Champagne the famous sparkling wine that has been a cultural icon for hundreds of years Just the pop of a champagne cork is the sound of celebration Referenced in classical music and hip hop alike champagne has been loved throughout history by everyone from Winston Churchill to James Bond The history of champagne is a fascinating one with the creation of sparkling wine dating back to the 17th century Whilst the famous monk Dom Perignon is often credited with discovering the method for putting the fizz in champagne He wasn’t actually the first he did however play a pivotal role in Perfecting the method and declared that drinking champagne was like tasting the Stars So who perfected champagne? the first one really developed The method is the monk Dm Perignon that everybody knows of course I will not say he invented champagne, but it did a lot to perfect the process of making champagne by controlling the second fermentation which is a sense of the Methode champenoise and also by blending it was a first winemaker through to start and try to blend different Cru, different villages and try to find the perfect blend to make champagne and after he started also who developed the second fermentation process and it was at this period that the first sparkling wines appeared in champagne The English scientist and physician Christopher Merrett was actually the first to discover and document the method of putting fizz into wine in 1662 Primarily, this was a way of preserving wines during long voyages at sea When it came to promoting champagne internationally The Grand Dames of champagne was undoubtedly Madame Clicquot also known as Veuve Clicquot, which means Widow Clicquot in English this tireless incredible businesswoman took over her husband’s business after his death in 1805 and it was she that sowed the seeds for the global recognition that champagne has today a true Trailblazer Madame Clicquot was at the forefront of innovation marketing and export of champagne during an era where women were excluded from the business world Although sparkling wine is produced in many regions and countries only sparkling wine produced in the wine region of champagne can be labeled as such Champagne and the name champagne is protected, of course in in all over on the world You can find what we call sparkling wine champagne is a sparkling wine But the name champagne goes with the region goes with people Champagne comes only from champagne and that’s it Today there are over 15,000 growers across champagnes 35,000 hectares of vineyards these vary massively in size and scale of production From the small local growers that often sell their grapes to the larger producers to the 24 major houses known as Grand Marques Which can produce tens of millions of bottles per year Champagne has such an amazing history and so many passionate producers. It is a truly wonderful drink that can add sparkle to any occasion

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