what’s up everybody I’m welcome back to
the channel today is a Wednesday that means that is world record Wednesdays
where we break or set a world record every single ones in today we’re with my
friend Pat graves aka FlipADay what’s up everybody one of the most talented
people I know you guys maybe seen him in this video or this video and today we’re
back with another world record which we’ve already filmed so make sure you
watch the end for the world record and we also just filmed a crazy montage of
some insane trick shots so let’s just start with that my god no way I gotta make sure I catch
yours hey mom Wow Cassie your turn Cassie just like he did used to be quick and really strong
athletic okay okay okay now Pat what’s gonna
happen here we go you’ll put this disc in between my feet like this like this
okay then I’ll be bouncing like this then I’m
gonna flip catch it roll it huh just like that yeah quit no matter what you’ll always
achieve you go wow a lot yo leave a comment below guess how
many tries that took I don’t know what else to say how crazy was that I think
that montage is worth a thumbs up everybody
now we’re gonna get Pat to teach Cassidy how to do a backflip but after that
tutorial we’re going for the world record so don’t go away alright we are
now heading over to the foam pit so that Cassie can learn how to do a backflip
Caffey have you ever done a back flip before no all right well Pat is not only
a expert tricks tutor breeze also gymnastics coach so this is perfect so a
lot of people with backflips the first thing they think about is going back so
they’ll do a flip that looks more like right the goal is to go high you want to
reach up and what creates the rotation is the torque from your stomach so reach
up and with a tight stomach get your hips and your knees over your head you
did it that was awesome yeah – do you feel like someone’s watching
you okay what happened was was when you jumped a little your legs
your abs tight abs cast come on you shouldn’t have had a Doritos and sorry
gummy weren’t for lunch five minutes and you’ve never done it that’s crazy that’s
really cool I’ve never done a back flip either next time to go to trampoline
park I will try the backflip do you know time it is now what time is it now it’s
world record time hey let’s do it we didn’t Instagram shots every single
video here’s one here’s two very good no no flip Jackson no no don’t hurt
yourself yeah we do in jam chats every single video and today we happen to have
a to Instagram followers here helping us with the video so go check them out
follows a hard important at juggling Tosh for your chance to win your
Instagram shoutouts every single video back to the video all right guys it is
world record time if you even watched the channel for a while the very first
time my collab with Pat he broke the world record held by dude perfect for
longest front flip shot at 75 feet which is insane but today we’re gonna try to set a new
world record for the longest alley-oop flip shut we’re going for about 60 feet
and I’m gonna do it from a juggle just because I can we’re almost done here but it’s after
11:00 p.m. Tuesday night the day before we upload this and I’ve got a TV show
appearance tomorrow but somehow I’m gonna get this done and upload it for
you guys because we love you and we are never gonna miss an upload are we measuring it with the new fancy
iPhone thing to see how far it is was that how you do it all right what did
that 61 feet 61 feet all right world record hey that’s crazy you did it
from an alley oop when the the longest shot record is only 75 so yeah I think
we have to break both of these just go outside like we’ll have to get a good
setup and do this outside where there’s no roof and no fluorescent lights yeah
flashback of last time everybody that was awesome you guys need to follow this
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