what's up folks welcome back currently I am looking for some new magnet fishing spots I've been searching the Google Earth for sadly I don't know where my phone is or I check the time up there's time on the computer believe it or not so I guess I've been sitting here for about the last two hours trying to find a new juicy little spot I think I found it it looks like we got like a little waterfall or something right here I don't want to show you on my screen shot because I don't want anyone coming to these spots but it has a nice little waterfall looks like a little park right here and a pretty main road beside it so I think I'm gonna throw on my bright orange sweatshirt so nobody hits me on the side of the road and I'll see you guys out there yeah no way are you there's more yeah there's metal stuff all the way down look at this they beat us here again it's cold makes the metal extra magnetic it doesn't say no fishing from the bridge so someone came out here some birdshot and shut up the shotgun a shot beside though you crazy little hillbillies yeah seems like a lot of these good places are like right on the side of the road oh snap he got something though is the commentator oh crap he got something big you got oh yes there we go guys we got another let's get it on the road let's get out of there oh wow oh that's awesome oh my god oh it doesn't work that sign right there yeah y'all work here okay what's what's your definition of like old stuff ya know where is it anything like that yeah no worries any of this stuff y'all this this doesn't count as historic there's no yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't listen you check it out though that is awesome I was literally just saying how I haven't caught it food today maybe fault the best tool I think we've ever when are they working on the bridge though yeah maybe you fell out of someone's truck yeah see if I can show you some other stuff we found a sawed-off shotgun and the crazy thing is we tried to give it to the cops and they let us keep it really he he thought it was a musket he just like this is a muskie you can keep you it's a it's a said it's a replica musket but it was clearly like a shotgun the stock was all taped back together from where they did a crappy job cutting it that's a sawed-off shotgun we found he said it was a musket Wow where they found a body really that's that's Wow look at that guy's a big a big nail so I'm gonna put what you just said in the video what that bridge were we found all those guns at what did you say then the cops found over there last year you got a car coming they found a dead woman over there well so uh that brooch is a little crazy you guys what is this is it a sign oh it's a car hood No we'll have to walk it over there so we don't gotta flip it over the railing barely magnetic oh are you on it and it's like right there I think sure and that was really big I'm on it you're on it all I see it is farther out it's drifting pick up water oh geez yeah let it drop that water for a second there we go very slow what gosh let's stretch it out no is it a side panel side view oh yeah you can see for that the handle for the car door Wow is it aluminum oh really Wow that is that's crazy right they got her out there right oh wow that got something on here yeah what what is it so there via mail uh-huh this is one of the little wheels oh really yeah oh that's so is that is that historic yeah there you go look at that guys we're helping they're taking it that's historic really oh yes it's huge don't go grab it it looks metal rusty is crap I'm not yeah it's like a floppy crunchy piece of metal I'm not even gonna touch that with my hands listen that is insane look at that pile guys that is that is a solid way to start the day I only been here about 30 minutes learn some cool stories about our favorite magnet fishing bridges that's crazy they found a dead body there oh man what what the world that proves our point even farther that there is only magnet fishermen here there we go what is that when we pulled up we saw about five of these here look at this oh yeah 110 percent okay okay okay okay it is it's a car stereo oh my gosh what's this we have it's such a weird way I think I might be on something different getta getta getta getta yeah yeah we got it we got it we got it we got it hey there's no sign on it Oh careful careful grabbing it we need to throw from the sides before we get out of here try to at least really well I got something though what the heck is that look okay what is this maybe the Senate side is there front of the car yeah I think I got something Oh is that what it is yeah oh it support yeah why is there a fork at a waterfall maybe someone we should call and ask if it's a story what is the cutoff year for for it oh you got it we got it we got it we got it oh my gosh holy crap I've even said no that is not it no it's not it's a pipe I didn't even I didn't even feel that I knew so I got home and I'm editing this footage and I realized I did not plug my microphone in while I was shooting my outro so here is take two so if you're curious where I get all my magnets at I have everything linked down in the description so if you want to go ahead and get your own mag and go out and find your own cool stuff go dig up some cool stuff out of the water go down to my description it'll take you to Amazon those are all affiliate links so basically I make a small little Commission I got a little kickback for each for each sale you make or for each sale I make through those links so by doing that you help me eat my dinner tonight I want to order some Domino's so uh so y'all hook me up and if you're new here remember to hit that sub button cuz you don't want to miss any more of the content that I got coming up so if you're new here let me know down in the comments as well if this is your very first episode but I think that's it I don't think I have anything else left to say so uh I appreciate you I love you and I'll see you next time

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  1. Here’s a link to the sawed off shotgun I was referring to in the video. Enjoy 😜

  2. pulls trigger on drill "aww, doesn't work…" Yeah, tends not to when it has been submerged in water and doesn't have a BATTERY in it…

  3. park rangers: "yea i guess its okay that you clean up the waterway, as long as we get to capitalize on anything out of the ordinary"

    I woulda left as soon as they got there.

  4. I'm sure you can find some historical items every now and then but if the item has been in the water for that many years more than likely its rusted beyond recognition and worthless. Unfortunately the more valuable items (gold, silver, copper, brass or even puiter objects) are not magnetic. It's a interesting hobby but if you're into it to make money and perhaps find something very old and still intact it's probably not going to happen.. (except for of course from your channel and "kickbacks" is where your making the $$)

  5. My very first time on this channel 👍. You're doing a WORLD of good in several ways.
    1) Cleaning our waterways
    2) Possibly preserving history with historical finds.
    3) Making a little money by taking in scrap metal.
    4) Entertaining us on YouTube 🙂
    5) And too, possibly encouraging others to do the same thing and make the world a better place to live.
    Thank You for posting.
    Those road signs are STILL in good shape and you may want to call whichever agency installs and maintains the roads and hopefully they'd be happy to take those road signs and re purpose them, ultimately saving the taxpayers some money hopefully in the process.

  6. first time catching this… y'all end up catching the rest of the car? gonna hafta check some more out… so far, interesting content tho, thanks!

  7. If I`m not mistaken that`s the brake shoe from the Bonnie and Clyde death car. Put it on Ebay and give everyone a fair chance to own a genuine piece of Americana history. A real museum grade piece. WOW that drill was used (and ditched) by the Gemini Twins from the Roy Demeo crew, used to drill into their victims heads, another classic and valuable piece. Pawn Stars would love to have that piece. The car side panel, is from one of the infamous auto accidents of all time, the Hanz Gruber car crash of 1967,,, no 1968. The fork is the lost fork in the road, now recovered from the water. AMAZING!!! Estimated Auction Lot Value: $1.5 – $2.5 Million USD (although if Museum Curators i.e., Smithsonian Institute, get into a bidding war, priceless.) That`s just my opinion though. Whatever someone is willing to pay as a rule of thumb, does apply.

  8. Anything that you find that is “historic” is your to keep… you don’t have to give anything to anyone. The waterway is public domain, especially when “magnet fishing” from a bridge.

  9. County workers displaced the signs out of lazyness. That 'collectable' that you handed over looked more like a brake shoe. The kickplates that were funky rust is just that, rusted kickplates. And I could see my boss throwing that drill over the rail, jokingly. Nuff said. Keep it up.

  10. A hole comes a ask to give what you find be given to them , because it is of historical importance ….but these idiot won't try to fish it themselves ? Perfect example of government employees, idiot bait he getting fat on our tax dollars but won't freaking do any work ! Libtards at there best ….the biggest lmfao , calling a break shoe from a old Chevy, a sprocket from an old mill and worse , confiscating it .

  11. I have never wanted to buy someone a pair of gloves so bad in my life!!! They obviously have never experienced the sensation of batterie acid being injected into your arm and the feeling of the worst charlie horse ever after having a tetanus shot

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