now let's move on to activities for vowel production these are quite similar to the activities for consonant production so for the first activity how students stand up and start walking around the room and as they're walking they're producing a vowel sound and then change up the vowel sound every few minutes have them keep the vowel sound going for as long as possible so students are walking around and they're saying e and then you change them to all that maybe oh and then maybe and so on another activity for vowel production is to have students say a series of short words all of which start with the same consonant but which have a different vowel sound and they say these words as quickly as possible multiple times and then move on to another series of short words that start with a different consonant but have the same series of vowel sounds you'll see these words given in your handout under the second vowel production activity here's what this sounds like Moo mo ba mat may me Moo mo ba Mack may me and so on and then you would move on to another continent with the same series of vowel sounds a similar activity has students practiced just two vowel sounds once again with a variety of consonant sounds and students are once again going for exaggerated articulation take a look at Val production activity number three for samples of words and sounds that you can do with this activity and just for fun here's what this one sounds like ha ha ha hee ha ha ha hee ha ha ha hee ha ha ha hee and then go on to the next one cocky and so on

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