Instagram stories is been around for
just over a year now. Instagram stories is the first thing
users look at when they log into the app. So in this video I’m going to take a
look at the five best apps for Instagram stories. If you’re a creator, entrepreneur,
business owner, or individual, looking to take your Instagram to the next level.
Disrupt users when they login, Impact or inspire them. Then stick around,
because in this video we’re gonna look at the top five apps for Instagram stories.
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I’m gonna share my phone screen. The first app we’re gonna look at is called
InShot. When you open the app you’ll be greeted with a nice interface select
video photo or collage you can also tap on the camera icon here to take live
photo or video. Under material you can purchase various stickers packs to make
your Instagram stories videos or photos more engaging. I’m gonna select video
once you select video you have the option to trim it press the checkmark
the video will be imported, from here tap the canvas pan from the Instagram story
select load by 16 use a slider here to fill the screen once you fill the screen
you can add a filter here if you want more filters you can press the shopping
bag to buy more. There are 13 others to choose from. Under the filter tab you can
also have effects there are 9 effects the premium effects are charged at £1.99 for 5, or all of them in the pro package. Like any good photo or video app
you have an adjust setting or brightness contrast saturation and more. Next we have
music. Tap music there you have three options track effects and voice over.
Moving on we have stickers. There are a whole heap of
stickers to choose from. Add a sticker adjust the size and select where on the
video you want it to come in. Nice. Tap the checkmark when done. Moving on to the
speed settings simply use a slider to speed up or slow down your video you can
add backgrounds text rotate and flip the canvas. The Next app is called Hype Type.
a very simple a very powerful app type type opens straight into the camera.
Swipe up to access your videos or photos I’m going to select video double tap to
add and change the text. You can also press the quotation icon on the left is
select from a hundred quotes. Handy for some engaging Instagram posts. Each one
of the animated text can be resized cover and change press the T to change
the style of the text on the right you’ll see the adjustment icon. Tap this
and you if you have the ability to add music adjust the speed of the video. slide
text here we want it to appear tap here we turn to the main screen the
gear icon on the top left here will allow you to start over once you’re done
press the checkmark on the right export to camera roll share on Instagram. The next that we have is called Frame Magic. Very simple app to use once you
open the app you’ll be greeted with green and blue frame select the frame
you want for video or photos select the size ratio for Instagram stories we need
9 by 16 and not any of the other ones There are a few really really nice
friends here select the layout and I’m going to choose the three square layout
you can choose any one you prefer then select video on the bottom left and
select the required videos. look at some of the other options and functions shape
allows you to adjust the corners margins shadows and borders you could also
change the angle of the shadow as well as to change the style of the line with
the background here you can choose from a variety of backgrounds. Plane, gradient,
pattern, shape or image as a background. Audio will allow you to adjust the audio
for each of the videos you can also add your own music or song. you also have the
ability to adjust the play speed and the playing time object allows you to add
plain text curved text emojis stickers with the stickers you can resize as well
as change the opacity with transparency this is a really great feature you could
also create your own custom stickers once you’re done export to camera roll
on exporting your masterpiece select any of the free qualities from low to high
1080 x 1080. The next app we have is called Adobe Spark Post now I’ve
covered this in the previous video this is excellent for creative static post
for your Instagram stories now can’t stress enough how easy this is to use
check out my other video the link is in the description and the card above. The
final app is called Video Splitter. Let me share my phone again and show you
this incredible app now this act cuts the video is seamlessly for playback on
Instagram stories there is no watermark but you have to view an ad before
progressing to the main screen press select video to select the video you
want to split by pressing the large bar choose video press select video to
select the video you want to split then you press a large bar you can also trim
it here then press the large button on the app to begin split in the video into
15-second segments more seamless Instagram stories upload that’s it for
the 5 apps. We covered InShot, Hype Type, Frame Magic, Adobe Spark Post and
Video Splitter. Five awesome apps. I hope you’re gonna check them out what I hope
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