Uncut video of events with activist in Tijuana

so just tell me in my face you didn't go to my car and took pictures on my license plate right can you answer me that question you went to my car late yesterday took quick pictures on my license plate I'm a journalist over here do you took the YouTube pictures on my last plane yesterday yes or no yes yes or no yes or no carry that's scary you are scary going and taking pictures on my license plates that come right here people with the authorities right here there's a there's over there River Authority this is all the journalists there telling me that that I cannot film over here they're crazy got more right than you man I'm here filming I'm a journalist over here why do you why did you go to my car and take pictures yet by Atlantica you're not gonna win you're not gonna win you're not gonna win and then and then what and then what and then what and then what and then what and then what and then what you yes you attack me you went all the way all the all the way to the back where I was parking in my clothes that works in the States that works in the state's time harassment and all that bullshit that you guys play the victim that works on the states that were you what do you want to see that's that's SS Mikado right that's my car look okay yep so me grantee secure studies no estan haciendo key it discusses in the key right here no they get little Mira

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  1. Those guys are «ANTIFA» from the Democratic Party making political activism in Mexico. This, indeed, violates Mexican Constitutional Law. Éstos radicales y anarquistas pertenecen Partido Socialista Demócrata y se hacen llamar «ANTIFA» y, vienen a quebrantar la Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos al hacer activismo y proselitismo político en México. ¿Dónde están esos mexicanos (as) que en diciembre del 2018 querían expulsar a los invasores? Éstos «ANTIFA» son radicales y anarquistas rabiosos y son capaces de todo. Mexicanos no debemos permitir esto.

  2. Ponles en su pinche puta madre pinches drogadictos de mierda creen que pueden venir a México hacer lo que les da su puta gana pinches drogadictos de mierda parásitos

  3. Stay safe Blue. These people need to find a shower and some clean clothes. Who takes advice or drinks from a bum? What the hell.

  4. Oscar ten cuidado esos son ANTIFAS Y DELINCUENTES. Ese que arrestaron esta drogado al igual esos maleantes. Ellos se creen que están protegido por los derechos humanos, la ONU, etc y los democRatas comunistas. Esa basura se cree que pueden mandar en México, expulsenlo del país.

  5. Be careful, they will organize and come to your house to terrorize your wife and kid. They did this to Tucker Carlson here in America. They went when he wasn't home and his poor wife hide in a closet. They are deranged. Please be careful.

  6. They all look perverted. Be careful they most likely have handlers in high places. That's why they were mouthy.

  7. These people are part of a larger network. They will pass the photos along to their network for the purpose of doxxing Oscar. They communicate via Twitter and monitor their targets' social media. They also keep tabs on Anthony and Paloma.

  8. This guy who got caught is so AFRAID. He's voice volume is in the MEEK MODE. All he's going to get is an administrative censorship. However he's now in the system just like River. Funny how they think all of this is funny. I don't wish any harm to them, but they in Mexico completely outside of their element. Oscar just put the lime light on them!

  9. No son mexicanos y se creen la mera verga en nuestro país
    That "lady" is not even from México and they try to take advantage wtf? Gtf out

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