Who were the Elamites? History of Ancient Elam


  1. Notes:
    The coastline shown on the map I drew is the ancient coast line. So on modern maps the archaeological site of Susa will be shown looking further from the modern coast line compared to this map above. if you look at the light blue areas at the top of the gulf that corresponds to the modern coastline.
    One of the most interesting things I find about the Elam is their unusual matrilineal royal succession. It might have been beneficial having an heir who could be raised with the full attention of both parents and not a monarch too busy running the country. It interesting to theorize on the potential benefits of this system.

  2. Hwy, you mentioned the lurs near the end there and there isn't much information on them. Could you make a video about them my mother is lur from the more northwestern region and I would want to know a little more about their history

  3. Another exciting and amazing historic clip! Well done 👍🏻. However, western Iranian clans such as Kurds and Lurs both are believed to descend from the ancient Medes. And the most south western Iranians are the Iranian/ Arabs whom they’ve originally immigrated from different parts of Arabian Peninsula into the Khuzestan plains located in South Western part of Iran. Today, the modern city of Susa is inhabited by both Iranian/ Arabs and Iranian/ Lurs whom are the descendants of the ancient Medes and Persians to some extent. So, just wondering that which western Iranian clans exactly are related to the ancient Elamites?

    And by the way, this is how the ancient Elamite language sounded👇🏻.


  4. It's always fun learning about cultures that lasted long in many stages. If I ever am able to do actual research I'd love to learn more about the anatolian peoples like the Isaurians and the other ones that are existent one second in the late roman period and then disappear off the face of the earth

  5. Hey man enjoying the video have to say I'm digging the real-life picture of the Zagros Mountains in the scene at 1:02 think it helps give perspective great work again brotha, thank you

  6. I have been hoping you would do a video on the Elamites for a long time now, and I'm so happy you finally did! This culture is so hard to find real information on. Most of what's available is meant for scholars or just conspiracy theories. Great video and very informative!

  7. According to my ancient near eastern history profs and my education, everything is correct except that apparently using the term "Median Empire" is a big no no because, while the textbooks haven't been fucking updated in like 50 years because of how fast we are learning new information about the ancient near east, all modern experts now know that there never was a median empire. (If you don't believe me look how many schools and even colleges still teach about a Sumerian "Temple State" even though we have known that temples owned only 6% of farmland and the Crown owned like 60% for decades). They were a loose, disorganized coalition of tribes which is why when the Persians organized they gained control very quickly, adopting and building off of the more organized Mesopotamian state structures that the Elamites copied or co-invented.

  8. I should say that as an Assyrian, the post-empire name for the region that was called Elam is now called Khoozestan (called Beth Hoozayeh in Assyrian Aramaic aka Syriac).

  9. Fun fact: in Hebrew "על" (pronounced "al" or "il") coincidentally also means "upper" or "atop," and "am" means "nation," but it's spelled differently.

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