With one hundred thousand subscribers right
around the corner, we here at Suggestive Gaming figured now would be a good time to catch
up on the story of…well…us! When we started this channel almost four years
ago, we never imagined we’d see this day, so we thank each and every one of you, and
hope you enjoy a little history on the channel. Without further ado, this is what you need
to know about Suggestive Gaming. Our story begins in 2009, when Josh Picard
and Chris La Grange met when Chris’s brother married Josh’s sister. The two hit it off and became friends, frequently
playing multiplayer games like Call of Duty and various others online. Over the years, Josh tried to get various
YouTube projects off the ground, including a series for popular channel Machinima using
the Fallout 3 engine called “Thrown Out”. However, when Machinima changed their focus
to general gaming content, the project fell apart before completion. On November 24th of 2015, Chris floated the
idea to Josh over text message to start a “Let’s Play” channel called “Suggestive
Gaming” where they would play the audience’s suggestions. Josh was immediately captivated by the idea,
and in January of 2016, the two got together to stream Super Mario Maker as their first
game, taking viewer suggested levels. After a month as a duo, in February of the
same year, Chris brought along lifelong friend Frank Heinrich to a recording session, and
having fit into the dynamic of the show, Frank immediately become a member of Suggestive
Gaming, turning it into a three-piece. Through their community-based streams, the
boys soon met longtime fans and friends: Looc, VentureVin, YouTubers DefendingTheGame, among
others. After a few months making only videos of their
gameplay streams, the boys met at local pizzeria Classic Slice to discuss ideas for new types
of videos to try to branch out and captivate a new audience. Chris mentioned the idea of re-capping the
storyline of a video game series in preparation of a new installment, and Josh was immediately
fixated on the idea. Since he was planning on replaying the Uncharted
series to prepare for the upcoming Uncharted 4, Josh set off to record his playthroughs
and create a video on the storyline of the games, releasing it May 8th of 2016, two days
before the game’s release. The video very quickly became the boys’
most successful, racking up tens of thousands of views in its first day; numbers they never
imagined they would see. This success led to a switch in focus, with
Chris and Frank making another successful Mirror’s Edge video, and Josh working on
one covering the Zero Escape series. After releasing the Zero Escape video, Suggestive
Gaming was featured by Polygon.com in an article written by Allegra Frank about the video. This led to other publications, such as Destructoid,
to feature the video as well. The video also put the boys in contact with
professional streamer BikeMan, who went on to become a longtime supporter and friend
of the show. This recognition cemented the “What You
Need to Know” series as Suggestive Gaming’s mainstay, and they continued to push them
out as quickly as they could play the games they covered. They even saw their first video to surpass
1 million views: their often-imitated God of War video. This video also brought up some drama due
to several larger channels ripping it off, but the bright-side came with this causing
them to meet and befriend fellow Wisconsin YouTubers Drop Rate, whom they still love
dearly. Over the next few years, the boys continued
to make their gameplay videos with weekly Friday streams, as well as the What You Need
to Know videos as quickly as they could. This grueling schedule took its toll however,
with Chris and Frank balancing college and part-time jobs, as well as Josh with his full-time
career. Frank went to college out of town, and due
to his limited availability, stepped down as a full-time member, leaving Chris and Josh
to carry on again as a duo. Fortunately, however, their hard work soon
paid off. Their Kingdom Hearts video, released in March
of 2018, went on to become their most successful. Not only featured by several high-profile
YouTubers, such as AngryJoe and Caddicarus, the video went on to be featured once again
by a news publication; this time being Newsweek. Yes, Newsweek. After seeing more and more success with their
What You Need to Know videos, including highly successful older series videos such as Call
of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, Chris and Josh continue to focus on putting out the highest
quality videos they can. This includes capturing every game they cover
themselves, leading to near-daily community-focused streams that Josh calls “the stream of dreams”,
bringing forth more fans and good friends referred to as the “dream team” including
Bob Ross, Krackerz, fphred, Giorno, TacoBird, Alex Ernst, Shaun Douglas, and many many others
(seriously, if I forgot to mention you, I deeply, deeply apologize because we love each
and every one of you). This brings us to today, crossing over the
first giant milestone of our YouTube career, and hopefully the start to an even brighter
future. 4 years; 200 videos; Hundreds of thousands
of hours; 100,000 subscribers; Too many new friends to count; two brothers. This is Suggestive Gaming.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Dang, i never knew the background of the channel that well. but it’s crazy to see how far you guys came, congrats! you guys are probably one of the best channels i’ve ever found and the community you guys created is so great! 🎉 congratulations (on almost 100k and pretty much 100k)!

    p.s. thx for including me in the “dream team/stream of dreams”

  2. “Often imitated god of war video… this video also brought up some drama due to several larger channels ripping it off”

    That legit made me laugh 😂😂😂

  3. WoW Classic releases in a little over a week. Maybe it's a bit short notice, but in-game footage isn't really necessary. You could make a What You Need To Know about either how Classic came to be (through the shortcomings of Blizzard and retail) or the Warcraft story leading up to the original version of WoW (which would likely need some WC2 and WC3 footage).

    It's a thought. Congratulations on being the best content creator to come out of the quaint little city of <<REDACTED>>

  4. 1. Man I've always thought only Josh and Chris are The only members of suggestive gaming
    2. Thanks for the the shout out you guys are also amazing best channel I ever watch
    3. Keep up the good work both of you and you may get more than 100k who knows?
    4. Best summary I've ever seen.( Not over reacting)

  5. Holy damn you actually did it 😁😁😄😁😄 eyyy CONGRATS YOU TWO😁 Im still part of the dream team right? Sadly I can't watch streams now because its 8 : 30 in the morning in here whenever your stream starts, and I have school now😭, anyway CONGRATS AGAIN🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎈🎈🎈

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