Well today started out with some pretty good
news, right? They announced the job numbers from March
and we gained 196,000 new jobs here in the United States. Continuing a trend that’s been going on for
many years, mostly through the Obama administration, but it has carried over of couple hundred
thousand jobs each month being created here in the United States. And that’s a really good thing if you’re the
kind of person that only looks at half the statistics because the bureau of Labor statistics
isn’t out there telling us that, yeah, we created a lot of jobs, but we lost so many. It’s crazy. But they shouldn’t be telling us that because
that is also what is happening. In fact, in the first quarter of 2019 we actually
lost more jobs than we have in the past decade. In fact, the last time we lost as many jobs
in a single quarter as we did, the first quarter of 2019 happened to be a quarter in the year
2009 when the United States was still in a recession. So for the first three months of 2019 we have
lost close to 200,000 jobs. Almost 200,000 people have been laid off. That is a more than 35% increase. Then the same period last year. So layoffs have increased in the last 12 months
by 35% but where are the big reports on those numbers? Right? All we’re seeing every single month is how
many jobs we created, but we’re not paying attention to the other half of the number. And that’s what bugs me. And to be honest, this is not just a Trump
administration thing. This is what all administrations do. Because typically jobs get created in a month,
may not always be as high as you want, but sure, that’s always something positive you
can throw out there and say we created 20,000 new jobs or 50 or a hundred or 300,000 new
jobs. And as long as you leave it at that and you’re
going to seem like you’re doing great on the economy, but you’re really not, and let’s
make no mistake, this is Trump’s economy. Now he is the president. He is overseeing policy that does directly
affect the U.S. economy and job creation. And in fact, many economists say that it is
his policies that are driving this massive drop in jobs in the United States. Yes, the unemployment rate remains unchanged,
but good, decent jobs, those aren’t being created. Those are being lost here in the U.S. I spent
quite a bit of time yesterday going over the last few months of labor stats from the Bureau
of Labor Statistics. Uh, if you ever have, the chance is one of
the most boring things you could ever do. But I do think people need to go through and
see where these jobs are being created. Because I answers, you know, when we see these
big grand numbers, 200,000 jobs almost in March. Yeah. But where, because that matters. And that’s not typically what we’re told. So when you look at it and to see that, oh,
12,000 of those jobs, you know, more than 10% on any given month, those are retail jobs. Those are jobs that don’t pay a living wage. You’ve got healthcare jobs, which is great,
but you’re talking about people typically on the lower end of the pay spectrum. People who still struggle to get by, even
though they’re out there helping to save lives every single day. You know, nurses, practitioners, people like
that, they’re not pulling in the big bucks that a cardiologist is pulling in and we’re
not making 10,000 new cardiology jobs each month. You have to look at the numbers you have to
dive in. And again, I know it’s boring, but if you
want an accurate picture of what this economy looks like, stop looking at the headlines
and start reading into the statistics because they will shock you. And that is why we continue to see even in
this story here about these massive layoffs that yes, we are headed for a big downturn
and people question and I say, how can we be headed for a downturn where we just created
200,000 new jobs because we’re not creating good jobs. We’re not talking about all the jobs that
were lost that kind of erase a lot of those gains. All we’re doing is telling you the good part
and leaving out all the bad. And when I mentioned earlier that economists
have linked a lot of these job losses directly to Trump’s policies, it’s because of his trade
wars that’s killing jobs here in the United States. Those were fairly decent jobs. It’s killing manufacturing his threat to close
down the southern border, even though he’s slightly backed off it for now, said maybe
he’ll wait a year, but maybe he won’t. As he told us, that’s actually causing businesses
right now to come up with a plan. And part of that plan is accepting that your
business is going to suffer and they are starting to lay people off in anticipation of Trump
doing something stupid. So that’s the point. He doesn’t even have to do the stupid thing
for companies to immediately react because they don’t want to find themselves in the
situation where they suddenly have too many workers and not enough income. So they start shedding workers. Now Trump is directly responsible for a lot
of this, not 100% but for a lot of it. And unfortunately this administration, much
like most administrations before them, they’re not going to tell you all the bad and horrible
things they’ve done to the economy, but those are the numbers that we really need to be
paying attention to.

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  1. If trump closes the border.. the U.S will loose economy, work and rise unemployment.. all this because he didn't get what he wanted

  2. I don't know why people think the economy is doing well when most of the jobs posted are from people needing to take on another job. We have to take on one or two part time employment to make ends meet.

  3. Trump seems to excel at repeating 'good' news anywhere and everywhere he can; and he also seemingly remains silent on the 'bad' news — that is, if he cannot spin it into an attack on the left. Thank God he embodies America's dying breed.

  4. "I went down down down into a burning ring of fire"

    You have a perfect name for your nonsense news feed. Someone has to feed the Democrat supporters and angry children. You are like a pastor preaching a sermon for the religion of lies feeding a flock of lunatics and hate filled filth. You blame everything on Trump like an angry child blames a sibling when mommy catches him/her being naughty. Grow up and do something productive for your country.

  5. See this is the kind of asshole you get when you forget to background check them and fact check them as he's going all he does is lie cheat and steal he cares nothing about you because that's what a narcissist is cares only for himself and how he appears doesn't care if it's true or not if you see the documentary about the trumps it all started with his great-great-grandfather came over here in lied that he discovered silver so they gave him a plot and all he did was build a whorehouse on it right from the get their deplorable people he wouldn't know how to not tell a lie because if he didn't learn how to lie at an early age he would actually have to work like a man does and he's not capable of doing anything a man is called to do like work and serve his country he's incapable he has zero life experience so look at yourself for voting for him before you look at him we already knew he was a piece of shit but you voted for him anyways America now this is the asshole we got to deal with and God help us if we have a crisis

  6. So the wall still hasn't even started getting built yet,millions promised tax cuts have not got what they thought and unemployment is on the rise. Yeah, Trump's doing a great job making America great again. 😜

  7. This is about right, we should be up shit creek soon, thanks to trump and the Republicans. Trump can no longer take credit for Obama's hard work…wait for it😨

  8. Trump will make America bankrupt again (1929, 2008) as he promised he’d run the country like he ran his business’s. Lots of Aussies think that it’s all going swimmingly in America. You’re drowning in it but the Obama haters will ignore his lack of action and bad politics to justify their racist ideas.

  9. OMFG! Okay listen; I love your channel but can you PLEASE stop putting close-ups of this POS? I hate him, hate hearing his voice and seeing his ugly sack of shit face, and y'all keep putting the most zoomed in pic of him on thumbnails. Every time I see his face, I click "Not Interested" just so i don't see his mug, then I can't watch the video

  10. Well, the legacy Media is firing people because they're not making any money with their sjw content. Progressive comic book publishers are losing money on sjw comics so they're letting people go. Progressive tech companies or losing money and therefore have had to let people go. then you have the introduction of the $15 minimum wage law a lot of states that's hurting employees. Game designers who go sjw lose money and have to fire people. How many people did tyt let loose?

  11. both me and my friend got laid off from our jobs in different corps, and another friend is looking worried about his, even though he's working for Positronics, a gov contractor. This is no surprise to me.

  12. I'm willing to bet when the economy starts to crash again…and it WILL Trump and the Rethuglicans are going to blame Obama and The newly elected Democrats and the Poorly Educated Deplorables will believe every word as they lose their jobs to the Trump policies.

  13. I don't need to view statistics to understand numbers and income aren't being represented. That's not including how many elderly are dying as the baby boom generation is underway nor how many are retiring thus refilling a position is also potentially being accounted for

  14. Come now trumpanzees, call this fake news, yaaaawwwwnnn. Oh? You have a job? Assistant to a assistant manager in Burger King??? You don't have time for a GED??? So your old orange bone spurs is going to help you??? Man how I love my buttered popcorn with salt.

  15. Wasn't this why he gave the top 2% tax breaks? You know the trickle down effect. We saw what it did to our economy the last time.

  16. Job layoffs???? Really???? And you're blaming a newly incorporated automated job force on OUR PRESIDENT??? YOU ARE AN ASS HALF…. TOO STUPID TO BE AN ASSHOLE!!!
    FACT: Unemployment is less than 4%… The lowest since the great depression… You Schmuck.!!!

  17. Apparently many writers of comments are drug adicts or just don't to work. A number of new companies opened around me is the last year hiring hundreds and still looking. Some no counts refuse to move to jobs as real Americans have for years. With that in kind the democrats need to rethink allowing all these illegals if no jobs are available.

  18. Another point is where in the country those jobs are. Most of them are in California, a state that is as isolated from Trump as you can get in the USA. But more importantly than that, California has programs that help the poor (though nowhere near enough housing for poor people), Oakland port which is one of the largest trading ports in the world and Silicon Valley which is investing in the technology of the future. Something that is desperately needed in the USA which is OBSESSED with staying in the past.

  19. Retail, service, and information services just don't cut it when it comes to helping the middle class. Sure, there is a need for service jobs, but they typically only help the Small Business owners, as they can't afford to pay livable wages to their employees, and when they can the simply won't opting to buy themselves more and more toys, Escalades, McMansions and electronics. This has to stop!

  20. Too many people became ignorant, complacent and greedy disregarding the fact trump had no education, experience in government, or care for its citizens & constitution. They are directly causing the complete downfall of our country by attributing greatness to him because of his money. They fail to realize its inherited and he consistently uses that privilege to exploit people and the system. Instead of philanthropic causes he uses it to abuse other people invluding his family and countrymen. If your a patriot reject this dictator regardless of party, but be moderate. Dont let trump push us into a worse extreme left edge. We need thoughtful educated people representing us or we can go to war or even collapse from within. Our enemies see our weakness and chaos with lack of proper military leadership and a weak divided cogress and a bribed loyalist appointed judicial branch. Im a Christian and patriot from New Orleans. Dont let this madman destroy us with constant fearmongering about immigrants. We can have proper immigration control without losing our democracy and proper process of checks and balances or equal rule of law for everyone. Trumps a traitor and he did it in front of our faces and maybe the mueller reports findings were influenced by that obstruction of justice trump committed openly. In fact trump did threaten and intimidate mueller and castrate him just by being boss of his boss. Like a cop investigating his captains boss but worse.. Mueller has evidence of crimes just as we all saw but is helpless to even show his own report. This is bullshit you guys. And if your Christian, what are you doing exalting trump when he fits the biblical description of the anti-Christ in every detail? Why are you doing what Jesus said not to? Let no MAN decieve you Jesus said…
    ( except trump if you wanna go to hell) since he is the pompous little horn who comes in his own name, worships a god of fortresses controls largest army signs the mideast peace deal and builds 3rd temple..he is the anti Christ or hes doing a good job pretending to be. Im not going to risk it. I think Jesus will be back very soon. Repent. Convert others. Pray for our leaders to be honest and wise protecting our constitution and country from ruin regardless of party. Read Daniel And Revelation. Djt is the first horseman pretending to be the saviour of israel and rising on lies about bringing economic prosperity and world peace. All the while trump is doing satans bidding.. The man of lawlessness has lied and bribed his way to office. Tribulation starts when he confirms the deal. Pray to be removed or endure to the end. Jesus help us know Your Holy Blessed goodness and Word please🙏

  21. You should add a segment on asking the obvious questions that Trump should have to answer. Start with looking at the "2nd Trump wall". The ones in Trump Tower that protect criminals, including foreign born criminals from the treatment he wants to impose on desperate migrants. Bloomberg has a well researched list. When Trump talks about the horrible drug dealers ask him why he went out of his way to help a convicted cocaine dealer. He flew Trump's patrons to Atlantic City. Trump sent a character reference to the court for sentencing. Even though the case had nothing to do with NJ it showed up in his sister's court in NJ. He even let him rent a condo in Trump Tower at low rent. Does he really care about drugs or just people who can't buy his protection behind the marble walls. He even let a Brazilian official convicted in the FIFA scandal move into Trump Tower after extradition from Sweden. He spent 13 months under house arrest in Trump Tower until we went to prison in August. 2018. Bi family separation it living in cages for rich criminals who can buy protection.

  22. The layoffs probably happened when all the federal employees were FINALLY allowed to go back to their Federal positions. I said this on another post, but was chided with, " No federal workers ever went to work anywhere else!!!". Well, I'm never one of those people that say, 'I told you so!', but right now I can't help myself. To all the mockers, " I TOLD YOU SO!" Gads, that felt good placing djt in his place!
    And if anyone who chided me, reads this. That, 'I told you ', is for 'you'.
    -From everyone else who was also chided.
    I doubt djt will be bragging about this! Nope, not at all.
    All actions have equal and fair re-actions
    I just shared this to a 1000+ friends on FB bc about the middle of January I was on some post writing that all the new jobs are probably due in part bc of all the low paying jobs that the federal works had to get in order to make a dent on their financial obligations. Then I wrote that "I'll give them proof when the jobs take a sudden plunge, when the workers went back to work.
    Gee, I don't think I'd be lying now, when I predict that djt won't be doing any bragging about this! Nope, I don't lie, and that's the difference between him and us.

  23. I laugh every time a politician says they are going to create jobs. Where do they intend to get the employees for these jobs? Immigrants, so that they can keep driving wages down? Or are they going to be somebody's 4th job?

  24. The majority of these job increases are in the low wage service industry. They are the biggest employers in the U.S.

  25. Layoffs have more sting than when other economic indicators go pear-shaped. People are most likely to notice and blame incumbents.

  26. 102.6 million people (71% of all nonfarm payroll employees) worked in private service-providing industries, according to the most recent employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Sep 1, 2016

  27. So true but you can't tell any Republican this because somewhere they lost their thinking power because of trumpy poo ..

  28. I lost my job my mom lost her job & all the jobs out there are part-time & not stable low paying & everything is getting expensive (MAGA my ass)

  29. Donald Trump’s Worst Deal..
    The President helped build a hotel in Azerbaijan that appears to be a corrupt operation engineered by oligarchs tied to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard… And then puts them on a terrorist list… Lmao. Watching President Pinocchio and listening to him is as if we AAAAALL are living with the neighborhood drunk ranting on about bs

  30. I've been asking about this for the past year. Everyone I know has been laid off or is set to be laid off. Media mentions none of this.

  31. Do you know why they don't talk about the "other side of the numbers"? Because that is already figured into the numbers. If you lose your job, you are no longer counted as employed. Using your "logic" the jobs added number would be considerably larger.

  32. They should also tell us the median wage of the jobs created. That is what matters. Who cares if there are 200,000 new minimum wage jobs.

  33. He's so full of shit up top. I don't know where you've been ….but I see more people working than ever before. This clown is makin up some bogus numbers…He's grasping for straws….Fake news folks. I don't hear anyone complaining about being out of work. This clown has nothing to do apparently….

  34. Yeah, jobs from companies that don't want to pay a living wage.. That's been going on for a while, but we're definitely hitting a ceiling on that situation. Layoffs are everywhere, because it's cheaper to employ new people than keep people with seniority and pay them what they're worth. But then companies demand you devote your life to it… News flash, no one will be dedicating their lives to a job that doesn't pay enough to make basic ends meet.

  35. it is always easy for presidents and con men to make numbers sound good if you leave out the pertinent info that tells the whole story .

  36. But his rebuttal is " highest employments amongst blacks" really? You think these racist kept their black employees since trump took office? Or ask these white owned businesses that lost many brown people whom they under paid, got deported and now cant find Americans willing to the job. I'm sure they'll say its go well. What people don't understand people that receive government Aid and are sent out to work are sent to private corporations. These private corporations are allowed tax breaks because they took on these employees. Then they're allowed to pay them minimum wage and pay 38 hours instead of 40 so they can clock in as part time. Then after a year of having these employees you must make them full-time. Qhat usually happens is they find a reason to fire the person so they don't have to have them become full-time. Since there's always people coming in you can always replace them with 38 hour a week workers with no health benefits because now the Medicaid has been cut off and the job is not offering medical benefits. So now you have people going to the emergency room who can't afford to pay so State takes on that bill. So when Trump comes up with theae ideas it' would be nice if people explain what's really going on and what will happen other than him saying oh "no more lazy people on government Aid." A lot of times these companies don't obey OSHA or labor laws. So now you get sick employees or those getting hurt on the jobs, those fighting about their hours because these companies are trying to get more and pay less..So again who does it really work out for but the big companies that get tax breaks

  37. This country hasn't seen growth like this in decades dumb dumb ! Trying to be like CNN and make up lies ? Trump 2020 MAGA !

  38. Don’t forget the companies leaving in masses and the store closing … Trump rode Obama’s wave for a minute. Trumps administration did not pass any legislation re jobs wage increases or tax relief to working Americans making under $250 thousand a year …

  39. Wow. I was talking to my coworker about the economy this morning and this subject came up. We're all on the same page on this subject.

  40. What the the country needed was conservative economic policy on the heels to the economic expansion that started under Obama administration, instead we got tariffs and isolationism, very dangerous moves.

  41. Crappy $11/hr, temp, no benefit jobs politicians keep crowing about job creation. Yeah, it's a job but people are still getting food stamps and other assistance.

  42. Politicians are always crowing about "job creation" yet its jobs they'd never take. $12/hr, temporary, no benefit, 60 hr/wk warehouse jobs. Others also yammer "go get a job" and people are doing so but its still not enough to pay for rent, transportation and food a lot of the time.

  43. Just waiting now for all this unsustainable Trump & GOP spending to send America into the next recession. After giving away future Government funds in their last tax cut that benefited the wealthy, America now finds herself in Multiple Trillions in foreign & domestic debt..and It’s still rising at an alarming rate every single month to “new record levels”.
    Tariffs are squeezing farmers, goods production and imports, elevating cost prices which are passed directly onto US consumers. Trump & GOP are also winding back important regulations that keep you, your family and the land safe so now it’s easier for banks to Steal your money and for corporations to poison the earth and those living on it.
    Incredibly Toxic President & incredibly Toxic GOP showing themselves for what they truly are by both their actions and in policy..they ARE the party of the Self Serving, Wealthy Elite’s!
    So sad watching America circling the drain😔 and double ouch when taxes have to increase again (as they will have too🤷‍♂️) to pay down this out of control GOP incurred Debt. They ought to be taking it back from the top 1% they gave it away to in the first place🙄

  44. It's got to be miserable to have to wake up every day and find everything wrong with the world. They have to sell you fear. This guy is a fear monger and that's all he can sell.


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