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  1. Also to add, some of the more common / repetitive noises might be birds, but it's good you guys are so transparent and debunking things.

  2. It seems like the first two minutes the audio kept wanting to wig out LOL.
    Also congrats on the 300k!!! You guys are awesome. Probably some of the most genuine investigators I've seen on here.
    This includes Proving Demons channel!

  3. I’ve seen many paranormal shows online and on the tv, but there are few who are as honest as you all, so you’ve earned a subscriber. The Shape really helped me appreciate the lengths y’all go to in order to debunk your own videos, and help the community by producing genuine evidence that isn’t mere entertainment. While I do subscribe to other channels that do urban exploration and alleged paranormal investigations, most do little to nothing to debunk, and I watch these to go along with, but also try to find any manipulation. I believe gathering evidence carefully, and as objectively as possible is the only way to give credibility to this area, so I thank you. Especially since y’all are able to go places in the state that I can’t, due to health. Keep up the great content, squirrels ad trees approve.

  4. You guys, Proving Demons and Virginia Paranormal are the only ghost hunting channels I watch on YouTube now. Looking forward to more from sunny UK.

  5. I find it so weird that Payton is the one that always gets affected in weird ways it’s like the ghosts connect with her or she feels the energy the most

  6. If you guys ever want any cinematic instrumental music for your channel, hit me up. I could have music composed, recorded and sent in a matter of days. I'm not on social media anymore but my email address is in the description in all of my videos. I only have 3 of my compositions on YouTube , but i have over 10 years experience in writing music, compositions and studio session work. Ive also written music for indie films and another youtube channel. It would be an honor to write some music for you guys.

  7. 4:18 "regardless, the building is beautiful" as it scans over a giant graffiti maleness seen through the window xD

  8. 25:51 Sounded way too much like it said "Andrew, stop it"

    edit: After Andrew asked how the spirit was, it sounded like shortly after it said "awful"

  9. You guys are great,really dig your channel as well. If you guys are ever in the LA area it would really cool to go on a investigation eithh you guys,like a fan type of thing, that'd be sweet 😁. Great episode by the way,great evidence as well. Keep up the great work and stay safe. Peace and Love

  10. Why is it that every single time I watch your channel my video skips back and replays certain segments numerous times?

  11. I have not gotten these notifications! Ummm. I want answers YouTube! 😡 anyways as always another spooktastic video guys!!

  12. What ever it is don't go off alone it's playing a game whith you so you go off alone then it might attack you or try to just be safe

  13. Quick get the evp recorder!! Lets get the main x spots in the building with the most paranormal activity. ( first thought lol)

  14. You guys were rocking the war times where many murders and suicides happen those spirits live between living and dead heaven or hell this hospital was scary because it is abandoned and it looks like cursed this video was amazing and the sounds you heard must be whatever maybe animals or maybe really spirits

  15. I'm a new subscriber and I can't Get enough Of your videos! You all are so polite and professional! You're also the real deal , I hope you grow add flourish! Thank you

  16. I hear many ghost hunters ask " do you need help ? " or " we are here to help ". I'd like to hear exactly what you would do to help ? Would you pray for the spirits ? , maybe burn sage ? Really, what is your plan to help ? Another saying that really gets me is " we won't hurt you ", " or we are not here to scare you ", I don't think they are scared of the living in the least , nor do they believe you can hurt them either ! Please stop saying that, and I know it is not just you, but its dumb. I am sorry if I sound negative, I really do dig your videos and I believe your legit, stay spooky yourself, oh' and Payton , you are such a cuttie pie !