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guarantee that your request definitely does happen. I don’t know anything about
this. I just have had a heap of requests for this, so I think it might be kind of
metal, but I don’t know. It’s Ginger and it’s Pisces and I’m ginger and I’m
Pisces so I’m surely gonna like it. She looks cool. The singer. Love her tattoos. Love a tattoo, look. I love it already. So that low note, she’s got…
that’s a E. I mean for me that’s quite low, that’s my bottom note but it has so
much tone. It doesn’t feel heavy and then just a little bit of vibrato on the higher note
the second time. It made it feel a bit unsure. Like, she meant it to feel
unsure not that she was unsure in her singing. Okay, she’s keeping in quite an ‘ah’ place **SINGS** and then she modifies the vowel into ‘tay’ ‘tay’
instead of ‘ty’. It’s very early 2000 rock style. I like it. It’s my youth. No way is that her! Wow! Wow! Wow!
I’m not rock singer. I don’t really know this technique very well, so I’m
gonna put my hands up and say this. This is very kind of Melissa Cross style
singing. That is amazing. She sounds like a giant monster man and
she is a woman. Now a lot of people will be being mean about this to be honest and
they will be like oh it’s just screaming It is not. There is real technique to this.
There’s as much technique to learning how to make that sound as there is to
learning kind of sing in Musical Theatre or learning how to mix. There is
real technique to scream sounds, healthily because it’s really hard to make that
sound healthily. Wow. see again
you can tell when I wear shake
to ruins she’s doing loads and cool for rock sell
things like about modifications Norma day Teeter she’s cheated in between
those and then she’s putting a little flick at the end
MLT a little up on the end to get very specific rock style she’s singing it
very well it’s not in a huge range is all quite low when she’s singing without
doing her screaming stuff but it’s really well produced she’s doing a
really helpful E and that screamer was amazing cherish his I love these use of diminished and minor
chords it sounds quite Arabic it’s unusual I love how she’s closing her
vowels at the end o keeping it super relaxed little bits of her brothel and
but not overly if it was too much it would sound a bit too placed a bit too
trained even though she’s clearly trained but he needs to sound natural Oh God and I Wow Wow I love that em section where she
went from the stream into like a simple well produced mix it went right up to an
e so it’s difficult I kind of thought that her non screamer singing was quite
easy but super well produced but then she just walked that out at the end and
was like yeah I have very good technique she was very good technique all-around
amazing thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it if you did please do like it
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  1. You're the first reaction video I've seen from a female that didn't immediately cringe or frown when hearing Tatiana sing. Thank you.

  2. Beth was fangirling out over this and it was really cool to see. Tatiana's clean-to-scream and back transitions are frakking incredible, crazy talent and a badass vocalist.

  3. The “Arabic” sounding part…that’s cuz it’s harmonic minor…you know that ^.- and she’s actually completely untrained believe it or not.

  4. Please react tommy advice because I´ve got the arms and stuff Tattoooof and I a……coll…urgh….guy?!
    Dont get fooled by such damn wannabe moneymakers!!!!!

  5. Oh hey! Beth reacting to Pisces. Loved her reaction to Nightwish, this oughta be good. I was not disappointed.(yes, I saw them in reverse order)

  6. I love how cute you look at the end!! you look like you truly loved Jinjer I can feel your excitement!! Cheers from Norway!

  7. The entire crew of Jinjer are beasts at what they do individually. Yeah, Titianna is the most notable because of what she does and how well she does it, but when you dissect each individual musician, they're all incredibly talented, in this iteration of the band more than any previous one.

  8. If you 're already used to shock-listen reaction star 2019 Diana Ankudinovа.
    Wicked Game – Diana Ankudinovа, 15 years old, Moscow
    Human https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KgD666fRtY&list=PLHMEpLcCwgIOj9RhWFGW0omXGUrrDt0Rt&index=12&t=0s

  9. Why are you saying it 's not her?
    Or you didn 't hear "ARCH ENEMY"
    ARCH ENEMY – Nemesis (OFFICIAL VIDEO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9AcG0glVu4

  10. I can suggest you to listen this girl 🙂 She is vocal of SLOT and Nuki bands, and is a bit crazy in the good way 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AW3EJiRD0ho

  11. It reminds me slightly of early Dir En Grey songs. The gentle, but dark, uncertain melodies followed by that intense metal / punk growling

  12. I love how all the vocal coaches who react to this can easily demonstrate her style on the verses…

    About that chorus though, not so much. :p

  13. Of all the reaction videos I've watched for this song, yours is my favorite! You can see it in your eyes that you're really excited and I live that you dig it!

  14. Hi Beth, I know that you usually take requests on your patreon..bit, I would love to see you react to one of my favorite new bands….Liliac- Chain of Thorns (official) thank you..

  15. Вокал коучей развелось как собак нерезанных. Всякая хуета себя так называет.

  16. Of all the Pisces reaction videos this is still (and probably will forever be) my favorate. That pure delight when Tatiana hits that high E. A very wholesome video. Thanks!

  17. I’ve watched a ton of reactions to “Pisces” and without a doubt yours is THE BEST! Such a genuine moment of awe during the first scream section🤣. Loved it!

  18. you should check out some more of their stuff…"Ape" "Teacher Teacher" "Just Another" "Perennial" and two of their newer ones "Judgement (& Punishment)" and "On The Top" are awesome!
    "Teacher Teacher" was the song that sold me on this band because…damn that song kicks so much ass.

  19. Her clean sining voice has not suffered from that growl screaming is what's amazing. I guess if you do it right It's not putting stress on your vocal chords. Maybe it's more the uvula and soft pallet rattling away. She's been at this since she was in her teens. I'd love to see her live.

  20. I really enjoyed your genuine and insightful reaction and how you broke down the techniques and theory behind the vocals. Very well done and you now have another subscriber !

  21. the thign about it really is that pisces is often depicted as 2 fish a yin and a yang and she shows that with her vocal tone switches.

  22. That's what i looked like when i first saw this Video 😄 i love seeing people react to this when they're have no clue what's coming 😄

  23. I love watching your sheer love and joy when it comes to music. Tatiana started growling and I thought you were gonna jump up and go “you own that shit sistahhhhh!!!!!”

  24. I don't mean this as a slight. I love this band, and recognize Tatiana's skill and versatility. I think it's worth noting that there's layering and pitch shifting on her screams. Still an amazing screamer, but the "male" sounding depth is a result of production.

  25. I love this. The band is awesome, but your reaction is so damn cute. You really got excited and thrilled, it's plain to see. So cool.

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