There’s a lot of people out there claiming
to know the best diet, based on what our ancestors ate. But how do we separate the hogwash from
the history? Hey guys, Julia here for DNews. There are some people who like to make inferences
on how we should live based on some “ideal” past. Take a recent trendy diet. The basic
tenets of the paleo diet come from a few current hunter-gather societies, suggesting we should
eat more like we did before the invention of agriculture. We want an easy answer for
how we should live, or more specifically eat, but the real story is so much more complex. So what does evidence say ancient humans ate? From looking at teeth, skull fragments, environmental
conditions, and even computer models, our ancestors lived in a wide range of habitats,
leading to a variety in diets. Optimal Foraging theory suggests that diet is influenced by
a food’s value and distribution within the habitat. For most of human-ish history we were hunter
gatherers. Well, mostly gatherers. Before 4 million years ago, our ancestors ate a surprising
amount of fruits and leaves, similar to how chimps eat now. Researchers found isotopic
evidence in teeth enamel of a transition around 3.5 million years ago, early hominid species
starting expanding their diets. They added other plants, like tubers, roots, and succulents.
The researchers had to add that perhaps these isotopes are from animals they ate, that ate
the plants. Speaking of meat, it’s not certain when
meat entered early human’s diet. Whether hunted or scavenged, researchers find evidence
of marks on animal bones dating back 2.6 million years. A skull found in Tanzania dating back
1.5 million years ago showed that meat had become crucial for brain development in early
humans. It’s thought that eating meat regularly triggered changes in our brains, making us
the kind of smart apes we are today. Then there’s teeth. You can tell a lot by
the teeth. Teeth size and shape and even how our jaws fit together tell a story. We have
bunodont – back teeth that are low with rounded cusps that lend themselves well to eating
below ground food, roots, tubers, the like. Our crooked teeth are probably the result
of cooking food. Cooking opened up a new way of getting nutrients. But our teeth changed
with the invention of fire. As we started softening our food by cooking, our jaws got
smaller, but our teeth haven’t caught up yet. hence all the crowding and crooked teeth. Then about 12,000 years ago we settled down
in communities and started growing our own food rather than foraging for it. This is
commonly called the Neolithic Revolution or Neolithic Demographic Transition. During this
time, humans introduced cereals into their diet – the Neolithic Founder Crops, including,
wheat, barley, lentils and peas. Although, there’s evidence that of charred barley
and wheat from Israel dating to about 23,000 years ago. There also some evidence that might
move back the introduction of grain into the human diet to about 100,000 years ago. Researchers
from the University of Calgary found starch granules on stone tools. Evidence found in pottery shards suggest that
humans also added dairy products to their diets, around 7,000 years ago. While these
advances are more recent, our guts evolved to keep up. A genetic mutation in central
Europe just over 7 thousand years ago for humans to make drinking milk a thing.

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  1. Animals who hunt have short intestinal tracts and colons that allow meat to pass through their bodies relatively quickly, before it can rot and cause illness. Humans’ intestinal tracts are much longer than those of carnivores of comparable size. Longer intestines allow the body more time to break down fiber and absorb the nutrients from plant-based foods, but they make it dangerous for humans to eat meat. The bacteria in meat have extra time to multiply during the long trip through the digestive system, increasing the risk of food poisoning. Meat actually begins to rot while it makes its way through human intestines, which increases the risk of developing colon cancer.

  2. yeah, its the only way not to be poisoned by jewish runed agricultural farms having plants constantly sprayed with harmful pesticides and highly unnecessary hormones and other things into the meat.

  3. Human are intelligent because they ate a lot of energy providing food like carbs to supplement the need of brain. You start eating proteins your muscles will grow alot but eating carbs actually make the brain work that's what makes us intelligent.

  4. If you think eating like ancient humans did think about this, we live 4 to 5 time longer than ancient humans. Now does that sound like a better diet? If that is not enough to convince you they also at bugs and worms.

  5. this is bullshit hominin been eating all the time cooking food start with homo habillis, and homo herectus took it 2 million yrs ago.

  6. Who else was cooking and though why did prehistoric humans ever start cooking and how did they know wether it was bad or good to eat

  7. Anybody else ever just wonder what humans 10,000 years from now will think of us? Cus generally speaking we are also "early human" like.. Its pretty crazy when you think about it.

  8. It all depends on what region we are talking about. What is actually available. I'm not buying the dairy. And I think overall we ate more meat

  9. what you eat depends on you and your genetics make an ideal diet mine entitles a lot of seafood and less carbs and grains we are all unique and our diets are too

  10. I think these anti-meat eating fanatics don't realize that the reason why they can reason is directly due to meat.

  11. The thing most Americans are missing in our diets is the rest of the animal. Since commercialization came along, only the most fatty parts of animals are eaten. We don't get bone broth, skin, or organs anymore here in America. All of these parts of animals actually balance out any negative issues found with red meat for example, they lower blood pressure balance cholestoral and improve our skin and digestive tracts.

  12. Is this before or after we started pumping antibiotics and steroids into animals? Meat may of been good for us then, but it isn’t now. Unless you hunt for your meat, even overpriced “fancy” grass fed meat isn’t going to do you a favour. Or even fruit and veg, which is sprayed with pesticides and the ground it’s grown in also contains harsh chemicals and occasionally heavy compounds.

    Basically, unless you hunt for your meat or grow your own fruit and veg, like myself you’re fucked :’)

    I live in Britain, the only thing I can grow is a crate of Stella and ridiculously sized carrots.

    I don’t really know where I’m going with this?


  13. Truly faulty reporting. Several false assertions were made that weren't tied to the studies. For instance dairy consumption was stated as an innovation, leading us to be suddenly able to drink it today. In fact, the ability to digest lactose past infancy relies on a genetic mutation occurring in Northern Europeans, and even today only about 15% of the human population is able to digest dairy.

  14. WRONG cooking out food is what made us more intelligent since we spent less time chewing raw meat and more time trying to develop cognitive skills do better research

  15. croked teeth is a fairly new phenomenon and caused by eating soft food. its not evolutionary. there is more than enough evidence that its caused by our diet and not by genes.

  16. When other animals consume their prey what do they go for first ? the fatty parts and the organs…the most nutrient-dense parts of the animal…because they're not stupid. Don't be stupid….be like the other animals. You can have your soy milk…I just find it too difficult to get my big fingers around those little soy teats.

  17. Saying that meat made our brain bigger is just plain ignorance, meat didn't do anything new, BUT when we started to cook meat it allowed us to eat more and faster getting more nutrition, so our brain grew.

  18. We know for sure that the vegetables and fruits we ate back then had a lot less carbs and contains a lot more fibers, so Paleo and Keto diets are on something here.

  19. Meat was not responsible for our brain development. This is a very often made mistake. Although never 100% sure, scientists agree it was most likely cooking carbs that boosted our brain development and after humans invented fire. Animal protein was simply an extreme survival remedy but never an ideal food source. We've held on to this tradition for far too long and all kinds of health side-effects have infested themselves in our society because of it.

  20. Coming from someone who has spent entire winters in the tundra and woodlands, about 90% of your total caloric intake will come from animal FAT and protein. You will be lucky if you find vegetation or plant matter that is edible and safe to eat. Most of the foods you believe to be natural in your average supermarket are man made and do not exist in nature. Obviously, you cannot eat what isn't there. Most humans are just domesticated homo sapiens with no real understanding of what it means to live naturally in the wild.

  21. Scientists say chimps, apes and monkeys are related too humans and not something we evolved from, so why did she call humans smart apes? careful about who and what you listen to as knowing that life evolved seems be good enough.

  22. "Ancient humans existed thousands of years ago, and they were very different than humans today! "
    No! They were exactly the same as humans today. Exactly!

  23. Well fire was for warming in winter and cooking their food before that they hunt and they eat fruits and plants, they has weapons even before stone age they has sharp wood and in stone age spears with sharp stone in top I'm sure they didn't use weapons to scratch their ass

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  25. Raw meat, raw dairy, raw honey. Saved my life from lupus. To think we ate plants unless starving is retarded. This was some heavy propaganda to keep you eating the NWO diet.

  26. How do we separate the rubbish from the truth, Well first of all we take no notice of Americans, because that is how the world became so fat in the first place, and moved from real food to American, industrialised, frankenfoods. Follow the money.

  27. I kinda lean more towards the cooked starch theory for human brain development more than the meat theory mainly because many other primate species also eat meat fairly regularly including chimpanzees and baboons.

  28. 1:31 its Tan-zan-ia, not Tan-Zain-ia. I say this as a college student and a geography buff, I shunned when she said that.

  29. It is the norm thday most humans are lactose intolerant, and only about 15% of us can drink milk without it hurting us. Remember, milk is made for baby animals of that species and the mothers milk changes as the baby grows. It also helps the baby of that species to grow fast, and boost its immune system. Milk in liquid form is NOT good for us, and is causing a lot of issues in humans, however w.r can't twll, because w.r are used to feeling crummy, and think it's normal.
    In addition, the ancient diets don't want people to eat like our Palelithic ancestors literally. It's encouraging us to eat like they did as in eating fresh, natural foods. Broccoli did not exist in the Paleolithic era, however today it's considered a natural, fresh produce, so it's encouraged. Also, the ancient diets again like the Paleo "diet' is not pushing a diet, but a lifestyle, encouraging exercises that are natural, like walking, as if one is migrating, running on occasion, climbing, intermoyten fasting, eat less times per day, but eat good quality food. Eat grass fed and humanely treated animals and about 20% of meat, give and take. Eat organic produce as much as possible. It's ABSURD to think that the Paleo lifestyle wants us to eat what they did. Paleo, Primal Blue Print, and the Keto "diets" have helped many people heal many dangerous chronic diseases, and when done properly underweight people gain weight, and overweight people lose weight – that's a good sign. I mean, it's pure common sense. We don't feed our dogs chocolate, grapes and avocados do we? We don't feed our geckos cake, and candies either, so why fo human beings eat things that we weren't meant to eat? We're NOT meant to eat heavily processed foods with little to no nutrition. I myself eat once a day and I'm NOT going hungry – I eat a lot of leafy greens, and meats. It's like quitting smoking I suppose, why do human beings put so much emphasis on eating so much? My goodness. The more we eat grains and eat and drink sugary food stuff, the more it spikes our insulin, and when that drops, we get hungry again. It's about every three hours – that's why we eat every three hours. I'm full of energy, my skin is wonderful, and I'm happy – it works for me. I don't believe one diet fits all. Another Paleo or other "diets" belief os that humans are regional, that why you need to find your own. Diets are highly individualized and w.r need to try many things, before finding the one that works, but no matter what; eat real foods…

  30. Vegan paleontologists have discovered that all ancient hominins from H. habilis onward lived exclusivle on tofu, soymilk, and dulse sprinkled with spirulina. So the natural lifestyle is veganism and Marxism.

  31. I think everyone should try to live like ancient humans in order realize how lucky we all are to have medicine and modern stuff

  32. Why does this bitch keep down playing hunting? "Our ancestors were Hunter/gathers. Well more gathers." "Meat that was hunted OR SCAVENGED." Like yea they might not have killed a deer everyday but 1 deer has the same amount of calories as whole harvest of crops. Seriously quit being a snob.

  33. They ate what was suitable for them and carnivorous animals were and are not suitable for the human diet.

  34. Ancient Humans were basically vegetarians , they ate roots and wild berries , it's only about two millions years ago that early humans switched from a strictly vegetarian diet to a meat-rich diet and by doing so their brains capacity expanded from 700 cc. ( which is the same brain capacity of Chimpanzees ) to 1300 cc. the same brain size of modern Humans . But that's is about the only benefit from switching to a meat-rich diet . Would we gain an even greater brain capacity in continuing with our present meat-rich diet ? Probably not , there is no evidence that our brain capacity has expanded further than 1300 cc. in the past million years ! Would we cause this expanding trend to reverse if we were to return to a strictly vegetarian diet ? Who knows .

  35. Only deluded people like you, with a lesser understanding, would think that cooking food would drive the development of the neocortex in humans. By the way, those tubers, leaves and suculents you mentioned in the video are products of the neolithic revolution lol.

  36. The brain developed and civilization was even possible thanks to starches. That´s why you don´t see lions making pyramids.

  37. The reason we need to eat the way early humans ate is because our DNA has not changed much in at least 250,000 years. They generally ate meat and vegetables and some fruit in the warmer months to fatten up for winter. There was no dairy, grains, beans or sugar until recent human history (10,000 years ago). Now we have cancer and diabetes and getting epidemic proportions.

  38. They ate animals and then ate what they ate,I think probably there was a few that were before the curve and testing plants or mushrooms but it definitely was more common to just eat meat

  39. Crooked teeth are not due to cooking food. Crooked teeth are a direct result of missing nutrients when a child is in its mothers womb and early development. The face is not fully developed due a lack of high quality foods. Look at any primative tribes eating a "traditional" diet, none have crooked teeth.

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