All right, let’s get into audience questions
for the week. First question today. Hey David, will you please do the right thing? Simply denounce outrage culture. So listen,
the problem is not outrage. Anyone who’s paying attention to what is going on and what has
been going on in society for the last 50 years, at least economically, culturally, and in
many other ways. Everything from gross inequality, corporate control of all aspects of society,
a government that is in many ways I’m not held accountable for its actions. The military
industrial complex, um, uh, the, the Sudanese pseudo intellectual ism. And Anti Intellectual
Ism. Like, Gee, if you’ve been paying attention, you should actually be outraged. And that
actually makes sense. But the problem is not the outrage itself. In the same way that the
problem with so-called Jo social justice warriors is not social justice itself. And these words,
these phrases have become dirty words in great part because the right has really successfully
focused in on slivers of movements and blown them up to be the claim that they are representative. Big Picture. But the real issue that I have
with quote, outrage culture and some of these other things, the social justice warrior movement
and whatever is not the fact that they exist, but how they are wielded. And I’ll even go
further and include identity politics in that I’ve said before, identity politics in and
of itself as a general concept is not the problem. It’s not the problem per se. Uh,
the problem is that there is a version of identity politics that has gone beyond simply
recognizing that hey, someone’s identity is not only important to them, but one’s identity
does give them a unique perspective. Uh, in terms of their view of the world and what
they can bring to a conversation and we should recognize that and listen to that. The problem
is there are areas where identity politics is wielded like a codral. I’ve talked about
this before in the same way. Outrage, outrage meaning like anger and disapproval
of things. Outrage helps to change those things if it is wielded appropriately and productively,
that is what we want. If people weren’t outraged about injustices, they’d never change. The
problem is when outrage culture leads to counterproductive demagoguery fo activism, that’s not actually
going to lead to change, that the outraged people claim to want. A cartoonish example
is, you know the story I did years ago that went viral on Youtube to protest racism. Some
white people were blocked from going to classes one day. That’s a totally backwards application
of outrage that we should have about different forms of systemic racism that still exist
in our society. That was not the right implementation of the outrage into making productive change.
In fact, it was completely counterproductive. And then when it comes to media, people should
be outraged when discussing the extremist messages that are perpetuated. But then sometimes people are equally outraged
as I’ve spoken before. Uh, just because someone has the audacity to have a different point
of view that is destructive outrage culture. Right. When I say, uh, as, as a progressive
that I want the u s out of Venezuela and our involvement in Latin America has been disastrous,
but that Maduro and Chavez are not people that have been good for the Venezuelan people
that they have raped and pillaged the economies and societies, Venezuela. Um, all of a sudden
I’m an anti progressive and I am, people are quote, outraged at me. It’s a small sliver
again, and that’s all we’re talking about here. Or again, I’ve mentioned this before,
I don’t see Tulsi Gabbert as the be all end all presidential candidate that every progressive
[inaudible] should support. Wow. All of a sudden I am the enemy of the progressive movement. People are demanding this, that the other
thing from me or because I think the squad lacks political savvy and sometimes misses
the forest for the trees. Outrage. Because I am now the enemy outraged there. And of
course I’m biased because it relates to me that outrage seems out of place and literally
counter to the 95 or 99% of issues on which we all agree and should be activists for.
So the problems with all of these movements, the problems are not the outrage itself or
the social justice or the recognition of identity in people. It’s their application and their
implementation. And I’ll say something further, corporate media takes advantage of these rifts.
Uh, corporate media exploits them and makes them bigger and makes profit off of them while
they divide people and prevent actual progress. So we help them to divide us the more we participate
in these battles around some of these issues. Understand outrage culture, understand why
people should be outraged and wield these ideas in a responsible way. And most people
do. I know I say this often, most people actually do. And most people recognize identity for
the value that it has and they recognize social justice for what it is that we want it to
be. And we have to make sure that we don’t allow that sliver that doesn’t, uh, or the,
uh, agents, uh, the agents, uh, a provocateur archons provocateur who are trying to just
agitate using a fake outrage or fake social justice warrior personas or whatever, and
focus on the fact that most of us are United as to what it is that we want to see going

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  1. Any thoughts on Jeffrey Epstein's "suicide"? Or you just gonna brush over that one. Trump working with Putin and the Russians hacking our elections is totally not a conspiracy theory though,

  2. gay marriage is the perfect example of this in the UK. no one gave a fuck til 2013 then suddenly it becomes this big thing that they've been fighting and dying for for generations and if you say a single thing other than that it's amazing (like for example pointing out that not even a majority of gay people were in favour of it and it was actually just a tool to sanitise a tory govt which is literally killing the poor, and which was quickly adopted by a lot of other unpleasant govts around the world for the same reason) you just get jumped all over by a load of non gays. quit yo virtue signalling

  3. outrage culture is not, outrage in general in my opinion.
    Outrage culture is people looking for a reason to be outraged so they can feel good about themselves.

    But as someone who follows both right, left and centre politics, I know that outrage is global. There's a lot of outrage on the right too.
    David is right, corporate interests are using outrage to make the left and right further away from each other.

  4. Social justice has become a dirty words because of the right spinning it?
    Urm…social justice was a favourite of hitler. The entire concept of group justice is vile. Because it requires group punishment

  5. I solemnly denouce the outrage of right wing propagandists that overemphasize the prevalence of so called easily offended sjws in order to form a caricature to jin up outrage over liberalism at large.

  6. Social Media and Twitter is toxic to our society. These types of questions reinforce my opinion on that. SJWs aren’t a big thing, like the anti SjWs suggest, just like outrage culture is an overblown phenomenom. People treat behavior and opinions on Twitter like ir’s gospel. The average person irl is not like the average person on Twitter. These ‘problems’ are not problems. You know what are problems? Climate Change and wealth inequality. The more we focus on these dumb non-issues that only exist on social media, the more fucked we will be.

  7. The Covington school case is a good example of outrage gone wrong. I agree with David but I think the problem is worse than he makes it out to be.

  8. Only one color matters in The United States of America: green. Karl Rove is a duplicitous Wizard, who knows People are dumb. Thank You for the good shows, David. Keep up the good work.

  9. The US should stay out of Iran and Venezuela's business though. They aren't the ones pillaging their populations, US economic sanctions are the reason why those societies are flailing.

  10. What I can’t stand is ‘cancel culture’. Seriously what gives anybody the right to say someone is banished for life for a past offense, even if an apology was made. Millennials really need to grow up!

  11. I’m just gonna say this here David. Shut the fuck up about Chavez and Venezuela. You obviously don’t know shit about the situation there because Chavez cut poverty by 2/3, eliminated illiteracy, and dramatically increased wealth equality. Venezuela’s oil supply was controlled by the rich in Venezuela. It was a ridiculously poor country BEFORE Chavez.

    For people who are not idiotic and propagandists like David on Venezuela — look up

    Bad mouse productions – argumentum ad Venezuela

    Grey zone vids on Venezuela
    Empire files videos on Venezuela

    Do it. Think for yourself. Don’t let David who is fairly sensible on most issues tell you shit about Venezuela he’s a moron on this issue

  12. I think part of it is youth rebellion. The parents are more moderate, or perhaps the c-word (ce****st) so outrage, de-platforming, hard-[political bent] identitarians, etc. are rebellious. It's interesting watching the different generations on TMR for example. Little by little the younger ones start to ponder things, change their language to more cerebral thoughtful takes. I think it's mainly a phase and a bit trendy. The next generation will be different.

    Rebellion will probably take the form of young people being almost-annoyingly pragmatic and thoughtful. They'll laugh at this outrage culture the same way current year youth-culture laughs at boomers.

  13. Let's not pretend that outrage culture is bigger on the left than on the right. People on the right get offended by gay rights and affirmative action. How is that not more pathetic and unproductive outrage?

  14. Ever noticed how the right wants the left to denounce "outrage culture" (at least when it's coming from the left) faster than they want their president to denounce white supremacy and the klan? Hum… wonder why?

  15. "I'm outraged" and "I'm offended" are just about the most meaningless things that people who lean left say. It's the equivalent of right wingers saying "thoughts and prayers" and prattling on about "individualism". Here's some advice: if an ideology talks about individualism but also talks about uniting people based on class and skin colour, they're not actually interested in individualism.)

    The Right's ideology is built on fear, hate and authoritarianism. You beat them by being a bigger bully than they are, not by telling them about your feefees and appealing to their better nature. They put children in cages, they dehumanise non-white people and they think corporations should have more rights than human beings. They don't have a "better nature".

    They're not interested in your feelings and it's exhausting watching people caught in an endless self defeating loop trying to appease these savage little scumbags.

  16. I think people get 'outraged' because they have an inability to argue their case, whether through limitations of language/knowledge or attention span (being unwilling to give the time and thought to articulate their argument)

  17. David, I get what you're saying in there should be outraged on so many things and people are simply frustrated downtrodden and all that but it also has led to a lot of people getting blamed for things they didn't do or twisting definitions around. You've even experienced it yourself with sexism and you've had callers call in saying all white people are racist Etc that's the sort of fake outrage that pisses off most people.

  18. Personal Point of Privilege. Cis/he/him gender pronouns please. When are you people going to realize that there has been a sleeping giant in this country for a very long time? #Cthulu2020

  19. I am not American, but I am wondering what is going on in the world. I see populism standing up everywhere for years now. That mostly happens after a economic crisis. The funny thing is that populism is not gonna help the crisis for us. They are just blaming immigration for everything. Doesn't that seem too simple? Meanwhile the ritch are gettin ritcher???? Like who is the blame her?. The immigrants arent the ones getting ritch here. Its the ritch that get ritcher constantly. How is that possible?

  20. Outrage isn't a left problem. It's a people problem. The right get just as outraged when you try to take guns away. This is literally the pot calling the kettle black.

  21. Eh, isn't 'outrage culture' something that happens on the far right? e.g. Shappy, Rube-bin, Carlie Jirk, etc.
    I have never found a consistent description for an 'SJW' and have never seen or heard anything which even falls into one of the MANY contradicting descriptions of an 'SJW'… as far as I can work out, it's just a method to shut down criticism of the far-right (if you point out that Shappy is full of shit, then you're just called an 'SJW').
    It's another video where Pakman has adopted the far-right 'culture jamming'… as if it's been a success (which I guess it has). Please don't even acknowledge that these 'people' have some kind of valid point, they don't.

  22. Pakman is a dangerous intellectual. This video is why I have the badge beside the name. This man would be VERY dangerous on a debate stage. Young Dave would of slaughtered the Mock UN.

  23. Well, like every right wing complaint, it's really just projection. Boo hoo, you guys are shoving X down our throat! We need safe space from people different than us!

  24. Republican outrage, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria ocasio-cortez ANTI-SEMITISM…
    Donald Jim Crow Trump, the tiki torch licking Charlottesville murderers who screamed "blood and soil Jews will not replace us" are good people…

  25. First of all, we can stop using the right's framing.  Stop using social justice warrior as a pejorative. These hyper  "woke" folk on the internet are not interested in actual social justice. These people are actually clout chasing twitter whores, performing for the cameras and they're pretty easy to spot. Either ignore them or tell them to fuck off. But if you're really paying attention you know that the right and the "sjws" actually feed of one another.

  26. The reasonable man changes themselves to fit the world, while the unreasonable change the world to fit themselves, therefore it is only the unreasonable man who changes the world.

  27. David, you’re the best. I am poor now but when I get a better job I’ll send financial support. This is one of your best episodes.

  28. I dont know what this comment did but I deleted it and keeping it in case I cant get stuff sorted out before the end of the month then you will get the comment

  29. Now you know why I have problems with these "all or nothing" faux-gressives who would rather see the US destroyed than have anyone other than their savior-of-the-year win the next election.

  30. This reminds me of every time someone argues for socialism…. "it just hasn't been DONE right yet."

    I love you David. You make some of the best points against supply-side voodoo and deregulation of the Cheney administration.

    But you just used the three car monty that you tend to play when justifying shit like Carlos Maza, ANTIFA, and everything else. It's not so much "outrage" as it is CANNIBALISM(of democrats, like saying Pelosi is a racist) and CONDEMNATION (life-ruining condemnation, like what Erika Thomas tried to do to the poor Cuban fella at the Publix recently). You just kinda moved the goalposts to defend YOURSELF against some of the relatively weak attacks you've faced over the years.

    Yes, the fukwits on the Right are often fools, assholes, and dishonest debaters. But to use cannibalism, condemnation, and the UBER SMUG CONDESCENSION of Seder and Mark what's-his-name is what will lose 2020.

    You and Kulisnki (and Tim Poole) have the best chance to fix it (although Kyle has a lot farther to go than you do, and Tim needs to do more than just SAY he's a centrist these days).

  31. I think we should stop speaking as if "outrage culture" is somehow unique to the left or liberals. There are conservatives and some "skeptics" who have made their whole careers being "outraged."

  32. Both sides of my family were investors in the first colonial corporations. My mothers side came over with the mayflower and white sails. My Fathers side had their own ship and invested in the New Netherlands Trading company originally tried to get a charter with the Dutch but ended up having to get one through England. Then became original investors in the establishment of the state of Oregon , investing in one of the areas and taking part in drafting the early constitution of the state and other legislature to make it a state. It didn't end up a whole lot for the family to do, so much adversary during the civil war , then Oregon always a feud and civil rivalry of left and right wing. I am an Israeli Mizrahi Jew by surname and DNA but maternally Dutch, Norwegian, Irish, Scottish, French, English. No one is Jewish religiously in my family or has been for as far back as they can trace. Its pretty hard to identify with modern American a lot for me, I hear their complaints, to consider progressives an ally it seems like honoring my enemies as ally's. I guarded the main computer at the DMV headquarters on a night security job while learning to be a security investigator in Sacramento, CA. I have prayed with the Chinese Catholic for my ancestors on Chinese New Year. I have been baptized by Jesuit priest. I have been anointed by the Assembly of God for ministry. I have been confirmed by the Lutheran Church. I was in the U.S. Army and received an honorable discharge. I was initiated into the E.L.K.S. . I was a member of the American Legion. I have trained to be a private investigator, paralegal, carpenter, restaurant cook, 1 year of flight school, 1 year of drafting in college, 1 year associates of arts, and on my 4th year of a bachelors in Marketing now, plus a year of tailoring, and a year of advanced bible studies. I know I don't fit into the progressive picture much, however either does the real America, so who needs to go, America or Progressives?.

  33. Outrage culture is a distraction. Arguing over pronouns keeps us from looking into health-care, poverty, gun-reform or corruption.

  34. David, you have alluded many times that you have criticisms of "The Squad" and I'm really dying to hear from you some specific examples of what bothers you about their approach to politics. Of course I dont think they are perfect in every way but I do largely support their willingness to speak truth to power and their attempts to push the overton window further left, something that mainstream establishmment democrats not only fail to do but actively resist doing. I know the fringes of the left get under your skin when they bombard you with criticisms when you talk about this, but like you said its a small sliver and I think most of us who do support the overall political strategy of the squad would like to get an honest analysis from you about what you dont like about them.

  35. Justice is the fundamental character of any political view. Outrage culture,
    Social justice, Republicans or Democrats or progressive . If you’re view is not just you should change it. If you don’t know what justice is take a class on subject of justice. Winging it doesn’t work

  36. I think the caller was referring to people being too trigger happy with their outrage such as flipping out over some stupid story that someone shared on social media without taking time to find out if it was actually true or if there are other relevant details to consider/context to consider.

  37. Stanford experiment. 1. Anonymous people. 2. Dehumanizing. 3. Powerless people. Victims don’t need to feel sorry. Evil needs to be exposed.

  38. "[Identity politics] Wielded like a cudgel"
    BOOM, that's exactly how to describe the SJWs. They're loud, misguided, and they do more harm than good. They're basically the alt-right without the bodycount, they just annoy the $h!t out of everyone, and make it so no one wants to support the left.

    Progressives should be denouncing SJWs just like conservatives SHOULD be denouncing their neo-nazi deplorables.

  39. Everyone in here probably hates me but I’m a CENTRIST Trump voter, and this video is why I listen to David.

    A true leader can spot/reveal weaknesses on both sides.

  40. I agree largely with you, David, especially with examples like the woman who came on to tell you that black people can’t be racist. The redefinition of racism is one of the most absurd arguments I’ve heard and I hope it dies soon. That said, I’m going to have to push back a little on your Tulsi and Venezuela examples. This is not me running apologism for either. This is me acknowledging two things: 1. I don’t think these are examples of outrage culture. Sure, it may seem similar, mostly because it often comes from the same people and has the same tone, but they’re qualitatively different things. 2. It’s not a contradiction to both denounce the personalities involved in bad things and recognize those same personalities for certain things they did that were, in fact, positive, or at least were in part. I’ve gotten annoyed with leftists in the past who refuse to acknowledge that Ruby Ridge was an atrocity because the people who were killed were awful and Timothy McVeigh wrote about them in his manifesto. I think they’re wrong to look at it this way. A classic example is people being unwilling to recognize that Cuba’s doctoral program and the things they’ve done around the world, for example, to help South Africa during apartheid, have been stellar things, despite the fact that Fidel Castro was a brutal dictator. The same goes for these situations, and of course me placing Tulsi in the same conversation with Castro, Maduro, or even Chavez implies a serious false equivalence so let me be clear that she is significantly qualitatively different. That said, I disagree with her on a number of things, and I question her relationship with Modi, but I am able to recognize that we have a significant amount of agreement, that she’s been smeared with the Assad and Russia stuff, and she had a stellar (though imperfect) debate performance that David couldn’t bring himself to recognize, instead recognizing Yang and Biden as the winners. Venezuela is definitely the harder case. While I think Maduro has been utterly horrendous, Venezuelans are left to choose the least bad choice right now. It seemed to me a while ago that David saw Guaidó as the best option at one point, and I think it’s pretty clear that’s not how Venezuelans see it, and for good reason imo. As for Chavez, he made major mistakes with the economy and did some seriously authoritarian things, especially when he became paranoid after two coup attempts. But for one to deny that he brought some level of relief to those in poverty is simply ignoring the facts. Now, I can see that this cuts both ways, especially since I know some tankies who apologize for Lenin, Trotsky, and even Stalin, and I know some anarchists who run cover for Ravachol and Alexander Berkman, so trust me I know about the other side of this, but David needs to be a bit more balanced here.

  41. David I would like for you to reimburse me the 30 dollars for the membership I canceled when I was dissociated back in Feb or my mom canceled for me

    Ya when somebody said that you stole from them I stuck up for you and now I dont think you would like this being announced on my cousin Sam seders show could make it so you lose members or dont gain any

    I have no problem calling up samis show a comment might do it and tell him that he can talk about how David pakman stole from his baby cousin who is having a very hard time dealing with everything right now

  42. Any Normal person living in the US Should be Outraged, at the complete lack of disrespect for all things American, by this president hiding behind the American flag, pretending to be loyal to America when in actuality he is UNAMERICAN—he actually disgraces the American flag and embarrasses all thinking, feeling Americans!!!

  43. If our small group Twitter-morons would stop being Twitter-morons, it'd greatly help reduce our party's reputation of being OUTRAGEsjws.

  44. the wholw "outrage culture BAD" shit is weaponized. When someone makes a joke belittling rape victims and you call them misogynists, thats not "outrage culture", thats common decency. But now people conflate normal outrage to hold shitty people accountable with the very rare outrage that makes no sense, like getting angry at someone for liking a tweet of someone who once retweeted a shitty person. We should stop letting the right create the narrative. We shouldnt play into their bullshit that anytime you even mention sexism and racism, immediately you should be called a crazy sjw.

  45. Meh. The size if your blindspot for the regressive left isn't new, thing is, "outrage culture" isn't unique to the left. Any form of reactionary behavior is a problem, be it about all them rapists and murderers they keep sending over the border or that nasty roundup they use on even deadlier GMO crops. As those non-problem, totally a distraction people like to preen, you gotta call it all out.

  46. Thank you for having the courage to tackle this sensitive topic. Fantastic job articulating the difficult issues surrounding outrage culture.

  47. The problem is that political activists think their outrage can change the world. They don't want to give any serious thought to a problem. They just want to express their outrage and get a thumb's up on social media. It gets to the point where nobody can propose a single solution because the social justice vultures will descend upon them for a feast of outrage. Progressives are just looking for any opportunity to signal their virtuous nature and that means shutting down all debate just to get a like.

  48. There are levels and degrees of outrage. Some are tepid, some are boiling over and a massive sea of gray between. Then there's the degree, where you put your focus on the things that do outrage you. Being mad that black people were actively oppressed during Jim Crow and some vestiges of that linger on is perfectly understandable. But it's unreasonable to attack people who were a) not involved in these institutions and b) do not support them. Plus, some battles are more urgent than others. Fixing our corrupt corporatocracy is very high on the list, worrying about which bathrooms to use (important to a few, to be sure), much further down the list. I'd rather be uncomfortable with my bathroom choices in a society where the government is answerable to the people (mostly because that issue would be addressed much more seriously eventually), than to be totally comfortable with my bathroom choices in a society where the government is for sale to the highest bidder and we're stuck in endless wars of choice for oil and mineral resources and gun violence is commonplace.

  49. If anyone is interested in why everyone seems so angry about inconsequential things, check out this video by Peter Coffin:

  50. I'm reminded of the Pepsi/Kylie Jenner commercial. Even though there was massive backlash towards both, I'm sure the "bad" publicity boosted their bank accounts by a not so small margin.

  51. David spent most of the time here distinguishing between “outrage” & “outrage culture”
    I took the way the question was worded as already separating the two…

  52. It's not "OUTRAGE" it's actually PTSD from being attacked on the basis of identity. America has ignored psychology but the effects are real. We ignore mental health in this country to our own collective peril

  53. My issue with the current political climate and ambient discourse is the simplistic and always dualistic nature of everything that is being said. We have been conditioned for years, our neurons are firing only when outrage is present…I dream of having a dialogue where nuances are allowed. I also dream of a dialogue where there is an explosion of solutions put forward for all problems in the economy, health care, etc. . Let's all expand the solution space ! That's supposed to be the goal of the internet is it not ?

  54. 5:24 David flexing his French by using that lingvist experience. This guy is about to be trilingual before we know it! @David Pakman Show

  55. "because I said the Squad lacks political savvy and misses the forests for the trees…." Dafaq is he talking about? I have tried to look for that video where he analyzes the Squad, but I don't that anywhere. I have seen one or two videos where he mentions the squad in passes and he can barely hide his cringe. I like Pakman, but he can be very sketchy at times,.

  56. I'm a nationalist and a conservative and I have to say that this is one of the reasons why I watch this channel, because although it promotes opposite beliefs to mine, it doesn't do it through unhinged screaming and actually explains some of the views through reasonable arguments.

  57. The point with Tulsi is that you shitted on her from the get go… I could understand if she made it to the final four and you want to evaluate her mistakes but to dismiss her Marianne, Yang that early as no more relevant than Steve Bullock…well then you my friend are doing exactly what you accuse "some Progressives" of doing, the irony.

  58. FYI, David. Tulsi Gabbard is not a progressive at all. She's the fakest of fake progressives. And she's revealing that now in her comically bad presidential campaign. She's not pushing any progressive positions, instead she's auditioning to be Joe Biden's running mate. Just like how in 2017, she went to Trump and tried to get him to appoint her to his cabinet.

  59. I hate the word social justice warrior. As if social justice is something bad. Absolutely disgusting.

  60. Reading comments 😩, convinced now that both the left and right are farmed by various attention desperate media… From the distance of new Zealand I've watched and been convinced the trump/cincervative attackers are lying emotional idiots but here I see you guys are convinced as well… Sad but it feels matrix like where we are on our media sucking one of two types of propoganda and pretty much everyone is blind of the truth with polorised media iv lines 😩😩😩

  61. It doesn't take much of an effort to be outraged. On the contrary – it has always been a form of entertainment, as well as an easy way to generate an immediate sense of emotional belonging. Unfortunately, it's often staged by people who either want to make money or want to manipulate people's opinions in a sometimes less the obvious way. Sadly, very few talk about solutions. Probably because it's a lot more challenging and doesn't provide instant gratification.

  62. Narcissism of small differences keeps liberals from winning elections. Conservatives don't care if you have little differences or sexual assault allegations because they just focus on winning.

  63. I'm so glad someone else can see how harmful this behavior is! This stuff is FUEL for FOX news and other right wing propaganda. The "white people being blocked from going to class" is a great example of this. That sort of thing is what fuels the right wing.

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