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  1. Trump has got to go. Let’s rip the bandage off and start to concentrate on America again. This president is in love with bad guys.

  2. LOL! The Deplorables' King and Court Jester are going down and all will rejoice with President Pelosi!!! And the Despicable Deplorables did all of this to themselves! Maybe they have Mommy issues! LOL!!!

  3. I've long ago suspected Chris Wallace & his father (Mike Wallace) of being implanted CIA assets, part of "Operation Mocking-Bird." If your heart is in the right place & you desire truth, you can see right through these people.

  4. Probably got a mansion from the funds of Hillary's corrupt bag of tricks, like she did for Bernie the weak loser who wants to be president what a joke these people are !

  5. Chris Wallace got angry because Sondland's testimony was a lie and it all exploded in his face. Why doesn't Chris go get a job at CNN or MSNBC? He'd fit right in with his attacks on Pres. Trump of late.

  6. Trump did not want anything….. from that guy he barely knew….. who gave him a million dollars….. that he called as soon as he found out there was a whistleblower…… com on man…… Just Stop It…..Call Punnin …. He"ll tell you how to get out of this…..

  7. Dear Trumptards ..
    The key date is 9/9. It destroys Trump's own defense.

    July 25 — Trump asks for a favor
    Aug. 12 — Whistleblower complaint
    Sep. 9 — Trump says "I WANT NOTHING"
    Also Sep. 9 — Congress notified of whistleblower report.
    Sep. 11 — Aid released

    Nuff said…

  8. It's a sad day for our republican party.. Fact is we backed a yrs in WRECK, after Trump it will be decades before our party is taken seriously again..

  9. Ppl are realizing that going to jail may not be cool. These are ppl with money trying to help or cover up Trumps committed or attempted crimes.

  10. Too funny…obviously someone told Trump not too tweet during hearings…as soon as it ends he could not help himself and flooded tweeter…embarrassing predictable….

  11. A$AP Sondland donated 1 million and all he got was this shitty place in history and the worst part is… he's tied to the worst President the U.S has ever had.

  12. When you have investigations involving multiple witnesses you are bound to have discrepancies. People don’t have perfect memories. Also , Sondland is trying to cover his own behind. That doesn’t mean that Trump is innocent.

  13. We still don’t know what trump and putin discussed behind closed doors In Helsinki either???? How is it that the USA is supporting Ukraine with military aid but yet at the same time have meetings after meetings with Russia?? Something is fishy.

  14. Oh God not Mr. Talk a lot about nothing Mr. Wallace? The whole embassy knew about President Obama's do not prosecute list and the only reason President Trump has not declassified all that in more detail is he is not bored yet? He enjoys seeing how many phony talking heads will loose their careers attacking him with lies?

    The do not prosecute list (organizes crime?) explains changing narratives at the embassy as it finally dawns on them they are just as crooked as Obama and the public not only knows it, but is waiting for that point in the story to be resolved?

    Pretending your son was in trouble after a rich Russian had his assets frozen and wanted political muscle is as epic as the Epstein black mail operation only worse, Biden bragged about it making it impossible to not realize how crooked they are?

  15. Nothing about Wallace is fake news, the problem is that many of you have been duped, conned and indoctrinated by the opinion based segment of FOX. The Senate Republicans are tired of Trump-ism holding the GOP hostage and they will vote to impeach.. it will happen. You see it in Lindsey's face.. he hates Trump.. but he's up for re-election.. so he's conflicted and worried that one tweet or rally will get him primaried. So it will end with the Senate. and goodbye to Trump.

  16. Stories on the radio today said Sondlands' wife has a real estate business that was being actively boycotted and targeted by a Democrat Senator.

  17. I still haven't heard anything to make me think Trump is innocent. I've been waiting days for anyone to testify and convince me otherwise. It has not happened. I have to admit at this point, Trump really did demand an investigation on the Biden's for his own self serving purposes.

  18. It's funny. Has anyone else noticed that MSNBC and CNN aren't covering this hearing as much as they did in the beginning or as much as FOX is? Wonder why?

  19. Now Wallace should bury his head in the soil forever, always said the truth would prevail no matter how well the carbal manipulate the show with their political corrupt operatives like the fake news media.

  20. Sondland clearly said that the White House visit was held up until Zelenskyy made a public statement about two bogus investigations…. YES, it was bribery. Trump STILL hasn't allow anyone to schedule the promised White House invitation… Quid Pro Quo

  21. Good place for Chris Wallace. rather keep a snake within hooking range and see if he can manage not to flock up an allies, alianance.

  22. Mr. Gotcha Dicko Wallace hoping against hope…! Ever examining President Trumps stools as they flow through the sewer…. counting the peanuts…. corn… & Sesame Seeds imbedded in the Presidential Turds to catch President Trump in a Lie….!

  23. Attempting to get a newly elected anti-corruption president to commit his first corrupt act and investigate Biden is egregious. That is corruption and impeachable. It's first hand knowledge, we have the transcript. We don't need more!

  24. How does a "news" channel spend all night just smearing people? It creates the ugliest base of people because hatred is easier for the uneducated to understand.


  26. I used to think that Chris Wallace was one of the few reporters left in America that has some decency but within the last year he has really shown his true colors! Just another partisan hack who hates the president and will say almost anything to make the president look bad. Chris if you want to know why he didn't tell them the first time, and believe me I think you already know, is because shifty shiff pressured everyone of those witnesses the first go around when there couldn't be any Republicans in the meetings. Every one of these people should go to jail and I'm talking about the Democrats including Wallace for what they are doing to the country and the lies they are telling to the American people! You know some Americans just listen to anything that spews out of the mouth of these news agencies and they just don't think for themselves. The MSM is also very liable for all of these in decencies from the Democrats and I think they all should be pput in jail to from the reporters to the CEO. throw them all in jail and not just any jail, a North Korean jail! After spending six months in a North Korean jail when they get out I bet they're not so eager to lie to the American people anymore!

  27. Some people here are confused. Testimony today was devastating. The clip with Trump reading his own words about no quid pro quo came after the investigation started to cover his tracks and no one believed the message.

  28. Burisma Indictment Reveals Ex-President Yanukovich Illegally Obtained $7.4 Billion Laundered Thru Fund "Close to US Democratic Party" by Jim Hoft November 20, 2019 Hunter Biden: board member of Burisma from April 2014 to April 2019

  29. another day passes, and Bill Clinton's friend Epstein is still not being investigated He still didn't "suicide himself"

  30. The Blast Radius from this testimony caught Perry, Pence, Pompeo, Rudy, and Trump square in the face.
    Nunes's face was priceless!😄

  31. Where's the discrepancy? Come on, Chris. You went through the entire Sondland timeline. Where did HIS story change? Any grade 9 student knows that changing a story and adding more information to the story are not the same at all. And people overhearing something is not the same as Sondland changing his story. And Sondland working under orders from Trump is not Sondland acting on his own.

    I guess Chris decided to please the spin masters at Fox.

  32. Wallace has made it plainly obvious that he hates President Trump as he's CONSTANTLY looking for ways to get a "GOTCHA" moment, yet always fails. Sondland did his "SPLAININ'" Chris … all the way to Trump is completely INNOCENT land. Wallace – DO A SHOW on those who are PROJECTING BLAME that belongs on DEM! The DEEP STATE Coup Leaders Obama and his VP Quid Pro Quo JOE and Son AND focus on the 1.8 BILLION Hunter left CHINA with which is why China won't do a deal with Trump EVER.

  33. Obviously, Gordon Sondland resents being made the fall-guy after giving Trump $1 million for his inauguration, and he doesn't want to be charged with lying to Congress. So, he burned down the house with his testimony implicating pretty much everybody from Trump to his top minions.

  34. So the transcript was incriminating enough. All the fed departments are filled with staff nervous about what’s going on and how to confirm Trumps directions are legal and documenting their actions. Why are the reps still bent on keeping this maniac? Do the majority of Fox viewers really believe it’s all a sham? Still? Do you just not believe in the US constitution or believe that immigration, the economy, and everything you credit to Trump is just more important than the constitution, ethics, and morality?

  35. Burisma official's indicted and Hunter Biden named in money laundering scheme. What's next you ask. Horowitz, Barr and Durham. Dems will be known as the do nothing but curruption party.

  36. Sonland appeared to have changed his testimony because the Democrats lie and cherry pick things from testimony to release out of context and it is exactly why not one "witness" witnessed anything.

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