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  1. @2:50 He’s talking about it being a British sport and everyone being scared of the English, yet the picture shown is of the Bare knuckle boxing champion John L Sullivan….who was Irish – American…

  2. If it goes mainstream it will get to dangers for the fighters to fight. The professionalism will get better and people will diye. Best to stay beer drinking pie eating fighters!

  3. It’s actually safer then gloved boxing, you’re going to break your hands before you damage the other mans brain.

  4. Typical of English and Irish they fight w fists like I did in my younger years,now in America dudes are mostly pussies and knife you or just shot you. Frigging animals.

  5. fuck that fat slob….that 20 something year old drew with that 40 year old man….now thats impressive….

  6. Another don't judge a book by its cover fight. By looking at gypsy and the first thought is, pssssst seriously?? Dude looks like he crawled out of the back alley behind a bar. Kicked my American brothers ass.

  7. Lol how about some real fighters you cant base all of England off a fat drunk and all of America off a fat hillbilly this is a joke fr

  8. I am sure Mr Happy is wearing boxing gloves in this supposedly bare-knuckles fight. Let me check again. 11:38. Yes. He's wearing gloves.

  9. Did anybody else notice that "the scariest debt collector" from one of Vice's other documentaries was reffing the fight ? 😂

  10. humans has been fighting with their fist since day one , i dont know how that originate in England ?, its like saying LIONS are from LONDON ..

  11. The photos you showed were of John L. Sullivan who was the last unofficial heavy weight bare knuckle boxing champion in the U.S. You should have shown one of Britains former champs I'm sure they have plenty.

  12. 4:29, board is already cut, you can see the line before he punches it, It's sad because I'm sure he's got actual skills that he could have demonstrated is many ways.

  13. For people hating on the fighters. It's easy to be tough when you're not getting your face punched.
    These guys are Not professionals. They are your average man who enjoys fighting. They may not be the best fighters in the world, but they are not claiming to be.
    If you've ever been in a fight where you give your best to your opponent and he's still standing, it's kind of intimidating and humbling. Just putting up your fists and battling a fair fight is something every man should experience. There are a lot of life lessons to be learned.

  14. And that right there my friends sums up the differences between the UK and America…

    You can meditate all you want, take all the massages, train the world away, but you will never beat a piss up and a tear up

  15. When you get too much headshots that they have to put English subtitle on your English speaking words!!!
    It's not the first time i see it, just look at the James toney.

  16. Say what you like but most of these men are hard as fuck I've seen a few bare knuckle fights and they are fucking hardcore they are fearless and the atmosphere was mental

  17. Englnd v America , english lad always wins and ye the gypsy boy is english from Newcastle which is in England therefore he is english

  18. Me parece que ha desenterrado la cultura de los travelers o gipsy. Porque no la cultura griega con sus filósofos que recorrían todo el mundo con pruebas. Que ponían en los límites al cuerpo, pero el espíritu florecía, maduraba, y dotava de sabiduría a otros??? Quien querrá ver películas de acción??? rayando lo impossible , haciéndote soñar con las proezas de tu heroína y héroe ??? Ahora son marcas y productos, o gimnásios de culti al cuerpo, para tener más fuerza, velocidad, y elssticidad. Todos podemos ser super. Porqué??? No todos queremos seguir esos estándares. Mua tay, jiujitsu, y sobre todo, nada de especialistas, ni guardaespaldas. Vuelve el street fighter!!!Todo por poularidad y reconocimento. Colegios e institutos, alumnos, quedan para pelear, y han aprendifdo la jerga del fighter: Como el mata león. Como tienen móviles, graban peleas y se enteran todos los alumnos. La evolución del hombre es ahora más salvaje??? Hasta los animales sienten piedad.
    Yo he visto grupos viendo a otros pelear , lo graban en el móvil, pero no paran esas peleas!!!!

  19. "One name strikes fear, forever into the hearts that hear it…Bare Knuckle."
    Hmmmmmmmm… Bare(1)+Knuckle(1)= 2 words…..

  20. Pretty Amazing Sport, Ordinary men showing they've got heart, UFC to me is shockingly unsportsman like, Laying on top of an opponent, driving your fists into them. Good on ya lads!

  21. Many people don't know this surprisingly but bare knuckle boxing originated in the UK by the gypsies. They would "throw hands" for money, sport or to settle any disagreement they would have.

    Of course these reasons are universal across the globe however it's the UK that started it as a underground sport that was accepted by the community of gypsies only to take off as a sanctioned sport. It now is here in America and came several years after the UFC started only helping to make it acceptable in the states.

    I've got nothing but respect for anyone competing in such a physically demanding sport regardless of what country the person hails from.

  22. Don’t sleep on the brits. Did some unsanctioned fighting in my day, and those boys can bang. I actually admire them for the way they carry themselves. Not braggadocious or cocky. Just tough.

  23. The title remains in britain?! What?

    He spends his time drinking Guinness, has Saoirse (irish name) on his arm, talks about how he loves going home to Ireland and wears an irish flag into the ring… I think you've shown that the irish are the kings of bareknuckle and not Britain, but you'll try claim him as british of course!

  24. the guy at 22:10 leads a street gang that vice interviewed about "britains young re offenders" I thought I recognised him, but this is definitely earlier in his life.

    they said they want to keep a gang free sport but here is a guy featured as a fighter, who gets kids to firebomb store owners.

  25. Weird one but im from around the Colwyn Bay area and i honestly had no idea we had any bare knuckle scene. Mad stuff that.

  26. Lmfao those two old farts make big claims of knowing Ali and training with Bruce Lee but have no proof to show for it… what a joke

  27. "more civilised" … Given the skyrocketing rates of depression and a generation of children who suddenly don't know their gender we might be better off in the ring.

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