>>>It’s a big day at Spanish landing park
the two year anniversary of this empty parking lot’s transformation into a 16th century shipyard.
>>>It’s something you don’t see every day a big old ship sitting out here in the parking
lot.>>>Peter Wilson began instruction on the
San Salvador two years ago today.>>>We have made a lot of progress, a lot
of progress.>>>Employees have been joined by hundreds
of volunteers, in fact, volunteers now makeup half the work force.
>>>There are chain links over there that we have been working on, we’re going to do
about 5 more of them today.>>>Don faulknev a black Smith who volunteers
ever Thursday using a procedure used in the early 1500s.
They’re building a historical replica of the first ship to land on San Diego’s shores in
1542 explorer Cabrillo floated the boat into San Diego bay he claimed this land for Spain.
No plans of the San Salvador exist so naval architect, Douglas sharp says the design process
has taken ten years.>>>We look at ancient charts of what the
ship would look like in the corners of the charts, we looked at models from cathedrals
in Spain.>>>At this time scaffold be has been added
around the ship and the completion of the hull’s frame.
What is left?>>We have to flag the outside of the boat,
put the planking down, plank the sides, fill up the sides, there is finishing work which
takes a lot of time.>>>The finished San Salvador will be more
than 100 feet long have a 100 feet metal mast and it’s about 60 to 70% complete with about
20 to 30 volunteers working on it daily.>>>We are working with a smaller crew than
we envisioned and taking longer to build the ship but more people than we thought are getting
a chance to see it so we’re happy with the pace of the construction.
>>>The replica was supposed to be finished by the end of the year now they’re hoping
the end of 2014. The project is expected to cost $6.2 million,
once complete the San Salvador will take paying customers warned trips on San Diego bay and
sailing up the California coast. For now you can visit the shipyard between
11 and 4 every day to see the construction.>>>You come down, I’ll get you next to the
ship, you put your hands on it, the ship will talk to you, it’s a rare opportunity to experience
shipbuilding, but experience the shift, the history of shipbuilding, San Diego, why we’re
here and how we call came to be here. Katie Euphrat KPBS news.

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  4. 200Tones?? some portuguese galleons had almost 2.000 tonnes, they must have beem sea monsters, … no one found them yet, seem they carried the biggest treasures of the world…60 tonnes of gold 22, boxes of precious stones,stc,,,

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  5. I see Puerto Rico or Spain or Mexico or Latin America doing this but usa Lol I think it will be much better for those American workers to go with those six million dollars buy a World War II American battleship or ship about to be scrapped and buy it LOL

  6. Too bad that Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was yet another slave holding, genocidal rapist, like Columbus and many others. It's hard to see a ship glorifying these travesties. Let's at least teach the truth about them.

  7. The weight of an average galleon was about 500 tons, but the largest ships of its time were the Manila galleons, which weighed up to 2000 tons, and were spanish

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