(upbeat music) – [Electrified S2] Ah, hello city! Great day for a ride. Ha, that’s me! Hey good morning! – [Electrified X2] Morning! – [Electrified S2] Whoa, eyes on the road! (grunts) How ’bout a boost, huh? Come on, push it! Yeah that’s what I’m talkin’ about! (electric whirring) And we’re home…whew. Give me the kick Dave! Slow motion. Ah man, that’s it.
(electric whirring) Later Dave! – [Old rusty] Oh no, (chains rattle) did he just forget to lock you? – [Electrified S2] Oh hi, nah I’m good. I have a kick lock. – [Old rusty] And no chain? – [Electrified S2] (laughs) Yeah, no. We don’t do chains. – [Old rusty] But is it safe? – [Electrified S2] (laughs) Is it safe? Okay so picture this. I’m just hanging out,
minding my own business. Now look who we have here. Check it out. (grunts) – [Male Bicycle] Hey let go ya thief! Boom, skull and everything! (karate grunts) – [Old rusty] Impressive. – [Electrified S2] Yeah thanks. – [Old rusty] But what if he takes you? – [Electrified S2] Well
if he doesn’t let go, I get more aggressive, like this. (grunting)
– [Old rusty] Whoa. – [Electrified S2] Yeah I know, and if he actually does take me, well I lock all motor
functions completely. And then I send my position to the bike hunters.
(beeping) – [Bike Hunters] Go, go, go! – [Electrified S2] And
they will get me back. – [Old rusty] And if they don’t? – [Electrified S2] Pfft,
if they can’t find me back, Dave gets a brand new bike. – [Old rusty] But that’s terrible. – [Electrified S2] Oh,
yeah I, I hope he won’t… I hope he won’t forget about me. – [Old rusty] To be honest, he doesn’t sound like
such a great guy to me. – [Electrified S2] No way, we
have this special connection, him and me, ya know. I recognize his phone when he comes back. – [Old rusty] If he comes back. – [Electrified S2] What do you mean? I mean of course he– Hey is that Dave? (gasps) It is Dave! (laughs)
(electric whirring) Dave, buddy, ah gee it’s
so good to see you man. You were gone for so long. Whoop! But, you know what, I
knew you would come back. I never doubted that for a second. I wasn’t afraid. I felt it in my frame! Anyway, it’s a good day for a ride. Let’s go man, come on,
let’s get out of here.

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  1. I love it !!! I have the same feeling with my X2, i love it when he greets me with his sounds when he wakes up like hello you!!! great video. And I also say hi to the people riding Vanmoof in the city.

  2. Ciekawe kiedy będzie pierwszy sklep fabryczny w Polsce , bo niestety na serwis muszę jeździć do Berlina 🚲🚲

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