if you don't like cops you keep bringing it up I would say maybe assaulting a cop that's what I'm gonna go with that I'm gonna go with assaulting a cop I'm sorry why do I have to be the bad guy my name is Parker Rojas I'm a bouncer and I'm a full-time student you know we're gonna guess okay I have a juvie record and when you need to be do I give a list of what I think like DUI that's no candy as a kid yeah the kind of individual that always wants to play the bank here in monopoly you're that kind of sheet aren't you everybody wants to I want to be fair with the money and I don't think everybody around me is fair with the money so I'm gonna be fair with the money well did you go to church as a child when my grandpa asked me to steal from the collection plate I did not but I always put one penny one penny there yeah no criminal record what's up Kevin Kevin where did you grow up I was born in Southern California a sports played play basketball and played basketball at Bellevue college and played basketball at WSU I'm gonna say that his crime is DUI just right as I said Cougs huh yeah thank you hi lacunae Parker pleasure that stuff you like to do for fun for fun I'm very intimated oh no I'm okay I would say no crime just like that just like that so what about there we go BJ Park there just each other all right be giant peepees okay where you from San Pedro sweet Long Beach Manor when'd you move up here I would say if I had to guess I would say boosting cars maybe some home invasion so those are my two things I would guess will well part of her hey bartender nice to meet you man okay sweet do you ride a bicycle um I ride a mountain bike in the summer times yeah yes we just looked like the kind of guy that would get in trouble for like drinking at the bar then riding your bicycle or like falling asleep in your vehicle okay and getting caught that way which is a crappy way to go but he just doesn't look like the kind of guy that would like go kick down the door or trying to steal a girl it looks like more something like innocent ish I'm gonna say falling asleep in your car I'm gonna stick with that okay I'm gonna stick with that I'm gonna man up and that's a criminal charge and that's a criminal charge it is you gonna do yeah yeah as long as the cheese are in the vehicle and you pass out oh it can actually be a charge and it's no no no where you from upstate New York upstate New York okay well how long have you been this time four months four months this time okay how old are you 35 okay let's say it's been at least like eight years since you last crime to him you're good yeah I think he's just doing that I think he's just giving me just pumping me up a little bit you don't like cops you keep bringing it up I would say maybe assaulting a cop that's what I'm gonna go with that I'm gonna go with assaulting a cop did you go to school uh well cosmetology cuz oh okay ecology you guys like to party a lot did my shirt we say no okay say now I'm just like no crime what's up man did you play any sports no I tried one time but they like sort of singled me out for drugs and I said yeah I never really been good with team sports geez man I would say based on that information you lived in interesting life I don't think he has done a crime but I think his own experiences I let him to really make sure he changed around for the good that's the good heart in me all right I'll take a minute EMI all right yeah see how long I am I guess now oh I like that percenters hey hey again yeah you guess she didn't have one I guess yeah why she why believe she know I just picked a set of questions that I feel would probably lead an individual to or not to or take them away from the situation based on the fact that I had a personal record juvie record you were right on man yeah you I think yeah and you have an unfair bouncer advantage very much similar to a cop because you have to deduce a lot of stuff from people in a very quick period of time I know that from personal experience myself but yeah six duis okay lots of assaults okay mixed martial artists for years so let me take drink tequila and go to a bar and get it right okay yeah that guy exactly you know you guessed pretty quickly do I just look innocent or something that's your demeanor yeah I would say to me and they're like based on my experiences for like growing up and then I would see in my job I could tell the kind of individuals are pretty set in their morals and the compass which way how far sways or has swayed all right driving just driving driving driving driving mm-hmm okay so like speeding tickets kind of driving or did I guess right on the boosting car not just a speeding okay what do you want okay okay swing take that one oh man no oh yeah this is the one I want to know you got it right okay but that I have a criminal record that I may like passed out in my car yeah got a DUI so I'll tell you I am Irish but no DUI now the thing with alcohol do you want to guess no I'm gonna stick with it I'm gonna say something okay one count of federal tax evasion okay I did 16 months in federal prison okay no about that smart maybe not so [Laughter] stolen property there's I know some now I'm curious super curious I have a felony okay it's for aiding and abetting a felon unlawful possession of a firearm I didn't know he can be around my firearms oh and he fired off my rifle and my apartment perfectly nobody I know right yeah exactly you know yeah I live and learn sweet okay well thank you hi I'm the only one to get me give me write today everybody else gets their records okay gratulations yeah it's nice to know that not everybody automatically assumes that you're a bad person I get that a lot like no they think you're scary yeah answer no I totally understand things because people always project that oh you know I'm just a bouncer you know I could not possibly have anything else going on in my life but really I'm under Pharisees right all right we good yeah sweet thank you you

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  1. Very good guy, this guesser. He had a nice clear approach, didn't judge, made everybody feel at ease (and thus give themselves away). He'll be a great nurse, too!

  2. OMG! Parker beat the system! That intuition should be appreciated. Crowd has spoken – we want more of him!

  3. Was hoping to find Hakuna’s social media here in the comments but its mostly just about Parker lol 😂

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