Sup You beautiful bastards hope yo'ure having a fantastic Monday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let's just jump into it and the first thing we're gonna talk about today is This crackdown we've seen in the UK over this past weekend. You may have seen the headlines recently, like this one from The Daily Beast three far right-wing Figures were denied entry to the UK and three people they're talking about are Brittany Pettibone Martin Sellner and Lauren Southern and this happened in two different instances. Sellner who was a leader in the Austrian identitarian movement. News reported he was on his way to speak of an Anti-immigrant event held at London speaker's corner. But according to Pettibone's paperwork They were denied entry to the UK on the basis that their visit would be a quote Both ended up being released on Sunday and the pair went back to Vienna Pettibone saying it felt like they were saying your right-wing That's not allowed and then today we had a situation with Lauren's southern Lauren tweeting out Investigated me under Schedule 7 terrorism act because of alleged Racism at least they let me identify as Pakistani on my report lol still being held by police later tweeting They locked me out and said our avoir officially banned from UK for racism doing fine though, all the cool People are being banned anyway. I need to gather my thoughts and call family interrogation story is pretty crazy Though, will tell soon. Later adding "I'm not kidding about this, but during my questioning by the UK police I was asked about my Christianity and whether I'm a radical I was also asked how I feel about running Muslims over with cars" and according to Lauren Southern's paperwork She was denied entry due to an incident where she held up signs that said Allah is a gay God and so therefore her presence In the UK would be a quote "serious threat to the fundamental interests of society". And as you'd expect this has stirred up a debate on is this the right thing to do people saying that this is extreme this Is the crackdown on freedom of speech but on the other side of you people saying no? This is the crackdown on hate speech people purposefully agitating and I will say personally and has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with what they have said in the past the idea that you are not allowing someone to the country based off of things they've said in the past that have been very critical of Islam and immigration, That's crazy to me And it makes me think of the supposed reasoning behind the Laurens southern Allah is gay sign. Reportedly that was in response to a vice article that asked whether Jesus was gay Or not reportedly that experiment was conducted to see what kind of reaction this would get. And so if you flipped the situation and it was someone trying to get into the UK who is very anti Christianity who maybe also goes around saying anyone that once completely shot borders They're a Nazi would that person be barred entry and also should that person be barred entry I think that whenever possible when we're trying to think about a situation We flip it just to see how we would react. But with that said I want to pass a question off to you What are your thoughts on this story? good thing, bad thing? misplaced priorities for the UK or no? Let me know in those comments down below. Then because apparently someone over at Netflix was like Netflix isn't quite addicting enough even though we literally have a feature on Netflix That's like are you are you sure you're still watching this show, and you didn't just leave it running. No Netflix It was raining in LA on the weekend And I didn't feel like going out onto the road and driving with a bunch of people that don't understand precipitation That's the excuse I'm using for being a garbage person today. And those changes that I was mentioning before my rant or actually test targeted at children. The new system essentially grants patches for watching certain shows. Some of the shows that were tested include fuller house Trolls, a series of unfortunate events and essentially it's the attempt to gamify viewing experiences on Netflix for children And while this on its own is kind of interesting. I also wonder if people are going to call out the timing around this It's a moved aimed at children obviously trying to increase watch times with children getting people into their system as they grow up But at the same time we're seeing studies that are claiming that excessive viewing times of TV of tablets It's actually harmful for children, and so I'm personally interested to see if this test becomes a new full-fledged feature Or if they end up pulling it back killing the program because of outrage that comes out. Personally I'm of the mindset that the responsibility falls on the parents But that might not fully matter in a move that seems so heavily targeted Specifically towards the children. And a quickie update to a story we covered last week Martin shkreli of course the farmer brawler we left off The judge said that Shelley was responsible for ten point four million dollars in losses and one of the main reasons that number would likely matter Is it could affect his sentencing which was Friday Crowley's lawyers were trying to get less than two years? Prosecutors want 15 the judge kind of just split it down the middle and gave him seven years in prison. Also according to a vice Correspondent before he was sentenced Martin shkreli just started crying in the courtroom and also another point that that same writer pointed out It's important remember that shkreli is serving seven years not Because he raised the price massively We're talking five thousand percent of a drug that helps people live their lives saves their lives a disgusting Unforgivable thing that people in the pharmaceutical industry do on a regular basis But because he defrauded other rich people and now he has to pay the price And I'm not saying that she should not have face punishment for that But it is just very telling who gets prosecuted for what but from I want to share some stuff I loved today and today in awesome brought to you by post mate post mates of course a fantastic Delivery on-demand app you want something from the store or restaurant Open up the app boom they deliver it to your house your office your wherever but the hours I've been working lately it has become vital to my life so if you want to check it out go to post DeFranco com Download the app make sure you enter an offer code fill it D They will give you $100 in free delivery credit the first bit of Awesome is a trailer for sorry to bother you which looks like an Amazing movie, it stars a Keith Stanfield who I feel like is a really underrated actor I mean you've probably seen him in bits of selma doe snowden and then of course most recently get out and atlanta on FX who by the way is probably one of my favorite parts of that show a main point enjoy the trailer and get excited about july 6 Then we the slow mo guys doing paint blasts portrait and 4k nervous gave us tommy wiseau is joker Audition tape saturday night live it was a brand new black panther scene And if you want to see the full versions everything I just share the secret link of the day anything at all Links is always there in the description down below, and then let's talk about the crashes in the news last night There was a helicopter crash in New York's, East River The crash was caught on several cameras and while it appeared a light five Passengers ended up dying the only person that survived and was able to escape was the pilot while there's currently an Investigation into this crash why did it happen? We're also now starting to get information according to reports the pilot of that helicopter suggested a passengers gear somehow interfered with the helicopters operation We'll have to wait to see if there's more information that comes down But that was also not the only crash in the news a plane carrying 71 people crashed in Nepal today as a recording this video 49 people have been killed now as far as the reason for this crash the airline has blamed bad air traffic control but we also have authorities in Nepal saying that the plane made what they called an Unusual landing as far as why we're getting this he said she set the Director General the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal said the aircraft Was permitted to land from the southern side of the runway, but it landed from the northern side but the airlines chief executive said there were wrong directions from the tower our pilot is not at fault one of the survivors of the crash also raised another red flag Saying that there seemed to be an issue before they even landed saying after a normal takeoff from Dhaka the plane had begun to behave Strangely adding all of a sudden the plane shook violently and there was a loud bang Afterwards what's also interesting about this crash is it as the third commercial airlines crash to result in death in 2018 in fact it's the third commercial airline crash in just the past 30 days this all of a sudden happening after a 20-17 where we saw zero deaths in this manner That's where we are as of right now with of course some of the numbers potentially changing because some of those injured were in critical Condition and I'm not saying that it's happening for any reason It just it really does stand out after a year of no deaths at least commercial airlines wise three and thirty days I don't know And I'm let's talk about the most recent wave of Twitter ban on Friday Twitter Smackdown multiple accounts that I've been accused of joke stealing some of the accounts affected Included girl post don't worry common white girls so damn true and mean provider Here's one example of a stolen tweet where they didn't even change anything sometimes You'll see them change a word or two, but then other times like this It is just blatant the crackdown isn't actually a surprising move from Twitter the company has been very vocal recently about cracking down on spam and particular tweet deck a tweet deck if you don't know is a Twitter app that lets users create groups of profile schedule pose post to Several accounts at once and suspended accounts like girl posts and so damn true people would steal Content like memes and jokes and then put it on a shared tweet Debt then the accounts in the tweet deck would band together and retweet each other's stolen content to make it go viral this process was so successful brands actually paid Administrators for access to the collected content also known as decks and accounts in the tweet deck would sell their retweets to brands and people Who wanted to go viral so all of that said when we look at the big picture it doesn't appear that this move from Twitter Is primarily focused on Twitter accounts that steal jokes this appears to be a part of Twitter's? enforcement on spam in January Twitter announced they would be making changes to tweet that last month the company laid out those specific changes in a blog posts and one of the Most common spam violations we see is the use of multiple accounts in the Twitter developer platform to attempt to artificially amplify or inflate the prominence of certain tweets do not and do not allow your users to simultaneously perform actions such as likes retweets or followers from multiple accounts and then seemingly the most telling of what they were actually targeting they Say posting multiple updates on a single account or across multiple accounts you controlled with trending or popular topic for instance through the use of A specific hash tag with an intent to subvert or manipulate the topic or to artificially inflate the prominence of a hashtag or topic is Never allowed it seems like the war that's actually taking place is against information manipulation we've seen stories in the past year about Trending topics that made their way there because of Russian BOTS one of the ways these BOTS and other bad actors work is very similar To what these joke stealers have been doing coordinated pushes to make the content? They are promoting go viral the main differences between the two of these groups obviously impact a general intent one is to make money the other is to at least cause chaos that said for me personally if some of the Accounts caught in the crossfire are just notorious joke stealers and fucking tastic there There is parallel thinking there's sometimes accidentally saying something incredibly similar to another joke that someone made and then there is the unapologetic Stealing we see from many of these bad actors unfortunately, I believe that it's just a matter of time until they bounce back in a different way or they thrive somewhere else, but any inconvenience whatsoever makes me happy and then let's talk about lawmakers in Florida voting on a ban although it might not be the one that you're thinking of Obviously the past few weeks. There's been a lot of talk about guns and legislation around guns in Florida But what I'm talking about today is child marriage and for multiple reasons with this story I think it is important that we share Sheri Johnson's stories Jerry johnson's rapist was a church deacon who started attacking her when she was nine years old and by the time She was 10 she was pregnant with his child and reportedly when her church found out about the crimes They pressured the mother to have the daughter marry the man, which a judge approved at a time of this marriage She was 11 years old and he was 20 reportedly the abuse continued for years and during that time Johnson gave birth to five more kids before she escaped the marriage her child marriage happened 47 years ago But many children today can still legally get married and so Sheri has spent the last six years fighting to make sure no child Goes through what she did which then brings us to current law in Florida now currently in Florida if you're sixteen or seventeen? Years old you can get married but you have to have the consent of both of your parents that is unless there is a pregnancy involved in which case there is no minimum age for marriage as long as a judge approves according to a front line analysis of child marriage in the United States more than 16,000 minors were married in Florida between 2000 and 2015 and a legislative staff analysis showed that between 2012 and 2016 over 1800 marriage licenses were issued in Florida to couples when at least one party was a minor this included a 13 year old 7 14 year olds and 29 15 year old there was even an example where a guy who is 90 years old? Was able to marry a 16 or 17 year olds that said on Friday sherry was hailed as a hero because the Florida Legislature passed a bill changing rules for child marriage state lawmakers have repeatedly cited sherry Johnson as an inspiration to change the law while there were some initial disagreements because the house wanted carve-outs for certain 16 and 17 year olds ultimately we Have a single bill a bill. That's been approved by both, Florida House and Senate It is headed to the governor's desk and it sets limits on the marriage of Seventeen-year-old pregnancy is no longer a factor and now anyone marrying a seventeen year old can't be more than two years older and the child Would need parental consent, and it's essentially a done deal Governor Rick Scott said that he will sign the bill what's also interesting about the bill is that it was almost? Universally approved in the house was passed by a vote of 109 to 1 a single No vote came from Republican representative George Mariah well He didn't say anything on the floor if we look about a month before to a quote that he gave it kind of gives some Insight at that time. He said I'm particularly focused on the pregnancy aspect of it I don't want the message to be that it's better to not get married So there was that now all of this said about, Florida it's important to point out that this is also a Nationwide issue while 18 is typically the minimum age every state seems to have legal loopholes or exceptions allowing marriage at a younger age According to unchain at last a group campaigning to abolish child Marriage at least two hundred seven thousand four hundred sixty-eight minors were married in the United States between 2000 and 2015 in the last two years we've seen Virginia Texas, Kentucky, New York all voting to ban or limit child marriages But we've also seen other states struggle, New Hampshire was considering a bill to raise the minimum marriage age But that was killed after a recent push from a handful of Republicans in Tennessee House Republicans also killed a bill late last week that sought to ban child marriage But this also seemed to be part of a bigger thing attorney and former state senator David Fowler argued that it would hurt his effort To challenge the Supreme Court's 2015 decision that legalized same-sex marriage so therefore according to Fowler if the state were to move forward changing anything around marriage it would then Disqualify that they really thought that all marriages were nullified by the Supreme Court decision and ultimately while it would make a change here It would be self-defeating in the Supreme Court And this move was outrageous to a lot of people essentially you're dealing with a situation where the argument for for not shutting down child Marriages is you're not a fan of gay marriages considering the stories around child marriage that have been coming out of Tennessee it can be Infuriated front lines investigation found that Tennessee had the youngest married children in the country this Including ten-year-old girls who have been married to men between the ages of 24 to 31? we've also seen a story of an 11 year old boy who had been married to a 27 year old woman in Tennessee and then That brings us to Missouri whose current laws are the most lenient for child marriages has even been called a destination wedding spot for child marriages in some circles part of the reason for that is The only state that requires only the signature of one parent even if the other parent objects for ages of 15 16 and 17 years Old additionally like half of all states, Missouri has no minimum age to marry But it requires anyone 14 and under to get a judge's approval which if you haven't picked up on by this point I think is batshit crazy We're talking about people who are in sexual relationships that are considered statutory rape and in some cases We're seeing the children marry to protect the partners from prison I mean we're talking about situations where from a legal standpoint It isn't understood that this person is so young they cannot consent to sex but because there's a baby or someone Approved a 10 year old marrying someone between the age of 24, and 31, it's all good. That's crazy It feels insane that we have to say there's a law to stop this but based off of a lot of the reporting and stuff That we've found out over the years it needs to be done but outside That's where I'm gonna end that story today and pass the question off to you. What are your that? What are your thoughts around this story? I know we have an international audience some some diverse thoughts, and so I'd love know what you think in those comments down below That's where I'm going to end today's show and remember if you liked this video you like what I'm trying to do on this channel That like but if you new here hit that subscribe button Also since YouTube's notifications recently now are kind of like if we feel like it recommend following me on Twitter at Philly D I always link out when the new video is out. Oh, yeah, that said of course as always my name's philip defranco You've just been phill'd in I love the old faces and I'll see you tomorrow

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  1. Lots to talk about today. Hope you're having a not so terrible Monday, ya Beautiful Bastards.
    Wanna jump around?
    Right-Wing Commentators Banned From the UK: (00:06), Netflix Gamifies Watching Shows For Kids: (2:26), Pharma Bro Sentenced: (3:34), More Flight Crashes This Year Than Last: (5:23),Twitter Cracking Down on Tweetdecking: (6:56), Child Marriage Laws Scrutinized: (9:24)

  2. Do they consider themselves "Far Right" at least?
    In "UK" the freemasonry Windsor Anglo-US-Zionist mafia rules and attack anyone exposing the New World Order Trilateral Establishment.

  3. Hello dudes, t'inquiète on va y arriver. Les gouvernements sont tres pour 'I S'rael, >

  4. Hell I wish all right wing nuts where banned from US and congress because right wings are disgusting people.

  5. Liberalism is killing us just look at what they have done to President Trump the dark state , u.s media is guilty guilty guilty

  6. Let’s see why we are “banning” them, look at daily express and daily mail we have enough right wing shit being spread. Oh and left wingers aren’t the ones tarring races, religions or creeds for the actions of individuals or groups within.

  7. UK became
    U – Uzbekistan
    K – Kazakhstan

  8. the home office banned other hate speakers like farrakhan so u cant say theyre not even handed or hypocrites although i dont agree with them it is fair

  9. Also what if someone has a relationship with someone in that country? Then what if they're banned and the other person doesn't have the means necessary to move.

  10. So, I guess I have confusing thoughts on the Child Marriage laws which is blowing my mind. See, I got married at 17 and the only way I was able to do so was because I was pregnant because my Mom would not sign. She did not like my boyfriend. (there was a reason. he turned out to be an alcoholic sociopath) He was 4 yrs older than me. But not everyone's boyfriend is a sociopath.
    On the other hand, I was sexually molested by my own father for 3 yrs (from age 11 to 14) and then sexually molested and assaulted by others during my teen yrs. I cannot imagine being forced to marry one of these disgusting fuckers!
    I think that the Parkland, FL victims proved to us that 17 yr olds can be incredibly intelligent and mature, more so than adults in some cases! I would have no problem allowing them to marry within a range of 4-5 yrs above them if they passed a series of psychological interviews (or at least one) and showed that they are indeed in control of their own actions and they have the maturity to make that decision! And then have a judge give the final decision on it.

  11. Shkreli cried in court? I'm sorry. I'm not a horrible person I swear but I wanna, no NEED to, see footage of that! The world is starting to crush me and everyone else and this piece of shit, whom I seriously believe is a sociopath, suddenly cries in court when HE is punished? I need evidence that golem has emotions, please! Plus, I think it would at least ease some pain for all of those people whose lives he has destroyed with that dickish price-hike move! Scumbag!

  12. Anti-immigration is hate speech imo. I am a Muslim living in Jordan, a stable country that shares borders with Syria. We had Jordanian Muslim people that were extreme anti-immigration when Syrian refugees started flooding in, and it was horrible and inhumane. Fortunately our society discarded these insecure f***s soon enough.
    People who are afraid about the cultural threats are being unreasonable, because cultures are already being influenced and changing rapidly during present times, and standing against weak people who escaped cruel conditions to protect your culture means you have messed up priorities.

    On the other hand, being anti-religion isn't necessarily hate speech. Lauren Southern should not have been banned IF the sole reason was insulting religion, or insulting Allah. Personally I think she's a moron but a moron who's entitled to her opinion nonetheless.
    But honestly I don't know if she just insulted religion or there were other actions or speeches that incited violence. More right wing is going extreme and their terrorism is expanding in an alarming rate.

  13. I really feel that this shit happening in the UK/the west will turn into a full blown hateful far right situation.
    Current people in power and the people that are supporting them (being silent is also supportive) are to blame. I hope for a civilized solution and open discussion which would lead to sane decisions, but it is not going to happen I think.

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