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Vegan activists ‘are putting farmers out of business’

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Like city people understand anything about animals.. sheese. They have no idea… do gooders are the most harmful people through ignorance. RSPCA is a joke..

  2. well they can get all their veg's and fruit from Asia where they are known to use human excrement as fertilizer.

  3. Vegans are sorting themselves out. Studies show that vegan diet causes infertility and brain shrinkage due to vitamin deficiencies. It is also linked to many cancers which can only increase with all the chemicals that go into producing fake vegan meat in a chinese factory.

  4. That's a great way to die, walking off with my calf is a better one….
    I wouldn't advocate hurting protesters doing these things, the Democratic Party has them so confused they don't know the gender of their own children until the child attends school. Who ever heard of that?
    That's the ignorance we have to deal with today because of the Democratic Party and Obama administration of deplorable leftovers.
    We need to weed them out for America to ever be great again.

  5. Who do these entitled pricks think they are? They should go and protest the Morteen factory who are responsible for millions of insect deaths each year.

  6. Sounds like a scam to bankrupt farmers and buy their farms cheaply…follow the funding money to these groups

  7. LOL….You cannot defense yourself in Australia…..the people are now nothing but sheep….Baaaa, Baaa…..LOL……..As long as the Politician want their votes looks like no more meat for Australia….LOL….Baaaa, Baaa……Hahahahahahahahahahahah….Mommy they took my chicken….LOL…..

  8. Look at all those entitled city dwelling dumb fucks. The ONE AND ONLY reason they are doing that is for their facebook and instagram likes. What a sad sad existence being like that must be to be so insecure that you need to be follow a deluded message just for a dopamine rush when someone likes their photo.

  9. Vegan wacko shit…..emmm i dont like the idea off vegetables being sprayed with some madmans spray shit designed by a human race hating bunch of does that mean it okay to go wipe out all vegetable farms..after all its cruel to feed humans poison without em knowing..damn cruel vege head gone with em.

  10. Our family farm was half spuds half cattle! It’s recently been sold to vege farmers who have cleared all the trees and any foliage that was on that land which had wombats and other native animals sharing this land all those native animals went when they cleared the land….

  11. Farmers should not be exempt from animal welfare requirements. I doubt anyone wants animals to suffer so we can eat meat.

  12. Blah blah blah, this law is useless for 2 reasons. 1. The leftwing judges and the fine print in the legislation.
    Check out shooters/farmers party.

  13. In parts of the US there’d be a pack of armed good ole boys waiting for these soy boys and girls and put a stop to it fast…

  14. As if the farmers don't have enough to deal with already drought, rising costs,bullshit politicians,now f#@ktard vegans

  15. Ok let's all stop eating meat.
    70% of the population would die of hunger in 6 months..
    Vegans are a cancer on society as much as feminism!!

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