Saudi Arabia and Iran are bitter rivals clashing politically and ideologically for decades in September 2016 Iran's Ayatollah blamed Saudi authorities for the deaths of hundreds of Muslims during a stampede at the previous year's Hajj pilgrimage in his response Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti said he was not surprised by the accusation as it came from the descendants of zoroastrians who are not Muslim Iran was indeed originally made up of followers of Zoroastrianism and we wanted to know what exactly is this unique religion well Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest monotheistic religions predating Christianity Islam and even Judaism it was founded by the Prophet SAW roster roughly 3,500 years ago in what is today Iran Zoroastrianism was the official religion of pre-islamic Iranian empires from roughly 650 to 600 BC and was at one point one of the most dominant faiths in the world however today it's rare to find most recent estimates place the number of followers at about 200,000 with most living in India and Iran Zoroastrianism ASDA or wise Lord they believe that he created the world and designed it to exist and evolved in a way that is perfect and righteous the so called law of Asha is what Zoroastrian see as the ideal way that life should be and every day they affirm this goal in their most basic prayer called a Shambo who as one of the early pioneers of dualism Zoroastrians believed that everything in the world exists within moral opposites such as good and evil or heaven in hell they believe in free will and that good thoughts good words and good deeds will repel evil forces and thus bring them closer to the perfect divine life after death humans purportedly confront these choices before a heavenly tribunal who then deliver them to Zoroastrianism z' own version of heaven or hell translated as the excellent abode and the worst existence for spell it's no coincidence that these ideas are also pillars of succeeding monotheistic faith Islam Christianity and Judaism are all said to be influenced by Zoroastrian beliefs of a single deity a dualistic universe and a final judgment day that said Duralast Rian's are unique in a number of ways for instance they're known for their fascination with fire which they see as a symbol of the divine because of its warmth and light the religion also emphasizes individual rather than group worship so most adherents choose to pray at home rather than at a place of worship like a church or temple when they do gather it's usually for holidays or coming-of-age ceremonies which some compare to a Jewish Bar and Bat Mitzvah and although Zoroastrianism promotes good behavior unlike other religions it doesn't prescribe a moral code of conduct or a long list of rules over the last few centuries the number of Zoroastrians has dropped dramatically as a result of oppression forced conversions at migration India which is home to the majority of followers sees roughly 10 percent fewer Zoroastrians every decade according to a report by UNESCO what's more the religion has been struggling to adapt to modern times without losing its unique cultural identity if the religion continues to decline at its current rate Xaro Austrian ISM may soon be something we only read about in history books Zoroastrianism emphasis on positivity and non-violence is hardly unique many faced promote peace and yet countless people around the world continue to be marginalized jailed or even killed in the name of religion so what are the most peaceful religions learn more in this video Hinduism has long been identified as nonviolent largely due to the influence of the pacifist Mahatma Gandhi however even within the religion violence may be used to protect oneself or one's country one Hindu god states that violence is necessary in the defense of justice and does not conflict with a spiritual life and even Gandhi himself was killed by a fellow Hindu thanks for watching seeker daily don't forget to Like and subscribe for new videos every day

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  1. Zoroastrianism was belief of great rich & developed Persian Civilization. Even Golden age of Islam is based on this civilization.
    And irony is that Islam is also responsible for persecution of Zoro people & decline of this civilization.

  2. Which is they oldest religion? Off course hinduism. Because there is so many proofs like rama setu and kalpa vigraha statue. These artifacts specially rama setu, scientists are not giving satisfying answers. Rama setu looks like its man made. Which is 1.7m years old.

  3. All I can say is this, if only Persia/Sassanaid and the Eastern Roman Empire(Byzantine) didn't fought each and continued the "Eternal Peace" then perhaps Zoroastrianism would have a stronger footing in Iran.

  4. Islam is the final religion of God and the Furqan is the final revelation! Muhammad is the final messenger. May Allah Guide you all

  5. Funny that a saudi would look down on the descendants of zoroastrians, when he is a descendant of pagans. We all are…

  6. Whenever there is a focus on preserving the "cultural identity" of something so Universal- there is bound to be a decline in goodness. What a shame.
    However, all is not lost. It is up to us who desire to embody such ways of goodness to revive it again.

  7. This sounds like an introvert antisocial religion…perfect for me. But of course it doesn't exist, just like my luck. 😟

  8. Are they really incestuous. I am playing ck2 and trying to uh…. spread zoroastrianism to the world lol but my sister don't have my baby. I don't know what's wrong with her

  9. I am sure if Iran was free most Iranian left Islam and became Zoroaster, They introduce themselves muslim