I’m Flo, and I’m Alfie and we’re here at Grime’s Graves in Norfolk to meet Will Lord who is a prehistoric survival expert. We’ve got lots of questions to ask him about what life would have been like in the Stone Age. – Hello! – Hello! welcome to my cave! – Do you live this way all the time? – No, unfortunately I don’t I’m a Homo sapiens sapiens just like you – When did you start being interested in the Stone Age? – I was 5 years old and my family moved here to take care of Grime’s Graves. Pretty much from day one I started getting into the skills that used to be used on the site here. – How do we know what we know about Neolithic people? – Ah, well this all comes down to the great art of archaeology and one thing that can never rot away are the stones themselves. You only need to go to a molehill and you’ll be able to find things like that part of a flint tool which was just picked up here yesterday – Why is Grime’s Graves so special? and why is it called Grime’s Graves? – Grime’s Graves is special because it’s a group of ancient flint mines from the Neolithic period and it’s called Grime’s Graves because of the ancient Anglo-Saxon god called ‘Grim’ The Anglo-Saxons named it after him – How did the miners see what they were doing down the pits? – Well it looked a lot different then because it didn’t have a big concrete cap on the top and you notice how white the chalk is? well that meant that as they were carving through it was very bright and white – Where did they sleep and where did they go to the toilet? – I think that they would cover themselves in skins stretched out on skin in a frame that would be a great place to sleep but regarding going to the toilet you just do what the animals do where ever you need to go, thats where you go! – Have you been to any other Neolithic sites around the world? – I have been but one of the most special ones that I’ve been to is Stonehenge, and do you know I actually believe that some of the axes that came from here actually helped to build Stonehenge? – What’s the funniest prehistoric joke you know? – What do prehistoric people like to do in the evening? – I don’t know – We go out clubbing! sorry about that..

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  1. Loved this playlist but can someone do one on what was there between the Neolithic Period and Romans? The Celts, the Picts and the Gaelics?

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