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no secret dinosaurs once ruled the earth they were big strong scary and it seemed
like they were at the top of the food chain well depends which ones but it
seemed like they were the ones to be feared not fearing but when it comes to
the Deinosuchus it’s believed they actually ate some dinosaurs as well as
other land creatures fish and shellfish these things were believed to grow up to
33 feet in length weight anywhere between 5 to 10 tonnes and are very
similar to that of the sarcosuchus which is currently believed to be the
largest crocodile that ever lived weighing up to 15 tons and 40 feet in
length so today we are asking what if the Deinosuchus didn’t go extinct well
for starters I will say the world wouldn’t end I know a lot of you guys
seem to think that’s a common theme on this channel and it usually is the case
if catastrophic things happen to earth such as earth going into the Sun another
planet colliding with earth or if earth lost all of its oxygen so you could
breathe easy knowing if these guys didn’t go extinct you’d probably still
be ok I mean it really depends where you live so let’s get into that it’s
commonly believed the Deinosuchus lived in rivers in North America but not the
North America we live in back before our time the Western interior Seaway also
referred to as the Cretaceous Seaway or the North American Inland Sea was a body
of water that split two islands to give you an idea when these things roamed the
waters the Western interior Seaway literally split parts of what we now
know is the United States and Canada in half part of Alberta and majority of
Saskatchewan were submerged in water Montana Wyoming Colorado New Mexico
Kansas Nebraska and South and North Dakota were also all submerged majority
of Texas would have been underwater as well and that’s exactly where these
things lived now of course these crocks wouldn’t necessarily live in the middle
of massive lands such as Colorado or New Mexico because they’re most likely
aren’t bodies of water big enough to handle them so if they were to adapt
they’d most likely reside on the coast of California all
to British Columbia there is the possibility some could live in larger
lakes like Salt Lake however I’m not sure how they’d be able to cross all
that lands such as the deserts of Nevada it’s also fair to mention a handful
could live in the Gulf of Mexico so those living along the coast could also
be affected I mean Florida has their fair share of Crocs so who should say
their long-lost relative wouldn’t be able to join them of course these things
roam in the waters could not only cause trouble for some locals but fishermen
and any shipping routes that used those coastlines it could also change the food
chain in the water considering how these things were
believed to take down the likes of the Tyrannosaurus Rex who is believed to be
the king of land I mean with rigid sharp teeth and armored skin I could see how
the Deinosuchus would be able to put up quite a fight with a t-rex regardless of
who were to win the fight I know I’d pay to watch if he one hell of a show but
again these things roaming large bodies of water wouldn’t necessarily change
much of our day-to-day lives especially those living in the more central States
I mean the idea of a 30-foot crocodile showing up on a golf course in Florida
is pretty scary but I don’t play golf so I don’t have much to worry about but for
the sake of this video because it is of course hypothetical let’s also look at
the possibility of these things adapting to living in smaller bodies of water
compared to the oceans such as the Mississippi River the Missouri River and
the Colorado and Columbia river’s well then this could pose a threat to those
living anywhere near the water especially considering how those things
would be just fine roaming the land for periods of time
it’s also possible these things could adapt and live in some of the great
lakes such as her on Ontario and superior which would definitely be
problematic for me who lives in Toronto not too far from the water if this was
the case people living in towns cities and states that could be affected by
these things would have to relocate I mean if you look outside and see a
30-foot croc sitting on your lawn I could promise there’s no animal control
that could help out but eventually the government’s more specifically the US
and Canada assuming that’s where these things would live might have to invest
in containing these creatures this of course would cost millions upon millions
of dollars studying the animals figuring out ways to capture them if they’re
putting people in dangerous situations and of course finding ways to stop them
from getting in contact with our society in general now of course we also have to
look at it from the perspective of if they’d go extinct again depending where
they live food could be quite scarce for these large animals there’s only so many
fish turtle Sharp’s or whatever else these things
would eat that live in certain areas before their population would completely
die out in a sense these creatures could potentially make themselves go extinct
due to overeating and lack of a population for food again just a
hypothetical theory but this entire video is hypothetical so why not look at
it from all angles possible even if these things preyed on humans by the
coast I don’t think a 6-foot 200-pound adult would be enough to spice the
appetite of a 30-foot 10,000 pound croc maybe ten humans and that’s why I’ll
never go swimming or in a boat ever again it’s some really serious scary
stuff but come to think of it before you guys do you start to worry and before I
work myself up any more than I already have let me reiterate the question here
what if the Deinosuchus didn’t go extinct it’s been extinct for over 73
million years and its first fossils weren’t found until the 1850s I could
promise you these things are not a threat to anyone anywhere crocs on the
other hand well those are very real and dangerous so I’d recommend steering
clear now before we wrap up this video let’s respond to some comments from the
video what if hammerhead sharks went extinct
banks oiled jr. said imagine if thor’s calls his hammer and a hammer head shark
floats to its head I included that comics I thought it was very funny and
just the idea of Thor holding a hammerhead shark there’s hitting people
with it I think that could be a great spin-off so I think someone needs to get
in touch with Marvel and we got to make this happen ASAP Conan loud grin I’m
really sorry if I said your name wrong said I’d love dinosaurs to be back only
to be our protectors that would be great but there’s absolutely no guarantees I
mean they’re much much bigger than us and I think maybe we should work on
having lines protect us before we try to focus on dinosaurs which are much much
bigger stronger and scarier I don’t know just a thought as always I would love to
hear from you guys so please do drop us some comments down below of how you
would feel if the Deinosuchus didn’t go extinct where would you guys live would
you be comfortable living near the water or would you be eight like right in
Central America nowhere near any bodies of water I’d
probably just move to Europe or something I don’t know as always I’ve
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