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What if there is a Friend Who Knows All About My Past? | The Guilty Secret | EP.05 (Click EN CC)

It felt similar to that day. (I’m uncomfortable that you feel
comfortable around me.) I’m going to study hard
from today on. Why all of a sudden? I’m going to make sure I get
a higher grade than those two who talked badly about you. Hey, don’t underestimate me.
I have megapass now. You mean the online lecture?
Which teacher do you have? With this, I can listen to all
the lectures at megastudy. My grades are going
to skyrocket. No way. You came second place? What’s gotten into you? No way! You came first place? Hey, she got the top grade. Were you the top student
in your previous school? Yes. Jisu, did you know about this? You two went
to the same academy. I didn’t know she was this good. I don’t know a lot about you. Which middle school
did you go to? I went to Taesa Middle School. Did you get
good grades there too? I wasn’t bad. But you know a lot about me. It’s about how I was bullied
in middle school. What? Wow, I’ve never gotten
good grades before. You didn’t have to share that. Jisu, which middle school
did you go to again? Me? I went to Yeonri Middle School. Right. Come to think of it,
you never told me about your middle school days. Riho, didn’t you go
to International Middle School? You’re so awesome. (Riho’s Birthday Party Chatroom) Riho’s birthday is
finally tomorrow. Who wants to buy gifts with me
before going to the party? Me. Yoojae and I will
buy ours separately. We have a soccer match tomorrow. Gosh. I know a nice shop. What? Where is it? Let me tag along. She still appears in my dreams at times. Ara Kang. I should hang out with her, but I feel uncomfortable. Look at this. Isn’t it cute? Yes, it is. What will you buy her? I need to look around
a bit more. This looks pretty. Yes, it does. Wow, that’s so pretty. It looks similar to yours. You’re right. Do you still write
in your diary? Yes. What do you write?
Your journal entries? Well… Actually… Should we buy this for Riho? Yes. It’s pretty. It’s so cute. Dasom. Hey, do you play soccer
in the afternoon and in the evening as well? Soccer is life. Then what about me? Did you win? Of course. The score was
one to zero. Who scored? I did. Wow, Yoojae. Then what did you do? Should I stick this over there? Yoojae. Riho’s almost here. What? She shouldn’t be here. We haven’t bought her cake yet. I’ll buy it. I’ll come along. Okay. We’ll be setting
everything up in the meantime. Where are you going? We’re buying a cake. Should I tag along? It’s okay. We’ll manage. Let’s go. Okay. Don’t you think we picked out
the best cake? I bet Riho will love it. Jisu. What? Are you okay? Yes. Thanks. It felt similar to that day. Do you mean the day
we first met? Yes. Back then, I didn’t feel uncomfortable. Excuse me. Hi. It was as if I had known you
for a long time. Really? Thanks for the book! I felt comfortable and close. I’m sorry. What? I think you feel uncomfortable around me. I’m sorry as well. You helped and protected me. I misunderstood you. I thought you had told her
about my secret. It’s understandable. I wasn’t clear enough. But I’ll never tell anyone about your secret. Happy birthday to Riho -Riho, this is for you.
-Thanks. Ms. Idol-to-be,
please be good to me. Thanks. Here. -Thanks.
-Here you go. Thanks. -Happy birthday!
-Thanks. -Happy birthday.
-Thanks. Riho. Thanks. Let’s cut the cake. It’s my favorite. Is this how you do it? Move aside. I’ll do it. Done. All right. I want to hear an idol sing. Hey, I’m not an idol. Maybe not for now,
but you will be soon. Let me rest. Yes, let her rest. She’s always busy preparing
for the monthly evaluation. Gosh, you’re so slow-witted. I’m sorry. Then we should step up. Let’s party it up. Let’s go! Let me go outside for a bit. Sure. Will you sing? Oh, yes. Why do you have
the remote control when you don’t even sing? Gosh, that was the highlight. Sorry, I pressed
the wrong button. Jisu, it’s your turn. Thanks. Miji, do you want
to sing with me? I’m not good at singing. Come on, sing. -Feel the vibe.
-Hold on, hold on. Hey! Where did Riho disappear to
all of a sudden? She left a message
in our group chat. Due to practice,
she had to leave in a hurry. Being an idol trainee is tough. Why do you talk like that? Let’s just abandon her. Jisu, are you okay? Jisu. Jisu. Jisu. Let’s just abandon her. (The Guilty Secret) (Riho, happy birthday.) Thanks. I had a good time
with my friends. (It’s not easy, right?) (Riho?) Mom. Actually… (It’s okay.) (If you are having a hard time,) (you can always come back home.) I’m sorry. I’ll call you again. Riho, good work. Let’s practice a bit more
and debut next time. Happy birthday. (Tteokbokki Lovers) I’m sorry, they want me
to practice all of a sudden. I should go first.

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  1. That girl named Bora is girl group member..April maknae..she is 18.. Back then in A teen also April members Naeun played Kim Hana. April may not be popular group but they are talented in acting.

  2. i want the final guilty secret to actually be miji liking jisu cos 4:20 was some major BDE but its south korea so i better prepare my clown shoes

  3. 7:20 its VICTON's song 'Unbelievable' go and listen to it

    Look at im promoting VICTON lol. Subin you're doing great.

  4. I'm honestly curious why out of all her friends, she decided to tell all her deepest secrets to someone who she's not that attached to with

  5. I dk why but I just wanna see more of Riho ahahaa she's so freaking gorgeous plus the way she speaks Japanese aaaahhh😍

  6. Ahhh man I don't know how I feel about this series… makes me uncomfortable but still loving the actors and actresses!

  7. Miji: I’m not good at singing!

    *sings like an idol

    Confirmed that the “How it’s Like to Have a Korean Friend” video by Markian is true.😂

  8. I can relate to Jisu on so many levels …Few days back I saw my classmate who used to bully me in school and I litterally got panic attack and that feeling when those moments comes to your mind ….

  9. The boy with black hair and Jisu look so cute like when the short black haired girl said 2 the boy that they can go on their own 2 get the cake Jisu and the boy looked disappointed cuz she wanted him 2 come and he wanted 2 go with her ♡

  10. i hope riho gets a bigger role because i really like her personality and she seems like a good friend and jisu definitely needs that

  11. if this is queerbait im suing :-)),, im hoping that miji is trying to get close wt jisu bc she likes her and im not seeing stuff

  12. The short haired girl likes Jisu. I kinda doubt her from the start tho. Hoping my theory is right cause why not? love wins anyway.

  13. I think miji is lesbian and that's the biggest secret about this series and definitely she likes jisu soo she changed school for her just my opinion and theory

  14. omg guys what if Miji's secret is that she likes Jisu from the very start, tats why she feels so comfortable around her and wants to get close to her by knowing more about her, maybe she chose to transfer to that school because Jisu is there?? And that shes so supportive and mature towards everything that Jisu does?? the only thing we dont know anyth about is why she left the academy suddenly. Rmb ep1 where Miji said 'ill tell you when i can' about why she left the academy? What if she left the academy bc she realised her feelings for jisu and couldnt accept that fact bc KOREA so she tryna run away from her feelings or tryna 'stop' liking jisu. but then she missed her so much after leaving so she transfered to her school. But this is korea cmon MY CLOWN OUTFIT IS READY LETS GO

  15. As someone who was bullied during high school, i can relate to Jisu, a lot. The uncomfortable feeling when your close friends going somewhere without you, or even just talking without you. It's easier to be worried or afraid of the tiniest chance for them to abandon you. The hatred and sadness you feel when you coincidentally meet with your bullies even years after that. Bullying is hard to forget. It will affect your life, probably forever, but doesn't mean you can't moving on toward better future. For those who are and were bullied, be strong. Believe that in this world, there are more people who are kind, compared to those bad ones 🙂

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