the nation of Greece today as a rather minor country in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe and one could be forgiven for thinking that the nation has a minor influence on world culture and international affairs although the small nation of only 10 million people might not seem to be at much interest there was a time long ago in Greek architecture language and culture was one of the most dominant forces on the planet and as such Greek history is perhaps one of the most studied fields of any civilization in classical history today however before this the area of the Greek city-states were largely seen as backwards divided and relatively weak in the state of international relations it would take a great ruler to unite the various Greek territories and even then it was very dubious as to whether this task could be accomplished directly before the rise of Macedon the Persian Empire specifically the outcome ended dynasty was one of the most impressive empires to span the earth rivaling the mighty Roman Empire and having the distinction of spanning through three separate continents of Europe Africa and Asia from a historical standpoint the Persians had always had a strategic advantage when expanding their empire having the Gulf to the south of them and the mountains to their north this led many great Persian dynasties to erupt from the Iranian plateau and although mighty they were not invincible the most vulnerable position probably would have been along their northwestern border that being the Aegean Sea near Anatolia although it's been heavily romanticized in modern Western cinema the rivalry between ancient Greek and Persian armies had always been quite palpable and indeed the Persians had a very difficult time conquering the relatively puny Greek city-states at Athens and Sparta even though there was no concerted effort to unite against the I commented Empire at the time directly west of this vulnerability point was ancient Macedonia located in the modern country of Macedonia although their culture is more Slovaks and Hellenic today and the region of northern Greece and in this ancient Macedonian Kingdom was born the man that was destined to conquer their gargantuan neighbor to feast alexandros 2/3 of macedon that are known as Alexander the Great was born in 356 BC as the son of the macedonian king philip ii although his father had big plans for uniting the Greek people and battling the Persians he was assassinated when Alexander was only 20 years old granting him the full might of the Macedonian fleet and army as the youngest king of Macedon Alexander largely succeeded in uniting the Greek people Sam's a few of the more staunchly independent city-states on the Peloponnese Peninsula and the region of efforts as well as absorbing the region of Thrace which at the time was largely Hellenic and culture as well still unsatisfied with his feed Alexander set his sights on the entirety of the Persian Empire which again had the single most powerful military of its day starting at the age of only 20 years old Alexander began one of the most unanimously successful military campaigns in all of history with the young general being universally undefeated in any battle with the Persians or other folks starting in Asia Minor or modern Turkey Alexander's forces marched east and themselves through the Levant and into Egypt cutting through the one major weak point of the Persian Empire during this period of mass conquest began a process known as hellenization where many aspects of Greek culture permeated these sections of world especially in the Middle East and North Africa as we discussed in the last video brief style temples and statues were erected all over the Levant and Egypt as well as many cities being renamed with a Greek name such as the 20 cities in the former Empire named after Alexander himself Greek language became the lingua franca of many areas nearly overnight especially the region of Asia Minor and 11th which was one of the main reasons that the Anatolian languages a separate branch of indo-european went extinct by the age of 30 about a decade later Alexander had effectively conquered and subjugated the largest and most powerful Empire the world had ever seen largely using the wisdom personally taught to him by famous Greek philosopher Aristotle himself and although he never had a chance to personally execute the previous Empire documented gary's the third he was fairly ruthless in his battle tactics which is one of the reasons he was so successful the last area the macedonian king was to conquer were the southern fringe of Central Asia and the western fringe of the South Asian subcontinent and Alexander never had a chance to advance into the heartland of Hindustan seeing how he would die prematurely only two years later in the city of Babylon in modern Iraq which depending on the account was either from accidental food poisoning or from a rival purposefully poisoning his drink and a ploy to assassinate him either way following his death his rapidly build unstable Empire immediately devote into a multitude of civil wars that shattered the Empire he had built in the previous decade although Greek culture would be retained in the western part of the Macedonian Empire that being Anatolia the Levant and Egypt for hundreds of years all the way up until the fall of the Byzantines nearly a millennia later the Greek presence in the eastern portion of the Empire was largely fleeting but there being relatively few Greek colonists and settlers in that region of the Empire and Greek was largely a periphery language taking a backseat to Persian Bactrian and other Iranian languages however following the collapse in the Central Asian part of the Empire pepping parts of modern Turkmenistan Uzbekistan and Afghanistan the Greek language and culture was able to take word in government and many parts of their society leading to the emergence of a new power in the region known as the greco-bactrian who were largely bilingual in the native Bactrian and Greek which is brought by the foreign invaders as well as thousands of Greek colonists and soldiers that settled in the region the greco-bactrian Empire was largely an intermediate power between the South Asian Mauryan Empire to the east and the Parthians and emerge in Romans to the West with Greek culture being especially apparent in Greek style architecture and artwork found data to that time period were the most bizarre fusions of eastern and western culture in the bactrian Empire was the emergence of Buddhism as the main religion in the greco-bactrian society and its syncretism with ancient Greek mythology and contrary to a common sense would entail Buddhist was spread from west to east through the bacterial Kingdom into Central Asia and then on to East and Southeast Asia not the other way around so in a way simply from one man's life goal Greek culture was able to spread not only through the heartland of the Middle East but also to the Far East as well as could be expected the greco-bactrian kingdom would fall once again to a new Persian dynasty around 125 years after its establishment but before it fell the greco-bactrian king demetrius the first invaded and established even further greek kingdoms east of the empire this time with a different base culture the Greek community to the east of Bactria was perhaps even more unstable than the latter being located on the fringes of the South Asian subcontinent mostly in Afghanistan and the Punjab and Kashmir regions of modern Pakistan and India however the last of these various Greek kingdoms although never united as a single entity still managed to survive past the Greco back shams and was ruled over by Greek or indo-greek kings long after Athens sell to the Romans in the West the culture of these various Greek kingdoms in South Asia were largely a fusion of European and North Indian customs with official languages used in the government being primarily Greek with the secondary language or language of the common civilians being one of many Indian languages such as Sanskrit which is the precursor to modern-day Hindi and many other South Asian languages the religion of the various indo-greek kingdom was a fusion of Hinduism Buddhism and Greek mythology eventually the indo-greek kingdom would fall to the emerging power of Kashan are on the same region of Central and South Asia who are also descended from the Iranian Bactrian peoples and although they initially used Greek as a language in government as a legacy of the indo-greek kingdom this was soon replaced by Bactrian which at the time was still written in the Hellenic alphabet another influence of the Macedonians the Kashan also had significant influence from the East Asian Yugi people as well as the Scythians from Central Asia and it wasn't until 375 ad that the Kishan would finally fall and alas also fell the last of the dynasties to attend directly influenced by the rise of the Macedonian Empire and Alexander's conquests the exact number of ethnic Greek civilians and soldiers that settled in the Indian subcontinent is unknown as the ancient Macedonian Empire was never well-established enough to initiate a comprehensive census like the Romans but seeing how the population of the Indus River Valley area was around three to four million two thousand years ago and initially 60,000 soldiers from Greece settled in the area at the time Alexander finished his conquest and a further two hundred thousand ethnic Greeks sailed in either bacteria or the indo-greek kingdom around three percent of the gene pool about Pakistan and Afghanistan is of Greek origin while some studies placed Greek DNA in modern ethnic congeries from both India and Pakistan and numbers as high as 15% which along with the Indo Scythians from pre Mongol Central Asian descent would explain why clan jobbies and cash marries are probably the fairest of all Indian ethnic groups and have a relatively high number of people with light-colored eyes and hair were there Alexander's conquests where a net positive for the world is definitely up for debate but one thing for certain is that the rise of the Macedonian Empire was truly an impressive feat for the time bridging the gap between eastern and western culture by uniting an area wider than that of the continental United States spanning areas as diverse as modern Bulgaria to Egypt to the northwest corner of the Indian subcontinent even though the area was never fully homogenized through Greek culture and in all actuality it probably never could have been the ancient Greeks and Macedonians certainly had a huge impact on many parts of their former Empire and traces of their architecture language religion and genetics can be seen in many of the modern people groups of the region and it's truly astounding to think that such an unassuming nation such as ancient Greece could have had such a large and permanent impact on the world even a place as exotic and faraway as Pakistan and India be sure to let me know your thoughts on Alexander the Great the rise of the Macedonian Empire and the last of the indo-greek kingdom of South Asia which a lot of people probably didn't know about and I thought was a truly fascinating subject as always they for watching everyone there's been Mason and I'll see you next time

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  1. FYI: In the Kashmiri language, people who live in remote villages are called "groos" – could be a variant of 'greece' perhaps?

  2. The truth is Indian find their own language before others at 25000 BC. but,They started language process before 30000BC. They also find their own gods first. Indus god is the first God to the world. They find more things unlike Rome,greek, because indian find orbit and ozone layer at 12500bc . There is proof in Indian oldest temple built before 12000bc. They also find all planets , all stars and Pluto with out any instruments at 500bc. Indians are the one who used separate toilet for each person at before 500BC.
    They find more things shampoo,plastic and nose surgery,airplane also ..etc
    But some Indians invention are totally lost by British. They also thefts some from India.
    Greek and Rome also popular in india education by their wars. Indians also fight. But they spend more time with research unlike greek and Roman.

  3. Mongolia only has a population of 3 million but they had more influence and power then the Greeks

  4. Mongolia only has a population of 3 million but they had even more power and influence then the Greeks

  5. This guy should get a geography lesson. he is totally ignorant and he wants to deliver a lecture here?!

  6. Because they arent greek they were all thracian serboslovene tribes fighting under alexander who was also a slav, greeks are piece of shits plagiarizers just like analbanians, true warriors are serbs

  7. Curious the us of the term "Levant." My understanding is that it's a term that originated in the 15th century, and this is clearly before that.

  8. Sorry Slavs I meant. Ones the Greeks were concurred by Roman's. Then the Roman's brought the Slavs from the north of Europe to occupie and work the lands of Macedonia and feed the roam army while feeding them selves. Those people occupy that bit of land which ones uppon a time was part of the Macedonian empire are speaking Slavic and not Greek you can possibly call them slavo-Macedonians as you can call a Greek that lives in USA GREEK AMERICAN who at least will speak English and Greek. Them only speak Slavic. The MACEDONEANS spoke and still speaking GREEK MY FRIENDS never Slavic

  9. The propagandist idiots saying the Macedonian language. Is just like I say to you all that in Los Angeles they speak LosAngelean language hahaha 😂. They were no Macedonian slaves only Greeks. Is like you are saying the population that lives and occupied turkey today are IONEANS.

  10. The ancient MACEDONEANS WERE GREEKS AND REMAIN GREEKS LErn some hystory. They were ALL Greeks, the Minoans, the Macedonians the Cycladeans the Ionians, thraceans, peloponesianans, ilirians, messiness the bloody Atheneans. Alm they were speak Greek and believe in the 12 gods. By saying the Greeks and the MACEDONEANS you are making a mockery out of it mate.

  11. How Porus remained King after defeated by Alexander why Ambhi who has alliance with Alexander cannot become king.

  12. OK. I have an idea. I like all of your information. However, you should start by telling us what you are going to tell us. Give us a route map so we know where we are going. If you don't do this, we are blind folded.

  13. Well the greeks were defeated by romans, by gauls and by persians and finally turks. Not invincible. Romans were defeated by germanic tribes and germans were defeated by napoleon and french and finally russians beat them thoroughly! No one is invincible.
    Greeks kinda look like persians, turks.. kinda middle easterners just like italians do!

  14. I usually enjoy your videos and admire you for the amount of information you were able to squeeze into them in a very comprehensible way. But this time it seems you lost it.
    Not only is the introduction to your video weird, unfitting and irrelevant and rather belittling for a historic nation which lives on for close to 4000 years. Despite the young of your age, you should know better than that and be more careful, if you are targeting an international public. And you did the same other cases with other nations as well.
    But here it seems that you haven't even studied your history well. The nation which calls itself Macedonian today is Slavic and does not have anything to do with the ancient Macedonians. Slavs arrived in the Balkans in the 7th century AD, one thousand years after Alexander the Great. Even if we accept that the ancient Macedonians were not exactly Greeks – the archaeological findings, their language, their names, their participation in the Olympic Games suggest strongly otherwise – there is absolutely no way that they are related with the current slavic Macedonians, as you imply in this video.

    Please be more careful in the future.

  15. just look at the statue of alexander you CAN tell a person's ethnic group by looking AT his FACE and alexander's face LOOKS greek to me not SLAVIC just look at alexander's facial features on the statues his facial features is always depicted greco looking ETHNICALLY

  16. The people of the Kalash Vallez in Northern Pakistan claim that they are the decendants of Alexander's army. When you look at them it's certainly not too far fetched of an idea

  17. The people of North Macedonia are a Slavic people who took that name in the 1900’s. They have no relation to the Ancient Macedonians, a Greek people.

  18. My friend. i live in Macedonia and by no means it's Slavic or any other culture. It's 100% Hellenic. Just to be correct to what yoy say because misinformation is a great calamity in our days

  19. "…ancient Macedonia located in the modern country of Macedonia, although their culture is more Slavic than Hellenic today, and the region of northern Greece"????? Are u serious bro? Your phrasing implies: 1) that the biggest part of ancient Macedonia was NOT is modern Greek soil (since you put FYROM aka modern Macedonia first), which is ABSOLUTELY AND UNDOUBTEDLY false. Although modern day FYROM was indeed a part of ancient Macedonia, most if not all major political and cultural sites were located in the southern part of the ancient land, which is in modern day Greece. That includes the capital, the royal palace, the royal tombs, all the major cities and the list goes on… 2) by saying "their culture is more Slavic than Hellenic today" you imply that modern day population of FYROM is of the same nation that occupied the region in ancient times and all that changed was their "culture". Which is obviously, if you study the migration of the slavic nations, FALSE since Slavs migrated south towards the Balkan peninsula from modern day Belarus/Ukraine/Russia in the 5th-6th century AD… THAT WAS some 7 HUNDRED YEARS AFTER Macedonia was conquered by the Romans. Heck, it was 1 MILLENIUM after Alexander, who got ancient Macedonia at it's peak. Anyway, next time you decide to pretend to be a History buff, at least get your facts and your phrasing correct.

  20. This is bullshit. The people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and North India(till Maharashtra) are Proto Indo Europeans who arrived in 1500BCE. They were the Arya people and displaced Harappans who presently are The Kannada, Telugu and Tamil people of southern India.

  21. The modern "Macedonians" are not NOT , Macedonian, they are Serbian, claiming a heritge and history that does not belong to them.

  22. Another mislabeled video. When you talk about Indo-Greeks or Indo-Europeans you are talking about a very different time period. This predates Alexander and Ancient Greece by 100’s of years. You are clueless.

  23. Love getting stoned and listening to shit like this. Idk why but history is very attractive. Blaze it tho compa!

  24. I am hellenic.To our books we have read that when Alexander and his army gone to India,indians had slaves some women and Alexander had free them.Indians were bad with women of India before 2400 years…

  25. Alexander,King of Greeks,send after the battle of Granicus 300 armors to Athens and especially to Parthenon with the following inscription:
    “Alexander of Phillip and all Greeks except Laecedemonians(Spartans),from Asia,in which BARBARIANS live”.

  26. Interesting video, thank you.
    Maybe we should just stop fixating on places, names, who belonged to whom etc etc and focus more on the actual people, their interesting (or just daily) stories, etc. It's far more fascinating, than pointless, neverending bickering.
    I recently found out that my greatgrandparents lived in Persia, in a greek speaking community, before moving to Odessa in another greek community and then they were forced to return to their country of origin (a few years prior to the great population exchange in 1923) so they ended up in Greece, even though they had never been here before. I wish I had more clues and documents from them, but they'd never say a word to their children about their origins and family history, probably because they felt ashamed.
    They were not considered as "real Greeks" for quite some time, by the native Greeks, even though they shared the same language and culture (and probably DNA), because people are afraid of changes.

  27. 356.14.5.House of Gods family.Alex Sandraxari.Balance.
    Assypartys Sparta.
    Energy of Aria.
    King Maken Danxari
    17 000.bc.Gods famil

  28. They are now Hindu and Muslims. They became hindu to be safe from Islam and rest of them were forced to be Muslim, that’s the difference between Hindu and rest of religion we never tried to spread our religion whatever you are you ll always have a place in Hindu community

  29. The biggest and oldest province in China it’s called even today like it has for thousands of years yunnan from the Ionians , how the Ionian Greeks where there before even the Chinese people it’s something for historians to look in to , history goes way back then what we think we know, God Dionisio’s was the first to travel that Far East thousands of years before Alexander. As of the Macedonians I like to tell my fellow Greeks , it’s embarrassing for us to even debate the Greekness of the Macedonians there aeolis and they will always be , the Greek civilization had also expand in the west thousands of years a go the name espania means is panna he was god Dionisio’s general that conquered that land and give its name , the city of Barcelona its named after Hercules boat, the ancient Gaul modern day French was named after Hercules wife galea, Egypt means down of the Aegean Sea , Scotland means the land of the dark and the list goes on and on Africa was named after goddess Aphrodite and the way she was born of the sea , i am proud to be Hellen and learn about my history.

  30. I saw a documentary many years ago that showed a town or region in Northern Pakistan where the people were dressed in local garment but they were stunningly blonde, pale and with green / blue / grey eyes. They were apparently descendants of Alexander the Great's soldiers. Please I'd like to get some info on the matter, if anybody is familiar with the issue. Thanks.

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  32. Greeks That’s Okay Too Be From Middle East You Steel Dance Same Like you Brothers Be Hapy!!!! Long Live Macedonians ☦️❤️

  33. Macedonian Kingdom And Macedonians Off Today Have Same Mape 2500 Years Ago And Today Same Same Same!!! Long Live Macedonians Slavs Egej Pirin Vardar Mala Prespa Forever!!!☦️👍☦️

  34. Hey Thief’s I Ment Too Said Geeeks Please Go Back Too Middle East You Belong With Your Brothers Weeth Green iye ☦️👏☦️

  35. You Truly Look Like Pakistani People But Nothing Like Hunza Light Collor Green Aye True Descendant Of Macedonian Army That Stay Behind.Long Live Macedonian Hunza!!!!👏☦️👍

  36. By Teaching Students Lies About Masedonians And They Actually Believe It Wery Shame Very Sad 😞 Every Bode Will Be Judge Before God glory Too Jesus Xristos Forever ☦️

  37. Greeks History From 2000 Years Ago…..Nothing 2000 Years Ago Till 1830…..Go Figure….Short And Dark History Exodus Of Macedonian Slav Women’s And Children Molesting Killing Reaping Separates Families They Don’t Tell Your At Greeks Shools were Dark History God Know Your Hearts.☦️

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