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  1. If the CIA aren't tracking this fool Guliani for no other reason than than for US security then they aren't doing their job …This is the exact thing they were set up for after WW2 ….Imagine the Intelligence Services having to keep an eye on the President and his cronies?
    Personally I would like to see them walk in tell the SS to stand down and march the Fat F**k out of the White House and off the G'Bay.
    afaic, trump is more of a danger to the US than Al Qaeda ever were.

  2. Anyone who is a supporter,attack MSNBC! As Joe Bidden if he knows Where the 7 billion dollar of foreign aid went and why it was traced to wall street?

  3. Rachel you might want read a Ukrainian newspaper regarding Biden and Burisma. You are truly clueless.
    Hint: That Hunter Biden was a director of Burisma isn't really the big story. Right Rachel?

  4. Republicans once party of American patriots are now party of Russian patriots. No wonder why Russia was able to annex the Crimea so easily. They sowed chaos and disinformation in Ukraine and now they're doing the same thing in America. If Trump has it his way, he'd let Russia have Alaska.

  5. All this Ukraine talk, and protecting Russia is disgusting. What type of interest does Trump has with Russia? That is another problem with this president. GOP protecting Trump is protecting Russia. The Russians must have paid a hefty price for this support.

  6. Ukraine needs to stop these lies coming out per Rumplestiltski Rudy otherwise maybe they will be considered corrupt for Trump come clean and send a fax spilling your guts and lock these criminals away. PS you can keep Rudy just jokin wouldn't do that to you but please remember the monies you get didnt come from Trump or his but from the American people's taxes.

  7. Earlier this month, New York Times published an investigation report stating that Ukrainian prosecutor Kostiantyn Kulyk drafted a 7-page dossier on the corruption of Hunter Biden, the son of a former U.S. vice president. This report contributed to the start of the impeachment process and led to an investigation into President Donald Trump. The publication notes that by the time Kulyk resumed the corruption case related to Hunter Biden, he was accused of corruption and violation of politically motivated cases three times.

    Nevertheless, Kostiantyn Kulyk remains the head of the Department at the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine under the new President Vladimir Zelensky. However, according to the latest report from Reuters , Kulyk will be dismissed from his post by December 31. In such a move the Ukrainian government trying to distance themselves from the political firestorm that’s happening in USA before the elections.
    (news source NYT) With this guy Giuliana will meet……and it is still going on. Kostantyn got a lot of money to do this dirty work for G and maybe we will see if he is paid via G by POTUS Trump, we wait for the result of the last process, so we can look insight the financial administration of trump, it could be another evidence. this Rachel is a great woman.

  8. Imagine how embarrassing it must be to have Putin as your only talking point and a collusion was never even proven.. Ouch.

  9. How is it that Rudy Giuliani hasn't been arrested for treason? Rudy is a private citizen and his actions undermining American Intelligence seem seditious.

  10. Of course it was the Russians and not the Ukrainians interfering in the 2016 election. I could tell the Russian trolls when they denied on my Facebook page that the Holodomor was a Stalin-made famine in Soviet Ukraine in 1932. Denied that anyone even died in Ukraine.

  11. Giuliani, like his master, the Con-In-Chief, does not seem to have any respect for US Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies. Thanks to the corrupt Barr DoJ that quietly and subtly provides both, in the background, some assurance of untouchability, a kind of legal nonchalance under which they could continue to thumb their noses to anyone who cares to question their mischief.

    I bet my bottom dollar that this Giuliani's trip to Ukraine, in the midst of the Impeachment process, and while he is under the legal scrutiny of the New York State's Attorney, would be well known to Trump in advance. They both seem to have made it their concerted plan to double down in their defiance of Congressional inquiry into their solicitation efforts to get Ukraine investigate Joe Biden's son, and also take the fall for Russia regarding the 2016 Elections Meddling. But why this brazenness?

    Well, Trump is bent on appeasing Putin in order to encourage the Russian Dictator assist him with the next Elections as was in 2016. Like Mueller said, the 2020 Elections are under the target of Putin to help Trump retain Power, and Trump is fast clinging unto the preparatory set up to obscure Russia's repeat of that crime with Ukraine's cover.

  12. The lies are not the frightening theme it is the fact that people are switching OFF and really don't care about the lies.

  13. This level of desperation is, in fact, an admission by Trump just how NARROW his 2016 'victory' was. If they don't counter the truth with lies it might get thru to his base and if only 5-10% bolt Trump is done. What does Putin want? He wants Russian glory. He wants Ukraine, he wants to lock out the Black Sea and control the Baltic.


  15. Considering the corrupt(Giuliani) are meeting with the corrupt(known Russian assets)….Is Trump and his minions trying for an additional TREASON article in his impeachment proceedings…lol


  17. Rachel Maddow's lawyer is saying her defense for spreading misinformation is that she is hyperbolic and doesn't always mean what she says. Anyone that listens to this loser should vacate the United States. You're not welcome here.


  19. Is it REVOLUTION time again? The American people, the U.S. Constitution and the laws of this land are chopped liver under #45…

  20. Trump is a Russian backer he doesn't see Putin as a threat. When all.of are national security and intelligence say Russia is still a threat to democracy

  21. Thinking like Trump, if I were Ukraine's president, I would have Giuliani removed and banned the country. I would not care who anyone else thought, I would have Giuliani kicked out…or arrested.

  22. It's like Trump and his goons are horrible kids, running around, terrorizing the neighborhood. The parents know their kids are destructive, but they just pretend nothing is wrong or make excuse after excuse for their behavior, often insisting they're entitled. If you were the kids in the scenario, would you have any reason to correct your behavior?

  23. Russian Rudy needs to be arrested the moment he steps back on U.S. soil. He is purposely working for Russia, against American national security. He is a traitor.

  24. Russian aggression is not only overt geographical events, it is in the COLLUSION WITH CHINA AND MARXISM INFUSED IN MEDIA . MEDIA is the Trojan horse within America, a "DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON" to divide an misinform our populace about Socialism. They make all things Socialistic to seem like "FREE CHEESE", but it has NEVER WORKED, AND NEVER WILL—- because it only 'works' in MOUSETRAPS ! INFIDEMS ARE FALSELY LURING YOU INTO THINKING IT'S "FREE CHEESE"

  25. Why isn't there more focus on Putin's goals of;
    1. Make the US not as important on the world stage, cause internal strife. Russia buying the Republican party and hacking the election. Trump is doing that work.
    2. Break up the EU. UK vote to leave with Russian money backing leave and Moscow hacking the elections.
    3. Make Ukraine look bad on the world stage and loose support. This was tested when Russia captured Ukraine ships not in Russian waters and nobody cares. Now they know they can take the Domas region if they want.
    4. Break up NATO. Turkey is prime example.
    5. Venezuela and our back yard. Put planes and troops in place to screw with us and stop any involvement.

    20 or more other things Russia is doing so they can be a superpower again while bringing the world down.
    They are all related. Let's call it what it is, give it a name, shout from the rooftops.

  26. If You Want To Facts/ Receipt On Ukraine And Joe Biden Look on you tube For Why Talking To Ukrainian Officials Disproves The Trump Narrative On Biden !

  27. Rudy got something else going on in Ukraine and it ain't got nothing to do with nothing that's going on now it's probably still illegal but it's probably worse than what's going on now

  28. Russia wants an American civil war, and Trump is dividing us and stirring the pot of hate. Maybe Republicans want one too since they so admire Ayn Rand and her philosophy of the rich letting

  29. For those of us who grew up during the "cold war", this is just business as usual for the KGB. And Putin is definitely KGB.

  30. "Thank God nobody is accusing us anymore of interfering in US elections. Now they're accusing Ukraine. Well, let them sort this out among themselves." -Putin on November 20th.
    ⚠️ As long as the GOP continues to push this Ukraine conspiracy theory, they are actively working for Putin, and he greatly appreciates it.

  31. Of course Russia and Trump are developing this theory on Ukraine. This would complicate Ukraine getting defense funding from Europe and US. This would allow Russia to invade Ukraine.

  32. Exactly Trump Thinks We Stupid We Know Trump Trying To Putin The Blame On Ukraine To Throw Us Off Of Russia Putin Help Trump Win His Presidency Trump Ask Russia To Find Hillary Clinton's Email And Now once again Asking Newly Elected president of Ukraine To Got On Tv in Front of a Open Mic And Say That Ukraine is Going to investigate Biden And Son ! Trump We Are Not Stupid And Some of us Can Read Between The Lines !

  33. Trump and Giuliani are guilty of TREASON. They are both brazenly enacting Putin's agenda in Ukraine even though they have been warned that the alternative narrative is a Russian counter intelligence op. I never thought I'd ever see the day when a US president and a drunken ex mayor would turn on the USA and work for Russia.

  34. Perhaps Russia has already begun its Occupation of the USA. Certainly looks and sounds like it when one listens to D.Trump and his Republican Party members.

  35. You're funny…"I mean, it IS gift giving season." and congrats for being WAY ahead of things from the git go with Russia. I thought Trump was going to be impeached by Christmas 2017. 2019 will do I guess…as I look back to what he undid that we all now have to deal with.

  36. Trump cult blamed Ukraine for meddling in the 2016 elections and now wants information from them? Hmm have you Republicans lost your common sense? Friend or foe you freaks of nature?

  37. Isn’t it time to call a spade a spade, and call all those who perpetuate this Russian Propaganda TRAITORS?
    All should be in jail after trial, including of course the Orange traitor in the WH😡

  38. I am an Independent. I can't vote GOP. I am looking for a candidate and platform that supports and enforces more sanctions on Russia, strengthens and expands NATO, and offers a lethal response to any variety of foreign interference. Of course, accountability for treasonous Trump and the GOP that can be confronted is a must…..

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  40. Lev Parnas was Giuliani's front man in Ukraine way back in 2018, monitored by Russian Intel all the way via monitoring and cell phone. Then Giuliani makes his entrance into the Ukraine. Throw in Firtash and you have massive amounts of money for operations(millions)

  41. Since Giuliani is taking information from Russian Intelligence to support the Biden probe. So Giuliani is an active Russian.

  42. well I guess you can shut down all your intelligence gathering, murika
    just have rudy and Donnie tell you how it really is
    they know all

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