I guess making money and staying in business is more complicated than we originally thought hi my name is Sydney welcome back to my channel so it seems like people really like talking about companies and businesses that have gone broke because they decided to get political with their message notably a bunch of people in Instagram kept sending me this article about a Melbourne cafe which is where I live code hansom her that recently closed down what an original name in 2017 the feminist cafe made headlines because it decided to impose an 18% surcharge on male customers to reflect the wage gap yes the wage gap that's been disproven time and time again that wage gap fun fact I actually contacted this cafe in 2017 for a story that I was writing not about them but about how a university in Melbourne was having a bake sale and charging men more for baked goods because the gender paid yet they were actually pretty rude to me I wasn't really very appreciative of the way they spoke to me on the phone just a heads-up in case you guys ever decide to have another cafe again get better staff anyway discriminatory bake sales and bad customer service are totally separate issues on their own so the point here is that people are suggesting that the reason this cafe hansom her has gone out of business is because it alienated men with this man tax surcharge thing while O'Brien who's the owner didn't detail why the store is closing down it's safe to assume business was not doing well due to its less than friendly way of treating men I'm sure I mean yeah that's entirely possible although I'd argue that it's actually just really hard to run and maintain a business in Australia at the moment in fact with just a quick Google search I found out that there are roughly two million Australian small businesses and the data and analytics provider illion revealed that just under 55 thousand businesses went bust in Australia last financial year this is a 12 point 7 percent increase in the number of failed businesses compared to the year before so really it's just kind of hard to stay in business here why you might ask well there's a multitude of reasons one of which being that the government really really likes to tax us so as much as I would like to agree with other people who've talked about this and say that this is the direct result of these people getting work and going broke and that feminists cafes are evil I can't really stand behind that to be clear though I am NOT saying it's outside the realm of possibility because feminist cafes are in fact evil however remember Gillette the brand that made an entire ad based around toxic masculinity and how bad it is well as it turns out for some businesses making your message political doesn't turn out so well this will more than likely come as no surprise to anyone but Gillette sales are down because none of us saw that coming Procter & Gamble the company that owns Gillette saw sales of grooming products including Gillette slipped by 1% continuing a long string of declines I found another article too that claims just generally across the board net sales are down by 8 percent but P&G continue to say that this ad hasn't negatively affected them at all we've received unprecedented levels of birth' media coverage and consumer engagement in that campaign it's part of our effort to connect more meaningfully with younger consumer groups early results when you look at the age group specifics birth internally and externally reflect that we're accomplishing that objective yeah funny that you know who doesn't buy razors feminists maybe ever and again we don't really know if this decline in sales is the direct result of the Gillette ad but one would think that if the marketing techniques that these people are actually trying to employ are actually working then there wouldn't be a decline in sales yes let's alienate most of our consumer base that sounds like a great marketing idea I mean and obviously overall business is not this clear-cut but it does make you wonder it's like a little bit from column a a little bit from column and that's just the idea that we're gonna run with for the rest of this video because I can't explain why businesses go out of business so I guess my overall question here is how good or bad is it when a company turns their message and branding political apparently not that well if you're a bad vegan cafe in Melbourne that hates men who are the bulk of people who buy women food on dates and never mind some of you might remember a restaurant called the red hen in Lexington Virginia who made headlines because they decided to throw out press Secretary's Sarah Huckabee Sanders I too hate customers and making more money but yeah apparently after that event happened tourism in that town suffered and then continued to suffer for many months afterwards lots of people pledged that they would never go back good job trust the Democrats to just ruin something for everyone else it's like their calling card some of you will also remember that the Huffington Post also laid off a bunch of journalists from their publication as it turns out sir did a bunch of other left-wing media publications like vice BuzzFeed and Mike because really BuzzFeed there's only so many quizzes you can make about what kind of desserts people are before people realize that you're not real journalism even the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2018 after that whole issue arose about them allowing girls into the Boy Scouts even though the Girl Scouts exists but I don't know something-something inclusion may be such as Ghostbusters which decided to have an all-female powerful cast that basically ran on a feminist narrative really did not do well whatsoever the Miss America pageant decided to cut out at swimwear section in favor of having the girls personalities more on display and saw a massive decrease in viewership I love my pageant queens with a lot of personality in fact the viewership decline was so bad that even from its key demographic it lost 36 percent of its viewers and there are lots of examples like this across many industries from businesses to cafes to television shows movies and so on but actually this get we're go broke thing isn't always the case brands like Ben & Jerry's have actually consistently done pretty well across the board when competing with other ice creams I mean they're not the best ice cream out there and they don't perform the best but they're definitely not going bankrupt as time is war on this brand has been very political and even made ice cream flavors dedicated to being political a notable flavor that they released recently is cold welcome to the resistance together pecan resist although I don't really think that would work if you said pick on because then it would be pick on resist that doesn't make any sense but honestly I'm not even really all that mad about that I think it's actually a pretty clever name Starbucks is an example of another work brand it's actually doing pretty okay after President Trump announced his travel ban in 2017 Starbucks Howard Schultz released a letter to company partners announcing a renewed commitment to hire 10,000 refugees over five years despite blowback Starbucks is another brand comfortable with making a political statement and is often in open conflict with the Trump administration they reported their strongest holiday earnings ever in the first quarter of 2016 even in the face of a trump approved boycott over the company's controversial minimalist red cups this article actually goes on to say that perhaps the reason why Starbucks is still doing well is because it's a pretty big enterprise and it can actually weather the hate it's been receiving Nike is yet another brand that made a lot of people really angry when it put Colin Kaepernick the shamed footballer in an ad but then it also says that it saw a 31 percent increase in sales directly after that ad chick-fil-a is another example of a fast food chain that got political and actually is doing pretty well chick-fil-a experienced a massive backlash after its chief operating officer made some comments opposing same-sex marriage back in 2012 the immediate result was that people showed up in droves basically to support the restaurant that they thought was supporting traditional marriage I'm not saying here that chick-fil-a hasn't had its fair share of significant failures because I mean it has it's being barred from lots of they can't open new restaurants in particular locations but that's also not to say that they're not one of the most successful restaurant chains in America because they are so why does some companies succeed and make more restaurants and others go dreadfully out of business maybe because everyone needs sandwiches that aren't filled with hatred and feminism it's actually very simple and fairly obvious according to the Harvard Business Review 38% of Americans believe CEOs have a responsibility to speak out on hot-button issues related to their brand the same study says 40% of Americans would be more likely to buy from a company they know was aligned with their values but 45% said that they would be turned off from purchasing from a company with which they disagree so uh people buy from companies that they agree with that's it's kind of it I know Graham breaking a brand study from 2018 said that 64% of consumers worldwide will make purchasing decisions based on a brand social or political position um a 20-17 report from the American Association of advertising agencies said that 58% of consumers disliked marketers taking political positions and the American Marketing Association took a similar stance the following month saying that diving into politics may strengthen brand loyalty but as stifles growth beyond core consumers so I guess the best that I can explain that is like I will buy makeup that I know is not tested on animals because that is something that I believe in in that we shouldn't be putting mascara in little bunnies eyes because that's horrible but by the same token I don't want those makeup brands telling me what to think about other issues even issues that are completely unrelated to the makeup world like don't tell me that you don't like president Trump because I literally don't care about that if I'm just buying your blush I'm sure the marketing people who are watching this can probably expand on this a bit better because otherwise all this information just contradicts itself there's also a lot of people who work in marketing who think that this political way of going about doing things is actually really risky a Forbes article took just over three hundred people as a pretty small sample size and then asked them what they think about marketing and political messages in the companies that they work for when these marketing staff were asked if they thought it was a good or bad idea to get political with your brand the bulk of them said no it's not a good idea marketers in larger companies are willing to get politically active while smaller companies are not corporate giants are kind of in between I remember a while back when Qantas which is Australia's main airline started telling its staff but they couldn't refer to their passengers by gender pronouns and cold people wives and husbands and things I remember being kind of annoyed by that and then I didn't want to fly with Qantas anymore and I wanted to boycott them but they're basically the only Australian airline that flies to America that's not terrible and doesn't make me feel like I'm gonna die on board just kidding I've never flown to America with virgin but I'm sure they're fine please don't sue me I'm still mad about that whole Qantas thing and I'm boycotting them in spirit anyway I think the general message here is that these companies get work and go broke specifically when they over or underestimate their chosen demographic or their main audience and sometimes getting super political as a brand can be perfectly fine but like these studies often suggest they never can move outside their original base unless of course you're Gillette in which case you just alienate them so what do you guys think do you think that this whole getting political with your branding is actually a good idea or do you think more than anything it's probably gonna result in this whole get woke go broke thing as always if you liked the video hit subscribe and the thumbs up button if you want to leave a comment feel free to do so just don't be rude about it and I will see you guys next time

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  1. Once, I was out with a friend, and we walked past the cafe in question (it's in my city) and I was like, "haha, that's the place that has the man-tax… Let's not go in there."

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

  2. Wasn't that Gillette ad also written and directed by the woman who used to be on the Young Turks? That woman who… even they fired in the end… because she had been accused to sexual harassment and sexual assault of both female and male employees?

    So basically, to combat toxic masculinity, they hired a potential female rapist to help them.

  3. Boycotting in sprit?
    So you mean you actually arn't boycotting them because a slightly more comfortable flight means more to you than your values?.

    Pro tip, book the exit row for the leg room.

  4. I don't know about Australia, but the practice of charging more to one group than another based on racesexreligon was illegal in America… Or more commonly known as discriminatory practices..

  5. I avoid businesses that mix politics with business. It's bad edict and shows poor leadership. Then there is the obvious bad for the pocket aspect.

  6. +Sidney Watson
    I would cross the street to give you a nice comment . . . oh gee! Sorry. Is that male oppression? (pleasedon'tsueme!)

  7. I often wonder how good or bad the product had to be for someone to give it up as easily as so many claim over a commercial after being a “loyal” customer for so long.

    Funny how none of you are snowflakes or soft for getting mad over this. Weird.

  8. I found an interesting story about how political scientist Paul Kengor of Grove City College has detailed the history of American communists and cultural Marxists’s efforts to target and subvert Scouting in particular, to help undermine American family life.
    Looks like they won. The morphing of the Boy Scouts of America away from traditional Christian and Family values into the BSA to please the grievance culture feminists, atheists and GBLTQQIPP social reconstructionists produced not just a financial bankruptcy, but a moral bankruptcy as well.

  9. Gillette commercial for men: shows young men doing loutish but generally harmless things to the tag-line "Is this the best a man can be?"
    Gillette commercial for women with a morbidly obese woman who is most certainly going to die due to direct consequence of her condition and in contrast appearing to say, "This is the best a woman can be!".

    Yet I see their stock prices surged after this ad. We might have in this whole process, a winner for "Misogynist of the Year". (People cheering at the celebration of women dying young and thinking themselves clever??).
    I wonder if there's a possible link to the suicide rate for girls going up by 70% since 2013? (Which is just about when the social reconstructionist/social shamers/SJW agenda kicked into high gear).

  10. I know I have not set foot in a Target store since they came out with their bathroom and dressing room policy, allowing men to use the women side, no questions asked.  I also have worked in scouting for 40 years, how tragic it is for them to change their values and I no longer support or participate with them.  Gillette  Not a good value for me anymore when I realized that they are fighting against their own customers with every dollar I give them.  Please companies keep making your political activism known to us, so we can support those companies that have values that don't fight against us and our way of life.

  11. I don't think it is Gillette's advertisement that caused the 1%drop. I think it is new companies like harry's that sell you just as good razors for fractions of the cost of the big brand names.

  12. Star Bucks now is harder to order from because they all speak a foriegn language get my drink wrong every time

  13. This is so difficullt. I understand it is hard to be unbiased in today's political climate but fuck I just want unbiased truth. There are so many lies spread and it's NOT just by the left side. It's both sides. Who can we trust?

  14. And this, ladies and gents, is why I make my coffee at home. Also, it’s mostly Arabic coffee and apparently no one knows how to make it.

  15. If I was a girl Id want that stuff tested on animals, Id hate to suffer from something that would have beem noticed if tested on an animal. Other then that I basically agree with you.

  16. Yeah well I switched to buying Schick razors and never buying Gilette products again so, thats my 1 consumer protest!

  17. i,me,myself,& i,personally,go 4x4ing,to get away from the world of,he said she said,it said.who cares.??.are we being turned into non gendre,unconcius robots,with no thought on or for anything..i love this world,but its being turned into trash.

  18. im against communism,&,in winter,its damn cold,as i dont have any clothes to wear……joke.really,its a joke.re-previous comment..

  19. never seen a hoer house go broke,but ,most new,,companies go broke,because of the tax,money involved staying fluid.its against you to make it,unless you have outside help,with funds,drug money.mainly.YOUR NOT MEANT TO GET RICH IN AUS…not legally,anyway..i paid double the yrs tax when i became a contractor,id like to know why,&,where is it.so,for the first meagre yr,i have to live on 40%,of a wage.say $1000,per wk,i get,400.not good johnny…no wander they go bust…incentive,NOT..

  20. Anyone watch TheAmazingLucas on YouTube? He has a video about a Nintendo gamer designed his/her own platform and put a LGBT flag in the background but Nintendo suspended the player and delete his platform because "it's too political" WELL DONE NINTENDO!

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