yeah I got worse as time went by causing
more problems for myself because I couldn’t handle the problems I already
had I think what really led me down the path of alcoholism and the drugs was I
grew up in a household that was Pro alcohol my name is Tyson I’m 21 and I’m
from Brisbane so going back a few years ago I had a full-time job and I just
started to lose myself in the money the alcohol the drinking and I would just
cause problems that weren’t there with my girlfriend at the time and the
breakup really got to me I I lost touch with who I was and who I wanted to be
and when Centrelink referred me to work for the dole with ADRA I was
really scared I didn’t think I had it in me to be able to get it done get there
everyday and be able to work a full day without you know the substances that I’m
used to taking and surprisingly it really helped me it helped me get out of
the house and socialize it gave me more energy made me feel cleaner and clearer
and I felt much less need to be taking such a high amount of substances to get
me through the day I was just I felt overall better I didn’t need to it is
just great to meet people like Tyson interaction with him already shows that
there’s been a major change in his attitude he’s a person that wants to do
something positive with his life I don’t want to see anyone out there thinking
there’s no hell it’s hoped for everyone I’m looking
forward to the future with a job a car license and a family I just I want to
feel like I’m living a normal life again working for a dress definitely impacted
my mental health for the better 100% I’m a new person almost

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