this is gonna be the craziest world
record I think that’s ever been on world record Wednesday and I dare someone to
break it I dare someone to ever break it what is up everybody Josh Horton
here welcome back to the channel today is a Wednesday which means we’re doing
breaking or setting a world record like we’ve done every single Wednesday on
world record Wednesdays on this channel last year and a half or so but we’re
about to take things in next level because I partnered with my friends at
Whistle Sports to take world record Wednesday the next level things should
be bigger and better than ever for the next several episodes it’s kind of like
a season two if you will starting with today’s episode we are
going to Uvalde Texas to drive some tanks make sure you watch the end make
sure you click that bell so you’re notified when we post next few episodes
let’s go drive some tanks this place is insane I’m so pumped for
this world record this is what this is gonna be the craziest world record I
think that’s ever been on world record Wednesday and I dare you want to break
it I dare someone ever break this record
this is the m4a3e8 sherman better known in history is the easy eight you are
looking at the last fully operational live firing sherman in existence Wow
there’s not another vehicle that is this good a shame you guys like are an
official museum that’s incredible because you guys do have like so much
history here everything here drives and shoots we take care of it
our first thing up we’re going to be shooting a flamethrower where
specifically I’m going to be shooting it so right here we have a m9 vietnam-era
flamethrower these were heavily used for clearing out bunkers caves things like
that actually had a solid shooting distance up to about 75 yards oh wow we
got a nitrogen propelling with a diesel mix so it is going to be incredibly high
basically instant Sun burn for the shooter and everyone else around it so
it’s gonna be a good one does it actually give you summer yeah really
yes so with your left hand you can with your left hand right here with your
pointer finger over that button that right there oh shoot oh my gosh that
scared me so badly oh my gosh you literally have a pressurized tank of
liquid fire on your back how do you feel right so the flamethrower is now live oh that was so hot that was so hot man I
felt that that guy dad the slow-mo looks so good
you ready yeah are you ready let’s do this absolutely insane I’m like shaking it
was so heavy it gives you like a sunburn like a legit Sun bring as soon as that
blast hit you were hit by a wave of heat it’s like red it’s crazy
we’re like heat hit what’s next Riley now we got the 60 millimeter mortar out
of the range let’s go we are now going to the shooting range to shoot off some
mortars with the flamethrower that was insane
when y’all pick these up I’ll tighten it down guide in – right about here the
moment you drop that round in here this becomes the barrel of a gun so that it
lands exactly on a pin that’s gonna attack the bottom of that yeah basically
just very quick three two one fire in the hole hands down the tubing back and
just let the tube pull your fingers away from the round so usually I’m in war
with it these would explode your traps would be gone yeah shadows go everywhere
there’s a one in 1,000 chance of a round going off in the tube I’m up first here
we go three two one find the hole oh okay oh yeah biggest Quinn you’re up
countdown all right guys I’m up mortar let’s do
this Wow that’s where the big bad boys are in right here rolling now oh this is
the largest gun in civilian hands so this would have shot at my tanks yay it
didn’t work but this is still capable of engaging targets 20 miles away 20 miles
that stuff is super cool but the reason we came here was to drive a tank it’s
called drive tanks calm and we want to drive a freaking tank so we’ve got a little visitor here visitor
here at the tank senior ostrich just a casual break from our tank tour to pet a she’s funny she likes taco bell and
rocks oh gosh I’m terrified he’s gonna shatter my lens like he’s just gonna go
straight for the camera so first we’re gonna take this guy out for a spin
you know just casual tank drive on the nice day and then we’re going to attempt
in brand new world record so we just picked this bad boy for a
spin pretty amazing I I think some of the most epic drone footage I’ve ever
taken hopefully you guys agree Brady did we do it with the hunt we killed it you
just you guys just saw the edited montage look like but in my head it’s
gonna be awesome but now it’s time for the world record
every single Wednesday on this channel we break our set some sort of world
record and given the circumstances juggler tank we’re gonna put together a
new world record it’s going to be the most flaming torches juggled on a moving
tank did you actually just say I just said that I think this is the record if
it goes well that I’m gonna have for a while because I don’t know that many
people that can juggle six torches but I also don’t know that me cool that
controls six torches and have access to a moving tank so if this goes well I’m
gonna have this record for a while hopefully it goes well here we go there you have it guys probably the
craziest world record that’s ever been done on this channel hope you guys
enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did thank you to Brady and Quinn
for joining us hopefully one for you so fun
ready absolutely incredible we do Instagram shoutouts every single video
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to the beach or a driver bed in the middle of a park in in Texas hope you guys enjoyed the first
installment of my world record Wednesdays and whistles for its
partnership we love you guys and we’ll see you soon you

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