Law Of Attraction Universal Laws – 7 Ancient Keys That Affect Reality & Manifesting! (The Secret) Powerful everything in the universe obeys the
same laws these natural laws govern creation and existence they are
consistent and they are everywhere and each one holds an important key to
creating balance and harmony within yourself and your life's experiences
when you understand these seven laws and apply their secrets to your daily living
you learn to control yourself your environment and everything in it to
begin it's important to state that the first three of the seven universal laws
of the universe are immutable meaning they cannot be changed and the last four
are mutable laws meaning they can be slightly changed or transcendent
completely the first law is the law of mentalism this law states that all is
mind the universe is mental everything we see and experience in our physical
world originates from the invisible mental realm this governs all outward
manifestations in our material world everything that is apparent to our
physical senses is in actuality spirit and that spirit is one universal
consciousness or mind what appears to be separate is actually
all connected everything you think and therefore do is an interaction of
thought with thought through the power of your mind you influence your
existence your thought also has an effect on an energetic level your mind
is a part of the one universal mind and your reality is a manifestation of your
mind all of the world and or universe is a manifestation existing in the mind of
the all or more simply stated the underlying reality of the universe is
mind this law allows a person to use the other laws to affect change law number two is the law of
Correspondence this embodies the truth that there is harmony agreement and
correspondence between the spiritual mental and physical realms as above so
below as below so above as within so without as without so within there is no
separation because everything in the universe resides in the one universal
mind the same pattern is expressed on all planes of existence from the
smallest electron to the largest planet and vice versa
therefore there is always correspondence between the laws and the various planes
of existence the energetic and spiritual plane directly corresponds with the
physical plane and the energy you project with your physical body via your
thoughts beliefs and emotions directly correspond with the energy of the
spiritual realm this law enables a person to reason intelligently from the
known to the unknown meaning you can use your individual mind to reach into the
other areas of the universal mind to find solutions to any and all perceived
difficulties law number three is the law of vibration the law of vibration states
that nothing rests everything moves everything vibrates the whole universe
is vibration everything we experience through our physical senses is in fact
vibration the difference between "Law Of Attraction" "Universal Laws" – 7 "Ancient" Keys That Affect "Reality" & "Manifesting" "Manifestation" "The Secret" "Powerful" "Your Youniverse" different manifestations of mind matter
and energy largely results from varying states of vibration for example sound is
light at a lower vibration and light is sound at a higher oscillation thoughts
and emotions are also vibrations and the law of attraction itself has its
foundation in this law understanding vibration and frequency and learning to
control mental vibrations at will gives a person the unique power to have
authority over their reality law number four is the law of polarity
this is the first of the mutable laws and it states everything is dual
everything has poles everything has its pairs of opposites like and unlike are
the same opposites are identical in nature but different in degree extremes
meet all truths are behalf truths all paradoxes may be reconciled in
everything there are two poles are opposite aspects opposites are actually
the same thing that vary only in degree they are in fact identical in nature
they are the two extreme sides of the very same thing
love and hate black and white hot and cold peace and war
light and darkness and even energy and matter just as you have the ability to
transform your thoughts and emotions from hate to love you can equally
transform your energy into matter it's universal law we can change our
perception of the degree of an opposite by recognizing that it has that degree
in other words you can choose that any perceived difficulty you currently have
in your life is but only one degree of something else something that actually
has the opposite of that there are different expressions of the same thing
and if you already have one of them you only need to focus and change your
energy to be fixated on another degree of that it's not an obstacle that needs
to be overcome rather it's something you already have that you only need to
choose which degree to focus on law number five is the law of rhythm this
law states that everything flows out and in everything has its tides all things
rise and fall the pendulum swing manifests in everything the measure of
the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left
rhythm compensates we can easily see this law in action
with the tide of the ocean and business trends and cycles life and death
creation and destruction and even how our thoughts can move from positive to
negative and back again nothing stops it's always changing this is another
mutable law when a person understands this law they can polarize to the degree
of the swing that they desire on the pendulum to keep from being swung back
to the other extreme to do this you must become aware of the subtle swing back in
movement and not allow discouragement or "Law Of Attraction" "Universal Laws" – 7 "Ancient" Keys That Affect "Reality" & "Manifesting" "Manifestation" "The Secret" "Powerful" "Your Youniverse" fear to set in keep your thoughts
focused on your outcome as in the example given in the last law the law of
polarity and remain consistent in your endeavors no matter how far back this
transitory law pulls you and most reassuring is the fact that this law
states that you must be pulled back to the other side in doing so law number
six is the law of cause and effect every cause has its effect every effect
has its caused everything happens according to the law chances but a name
for law not recognized there are many planes of causation but
nothing escapes the law every effect that is seen in the outside physical
world has a very specific cause which has its origin in the inner mental world
as another mutable law the conscious creator makes the conscious choice to
rise above any circumstance they no longer wish to experience they choose
the degree or expression to focus on they recognize the swing of the rhythm
and remain steadfast and they become the cause that creates the effect they
choose they know that the law of cause and effect begins on the spiritual plane
where everything is instantaneous having this awareness gives the conscious
creator the ability to rule their own plane
and the last of the seven universal laws is the law of gender gender is in
everything everything has its masculine and feminine principles gender manifests
on all planes this law is a bit more evident in that we know that males and
females exist in both humans and animals but this masculine and feminine energy
also exists in plants electrons magnetic poles and in the creative nature of all
things on all planes within every woman lies all the latent qualities of a man
and within every man those of a woman nothing can come into being without the
use of both of these energies the masculine contains a conquering
assertive explorative and future driven energy whereas the feminine contains a
receptive nourishing protective and present energy these energies balance
each other gender is responsible for creation generation and regeneration by
examining our own lives and determining how balanced we are with each of these
energies we can adjust ourselves accordingly to create our desires in a
more effortless way when we balance the two each of these laws exist in nature
and work directly with our mental emotional spiritual and physical states
by understanding and implementing these laws you have the wisdom to take charge
of your life influence your environment and direct your personal journey to have
complete control over your life you must master your own existence set the
intention that you will master each of these laws one by one in order to
manifest a life of true freedom Law Of Attraction Universal Laws – 7 Ancient Keys That Affect Reality & Manifesting! (The Secret) Powerful

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  6. I swear im say this again I LOVE THIS CHANNEL! SHIT! it makes everything so dam clear! U know i read the kybalion 3xs?!! Still couldn't grasp it! But i just click this video as it was in my notifications, while cleaning and half way listening. But when i focused in, it was BOOM! THATS IT! 😂… immediately started from the beginning and tuned in! Thank u 💙💯🤝💪

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  10. This information is contradiction, and not true, study THE BIBLE, Genesis will put clear in the truth you're looking for. I was a mystic for 20years studying all metaphysical, philosophy and mysticism, go to Holy Spirit to teach you

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