hey what’s going on guys hi if you’re
just tuning in after our last zombie video things didn’t go as planned Trader
Joe’s soul this is safe but it didn’t have an antidote in it and the place we
were going this supposed safe haven was a lie
things have gone from bad to worse and with the change of seasons it hasn’t
helped snow that’s coming down we’re low on food okay no protective clothing and
it’s snowing all I’ve got is this and some extra ammunition we found from an
abandoned school Logan what do you have all I have is a
shotgun with two shells in it Jake we need to find shelter it’s getting so
cold with you guys looks like there’s a storm picking up as well we need to find
somewhere now powers been out for most of the city but it looks like some of
these houses might still power with it he hears some Walker’s coming in the
distance we got weight still place too risky I’m gonna shoot him get ready for
more never heard of the Horde come on we got a movie on find shelter and fast
okay look this house that’s in power it might not be warm but it’s a place to
stay for the night as the bullet right now not now Jake what’s wrong I
look down the dam what okay come on let’s move oh yeah man we need some new
firepower put it boom my shotgun it’s too loud do you think this place is safe
yeah it’s got heat let’s be really quiet this place looks abandoned Jake get out of the place boy Stan could be
Raiders or more zombies what’s the lives here come on we don’t know what we’re
getting into and we don’t know who’s here guys we gotta be quiet but also
attentive I said we base up here for the night and get a base ready we can defend
ourselves here from any zombies that break in after discharging my weapon
outside now there could be a lot coming gee how much ammo do you have left
good point let’s do a quick yellow check down to three shots how about you I only
have two shots all right guys let’s keep moving hi worst case I run out of ammo
guys I hit him with a hidden blade alright now keep moving we check this trip wire I was really
close guys this place is booby-trapped 100 K that was close
flew the rest of this house isn’t booby-trapped this place is massive yeah
this might be a good spot to base up for the night all right look we need to base
up and we need to base up fast and defend this place luckily though guys we
have a new secret weapon you see in previous videos we relied on trader Joe
to buy supplies and ammunition has it right now we’re extremely low where we
have a new source of currency Jake what are l bucks guys l bucks are your likes
from our previous song videos we can use them to spend them in videos for base
upgrades upgrading our weapon buying new weapon and even gear in armor now we
need your help to gather as much as we can trader Joe is still out there so if
you ever need specialty items like drones or anything like that we can use
your likes to buy that so we can’t spend all of them but for this video we have
10,000 to spend and I think that’s enough to build our base obviously guys
like this video will get even more l bucks you can buy even more cool here
like night-vision goggles or drones or other stuff to help us fight the zombie
bases or bigger base to be and expand the base out of medical tent anything we
want so since we only have 10,000 let’s see what we can do with that for this
episode alright guys in order to use our L bucks we’re gonna use this in a luck
machine we can build and create anything we need using your life’s so let’s do it
options we have for the space let’s see what we got here first option
here is a simple base we can buy this for 6000 out bucks no what can we get
for more we could get more likes add on a sniper nest for another 3000 al bucks
but that only leaves us a thousand for upgrades so we’re definitely gonna need
to go on a scavenging mystery guys should we lock it in
well what’s the next option sweet do check that out we can upgrade it with
reinforced concrete make the base even stronger against zombies how many likes
500 at least this with 500 though guys we only have one can of beans between
the both of us so that leaves us with a limited food and while the base does
come with a weapon workshop so we can upgrade our weapons slightly but we’re
gonna need to go on a scavenger mission and I mean it’s going back outside if we
want to do anything else hopefully you guys can start that like
in the next episode we can fly some really sweet upgrades all right
locking in for 9,500 3 2 1 whoa dude oh now that’s a zombie base alright well
that was El bucks well spent and just in time Logan zombie coming this way start
moving towards the base now Marc wait for it just coming around this corner oh
no look at my guns jammed get with this Johnny nice let’s get inside the space
wait where’s the door it’s right here Oh secret entrance on the side nice
reinforced concrete was definitely a good idea dude quickly your more coming dude wow this
is actually pretty sweet bass guys this is awesome
Oh guys check this out we have our own two storey lookout dude perfect for
taking out zombies are even Raiders I mean we weren’t able to board up the
back door so if anyone’s coming they’re coming from that way
take him out here with ultimate cover something in here sniper tower we bought
Oh check that out guys look at this view this is crazy guys we definitely need to
unlock a sniper usually map from up here would be super legit and we’ve got a
great view of the surrounding area plus the base down below guys this base is
awesome check out here guys – one of the first things I think we need to do for
this base – is upgraded with some power as you can see we’re using our
flashlights and there’s a little bit of power the weapon workshop but this could
definitely use a bit of a makeover as cool as it is what is this place it’s
the food storage area store food and extra supplies Jake is that all we have
to eat maybe we shouldn’t have spent all our L bucks on this massive base maybe
we should have got some more food you’re right and I’m extremely thirsty I mean
there’s snow outside so we can grab some snow and melted into water but guys if
we’re gonna get food we’re gonna need to go on a scavenging mission and more
importantly we did buy a weapons workshop I think we should go in there
and upgrade our weapons now cuz my gun keeps jamming and Logan you’re out of
ammo oh dude this looks sick this is like an underground trench it’s like the
perfect place for a weapon workshop alright whoa
Jake you gotta check this out alright well let it be said if we get overrun by
zombies is the first place we need to reconvene all right time to upgrade our
weapons let me get this off I think we need to
upgrade this and add some attachments to it we don’t have enough l bucks to buy a
completely new gun and i mean there’s a lot of stuff we could use long-range
sniper thermal vision weapons rocket launcher but for now upgrading this is
the primary all right let’s see what we can do with this it’s done me well so
far but let’s try going for a stock upgrade all right perfect
it’s gonna add some accuracy and it’s only 50 L bucks so not bad okay let’s
see what options we have for barrel Oh long barrel looks amazing super good for
long range but it’s way too expensive I can’t afford this let’s see what else
they have hole suppressor so be sweet for being silent taking out zombies do
this sniper scope is on real and we need this ammo box because if we’re gonna be
taking out zombies we need ammunition which means Logan you’re only gonna have
300 L bucks left over for your purchases and there we go
I’ve got my gun upgrade hopefully we won’t be jamming anymore and we’ve got
some new move aside Oh Jake I want this one okay you can’t afford that that’s
2000 L bucks we need way more likes to get that okay what about this one yeah
perfect that’s 300 L bucks all right that’s all we can afford at least we’ll
have some weapons very long range and the hunting rifles not that bad
alright this is awesome okay quickly let’s gear up with the ammunition I
bought guys do you hear that more zombies coming we need to defend the
base and fast here load you up with the ammo we got Logan I say you take sniper
nest as you have a long range I’ll take the lower level alright defend the base
at all cost guys even though we purchased it with Al box we still lose
the zombies all right let’s do this like what keep your position in the
sniper tower take out every last one of them
alright guys let’s do this really nice shot oh I’m coming in we got more coming
I can hear him with the right side I got the angle got him chief we going up top hold on i reloaded again I got this one high we were able to take off the
zombies and fend off the Horde for now I’m glad the sounds of it there’s more
coming and our gunfire is only gonna draw more of them okay Zeke what’s the
plan hi I mean as of right now we have a base and we have some supplies but guys
we don’t have any food water or really anything else I mean all I have is this
vest and Logan has nothing look if we’re gonna be able to do this we need two
things we need more al bucks which means more likes from you guys but also I
think I might need to go on a scavenger mission now the nearest place I know of
some supplies is deep in the woods the problem is the woods is an infected zone
which means we need a respirator in order to go in there we only have one
nope so Logan I might need to do this alone
Jake you’re gonna go without me look if we’re gonna survive here we’re gonna
need more supplies I maybe I can find another respirator maybe we can get out
of this place we’re trying to go out into the country somewhere where there’s
less population less zombies let’s hold them we’re just need to base up and get
as much supply as we can okay well I guess I’ll just stay here and protect
the base from Raiders hey look guys I think our biggest problem has been that
we’re been trying to deal with this issue by solving it ourselves we’ve been
trying to find a cure and solve the zombie issue but if we’re really gonna
do this I think we need to go to the source Logan I think we need to find out
who is responsible for this why they did it and stop them I think
know who this cheek are you talking about the Baron yeah hi I’m Pat the
group our old friend a little business

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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