To be kidding me Royally cheated I Just look at his ability. There is he stayed in front of Rosco off the ball screen Boy the three-point line has just not been kind. Oh my goodness. Hi Cabela’s just threw it in Denver’s basket I have never seen that I should thought AJ Jacobson was good, but watch this oh That is a three-pointer And what I don’t know is if there’s something about if the other team does throw it in if it has to be a 2 I don’t know, but that’s clearly behind the line I’ve never I I’m right there with you. I’ve never seen anything like it Did in the second period on speed bull’s eye Initech And then hit back But is in a state of shock right now and the Calgary bench, they couldn’t believe it now There’s the puck stopped by Grant Fuhr watch Smith it comes out right in front of his net and tries to pass it through the middle and hit Grant Fuhr and goes in Helper defenseman. There’s so many safe ways you’ve been making a lot of the board’s carried out, but not through the middle of the left It’s credited for the goal This leaf nothing was moving on the grain this guy hits us, but as soon as he strikes the putt the leaf like jumps off the ground and just Smokes his ball for a leaf. You know as much as a leaf can smoke something smokes his ball knocks It like six inches off line not even close Which are out messing on two chances this year this works in on Craig Anderson should sand upon a stick breaks What a shame so he still remain at what nothing lightning Yep that one broke right up between his hands You don’t see it break up that high very often a flaw in the shaft of the stick you wouldn’t know about And away goes his chance Matt Duchene pretty good percentage Took the chicken foot their side for one It’s one second on the clock Atlanta has five men deep including Brian FINRA Maddux would supply water lay there And it was pop It’s calling one. There’s no time the gates Arbor home Mexico Burris caught it His body was in the end zone, Sam the ball wasn’t oh? This is unbelievable this is gonna be a day Plex ago Barris Never forget, that’s not in the ball came down in front of the end zone It was a completion, but that’s the way you play that defense They’re all over top of them, and the ball never crosses the goal line crosses. What a way to finish Tommy maddox came up one yard short of a miracle Those are the real on top of it OSHA’s is running and pitches palace He’d say the least Well catchers vulnerable what he sees around a break off first raised He raised it up jerk leaning forward any kind of a foul-tip downs gonna get you Watch him come up from behind ball comes underneath it on the ground that hurts And from From that what do we infer is it’s just because it’s still preseason And they’ve got a bit to work on still or are there troubling signs for Chelsea ahead in your opinion remembering that That is the most extraordinary on god, I think I have ever seen in football and Fedele could do absolutely nothing about it Hang your head in shame Kondogbia It was all going so well Remarkable absolutely remarkable maria There’s a little ball back to him And to say he’s overdone this is another statement Tries to pass it back to Fedeli. It’s way too much on it What a finish that is and then there’s the 1998 Players Championship Steve Lowry’s tee shot on the famed 17th is solid until this siegel intervenes We have a new hazard at 17, but Yep, we’ve got it. We have liftoff

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  1. The catcher thing seems like something that would happen more often. And surprised they don't wear inch-thick cups forged from solid steel afterward! 😖

  2. 3:51

    I'm a man, and an idiot. I laugh at stupid shit all the time. I have never, nor will ever, laugh when another man gets hit in the balls. The guy recording/laughing must not actually be male.

  3. How could FC Inter not be in this compilation? The unluckiest football team ever. CHE CE FREGA DE POGBA, NOI C'ABBIAMO KONDOGBIA! Pazza Inter AMALA!

  4. It's 12 AM, my final is in 8 hours, and I'm just here watching a seagull take a golf ball and drop it in a pond

  5. 2:08 … mischievous leaf is laughing uncontrollably with a high pitched voice … that's how I see it anyway

  6. I can’t think of anything at the moment. I’m a Leafs fan watching the clip with the golfer and the leaf. I’ve heard them all but I’m Waiting for someone to come up with a “Leafs victory in…..I don’t know how long” kind of joke.

  7. So let me get this straight: The baseball catchers, who's job is to have 100 mph pitches thrown directly at them repeatedly… are the ones not wearing cups?

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  9. 3:25 – "this is going to be a day that plaxico buress never forgets" – he's had a few of those….lol….poor plaxico

  10. Golfer: Now this is definitely going to be a hole in one.

    Leaf: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.

  11. that makes golf worth watching. Summer sports are boring and slow with baseball and golf on tv.  Now they have fishing and driving in circles counter clockwise on tv on weekends.  Sport fishing makes sense in the Midwest but in the desert states and cities (Las Vegas, NV).

  12. 1:24 wtf are you celebrating like that? You didn't do anything 😅😂😂 it was just their mistake, but you haven't done anything lol

  13. How was the football unlucky? It was a stupid own goal. Also it was pre season you dummy. You're clearly American.

  14. *Golf ball few inches away from hole*
    Golfer: sees seagull coming
    Also golfer I fear no man, but that thing, it haunts me.

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