hey guys on this episode I want to talk to you about why hiking is the best activity for weight loss so on this new weight loss series I'm doing here I'm going to cover a different topic with a body update on each one not only in regards to hiking but also like running and cycling if you do this up a hill or up an incline the results are just much more dramatic than doing it on flat ground but the main reason why I feel hiking is so much better than for fat loss is because you gain something more than just the calories burned so if you go for a run or someone you know helping you get into shape and they're like okay you should start running run 2 kilometers every day or 5 kilometers every weekend or something like that then it just it's like this grueling task there's no payoff aside from you knowing you burn the calories but you don't really sure you might feel good about yourself by getting it done but week after week you just get like it's no real like satisfaction to it it's just like a chore you have to do but with hiking it's not like you go to the mountain and you think oh this is five kilometers up a mountain this is such a chore it's it's like I can't wait till I get to the top to see that amazing view which is much different mindset it's all in the mindset with this there's a there's a payoff and when you get to the top of the mountain and you can whether it's you know just to breathe the fresh air and and look over the valley or take a selfie you're you're getting this sense of fulfillment that you accomplish something and as well as the weight loss involved it's much more enticing to do versus just going for a 10 kilometer run or something like that now unless you are going for a run to a cool lake that you're gonna swim in but most people just kind of do their loop around the neighborhood it's something boring and it's a grueling task it's not running to somewhere cool this simple fact like allows you to do a lot more activity because there's a goal at hand just last weekend it did a 19 kilometers I can to this bottom of this valley Dodge's Gorge and then up to some lakes and then from the lakes we summited the peak came back down did the whole thing so you got to swim at the lake which is more than halfway but from there summoning the mountain getting to see the you it was it was grueling no doubt but we weren't like thinking all this is just some horrible exercise workout we're being you know we're going on we're we're there to see the view we're there to sign the book at the top in the canister leave our mark up there it says something about ourselves and it's all in the mind when it comes down to this so while some people would say well if you just run the same kilometers you did with that hike you get the same results well maybe I think there's something to it when we compare the results of going up steep up hills versus the flats I still think burning fat going up hills whether you're cycling or running or hiking up steep inclines gives you much better results it's the fact that you're pushing to something that will will say something about yourself to yourself and that's much deeper than just knocking out five kilometres for weight loss so I encourage you to get out there for a hike if you live near me on Vancouver Island you're welcome to come with me on a hike if you want I also run a group called I'd rather be hiking Facebook group thank Ben Cooper Island Facebook group which is my hiking group if you want to join that and we will take people on hikes there do you want to come and may I encourage you to get out into the nature and just pick something you want to see whether it's a wicked waterfall or a big mountain Vista view or a mountaintop Lake that you want to swim in the rewards are much more psychological than just the going for a five kilometer run or going for that twenty fifty hundred kilometer bike ride so give it a try if you've never been hiking I understand some people hate hiking and I don't understand why they hate hiking but I do understand that just you know it doesn't do it for some people for me it's just I can't wait until the season where I can get out and do a lot of this stuff because I don't really like to hike in the winter when there's lots of snow just the idea of falling in the you know big crevasse and being buried by the snow and stuff is not my my thing I do do some hiking in the winter but it's just more lower trails I hike usually along the ocean where there's no snow but that's because I'm in a warmer Canadian climate where we don't have snow usually along the ocean so let me know in the comments below if you agree with this assessment or not for me personally I can just I can easily go seven hours hiking with an end destination in mind versus if I tried to go for a run for seven hours it just wouldn't happen cuz it's just mentally it's not it's not gonna happen no no way around it so sit up into a quick body update here so for this I've been going it's been about a month since I filmed the last one I'll probably start to do a little more frequently but for this past month I've just been starting to a lot of running in terms of playing soccer so bursts running and steep hikes so I've actually been eating more of a bulk a bulking kind of diet a little more peanut butter nut butter that kind of stuff and the reason for this because this is goes against weight loss is I my muscles have just kind of disappeared and I need to build it back up before I can kind of really push forward with this especially we're just playing soccer I'm gonna do a lot of leg muscle so I think my weight has stayed the same I've lost maybe a little bit half a pound or something but realistically I put on like a good amount of I've noticed like some more muscle in my shoulders and in my chest as well as my legs are just getting way more dense like they used to be so this first month is just building back up the body there's gonna be still some more building up to this next month but I'm actually starting to I'm just I've recently cut out the nut butters and the high-calorie stuff oats in and just kind of substitute stuff in like a lots more Brussels sprouts and broccoli and stuff like that to help with the actual weight loss so hopefully this next month here I will be able to cut down I have noticed some fat loss but as you can see here you can judge for yourself in this like split screen view I hopefully enjoyed this episode you got something out of it my goal here is just to help people lose weight because I've gone through so much of this myself so consider subscribing thumbs up and all that riffraff and until the next one have a great day

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  1. I hate exercising without a purpose other than exercising. Hiking is way better. Unfortunately a lot of people live in very ugly and flat places.

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