg we're gonna woods hey hold on there back here Brina look he's Reena yeah this time we're going to think about leg training because Bradley Martin says thoughts become things yeah we're on it today so and we're gonna talk a little bit too so I don't know how arc is gonna be like the most hardcore work I ever I don't know we'll see as we get into it let's see how his knees feel oh how my knees feel you just call the elderly no noise here your knees feel my knees both of our knees we got extra warm up well you got wraps in you yeah I got a wraps I get better barley beer at yeah of course you got knee wraps we have like their walkers and stuff walk into the back whoa so if we should wish it over exert ourselves it's nice to know that they'll be throw up buckets all that oh wow so we're gonna get into it yeah first one first this is the most like the most essential bodybuilding movement right here right no you're not honey billy clubs okay but I'm just really warming up my knees cuz we running into the leg press so that's what's really going on right now gotta like press a thousand times we team is formed I'm nervous is one of those things you know you end up you don't don't don't normally get a chance this is a really interesting opportunity that I don't want to take bringing you know a lot of times we walk into a situation with a full body building do you say you know check this out of criticize us for that I don't want to do that because there's a there's a reason why he does it that way just like there's a reason why I would do a leather suit in the way that I do you know he's warming up his knees believe it or not that's a very effective way to do it yeah yeah yeah my name is typhoon Island George bad father let's see what he got out of it huh see what he got let's do it he go long ass lives I'm not as a I'm not as tall armed a fish yeah they brought you mean look at he's doing our the arms actually work with a jack and evolutionary working triceps what's going on here yeah work impressive man I do I like this like this let's get it all right come on like the same I can't tell cuz the camo that's why I wear the camo yeah cuz I knew I was coming really interesting for me get a chance to see me do this because you know a lot of times you see Bradley do a lot of the things that you're seeing and be on the Internet I mean there's some amazing that I probably get injured just for thinking about let alone actually trying to do you know so I would imagine that there's a certain kind of logical approach that's beyond what I would get from my kind of training I know what I mean if you haven't got any children I'm sure a lot of you viewers at home a lot of the stuff that these guys became really doing that's just amazing that I could never try I think it's just like do it yeah but you got people at home to do yeah he's got a point he's got they don't really sees like I'd obviously do the stuff that you guys see on the internet boat there is stuff actually a lot of stuff that goes in front of that and that's what you make on the pointer but that's what we're gonna get you have to see right now for almost the stuff that is like preparing you to go ahead and do that crazy thing that you like why the girl this that at the weight whatever right the girl what is normally girls involved there's normally girls involved there's normally girls in wall yeah all right it's supper lights are really of her life the leg right now warming up warming up I like to go a little higher than ever I've just kind of been hit yeah you like this this is a room that was never has never been done before never been done before has it never has yeah that's why I'm gonna do it are you doing here today 10 what plates all right first thing I notice when you when you squat and when you do this you want you squat you go like beyond a normal range of motion most people kind of just like most bodybuilders are I've seen kind of just slight knee bent you full like no matter what you are have you always done that yeah I'm looking for looking for a big full range of motion trying to recruit a lot of a lot of muscles to actually work because it's a part of feeling and connecting with my muscles and I'm able to kind of feel my way through poses like that yeah you know so we talked about this a long time ago the UK the same concept about but you go even beyond like you go to like almost like that your your but even carbon yeah yeah and and a lot of people tell you that's that's terrible form because of the risk of the potential risk of injury but I feel like it helped to improve my development in my legs and it's a very natural place for me to go for you it's my apartment I don't want to say I think everyone could do it but there's this the things that I've seen in my training over the years that have been a product of being able to make an application at at effective for me so I'm able to bring my glutes in I need to bring my hamstrings in like fresh new hamstrings work a lot yeah you know even my spinal erectors and things when you do a riddle bicep shot particularly with the kind of detail and things that I've had to try to pay attention to over the years in the continuum of my career and able to learn how to find certain muscle groups belong to turkey muscles in my back I'm talking about you know my whole posterior chain ways to make it make the connection more alive to me we've kind of had to walk through in some cases even a different way of calling those muscles to activate so it's one of those things that it may not look really really pretty by the textbook but it works for heavier but yeah it's definitely something and that can appreciate for my own reasons we're just trying to improve let's go your new boss huh if I'm gonna go to a thousand man I think I'm gonna do it that's the goal right now just like press is not like a normal leg press this actual weight yeah telling you feel it most like presses is a little bit yeah yeah [Applause] next one yeah next one I think we need like more anymore can you do more though yes I can do more dammit he said yes we can damn it I've been doing these things let's go okay look you gotta fix wait you got there quick he's ready [Applause] don't worry Caillou aren't sure if anything I'm the one who got myself oh for sure [Applause] oh Oh amazing no but it's time to catch my breath you ran away today it's gone it's gone a lot get back a homing spread we just avoid these label would you I've never seen it what that is what is the bicep machine stop playing yeah that's the bicep machine is that what that's a fight they just avoid that right man I don't think he avoids the by that for sure not sure not how come you never use this machine it's like a foreign machine say my little bubble this is like a you know good though I'm gonna try new things okay I'm open to it how you do it for sure oh my god no no you're doing it wrong shut the right way nope how we get the cath machine yes sit down oh you got to sit down all right never no okay use your leg put your hand yeah there you go can't use the same joke three times you know why you don't really why does it sub born the bellman yeah that's probably why English you can just wear joggers see even he's wearing joggers yeah but is yeah but he's a bodybuilder let's not get too into that let's just focus on the fact these weren't joggers it's all good you guys can buy joggers to click the link below and you're good good last lecture doing lunges this is our exercise that I haven't done and how long yeah I love budgets right yes yeah ty what's your favorite leg exercise oh did I pick one like you're you do this you do this a lot Jefferson yeah you made that that move popular sure but you know what it was very popular when I was when I was a Kiwi bodybuilder when I was a teenage body before I became a teenage bodybuilder there was a number of guys that were really just known for doing it and it really helped me pay attention to those details I think that was professional bodybuilder many many many many many years ago because we see you doing this why yeah and though the number of athletes that came from Barbados in my old gym when I was a teenager that used to have like amazing conditioning boots and hamstrings and they swore by it coming up bill I know it's like oh we got to put that in your you got to put that in your protocol your things to do and as I continue to do it and grow you know I would teach myself why it was so important you know as more of my own faculties to develop more mental faculties and more of my own person awareness came online stuff like a dead lift it's a it's a glue so all that's happening right now while while walking doing the lunch I know I sure wait okay so is it like a porch I got to dance a little bit to do this but that's only because of movement right but you don't need it you don't need it so what's happening is my tournament he's out what happens my hoops my boots my hamstrings activate and they pull you get me yeah so now when I'm lunging that's what's happening yeah though his leg doing that yeah yeah so yeah your turn yeah I'm gonna do it exactly like good that's exactly like that underneath you need to step out further it turns it turns up the bar bill how's he doing excellent six yes yo so that's not a barbell into like it feels like 225 pounds I'm not playing but it's the presence of the isometric contraction you know that which is why when it when it bodybuilders on stage from the rear quarter to the right cynical you know before but now what I'm doing is I'm contracting my muscles you know it's a personal inventory checklist so the floor up from the floor up and that's so think about it so the body goes on stage quarter turn to the right simulations quarter turn to the right we're not everything from your top is going this way when the cash flexing the hamstring whoa Optimus Primal erectus up through the lats longitudinal muscles the back and you go and finish the poles but everything starts from the floor up this exercise is everything it's your it's your leg curl it just stiff like a deadlift it's your single leg curl you have to know how to do those things in order to use your muscles in order to make your muscles control you know what I mean so you think is one of most important exercise for bodies look at that what I think the most important exercise for a bodybuilders learning how to develop this instrument to connect with everything because now every exercise has the purpose you know what I mean yeah an average is doing you know let's talk about that real quick do you think that's not just in bodybuilding because I know there's a lot more to you the body meaning it's relevant for everything the idea of like connecting with what you're doing taking opinion more about what well if it's important to you yeah if you are a results driven individual then there's a specific way that you can elicit results you can you can get results you know it now becomes a question of just being clear about what your goals are most businesses are self-development where you talk about focusing on or identifying at least what your in-game is what is the goal that's why goal setters are that much more likely to attain the goal of they're looking for rather than you know a person that's aimless just trying to get by and what's there yeah so body doing the most important things I learned from a bodybuilder I think and body building is that idea that idea of like body building is a physical representation of overcoming adapting overcoming adapting which is relevant to anything any business anything that you're trying to attack and attain this is like the most physical way I think the human is able to make like to show it you're showing the ability of like overcoming a weak point overcoming a plateau overcoming adversity overcoming something because the food the sleep all the different things that attain this would make it great so same things everything else in life is like having a good relationship for the girlfriend it's like okay what's working what's not working why is it not working how can you change it do you want to change it is it important for you to change it like all those things it's the same thing I think bodybuilding is just a physical representation of it well I think that's why it was very very important to touch on the point you just made which is I think a very accurate way of of saying it it helped me understand and it's a tool you know a tool towards achieving your positive end result whatever that may be now with that their action steps that you can implement you know because you know what your goal is yes we'll come back to this we'll come back I mean I said that's it I guess I want to finish I don't remember you remember he was saying like well I was like five minutes ago now over there but just about the concept of just achieving something and I was relating it's a body building what would you say are some like maybe like the mosan if you can one of the most important things you think in achieving anything that's a big question I know that's a really big question you know I hear like I don't know here a biblical scripture like dancing in the back of my head and because I'm not a real biblical guy you know I I question my ability to to recite it verbatim but the idea that I think at least I can share at least to represent the thought that I have in my mind answer the question that you just asked answer is this I understand that it was once said that the people were dead for their lack of this so I understand that to me that when a person doesn't have purpose doesn't have a dream doesn't have an idea that represents the best reason to get up to work and to desire to do within that person is without life can be the equivalent of being dead no personal no purpose no vision no goal so that said I think that if you ask me what's the what's the best thing I think a person can have being a bodybuilder anyone that's looking to aspire to do anything yeah vision I think is important because to be without that is to be without hope be without reason to be without purpose without the sustenance of life you know so or reason to live yeah um so yeah yeah I think this experience training athletics body building for me is the thing that I think was the tool to help teach me that you know how truly powerful your thoughts are because they are the thing that can shape the reality that you know possible you know so they're they're very important tool so yeah I think the most important thing a person perhaps the goals that can have their vision and with that there is hope I appreciate the opportunity hopefully I got something out of it of course yeah I love it I appreciate being able to work out what you do thank you that baozi found stuff I've never done that before I have never done that before so it actually sought this first thank you especially

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