Hey! Careful If you break even 1 bottle
I’ll make mince meat of you Arrange it over there Nothing to worry, bro
Just a small mistake A small mistake? Label is most important Our sales depend on it Okay, I’ll ask my boys to stick
an expensive brand’s label Of course it will look
as good as the original According to the market price
your profit will be 80% Oh! Also look into this There was a battery
inside a bottle it seems Check the bottles
before you send Alright? Who is calling you? Part time chap is showing off
with his cell phone The ‘party’ is in the lodge Are you coming? You claim to be
faithful to your wife? Drama king…? Look at the way he smokes Like he’s into drugs When it comes to sex, I don’t know
any chap who is monogamous! Shall we try drugs once? Where do we source it? In our chemistry lab If we smell that,
more than enough What if we sniff a quarter? Your eyes will pop out of
their sockets and you’ll die Give me a puff Look, your girl Agnes is coming Whom are you talking to? Who- Why are they drooling? Hey! Why are you looking there? Suresh, shut up Hey Vasu Come here Ignore them
He looks like a bull But if a problem crops up
he will ask us to pipe down They are discussing us They don’t have the guts
to talk face to face What’s cooking between
you and Agnes? You aren’t telling us It happened in our 1st year Why can’t you try
convincing her again? She said her family is priority
How can he hook her then? Her sister eloped with a Hindu chap
without informing her family Aren’t you Christian too? Then why is your name Lenin? In memory of
the Communist leader Don’t get worked up If all her problems
at home get sorted out… …I’m sure
she will talk to you That’s true Let’s think positively Cheers up dude For our friend’s ex-love For our friend’s ‘love’! Go and talk to her I wasn’t looking at her Simply looking that way Don’t pretend Accept you are
scared to talk to her Hey! You think I’m a coward? If you have guts
then go and propose to her Bet, Rs 50 She is very reserved She will abuse me
even if I say ‘Hello’ – Imagine saying ‘I lov-
– You are such a scaredy cat Go back to work Hey! Vijay I lu- Can I borrow your rubber? Thank you “The green parakeet lured me
She made me dazed and dizzy” “When I asked for one kiss
cheeks pink, she flew, this miss” “The green parakeet trapped me
Made me go in circles, tipsy” “Cheeks pink, when I asked for a kiss
she ran a mile, this lovely miss” New trend, huh? “Doe, a deer, I thought you’re mine
I hid my thoughts in my soul confined” “Hey, my dear deer
I thought you were mine to revere” “I kept you under cover
in my heart’s chamber” “The green parakeet lured me
She made me dazed and dizzy” “All I wanted was just one kiss
Cheeks pink, she flew, this pretty miss” “From sugarcane red
jaggery even I extracted” “My heart where did you hide?
Won’t you tell me, sweet child?” “From sugarcane red
jaggery even I extracted” “Where did you hide my heart?
Won’t you tell me, sweetheart?” “My love, I saw your face
only yesterday after all these days” “I yearned, my graceful vine
to bond and make you mine” “Girl, you know my heart’s want
Don’t pretend to be ignorant” “Don’t erupt like a volcano
in your words and glance also” Has the chemistry worked out? Shut up! Let’s go Come Won’t you come with me? “Doe, my dear, I thought you’re mine
I hid my thoughts in my soul confined” Happy Birthday Oh! Thank you Hi…! I…I lu- You have a rubber? ‘Dear people, as a tribute to
our leader late Mr Adhavan’ ‘…Mr Ulagappan will
unveil his statue’ ‘We request the people of
our town to grace this occasion’ Shall we leave then? Hey Kumar
Let’s go Check it How dare you touch the statue? Stay calm We can discuss it What’s all this, sir? What are you doing? Collector has ordered us
to seal the statue Yov! How can you- What is the problem?
Why should you seal it? When you came to enquire
about rules to erect a statue… …what did I tell you? Statue shouldn’t be erected
in the road or any public area Next Statue shouldn’t be made of
any damageable material This is not road or
any public property I own this land, if you want
check my documents Yes, then why do we
need permission? But it is made of cement
And can be damaged easily How can it get damaged? What if anyone else does it? What are you saying? Do you know who
you are talking to? We can talk it over
What are you trying to say? With the riots that took place
8 years ago in mind… …our Collector has instructed us We are just the mediator You know the statue
near the college Inaugurated by the MLA
of his party leader It is also made out of cement But that was inaugurated
before the riots Don’t give some silly excuses It is evident you are here
because the MLA sent you Even if the statue
had been made in gold… …under some silly pretext
you would have sealed it According to the order issued
it is our duty to seal the statue I would appreciate it if no one
hindered this procedure He is a freedom fighter And we are not allowed
to erect his statue We even got permission
from our Panchayat And I own the land I am sure someone
is against our caste

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