I think that’s terrible. I’m not surprised. I’m surprised it’s not higher. People don’t leave companies. They leave people. And people make up the culture. So yeah, absolutely. We got work to do. Everyone’s. I think it’s everyone. It is everyone’s responsibility. The tone is definitely set at the top. What leaders focus on, that’s what organizations do. You can’t put the onus on any one department or a group of people or individual, because then it’s not truly a culture, and it’s not truly thriving. It’s on all of us to really do our part. When you come to an event like this, there are 22,000 people here. This allows us to meet somebody else and have a conversation around important issues. Oh, man. I think that’s the million dollar question, right? Defining workplace culture, I think we’re all trying to figure out what that is. Well, culture is all of the things that we do. It’s all of our behaviors. It’s how we meet, how we talk. It’s someting different for everyone. An environment that welcomes inclusivity. Culture is family. It’s what you want to be around. It’s who you want to be around. It’s being productive. When you create safe places for people to have authentic conversations, we make progress. So that’s what we’re trying to encourage. The goal is to get people together and have critical, crucial conversations. Being able to step on a topic, come together as a group of people and talk about one central thing is fantastic. I think it’s awesome. I think it’s a great way to spark up conversation with people you don’t know. I’ve actually made about three, four connections and we’ve already networked on LinkedIn and Instagram, which has been great. It’s like the perfect tool for introverts like me. I would imagine it’s hard to have a good culture without talking about culture. So, I’d say that’s a first step. When people feel engaged and included, they’re better. They’re more productive. Take a hard look at the people around you. Are they happy? Are they really good at what they do? And if they’re not, figure out why. Start being the reason that things get better, not worse. Americans, on average, spend about 13 years of their lives at work. Understanding each other will make for such a better workplace and, indeed, a better world.

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