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Women’s History Month: Melanie Saunders, Deputy Associate Administrator

I love to work on and solve really
complex, large problems. Things that seem impossible. The more impossible it is, the
more I like it. The Space Station program was an amazing arena for getting to do
that. Having hardware that was built at different locations around the world,
meets for the first time on live TV. That is complex. Women are knit into
everything that we do. Everything from scientific research, technology
development, advancing aeronautics to human spaceflight. We have a woman
managing the Commercial Crew program. People actually think that NASA is
mostly scientists. It’s not. It’s mostly engineers. But nobody’s ever flown in
space without a contract, or funding, or IT. There are careers at NASA for
whatever your major is. You need to get out there and go for it

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I just gave a question why are we notre using space shuttles anymore becaus just like the soyouz program there was a lots of fail so whyyyy

  2. Is this asking for women to go out there and go for it? Not sure what this has to do with women's history month.

    This should be about inspiring all people to think about careers in this area. It's actually a little sexist to make this aimed at just women.

  3. Stop trying so hard NASA, there is no space, no planets, no satellites, no space station, no sun and no moon.

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