(Background Music) Yo it’s actually working (Out of my, Out of my) (Clapping) Dent the universe I couldn’t make this shit up! Thirteen Million. The Logang is too strong. That was the first plate we broke in this house I thought we were done breaking plates (Inaudible Screaming) Ayo, good morning Logang, what’s poppin! Yo this is cool, that’s a nice thing, 13 million, Logangsters! So loud.. ow. Favorite hoodie, it was restocked today, yeah big moves power moves only you know the favorite hoodie You’ve still got my favorite hoodie, and you need to give it back. Shay Mitchell loves the favorite hoodie, I love the favorite hoodie, the Logang loves the favorite hoodie. Everybody loves the favorite hoodie. Yes back in stock today, That’s like one of our hottest selling items. I don’t know if its coming back so swoop while you can. LOGANPAUL.COM/SHOP or link in description! Yo maverick bottoms are dropping on November 1st CUZ! They ain’t ready If you saw yesterday’s vlog we actually just got done filming with the chair and the forklift outside yo, so okay? Here’s how I feel about this chair tech technically right? It’s ugly cuz it’s like a bright like vibrant color, but I could see it, and I love it! Who wants merch? That was loud, this house kind of echoes we need more furniture. It’s unusual I know Brendan had the idea to shade our giant pumpkin remember guys It’s the biggest pumpkin in California, and it’s gonna start rotting soon So we have to we have to exhaust all our opportunities with the pumpkin well so today Uh already know by the title of this video. We have something fun. We’re gonna do with the pumpkin Oh, yeah, check this out, just moved in right is so many things. We’re doing that doing do the house including security cameras everywhere I was in the kitchen yesterday. I just do my thing and barely Brendan was watching me What did you see I was watching Netflix, and I got a text from our security camera Boys dancing like an idiot owes me I was dancing as Yeah, okay, she’s dancing. I like I was okay. I joined her a little bit whatever listen to some Kendrick and dancing, bro You don’t do that Brendan? Like come on bro I was in bed It’s never slow guys There’s always projects going on here so as you guys know my house came with another house in the back I said “Why get one house when you could get two?” turning that into a gyms gonna be dope, freakin yolkness! I wanted to paint the inside so if you guys remember the tiger video with Kong… ‘yo, this is so cool bro,’ OH! Okay little backstory, There was this guy there named Nick Nicky was like yo my boy is painting a mayor his team is painting a mansion right I? I said that’s not a thing people don’t normally paint mansions this guy must be. FUCKIN DOPE! Here’s my man It’s a big deal, it’s imagine. It’s huge these guys are so capable of painting my gym So they drove here from Vegas these guys we could one-30 a-m work throughout the entire night his team is sleeping my house There’s one on a lawn chair here. Yeah, so we taped off the gym, and we got a few things going Oh, let’s go a few things First thing you’re gonna see is that you’re going When I took this picture, I don’t think you had I’m gonna get abs look my boys been doing 12 sets of 20, let’s go If you’re not a part of the low gang and you’re watching this Are you good, bro? subscribe button in the face for me Yo toward the strongest family on YouTube, but yo my mom low gang is about to be here And she has never seen the new palette my dearest mom is about to be in for a surprise We got a forklift we got the Yeti everybody needs a portlet, that’s what I’m saying here Everyone says guys so apparently house looks smaller than it is I’m camera every single person that comes here says it’s bigger in person Forget about the dog the house look at my yard We did good you did good raising me. Yeah, you don’t cry It’s your house it’s a fairytale cottage. It’s true. I’m definitely already started building I already started smashing too had a ball too little maybe like three to five girls. Just last night Did I need to know that no? Nikki Lydia, what do we have to do this? Thing where she forgets what she’s saying halfway through her senses one more time in Merch model pics. We brought a model because she’s actually good-looking. Oh, yeah No handlebars music video coming soon to a theatre new you would say I do have bad news someone outside It was like they were like in the forklift, and they broke two plate Yeah, he was an asshole, but Trying to blow dry brush shit you just wanna just can’t get you out – just kick you out of mine I just can’t get you out of my bottom. Ah yo, can we whose idea was this? Can we not have Jackie Natori? Work Jack your maverick Oh God, okay, all right, that’s Superboy yoga, so white it’s disgusting wait. I’m not white what yeah, what are you yeah? I’m not even kidding go look at these right now the merge game is about to change forever Like I could tell you they have pockets on both sides I could tell you they have a back pocket Here here’s the pocket it’s super secret for the secret things you put in your butt they’re dropping on November 1st I’ll promo it alive then so just be ready bro. Just save the money aspirin for Christmas Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter okay I think I think it’s time to do the thing that this vlog is all about so if you look around Girls here right for any quick sidebar, so y’all they’re pretty basic. It seemed a little basic. Yeah I don’t know how to make a pumpkin spice latte me neither bro, but I’m sure they do we have the biggest pumpkin in California yeah I think we take them to the store get supplies to make the biggest pumpkin spice latte in the world With the most basic of girls so we get this like world record certified. I think so I think so watches Do you guys like pumpkin spice lattes? We have this idea we want to make a giant pumpkin spice latte, but in the big pumpkin But we don’t know because we’re dudes with penises how to make a pumpkin spice latte You actually know? This is incredible first off look at look at the girls back there This is your first ride in the Yeti it certainly is it’s your big day I’ve had a lot of first set first Today are you having a stroke because you’re on that age Do you know that your grandmother your dad’s mom died of a stroke at 5600 perfect? How do you fifty-four? That’s just great mom know if you mom I swear. Yeah, did you die I’ll kill you Making it work. We’re crafters were artists I’m already so annoyed it’s incredible. Yeah, we ate all of it. I need all the milk, would you get ridiculous? Coffee okay Flavors flavors alligators, it doesn’t matter this has got to add to the flavor, huh Little grin dear Papa Papa Papa you owe me money pumpkin butter phenomenal oh okay pumpkin spice Non-alcoholic, I put it back. Oh, there’s so much pumpkin spice. Goodness look. It’s my super spicy spice its pumpkin It’s going yeah for sure it’s going in this slot. They have a pumpkin like that Brandon pumpkin pie spice I Should do it oh? I look like Princess Diana? Okay, so this experiment cost us four hundred and thirty seven dollars. It’s gonna be worth it. It’s gonna be delicious. I think for sure Okay, we’re about to make the world’s largest pumpkin spice latte in the world’s biggest butt Towards the clean up look like on this somebody get it milk all over my new driveway Know that it we’re out of milk no But in the coffee Mahjongg Can’t do it I don’t know the pumpkin pie parts there was a box Do you want some pumpkin spice time look at my pumpkin spice latte quick side Barbara She’s not like a basic white girl Yeah, or spiced Drinks I’m all drink so Just looks like dirt, and hey it’s gonna be so good we should just do a shot. I poured I worked hard to make this Brahma beast you’re gonna project off on it Well yeah, it’s just it’s solid it’s only coffee grass hot What Hey basic bitch gonna be basically you also be a savage. It’s like being basic isn’t it? Solid it’s solid Available at Logan Paul calm slash I think that is the vlog if you’re not subscribed make sure to subscribe because we risk our intestines for you, okay? so smack the button in the face for me and Gus saw today if you have not copped your maverick merge yet make sure to Do so Logan Paul’s icon slash shop or link in description there favorite hoodie is back November 1st We’re dropping bottoms big things are happening bro power moves only our neighbors blog hashtag I don’t know how we’re gonna get the milk out of the pumpkin the cleanup is gonna be a bitch But I love y’all now. See you tomorrow. Take it easy You’re racist against almond milk yeah

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