Me? Too unpredictable to
learn spell craft? I am going to learn magic. Hmm, what’s this? A letter for me. Dear, Amadeus, the wizard. We require you for a
mission of the upmost urgency. You must find the
missing prince, Celius, a ward of the Astral Academy. He has vanished under mysterious
and troublesome circumstances. As long as he’s out there alone,
the Prince is in certain danger. It was time to meet old friends. The enchanted heroes of
Trine were together again. Look. The ruined castle is out there. Prince Celius,
stop running away. Sooner or later we’ll have to
get into a nasty confrontation with the Prince to make
him come back with us. I’m not a child to
be told what to do. Maybe Zoya has it right. We can’t just keep on asking him
to come along and hope he does. Wherever the heroes
pursued the Prince, the nightmares
of the woodland creatures were all coming to life. Why are your wolves
and spiders attacking us? The nightmares just
appear on their own. I can’t control them. What if he
magics up every nightmare of every single
creature in these forests? What if Celius manages to
conjure up all our nightmares? Let’s see what other nightmares the three of you
hide in your hearts. His dreams have
certainly turned darker. The heroes are right. I have to stop running from you. We’ve learned to dream of light. But you do learn. The brighter the light… …the deeper the shadows.

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  1. Wow Look so Interesting!! Magician Warrior & Archer Do Dangerous Adventure!!! Voila ♎🔯🔥💤💢💦🌟🔵🔴🔆💧⚡⛄🌕

  2. I love Trine but cmon Sony you need to spend more time marketing your awesome exclusives like MediEvil <3. The only way we will get more MediEvil and perhaps more hidden gems to return like Bloody Roar 2, Jersey Devil, Tiny Tank, etc.. is if these games actually get advertised! It's a dam shame that not many ppl know abt these hidden gems 🙁 please don't repeat the same mistake you did with the Vita!!! I been supporting you since day 1 with ps1 all the way now and still am, please don't drop the ball. Your fanbase is counting on you!

  3. This is true of life itself. When you delve into practices containing magic arts (white and black magic) you can end up getting possessed.

  4. Отличная игра будет, первые три прошёл на ура. Красивая и с загадками. Вообщем ждем

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